Whence our thoughts and actions

Are in sync with our intentions

Bereft of any lingering doubts

Whatsoever we do

We do in the glare of general public

With no hostility or dislike

For anyone under the sun

There is no corrupt practice followed

Purity in ideas and Karma thereof

Making the outcome most tasteful

For the proponent to cherish his deeds

For others too to observe indeed

The transparency of his accomplishments

Not merely monitored

By all and sundry but also by the Mysterious Authority

That adores us all.

Thence there are the individuals  

Who with their ill-intentioned actions – KU-KARMA

Lead a life with dual leanings

Feign transparency in their dealings

But in actual practice

It seemingly is bereft of any significance

Either to the person concerned

Or the people around

Who’ll anyhow come to know

Concerned person’s real intent.



Transparency of an object is the property of that object to transmit light through it, so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. In other words, transparent means to see through easily. Similar is the case with the transparency traits of an individual. In terms of transparent behavior is the one which could be easily understood or detected without much difficulty.

A person with transparent attributes is like a mirror – he does not hide anything.  His sincerity of purpose, essentially, could be observed by us with ease.


Transparency also means whatever is done is done within the glare of the general public. It is a fact that whenever we hide something, it goes to show that we have something to hide. Or we do not want to share the information with others may be fearing reprisal from the parties concerned. Keeping information secret means there may be a hidden design. 

We find that in life, we see through a person’s intentions without doubt when that person’s credentials are above board based entirely on past practical experiences. Then we say that we have belief in his/her general behavior. Fundamentally when somebody’s intentions are pre-judged it could be construed as transparent intentions. It is partly due to the fact that there is no hideous design or plot or there is air of earnestness in a person’s stance. When an individual follows transparency principles, that has unquestionable integrity and follows aboveboard behavioral patterns in life.


For a person with transparency traits, actions are to be performed anyhow and that too within the ambit of norms.
The transparency is the perceived trait of an individual to pass information voluntary without pressure and with clear vision. Transparency could be in working place, home within communities/societies and within the countries concerned for a common use. On the other hand, when left-hand does not know what right hand is doing, it is termed as bad practice. This is true in business too. In schools and colleges including the professional institutions, there are hidden charges or capitation fee being charged by these institutions’ This is not a healthy or not based on the percept of transparency.


(a) That individual walks with his/her head held high.

(b) Such person is above suspicion since his life is an open book and could be read by anybody at any time and place.

(c) Such person carries with him a positive aura.

(d) No pecuniary considerations can lure such person.

(e) A person with transparent attitude is never in doubt about his thoughts and actions.

(f) Such person never harms others because he is humane to the core and also compassionate in his dealings.

(g) Such persons never shirk from the responsibilities assigned.

(h) Persons with transparent trait fulfill the promises made.

(i) Their life is like a transparent plot which could be predicted without much difficulty.

(j) Life for a transparent individual is like a game; where winning and losing hardly matters, what matters is to play the game in the spirit of a game.

(k) As such person persons are clear in their viewpoints and opinionated, fair and frank /candid, people would like to take their assistance whenever there is a need.

(l) People with transparency carry with them an aura which outshines wherever they go.

(m) As transparency connotes openness in communication, people with transparent attitude are always accountable for their actions.


Importantly, it is worthwhile to mention that what lack of transparency could lead can be gauged from when all the tenets of transparency were flouted by Vijay Mallaya while taking loans from the consortium of banks to the tune of Rs. 9,000. Though he was a Rajya Sabha MP yet rules and regulations have to be kept in mind while loaning out money; which unfortunately were thrown to the wind. Charges of money laundering by him is a case in point. He had a loan from the consortium of banks to the tune of rs. 9,000/- but did not use the money for the purpose he had taken. Instead he siphoned off the money to his banks outside the country thereby proving to be a willful defaulter. Not to speak of this, he has flown out to England and a case has been going on against him for fraud and cheating and Government of India is trying for his extradition to India so that he faces the law of the land for his corrupt practices. He had shell companies which helped him to siphoned off the money he had taken on loan from various banks. Now that the money trail is crystal clear and transparent, he will have to face the music.

The above instance, among others too, goes to demonstrate how come such an exorbitant amount was loaned out to him with lack of transparency, actually with tacit support of power that be including heads of banks. This case also shows how hideously the bank loans were granted uncaring for all the transparency factors and application of rules and regulations governing granting loans to the customers. In this case rules were bent to suit his requirements. Although Enforcement Directorate has filed charges on 14th June 2017 against the defaulter the culprit is sitting in the cozy residence in the UK,  caring two hoots for the Indian law enforcement agencies.

Transparency principles call for observing some norms of behavior to be taken into consideration:-

  • Transparency in Governments. Politicians should show transparency in their actions.
  • Transparency at Homes – between family members for ensuring harmony in the family.
  • Transparency at Work Places. For cooperation and coordination for good results for the organization.
  • Transparency in words and deeds in day to day life. This has to be done in order that people with whom we come into contact believe us.
  • Karma is positive when there is transparent and above board. Our action speak for itself. When we are transparent, there is always positivity in our thoughts and actions.
  • There is an air of optimism in our attitude and action thereof when our actions are open for scrutiny.



We are living in the age of mobile phones, computers and in that internet with its multifarious functions. Private electronic communication through wiretapping or interpreting of email, whats app and phone calls have made it easier and possible to get required information as and when needed for ensuring transparency.  Ultra sensitive nano cameras has made eves-dropping possible with pinpoint accuracy which has made it possible to bring forth the secrecy of others by the law enforcing agencies working against the interests of a country. GPS has made it possible to locate a person’s location when required and when it is locating a criminal on run this system has proved its worth for the law enforcing agencies. Facebook and twitter accounts etc could also be handy tools for information collection as and when required. The advent of these gizmos have obviously benefited the Governments in keeping a tab on the terrorists and law breakers for their nefarious deeds.


Of course there are people who live double life. Outwardly some people feign to be transparent, sincere in their attitude but when you actually observe them minutely / closely, doubtlessly they are following dual lives. For example the lifestyle of some of our Dharma Gurus is revelation in itself. While in their discourses in the huge congregations they dish out the importance of moral standpoint but do not follow this in actual practice themselves.  This is obviously unrealistic and unethical life.   

























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  1. If we adopt transparency in our thoughts and actions then we need not fear for the result of our actions since that cannot be adverse. Also, good intentions leads to good results. Do go through the blog and offer your kind comments. I really love your comments. Regards

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