Why Inner Peace Is Missing Despite Availability Of All The Comforts Of Life And How To Bring About Tranquility In Our Life Despite Hurdles?

Why Inner Peace Is Missing Despite Availability Of All The Comforts Of Life And How To Bring About Tranquility In Our Life Despite Hurdles?

In our life span, we must have come across different people with different temperaments, different financial background, different way of demeanour meaning every individual is different in some way or the other. But some are excessively mindful about their state of affairs, they take everything serious. Even a slight deviation from their bent of mind makes them markedly off-the-track and could not only dangerous for themselves but also for others around. The incident of 8th Jan 2017, in which a 38 years, former Merchant Navy Officer killed his father, barged into the neighbour’s flat and blows up his flat by switching on the LPG supply. Besides creating law and order problems for the police and mayhem for the entire neighbourhood.

The above incident is a pointer to the limit a person could go if the pent up aggression is not controlled when required. The aggression exhibited by the individual is also a stark reminder for the parents that the cocktail of pent-up anger and depression could spell havoc not only for the individual, family but also the society. It goes to prove that our financial position, material possessions etc has got no relevance as far as mental peace is concerned.


First and foremost thing is to have an awareness of the changes that are needed for living a peaceful life. We need material possessions for a living, within which we can live peacefully, but when we make this as a be-all and end-all then disruption of peace starts. We have to be fully aware that we as individuals are more important than the materials we need for our sustenance. We lose peace of mind when we attach too much importance to anything or everything. For this, a conscious effort has to be made to get rid of ill-conceived sadistic thinking and consciously introspect on my virtues. This way, we can challenge our vices and bring about the dawn of value based living and virtuous life.


Till such time we are self aware thereby challenge the unsavory mindset which has taken a deep root in our system, it is difficult to achieve peace. Here mere detachment from the material possessions will not be the right answer. We have to go beyond this. Delving deep to draw out vices is a must before adopting a spiritual bent of mind. Living spiritually, merely through chanting or prayer or meditation with all the vices in ourselves is not the answer. We’ve to make a conscious effort to realize the importance of our SOUL which is basically a virtuous being; beyond all self created differentiations. Hence the need of the hour is to eradicate all ill-gotten bad tendencies or vices like anger, greed, animosity, covetousness, lust / yearning for everything that attracts unreasonably, excessive attachment, ego etc, we cannot lift ourselves from the quagmire in which we are living presently. By shedding negativity, we can make our path smooth for our spiritual journey and its result would be mental peace and satiety.

If I tend to live a life with outer wrap of virtues and value system but inwardly I am stinking with all vices then will I be able to attain that elusive peace? Absolutely not. In daily routines, we come across such people who through their lofty ideals impress us but when we come to know about their real self, we are in for a shock which and would change our opinion for that person. There are several examples of so called great visionaries but in actual practice such people themselves are very insecure from within with tension abounding. Hence cleansing from within ourselves is a must, spirituality and its good affect will come on its own. If every job we undertake is done with a missionary zeal and with spiritual inclination then sure enough there would be ample peace of mind.

Spirituality is actually detachment from the fruits of our action as enshrined in Bhagwad Gita. We can perform our action with sincerity at our command and without wasting any time for thinking about the result of our Karma. Thinking about the result of our action makes us fearful and thereby we shall not be able to even concentrate on our action we take in hand.

It is pity that we go to places of worship and start begging for something from our Creator rather than offering our love to our Creator and thanking him for all the bounties He has given us. If we offer our prayers with focused attention then results would be to our liking ultimately and that too without attachment to the results of our action. It should also be kept in mind that God is Omniscient – for His worship, no fixed place is a needed. No fear about the result of our action means no pressure or stress while we are fulfilling our aspirations and ambitions.


It should always be kept in mind that knowledge could be gained at anytime and from anybody, but for this, need is to keep the doors of our mind open to receive the same. For this, what to be learnt and what to be avoided should also be known. Avidya results in erecting road blocks in our path. Every day is a new opening for attainment of knowledge.

