18 May



We, as humans, have to accept some realities of life. There are two identities within which we are constrained to sustain ourselves. We have to live in pleasure and in pain as a way of life. Pleasure is associated or identified with good and pain is associated or identified with something awful or painful or bad. We learn from the experiences by living in pain and pleasure. Painful experiences provide us avenues to fight bad situations and come out successfully. In this sort of a situation, there comes an acceptance of having equanimity both in pain and pleasure.


First of all, we’ve to understand that happiness is basically a mental or an emotional state of our being. Here satiety with what we possess, positive attitude and pleasant disposition despite hurdle counts . Happiness is contagious – it spreads if we intend to do so with sincerity. Our happiness could be enhanced if public good is ensured by our own Karma. Happiness cannot be spread without positive mindset. As in our happiness, our mental and emotional state come into play, it is, therefore, essential that our inner self should be pure and free off smut.


Further, there are three vital factors which help us live a meaningful life. These are materialism, realism and idealism. Materialism is a must to a limit but if our requirements cross limit then it would ultimately become a burden and give pain. On the other hand idealism and realism should not only be attained in our life but also practiced to the letter and spirit for a purposeful life. Purposeful living brings forth some duties and responsibilities for a happy living.

There is no disputing the fact that among all things in life including happiness, self is to be held on higher pedestal. While extolling the role of self, it is important that we are also aware of the surroundings in which we liVe. It is because everything and everybody is relative to each other for a harmonious living.


 Challenges in in our life open new vistas in our life and make our life more dynamic, thereby giving us ample chance to grow and also give incentive to let others to grow likewise. These also make us determined not only to face life for our own good but also bestows us the traits of goodness and compassion for others around us. We feel pain for others and may try to alleviate that pain with the resources we have acquired. All this affords us the chances to be happy after a good deed is done.


Nobody can dispute the fact that among all things in life including happiness, knowing self is more important. Having known the self, then by extension, our relationship with our surroundings is taken into consideration. A person in segregation is not considered fit enough to influence anybody or an organization. Living in harmony and with cooperative mentality works and that is possible with others’ active participation.


If every other thing is relative to each other so everybody has a responsibility to influence others and in this our happiness in relation to others’ happiness is important too. In essence, in order to live in harmony with our environment, it is essential that our environment is congenial. Here well-being of others which includes mental or emotional happiness or psychological happiness, physical happiness, economic happiness, political well-being etc. It would be a farfetched idea if a single person  could live peacefully because the concept of UNITY IN DIVERSITY is important for tangible results.

Happiness is a fuzzy and crazy concept which is different for different individuals. Some may feel happy on simple things in life and the others may not be happy with everything in possession. Subjective satiety or well-being or happiness is dependent on the following factors:-

Happy is the man who has overall mental satisfaction vis-a-vis:-

  • Satiety in economic front. Everybody needs money for his/her sustenance. There are fortunate ones who could get opportunity to ache out a living and there are the ones could are not able to do so due to one reason or the other. If the person concerned could donate part of their money to the person in need, this makes the person concerned happy in a way.
  • Satisfaction or contentment in mental well being/psychological and emotional state. For understanding an individual, it is not only essential to meet ones look after the barest essentials for life but also meet the emotional needs for a happy life/. For example, expression of inner feeling and understanding others feelings is a must
  • PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. The philosophy is our life counts for our happiness or otherwise. If our philosophy in life is to live a life according to laws of nature and in sync with norms of civic norms despite hurdles then happiness or sadness will not make any difference to us.
  • Contentment in physical state. It is well nigh fact tha a good mind dwells in good body and for that to be a possibility body has to be kept in perfect fit state. In this direction, whatever possible we can do for others should be done.
  • Happiness and Spiritual way of living. Spiritual way of living following a lifestyle which is in consonance with natural laws and following the norms of civil society. Here inner peace for following ethical and moral inclined life. Such person does everything in sync with healthy living. Thus spiritual oriented people are the happy people.

In conclusion, it could be comprehended that happiness is individualistic in nature. There are the people who are satisfied with barest minimum possessions but there are the ones who are not satisfied with affluence at their command thus become unhappy.



True happiness in life is attained

Not by having all the comforts in life that we aspired
which though bestows us happiness for a so short

but, alas!  
Disappears like thin layer of snow on a sunny day
sooner than we actually anticipate in any way
leaving us high and dry
thus taking us to the spot we had started initially
with unhappiness writ large on our face eternally.
True happiness has to be earned – honestly

partly by leading a life full of care for others

by meeting others needs
whence our own bread and butter is earned
senergizing of our efforts

and using these for a healthy living
for a simple living and high thinking

for our efforts fructifying
Thus engendering a feeling of  satiety
without fear or favour eventually
resulting in profuse happiness to us in the process
producing positive emotional upsurge
making our heart ecstatic with pleasure

obliterating  the feeling of discomfort

by removing others discomforts

by the grace of Almighty God.



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7 responses to “ON OUR HAPPINESS

  1. Harbans

    May 18, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Happiness is a crazy arithmetic, it multiplies as we divide it is a well known maxim. We should always take into consideration while dealing with others.

  2. granny1947

    May 18, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    A thought provoking post. Not sure I agree with the materialism…the less you have the freer you feel.

    • derrickjknight

      May 19, 2017 at 9:41 am

      I think ‘to a limit’ qualifies materialism sufficiently, although I originally did a double-take at its inclusion.

      • Harbans

        May 21, 2017 at 2:43 pm

        My sincere thanks for your take on materialism and its ramification when it exceed to its respectful limits. Regards

    • Harbans

      May 24, 2017 at 7:34 am

      My grateful thanks for appraising the blog and giving your most inspiring comments. Yes madam, I too have this mental setting for the worldly possession. Whatever our Creator gives us through our sincere efforts, is welcome. Regards

  3. derrickjknight

    May 19, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Your usual sound and thought-provoking piece, Harbans.

    • Harbans

      May 21, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      Your comments Derrick Sir are always motivating and I always wait for these good words. Thanks and regards


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