In essence, spoken words are impressionable in varieties of ways. Pleasant words spoken after due deliberation and with utmost care and caution, speak volumes about a personality. These are indicative of our unassuming nature, humbleness which mirrors the value system we’ve imbibed during our upbringing. Soft spoken and persuasive words can change the course of our life or good. Then the modulation or moderate accent emitting positivity makes huge difference.

According to scriptural truth, there are five organs of action – tongue for conveying our thoughts in the form of speech or spoken words, hand and legs for motor actions, organ of excretion and primary sex organs or genitals. The first one, tongue is used for conveying through speech what we want to say. What we say through the medium of tongue; which if not controlled or reined in can put us in trouble. Uncontrolled tongue could be for rumour mongering and character assassination. Most of the troubles could be attributed to uncontrolled use of tongue.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been said: Although one may conquer all of the other senses, as long as the tongue is not conquered it cannot be said that one has controlled his senses. However, if one is able to control the tongue, then one is understood to be in full control of all the senses.

Many a families could be saved from being split with proper use of language and its style of speaking. Words spoken by Spiritual Leader in the form of lectures on scriptures and other life impacting experiences could transform our life not only spiritually and change our way of thinking – for better results.  What we eat reflects on our thoughts and actions. The consumption of intoxicants creates attributes of violent feelings or Tamsic traits therefore in order to imbibe good attributes it is necessary to take pure vegetarian diet for creation of Sattvic traits.

During election times, politicians of various parties deliver speeches and promise people various things if voted to power. But after getting power, speeches made and promises made to the people are woefully forgotten. These speeches could be termed as the sins of tongue. The speeches made by the use of harsh words, hurting abuses, tall talk, spinning out falsehood by way of promises.

Humans are endowed with power of discrimination. What to be spoken, what not to be spoken, what to be eaten and what not to be depends on our own sweet will. Meaning, our effort should be to speak with objectivity. Every time we speak something which has direct bearing on our life should be introspected thoroughly otherwise concerned person would be embroiled into controversies; words spoken cannot be retrieved. It is just like a fired bullet which after it is fired cannot be taken back.

Words spoken, having double meaning, work like double edged sword, prove counterproductive and could worsen our relationship for which these are intended. Many married couples separate, seemingly because of prickly words between the couples; proving many a families could escape severance of relationship if proper use of language is done. Tongue control, is therefore, an important element in adjustment in life.

Then when relations are on the verge of breaking, there is still a flicker of hope for rapprochement but this could be done mainly by following  the principles of forgiving and forgetting thereby following correct perspective. By adopting this attitude, a way out could be found for patch up  and stitch back the tattered relationships.  For this, words spoken with complete watchfulness, makes a huge difference in life.

There was a case of bombing in Delhi, wherein due to

  1. Backbiting. Some people subject others to backbiting impacting adversely their place in the society with pure lies sometimes.

In Holy  Quran it has been said:  Do not backbite each other, would any of you wish to eat the flesh of your dead brother, no rather you hate it!

  1. Unnecessary criticism. We subject others to vocal unethical and moral criticism for fulfilling our own self-seeking rationale.
  1. False witness. In many of the cases pending in the court of law, we must have observed that there are the false witnesses on the basis of lies and falsehood on oath. Many a times people who has not committed any crime get embroiled in cases which they have not done at all.
  1. Abuse somebody. Many a times we must have observed people abusing others, who cannot pay the person concerned, in the same coin because of his/her weakness financially or muscle power.
  2. Tall Talking. There are the people, who for strengthening their own agenda, will go to any limits in talking tall purportly thereby to browbeat others and silence their sane voices. 
  3. Sweet Words spoken to hide facts. It is like sugar coated bitter pills which when taken tastes sweets better for a while but afterwards its impact is felt when sugar gets exhausted.

In Holy Bible it has been mentioned: If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.”

  1. Sound speech or good words are not exaggerated words. Sound speech is to remove confusion and not to create still more of it.
  1. Spiritualism and control of tongue. We can exercise control over of our speech if we learn to live according to the principles enshrined in scriptures.

It has been mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib  He, who utters the True (Naam), is pure of tongue : He attains to the True Door……………


Karma is the action done or an act performed which starts with the intention of doing an act. This action or deed is having some intended purpose behind it. A good intention in speech and the action thereof (actually spoken words) lead to sound action. Contrarily,  ill-intention leads to bad action (unethical). In both the cases, we are the actors who play our parts in variety of manners. It should also be remembered that when our objective is sincere and honourable, then, sure enough, the result thereof will also be good (ethical).  Both of these mannerisms (good or bad) have consequences on our present and future lives. In other words, our present life has direct bearing  from the past karma we have done but one thing is certain these karmic affects are independent of any outside influences. The law of karma operates nonetheless; we want it or not. All this is true for the spoken words and the action thereof.


We are good or bad according to the use of our tongue and for this our thoughts and actions count. If we try to desist from intending or executing any act, then we can escape from its consequences. Otherwise, we’ve to put up with the results of our action. It should never be forgotten that pure thinking leads to pure actions or karma. It should also not be forgotten that our desire to speak, choosing the occasion to speak and right speech, in essence, play an important role in our life and karma thereof. If we exert control over our senses by reining in our mind, then we can be our own masters.

But it should never be forgotten that between the two (good and bad speech) karma intended and untended – we have unintentional karmic actions, an action which we just execute just compelled by the circumstances or situation. What is the consequence thereof? Here the intervention of providence or God comes.

From the above, it could be concluded that we should try to control our tongue in order to escape from the consequences of our spoken words. It could be construed as karma of spoken words. As we speak so we get. If we speak gently, we get the gentle response. Sound intentioned speech can change the outlook of our life and ill-conceived, even unintentional words can bring us misery.

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  1. Care and caution besides sufficient introspection should be exercised before we speak something. We cannot escape the KARMIK action of our speech – good or bad.

  2. Wise words and I have, through practice and effort, become better at mastering the power of the tongue. Still a way to go but seeing people like yourself believe in it as much I feel encouraged and motivated. Love, Light and Laughter.

    1. Thanks for paying a visit to my blog and giving your valuable comments. Inspirational indeed. Wishing you too Love, Light and Laughter to you too. God bless.

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