When one says, he has learnt everything, it means he is either an egoist or a person who is exaggerating about his acquired know-how. We as humans, have the vast treasure of scriptural knowledge enshrined in different religious granths (scriptural texts) which can quench our thirst as a seeker and enlighten us. But knowledge attained have to be utilized meaningfully in day to day life should also be remembered. We should not be Ravana of today by using our knowledge against others otherwise it will boomerang on us only as happened against demon king Ravana. Besides, the knowledge we gain by personal interaction with whosoever we have chance meeting, will in fact, be of immense value for us.

Therefore, we can have learning experiences – something from anything, anywhere and everywhere. What matters is our inner quest, zeal and enthusiasm. This learning process and knowledge gained when used will bestow us with sagacity when utilized judiciously will bring about resilience and finally peace of mind.


1. When one is true to self. The first and the foremost important thing in life is to be self aware – by knowing our plus points and weaknesses. It could be attained through self analysis, mincing nothing at all. Sincerity in self study will help us immensely – in plugging the loopholes in us and steadily pushing ahead with zeal and enthusiasm.

2. When one is free from external pulls and pressures through self belief and belief on God. In life, nobody can say he/she is without pulls and pressures due to one reason or the other. It may be due to our family problem, office work pressure, maladjustment in the society, psychological and many a times physiological problems among others. Can we be oblivious to these? Absolutely not. But one thing is for sure, we can keep ourselves cool despite various pulls and pressures by not yielding ourselves to thse. Self belief and belief on God will be of immense help for us.

3. Self belief could do wonders for us. The cases of Lance Armstrong and cricketer Yuvraj Singh who were afflicted with dreaded cancer disease but both the players started their respective careers after treatment. It was due to positive outlook/attitude, motivation, self belief besides belief on God. On 18th January 2017, Yuvraj Singh smashed 150 runs and became man of the match – which helped in winning the match against English cricket team.

4.When one is detached from inner conflicts based on our desires. If we nurture unbridled desires, we tend to be prisoners and slaves to these desires and if these are not controlled and kept within limit, these could create more inner conflicts and contradictions thus coming in the way of inner peace and tranquility.

5. When one has control over mind and senses. Day before yesterday, while I was about to enter a temple, I felt surprised when I heard a voice: ‘We do not feel cold’ – while actually it was a pinching cold that day. It goes to show, it is how you react to a situation which counts. There are the people who, despite having all the comforts available but still are not satisfied or may be they feel still ‘more’ to placate their senses. Or worse still, they have everything to eat but cannot digest what is available. Or every cloth to put on but still feel the cold-pinch because their mind and the senses are not in their control.

6. When perception and acceptance has equanimity. There are times when we identify ourselves with something but do we make that perceived thought compatible with day to day routines. Or maybe, we grudgingly accept our own viewpoint thus put ourselves in quandary and in confused state which results in loss of peace ultimately.

7. When we remain tranquil / equanimity despite hurdles. How best to attain this tranquil mindset is the question? It could not be attained merely through day dreaming or through wishful thinking. It has to be attained by going through the journey of life undergoing ups and downs, getting experience from our failings by accepting challenges that life throws on us till such time we reach to a stage when failures and successes hardly matter but our efforts continue to push us up. Even at the pinnacle of success, we should not be ensnared by the hydra of ego. .

8. KEEP OURSELVES AWAY FROM OUR EGO. When Ego Takes Root, Our Deceleration Process Starts –This Truth Should Never Be Forgotten.

9.JOY OF GIVING. One of the best feeling of joy that we get is through giving and meeting others’ needs. In this process, it becomes a source of peace and tranquility for us.

10. Ending Enduring Confusion. All the confounding confusions that we nurture due to our mindset could be removed by facing challenges that ‘time’ throws on us. The clarity thus attained, through self-effort could bring about clarity in our insight which will help in removing the enduring confusion rampant in our system and solidify the roots of peaceful existence in us.

From the above, it could conclusively be said that if we want an enduring peace and tranquility in our life, we have to remove conditioned thoughts impinging on our life, remove rampant skepticism impacting our life’s forward march besides leading a life full of dynamism and courage thus live with self belief and belief in God ultimately for eternal peace.

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