For living a life of significance

With all our slip-ups nipped in the bud with full all patients

By aspiring for a code of conduct

With the experiences we get

From the daily routines done presently

And the incidents experienced in the days gone by

Which remain etched in our memory

And keep guiding us

To follow those thoughts and actions

Which are in sync with the norms and obligations

Set by the society for a civilized and orderly living

Some of value systems are transformed by the family we are born

From historical perspectives and socio-cultural traditions

Followed presently for evolution of civilization

Then also by democratic values of  thoughts of liberty of thoughts and expression

Strides in scientific temper and modern values thereto have helped improvisation

And mitigation of masses’ all round condition

By elimination of rampant paradoxes and superstition,

Innovation in transportation and media communication

Has really helped dissemination of information

Globalization has blurred the boundaries internationally

Spiritual values give religious insights into higher values and their application

Of positive thoughts of empathy, righteousness, and compassion

Besides indomitable belief on Supreme Consciousness

Through truthfulness and sincere meditation

This way we stand firm what relationship creations

Has by our Creator.

All mixed together make universal values a living reality

Higher values help maintenance of harmonious relationship a possibility

Helping us for mutual admiration for each others culture and values followed traditionally.


In the morning hours, while passing through junior wing of our school, I observed that some decoration pieces had fallen from the stand on which these were placed. The students were going to their respective classes even trampling those decoration pieces. Suddenly, I saw a small girl picking those decoration pieces and putting them at their proper places. She even took the assistance of her friends in the group. I mentioned this to one of the teachers who also appreciated this act of hers. I take this as a value learned from the parents or peer group. In our daily life, we are in tearing hurry to transact our personal business without caring what is happening around us – thinking that it does not concern us! This is travesty of fact, a fact which is considered as lowest in value system rung.   

There are no two opinions that values are man-made and need based too. Values considered good for particular community may not be considered good by the other community. For instance there are the communities who teach their children how to steal from the childhood itself. But stealing is considered as a crime by the land of the land. Then what our soldiers are trained for is another example of particular value – to safeguard the integrity of the country even by making supreme sacrifice. Here too values differ. It goes to show that there are some values which are required to be followed as a member of a particular region or society and there are some values which are considered respected in the country we live besides there are values which have universal appeal.

Whatever we do, we should do that with full consciousness or awareness. In that awareness, we should let love to dwell in us, without worrying about whether our act is according to the set values or not because whatever is done in sound awareness can hardly be wrong. Thus awareness and love are more essential. A practice being followed or learned over a period of time or randomly done gets into our habit or behaviour is value based.

The moral principles and values originated as code of conduct to mould human behaviour as a response to given situation. These have been gleaned from the chapters of history of the past and based on the experiences we formulate new sets of values suiting our timeline. This code of conduct helps us in fulfilling our objectives and help shape our destinies according to present requirements.

HOLY QURAN DECLARES: And the believers, men and women, are friends of another. They enjoined good and forbid evil and observe Prayer and pay the Zakaat and obey ALLAH and HIS Messenger. It is these on whom ALLAH will have mercy. Surely, ALLAH is Mighty and Wise.

Essentially,  for a civilized and organized society, it is important that the people observe some code of conduct brought about during the passage of time along with experiences gained during that period. The moral principles and values observed moulds the human behaviour. Study of historical perspective and ancient philosophies make huge impression on human evolution.

Human values have drawn their inspiration from various sources in the course of history besides spiritualism, philosophy and religion, socio-cultural traditions have been the predominant determinants for formulating the basic human values through different period of evolution of human civilization. Some of these are given as under:-

  • HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE AND ITS AFFECTS ON CULTURAL VALUES.. Historical perspective play a dominant role in ascertaining the norms of behavior and values practiced at particular period of time. Codified history influences the present thinking and affects the societies in general. For example, in the medieval period is known to have associated with Islamic influence and rule in India. It went almost for three centuries including Mughal Empire who first of all invaded India and then adopted India as their own. The culture and value system they brought with them got assimilated in India itself and enriched Indian culture and tradition. Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb (Ganga-Yamuna Culture) which is effusion of Hindu and Muslim cultures.
  • PHILOSOPHIES PROPOUNDED BY RENOWNED PHILOSOPHERS. Ancient philosophers contributed much for the present times as far as culture, tradition and values are concerned. For example contributions of renowned philosophers like John Loke (father of liberalism), Thomas Aquinas (Advocate of existence of God), Confucius (Advocated natural morality), Descartes (father of modern philosophy), Plato (Believed that there must be some power for the creation of universe),Aristotle (He wrote about abstract or concrete philosophy) etc. All these Western philosophers among others including those oriental Indians philosophies have contributed immensely to the cultural ethos and moral, ethical and cultural values of the world.
  • DEMOCRATIC VALUES. Democratic principles of liberty, freedom to elect governments of choice, freedom of expression, revision of incentives for democratization of thoughts are the main determinants of human values which help in evolution of higher values and virtuous life held dear by the people.
  • VALUE SYSTEM MAKE HUMANS HUMANE. The distinction between human beings is the richness of value system one possesses among other basic modes of behaviour (ethical, moralistic, spiritualistic etc) which everybody should possess for a sublime and civilized living. A person could have higher value system in one field but could have lower value system in other field of activity. The index of value system is the richness in beliefs, faiths and norms of behaviour being followed by the society.

Lord Jesus modeled this core value when He uttered, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

  • POLITICAL VALUE SYSTEM. It has been observed that now-a-days politics is more or less bereft of values systems. The political parties and its leader publish manifestos for their respective parties but when they win the election, they woefully forget the promises made to the people. By their unethical acts they stoop to lower ladder of value system in political arena.
  • RELIGIOUS VALUE SYSTEM. By following the religious teachings in various scriptures, the proponents / followers of religions follow these religious preaching and seek god’s connectivity. Those who follow religious philosophies without reservation and without diluting these teachings, get higher values in life. A person with higher religious values is rich in spiritualism with all the positive traits such as empathy, compassion etc which inspire us for meditation which is beneficial for our soul and provides us occasion to have indomitable belief on god. With this value system, we can stand for what we believe in relation to religion and spiritualism. Religious value too stresses maintenance of harmonious relationships with followers of religions other than ones own.

The VEDIC Value system enlightens us  about:  Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Maternal possession), Kama (Desire), Shivam (Supreme Consciousness and goodness),Sundram  (beauty), Satyam (Truthfulness),

  • FINANCIAL VALUE SYSTEM. We require money in order to meet our various needs which we call material possessions for a comfortable living. For this, we have to work sincerely. If we earn this finance by adopting sincere and legitimate methods then it falls in the category of economic high value system. If we earn through some corrupt or ulterior means then it is low value system.
  • SOCIAL VALUE SYSTEM. Social values are the ones which we learn from our family initially and then friends and environment in which we live. Social etiquette include learning social obligations, to live in harmony with others obeying all the civic rules, obeying social norms held dear by the society for concord and cooperation. Social values learned helps us in imbibing positive relations with fellow beings and shun antisocial and behaviour which is anti-thesis of social norms.
  • ETERNAL VALUES ARE ABSOLUTE, REAL, it is pure consciousness, pure perception, pure knowledge, gives pure knowledge (ananda), bliss or everlasting happiness, eternal peace, exalted values and are eternal in nature. These values are like the light of the sun which gives energy to all the objects.


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  1. Value system has special significance in our life since it provides us code of conduct which helps us to adjust with the society in which we are livving.

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