Her day starts in the wee hours in the morn,

Waking herself, preparing herself for home chores,

And for the day’s drudgery in the right earnest,

Prepares milk or feed for the tiny tots,

Followed by morning tea or breakfast for the kin entire,

This over, but her work has just not over,

Then homework for going to work starts,

As she has to add-on the family’s funds,

To meet increased needs due to price hikes,

She rises to the occasion without any concern for herself,

And is all set to increase the kitty of folks,

To eke out extra funds for them,

For needs of shelter, schooling et al,

So that their present is better than days gone by,

The one who was known to run a home as a homemaker,

Is now capable to run an office with flair,

In this process she faces challenges,

Both at the field at home,

And in the workplace, with composure intact,

With insight and with diplomacy at her command,

She excels in many a ways in comparison to her men counterparts,

Moves files and what it takes,

Moves on the ladder of career devoid of crutches,

Catches on the trend in the market and at workplace,

She gets used to everything with ease,

At workplace or in the cockpit of a plane,

She plainly is in the best of her elements,

Even those who used to call her weaker gender,

Are constrained to have a second opinion about her,

Their mindset have gone a sea change for her,

After looking at the tenacity and courage of the woman the next door,

And in their own home and hearth,

This creation of my Creator feels equal to the occasion at home front,

And excels, in many ways, in the office front,

Confronting the animal of intricacy with ease

at her command,

My profuse salute to thee for keeping alive our races,

But also race hard to win the battles at home and out of office.


It is due to the women
That we’re here on this beautiful planet
The relations
Such as daughter
– the one who looks after us when need assistance
in the son’s absence
Gone somewhere to pursue his ambitions
Sister, who reminds us that we can bank on her when we need help
Daughter-in-law, continues our family and its traditions
Wife, who comes from other family
dissimilar in cultural mores and traditions
but imbibes everything of the adopted household
Nurses everybody
Becomes home-maker
Takes responsibility of the children and elder members alike
Mother, mothers us from the birth to different stages of our life
without any demand whatsoever
Mother-in-law, gives us motherly love
you just introspect and see
How much women mean to us
Without them what we would be
Nay, our existence will not be there
for writing these lines
Now, finally our MOTHER DIVINE
Who created everything and everybody
Including the Gods
Without Her this world and universe
would not have been there at all




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  1. Such a moving day. When are we going to get a day for MEN? Hopefully soon. Would you mind coming by our blog Gastradamus and sharing your thoughts on Eaten an Eskimo. Its being edited but we need to know what works and what doesn’t. Your thoughts On eaten an Eskimo are needed and we take care of our followers. Hope to see you there soon

    1. My profuse thanks for liking the sparing your most precious time and giving your invaluable comments. I have read your write up. It is quite descriptive but very interesting. I got riveted in its description till the end. Thanks sharing.

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