For eternal joy

So mechanical and showy

Is the creation of our conditioned mind  which wanders wildly

In the of wilderness

Of false identifications

With worldly possessions

In search of elusive happiness

Factually living in an infected reality.


Genuine calmness

Mixed with charm

Could be attained

When we adopt

Simplicity as our attitude

In our daily life activities

For establishing a kingdom of peace

Within our being itself.


It is the simplicity

Of our unadulterated being within

Simple but pure and plain

Even with all the symptoms of awareness

Which makes a person pure internally

But looks quite simple externally

Also, simpletons are dear to our Creator

Simply because they’re simple characters.


Simplicity means; following a way of living which is bereft of any complications, ease with which to conduct our self, to please with your etiquette and not to antagonize others. We assuage others’ frayed feelings with ease and make them live in peace. Everybody comes across people who could make difference in our life with their positive approach and modest attitude. There are ones who transform us and make paradigm change in our life. They not only uplift our present state of  being but also impact our future life too. These people are accessible, compassionate, easy to be dealt with. Simple souls come to the succor of others when others are at the height of upsurge of emotions due to some looming danger. Instead of fleeing from the challenging situation such compassionate lots confront these problems head on with their simple but confident demeanours for others. If they meet success, it is OK for them but if they meet failure, they do not tarry from the path. They are firm conviction, failure does not mean denial for not trying again.


True worshiper (Bhakta) is the one who is simple in his attitude, simple in his meditation (Bhakati), simple in his/her Karma (Process of action and reaction thereof with respect to physical, mental and spiritual aspects)  simple in his thought (Vichar), simple in his preaching (Pravachan), and above all being humble (Vinamr) to the core.

GURU NANAK DEV JI stressed a life of simplicity and piety and also declared that if you are wise then be simple.


Being at ease while doing something, not being complicated in order to alleviate somebody pain rather than putting fuel into it, while explaining anything, being simple in manner, being effortless in dealing. Others may like to deal with you for your ease of doing business

IN HOLY  QURAN it has been mentioned: God wishes ease and not hardship for you. God wishes to lighten your difficulties, for humans are created weak.

Simple meditation with simple mantras can make much difference. Simple method in connectivity with god can transcend conscious levtel and makes us possible for self awareness. On the other hand when if we make meditation practice more complex then spiritual journey becomes that more difficult and time consuming exercise. Person can travel from various states from consciousness to sub-consciousness to super-consciousness with ease.

IN BHAGWAD GITA IT HAS BEEN CLEARLY MENTIONED : Worship of the Supreme Lord, the Brahmins, the spiritual master, the wise, and the elders—when this is done with the observance of cleanliness, simplicity, celibacy, and non-violence—is declared as the austerity of the body.

 if our prayers are simple and understandable then everything happens with ease and in peace. Each stage being refined and purposeful. The state of peace, satisfaction, love and silence becomes deeper in each stage. We are then able to differentiate between ourselves and our Creator. This also makes it possible for revolution in our body, mind (Manas), intellect (Budhi) and ego (Ahankar). 

IN THE HOLY BIBLE IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED: For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.


Simplification in living hardly means that we drown ourselves to the nadir or stoop to a lowest ebb simply because humans have been bestowed with the power of discrimination.  We should not become so sour that nobody likes us but should not become so sweet that people in general, including those who take undue advantage on us, take us to ride. By simple living with high value thoughts, we can influence others more thus make a mark.  When we become rigid / unbending in our attitude then our expansion gets slowed down or retarded thus we cannot attract others towards us thus becoming narrow in our outlook. In this way we remain confined in our attitude – ostensibly closing all the doors of positive change thus putting a stop on our self awareness.  On the other hand, if we become flexible / bendable in our thoughts and karma, in essence, it gives us opportunity to become  a centre of attention or attraction amongst  the community we are living. This way we can change ourselves positively – evolution being the main plank of our life. Swimming with the current gives us wherewithal to change for better while swimming against the current is fraught with dangers and contradictions. This way our consciousness does not expand.


In fact, we are responsible for our own state of condition. It is through knowing others needs, seeking the ways and means for resolution of others’ needs and subsequently partaking and serving the need to end in fulfillment.

The fact stands out that we are responsible for our own life. It should never be forgotten that whatever we transact comes back to us in equal measure. If we harbor animosity, show arrogance, hate others, be jealous or envy, then it would be returned back to us in equal measure. it would be returned back to us. First of all, we have look inward to know our needs, having first known those needs, we can understand others’ needs as well. Just making other person person to assess his/her need.

We can endeavour to make others’ life simple with our personal efforts but for this, we ourselves have to undergo some hardship. It is not attained through wishful thinking. The other day,I had an experience how we can make others’ life from edgy to easy or comfortable by our personal involvement or by suffering some pangs ourselves. Last week, I had gone to my home town Jammu. My wife too accompanied me during this journey. During our journey back to Delhi, we traveled by train from Jammu to Delhi. Our train reached at about 11:15 PM. It was raining cats and dogs when our train reached Delhi Railway Station. I wanted to hire some mode of transport from Railway Station to our residence. One of the cab drivers approached us and en whether we would agree if he took along one lady passenger; we readily agreed.

It took more than one hour more to reach to our residence simply because the said lady was dropped at her residence first. If we had not agreed to take that lady and hired some other cab then that driver must have waited for more time for other passengers, otherwise the lady concerned would have paid full cab fare to reach her destination. Also, she was little skeptical to travel alone because of security of a lone lady passenger – unpredictability of the drivers, owing to the fear psychosis prevailing and that too at night. We can make others life simply easy by putting us in some unease. We can, therefore, make put others at ease by taking their burden on us.

Simplicity could be summarized as:-

  • Solving complex problems by adopting simple mundane methods preferably by looking inward for solution.
  • Be not get scared stiff and bogged down by the daily challenges, face these with confidence and fortitude and need be do not shy away from taking others’ help.
  • Keeping away from ego engulfing us but simply thank God for  whatever is we’ve been graced with.
  • Making others’ life easy should be our motto.
  • We should undertake simple prayers with simple mantra for optimum results and ensure connectivity with our Bhagwanji.



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  1. Simplicity for many of us means letting go of our insistence on luxury and being willing to live with what we need rather than all we want. It is often our wants that drive us to complexity.

    1. I view simplicity: having wisdom to differentiate between what is necessary for a purposeful living and what we could live without. If we have something, it is OK, if we are not having much then also it is OK. Simple living means living honestly, earning earnestly, thanking God for everything besides helping our fellow beings in whatever way we are capable of. But in all these, we should not forget our true purpose of our life. Regards

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