Are girls attracted to weird guys or something?(As asked by a youth).

Are girls attracted to weird guys or something?


Now I’m not the best looking guy ever like I would probably count as ugly or whatever but anyways girls always seem to be attracted to me for reasons I have not the slightest idea.

I don’t get it I’m like super weird guy who does crazy stuff I’m now a college drop out with probably the worst hair,super pale, green eyes and my height is just stupid I’m 6’2′-6’4′ and still growing.


Best Answer:  First of all you have seemingly indicated all your negative traits which goes to show your positive characteristics which are given as under (which I think is the magnetism with which you attract the girls):-

(a) You know yourself fully and do not shy in expressing yourself; that is the reason that the opposite sex likes you.

(b) You are not a person who says something but acts just opposite – you are upright in what you are which is found rare in today’s youth.

(c) Some people are uglier from their inner self but feign to be pure from outside – they always reflect their true selves after sometimes after they come in contact with others.

(d) Your height in any way is not any impediment in your attraction.

All the above qualities are suiting and hence should not be construed as negative ones but you should be proud of all these bounties which Lord have bestowed with and thank Him for everything else too including and that is why girls ‘seem to be attracted towards you.


Attraction or repulsion by anybody is an individualistic phenomenon. There are the people who are people who get attracted towards the persons with following traits:-


  1. Look of the person is not the only consideration. There are the persons, though are not so good looking, yet, have personal magnetism due to their positive outlook. They create such a sphere of positive influence with which they attract both the sexes with aplomb by making good their outward look by their positive attitude.


  1. With rich family background. It has been seen that some people are lured by the showy demeanor or outer-ward  pump and show. This way they hoodwink people by hiding their real self under the veneer of falsehood; especially the girls get swayed by the false promises and outer show. My intention of writing this, in any way, is not to brand all rich people with dual personality but to show cautionary note. 


  1. With genteel outlook. It has been observed that we can hardly hide our true nature. It could be feigned for sometime but not all the time as truth cannot be hidden for long. It is revealed after sometimes. Then consequences would be disastrous. Here girls are no exception they too are attracted towards those with good manners.


  1. With strong inner strength. A person with inner strength is not subjugated by any defeatist tendencies. That person is faces failures and successes with equanimity; thus he has such a magnetism that pulls everybody towards him – girls no exception because humans as a whole gets attracted to truth in the end.


  1. With reasoning mentality. People with sensible mentality will always be fair in their attitude and could be amenable to the changing time and state of affairs. Those girls who are rational themselves in their attitude, in general, get attracted towards likeminded personalities.


From the above it could well be concluded that while we all want to have a good lifestyle, here, but we should not forget that generally speaking we should not get attracted by the ostentatious way of life. A life lived with undemanding  style of living or subsistence makes a huge difference to us. Simple living and high thinking is the best one which everybody should aspire for and live for a peaceful and joyful living.  

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  1. Personal attraction depends upon the inner strength and not entirely on the outer shine of an individual. Do go through the Q&A and comment. 🙂

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