While writing this write up, I asked my grand-daughter whether she felt envious of her classmate who stood first in the class. She unwillingly replied in affirmative. Then I further asked her the reason their feeling of enviousness. She very innocently replied that all the teachers adore her, because she not only excels in academics but also in co-curricular activities. She further continued that, surprisingly, ask her opinions about some important matters concerning class; like how to keep the class room neat and clean, choosing the historical places to be visited for getting firsthand knowledge of these places, debates to be or declamation etc. All the classmates want to emulate her; which doubtlessly is an healthy trend. From her, I came to know that there are the ones who feel hateful towards her and would like to harm her. One day, one classmate stole her English Notebook when the same was required for checking and for that this poor girl was reproved from the concerned teacher. This proves that envy could be positive emotion and negative with disastrous emotion.

BIBLE PROCLAIMS: Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

When we see somebody outperforming us or excelling us, in business or studies in comparison with us, the emotional tinge that we have is termed as envy. This enviousness towards others becomes a bone of contention between two parties hence impeding forward movement. Envy brings about dissatisfaction and disaffection or hostility between the two individuals or groups of individuals.  It is obviously a negative in nature and need is to nip it in the bud itself.

HOLY  QURAN MENTIONS THAT: Envy is a nasty disease of the heart that leads to bad conduct and behavior, all of which are sins and evils. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

Envy could be healthy too. When a student has a feeling of enviousness towards his fellow classmate who is better than him / her in studies. The concerned students too puts in his/her best and consequently improves through hard work. I think this sort of envy, which propels us to work more for a better result is skewed towards positivism / inspirational in nature and is welcome sign. This is benevolent in nature.

On the other hand, if we feel envy towards others and create still more animosity and ill-will thus impacting relationship between the two parties. If something concrete is not done within fixed timeframe, this negative envy could worsen the matters leading to creation of huge gulf between the parties concerned. We know how the envy proved bad for Kauravas and Pandavas. Dharyodhana envied the prosperity of their cousins Kauravas which lead to war between the two in the battlefield of Kurukshetra resulting in bloodbath for both the  armies and final defeat of Kauravas. This envious emotions could be termed as wicked or malicious in nature with negative consequences ultimately.

In another epic, Ramyana too, envy or jealousy played a predominant for exile of Lord Rama. When the news of Rama being crowned the kind of Ayodhya by King Dashratha,  Manthra the dasi (maid servant) poisoned queen Kaikeyi’s ears against this proposal of the king. The queen reminded the king of two promises of the king which he had given him while she saved him from a tragic accident and with this she wanted firstly 14 years’ exile for Rama and secondly to crown her son Bharata as the king. This proves that envy could spell unpredictable consequences in the long run. Here even very close relationships could also snap because of rampant envy for others.

True happiness in our relationship could be ensured if we use enviousness positively to stitch our relationships with positive attitude and do not let this emotion break the thin thread of rapport. The need is perceptional change which is required under the changed condition and situation.

It is now evident that it is best course to control our emotions and prevent our sentiments turning into malignant disease eating into our system from within. It is equivalent to any other negative trait like anger or annoyance, disgust or abhorrence etc. 

How best to rid ourselves of the specter of envy, it is in the fitness of things to control our negative emotions when it is about to overwhelm us and turn our attention to some other positive thought.

Spiritual thinking could transform negativity into positivity by adopting optimistic approach besides try to aspire for God connectivity through focused meditation and prayers.

In Bhagwa Gita, it has rightly been said lack of or absence of envy leads to purity in body and soul, creates discipline in us, enhances honesty, a feeling of truthfulness, creates conditions for peace, modesty, patience and above all an eternal feeling of equanimity in happy and sad occasions.


(a)   ENVY AND ITS AFFECT ON OUR FAMILY FABRIC. The brew of greed with envy can cause havoc in the families. While there goes a saying ‘blood is thicker than water’, but in actual practice, greed and envy have far reaching destabilizing affects. Recently punishment has been awarded to a person in Agra (UP state) in which a man was sentenced to death by the court for murdering his brother’s children aged between 2 to five years  and his sister for a small piece of land.. The reason being that he did not want to share the land with his relatives. There are so many cases like this wherein the families are being broken apart due to envy, anger and greed. These three are also becoming cause of break-ups between couples. The gender bias between male and female child also creates a feeling of envy which eventually impacts growth of the girl child.

(b)  ENVY AT WORK PLACE. We must have observed the workplace envy, bordering on rivalry and maliciousness  between the colleagues in order the usurp each others’ space in this competitive world for garnering more attention and ensuring his/her promotion in the hierarchy. In return, it creates bad blood between the staff members and anybody can guess its implication; inter-personal relations gets affected, internal democracy gets affected, goodwill gets reduced, tangible services and production for the organization gets depleted etc.

(d)   ENVY BETWEEN THE COMPANIES VYING FOR SPACE. There is a cut throat competition between companies so as to make its presence felt in the market. No company wants to be left out in this competitive world. For instance after the launch of JIO by Reliance Company, they have overtaken other players  in the market. Yet their success or otherwise will hinge on the customer’s choice finally after they start payment for amount of satisfaction they will get after they actually start paying for the services given by JIO. Similar is the case with other companies. Here competitive pressure will force the companies to explore various means to give their best services by giving synergies to their respective companies  thus providing the best services

 (e) ENVY BETWEEN RELIGIOUS GROUPS. We all know that religion is a binding force to ensure connectivity with God but unfortunately here too the feeling of ‘holier than thou’ attitude has taken root. The consequences of it all is here to see. The fanatic and extreme feelings have engulfed our societies with disastrous results. Extreme feelings by any community on the name of religion is bad and must be nipped. What is the fault of the people who get maimed by the bombs and bullets of these unscrupulous people.

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  1. Envy could be positive or negative emotions depending on an individual perception and its application. Do appraise the blog and offer your invaluable comments.

  2. It is safe to say that all human emotions create stumbling blocks and stepping stones. Envy, on the one hand, a great motivator, on the other hand, a great destroyer.

    1. it is a fact that envy could be both benign and malignant; it depends on the individual concerned how best or how worst he/she can use this emotion. Thanks a lot for your invaluable comments. Regards

  3. First of all, thank you for the follow. May God use your blog to bless many and many! I use the word envy quite a few times as complement. Such as saying to someone who has certain situation that I don’t have, I would say, “I envy you.”

    1. Thanks a ton for your invaluable comments. Madam, when we make turn negative into positive by our own efforts and of course with the blessings of our Lord then anything and everything is possible. Thanks again for having such thoughts. Regards

      1. You’re very welcome! The Lord gives, the Lords takes away. Whatever we received are undeserved. I don’t claim any rights, let alone being envy. I feel like when I’m jealous, I complain to God. So I try to live a content and simple life!!! Thank you for your comment. You have a great blog. Look forward to read more of your posts!!

      2. Madam thanks a million for your invaluable comments. Our Lord is very compassionate. He gives us everything which we require – surprisingly without us asking for it all because HE is all knowing. All humans have shortcomings, I am having some others may be having others but our Lord directs us to follow right path through different cue. My sincere thanks for your comments – inspirational indeed.About five minutes back I published a write up titled UNLEARNING THE LEARNED KNOWLEDGE..Kindly go through the same and offer your kind comments. Regards

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