Religion is entwined in sacred intention,

Based basically on the firm affirmation,

That fair-play and compassion

For needy should form the basis

Of our all-encompassing efforts

Different religions as various pathways

Lead us to a common Source

And unite us all with Almighty God

No single pathway has shortcut for Divine touch

Each pathway has to follow exterior and intrinsic value systems

In order to connect without Ishwaraji

The Holy Principles – of the Bible, The Gita, The Quran, Sri Granth Sahib Ji,

Magnetize the humankind equally with sermons

Dearest to  the Omniscient

Religion teaches us the lessons

In truth, kindness, love and non-violence

And the reward for it all the sincere efforts is total bliss.

Thence we share our bliss with our fellow beings

For upliftment of faith and tradition pervasive,

And to harmonize diverse mentalities,

Mode of mind is religion,

And there are manifold hues of minds as manifold religions

When minds are confused and stop working logically.

Religion let  the clock of mind to tick on

And makes it possible to work in unison

For the benefits of its adherents.

Indelible ink of religion imprints hold ideas in us all

Our barren minds get fertile

By the torrents of currents of religion

And we learn to live righteously.

Fragrance of holy ideas get spread

And the devil in us gets vanquished

Dehumanized souls are humanized

For ultimate good of mankind

With the benevolence of our compassionate Omnipotent.



The main purpose of a religion is to unite humans with the source. Religion, in its broader sense, not merely delves on the SOURCE but also studies about human relationships, self-awareness/self-realization, morality, ethics, humanism, compassion etc. for the overall good of humanity.

There are organized religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Through religions, we learn highest values; compassion, deeper connection with spirituality including inculcation of the positive attitude. With it, we shed the wrap of negativity from our system. Along with spiritual forward journey, the religion teaches us about the sense of belongingness with social interaction and a sense of belongingness.


The feeling of self-esteem and self-worth could also be learned from the religion. Following the principles enshrined in different texts, rituals along with meditation/prayer can provide the healing touch to our mind and body. Although spirituality could be pursued without leaning towards any particular religion yet religion becomes a means to an end – liberation or Moksha.

HOLY BIBLE PROCLAIMS: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?


It has been observed that today, we aspire more to physical growth besides are in the quest for more knowledge in different fields. This knowledge may be for our personal growth in the hierarchy of career growth or pursuit of wealth. In that hunt, we conveniently forget about spiritual growth.


A life full of love, beauty, kindness, truth and purposeful activities, related to intrinsic values bestow our inner peace and balance in our life. These provide us fortification against any downtrend in our growth and development. It also provides us avenues to seek happiness thus lead a harmonious life in a positive partnership with our Creator and fellow beings. By following a spiritual life, we remain contented, cheerfully while living within the complexities of life and that too with self-esteem while respecting others privacy. Ethical living and spiritual enlightenment alone can bring about the total transformation in one’s material life of material achievements by enabling him to become a human being in a true sense of the term.


The purpose of human being is to get better quality of life along with peace and tranquility. While living a purposeful life, it is also mandatory that he is free from exploitation. Besides progress externally, it is paramount that he a person gets spiritually awareness for a total growth and development. For this, integration of physical science (external aspect) and spiritual science (internal qualities) is a must for growth and development related to physical culture, mental culture and soul culture are the areas which are required to be taken care of.

HOLY QURAN ENUNCIATES: The inherent moral sense in a human being allows him to
recognize what is true and good for what is false and evil.



  • RIGHTEOUSNESS. Righteousness is the intrinsic human values. For establishing a balance in our life, it is in essence necessary to follow ethical norms and code of conduct which make our life meaningful. By following right principles, we can make our balanced personality. It makes our life purposeful and we love to live life in whatever forms – happy or unhappy situations. Balanced mind is the one which follows and takes right course, following right principles such as being mindful of others’ needs, cooperating with others, be courageous in facing difficult situations, control over our emotions, having traits of head and heart, following faithfully the right path, not be influenced by false promises, keeping words, be tolerant despite provocations, having right vision and mission and make concerted efforts in fructification of that mission etc. besides doing everything with the active participation of God. That sort of a person loves the spirit of harmony and cooperation in all the ventures we undertake.
  • BEING EGOLESS. Ego is AN enemy number one of a person. A person under its influence leads a life full of selfishness, always is of the opinion that whatever he possesses is due to him only. What sort of ways he adopts in life, good or unethical does not affect that person. He lives a life bereft of humility. Justice and fair-play. He is more attached to his possessions than anything else in life. He does not discriminate what is right and what is wrong. There is no spirit of sacrifice in such a person but on the other hand, he would like to have his own way of getting what he wants. He is intolerant and unsympathetic towards others. His integrity is always in suspect. We following the negative trait of egocentricity if we are irreligious.
  • NON-VIOLENCE. It is following a course of action without resorting to violence or coercion for getting things done in our favor. It is basically the non use of force or on the principles of kindness and consideration of others’ viewpoint. It is based on respecting others opinions, without ill-will, greed, respecting others beliefs and faiths, following disciplined lifestyle, rejecting all that is bad, adopting all the positive traits in life, being fearless in thoughts and action thereof, that person does not fear what he does since that action is not beyond the ambit of decency. Mahatma Gandhi followed the life of non-violence and also influenced others too to follow the same. A man with the qualities of non-violence leads a life full of truth with love for all.
  • HUMAN VALUES. It is based on right conduct for the benefit of humanity. It is based on selfless service without any expectations from others. We should not discriminate others on the basis of religion, caste or color. Love transcends every other trait. It is infact a driving force which helps us in having the humane life with humanistic outlook in our life. It is based on giving something to others without any expectations from others. Love is a motivating force which transforms our life and helps us for self-expansion through self-expression thereby changing our thinking and acting. It enhances goodwill and generates brotherly feeling in us. It also helps in transforming us to be sympathetic, feeling of kindness with selfless feeling along with a feeling of the passion for spiritual love. Humanism is the adoption of love as a trait for practical spiritualism. It is based on human compassion for others without any discrimination. For this, one has to have intense self-discipline, the oneness of purpose, unflinching determination and intense self-belief in God. The practical spirituality helps in self-expansion which manifests from patience and unflagging belief in Divine force. For such a person, God could be connected anywhere and anytime. This could be possible when one has rendered service to humanity without any shred of expectations.
  • LOVE IS ENNOBLING. Love is ennobling and enhances the stature and personality of a person and it is one of the best values that a person should possess. When we spread the message of love, we spread the message of goodwill and wellness. With it, we come to know about the values of truth and keeps ourselves away from all sorts of negativity. One who loves others, he becomes an embodiment of love and thereby attains spiritually oriented lifestyle, adopting purity of body, mind, and soul along with purity in our thoughts and actions. But there are people who understand love synonymous with lust which is, in fact, debasing and egotistical in nature.
  • TRUTH & RELIGION. There are two kinds of truths. Firstly it is the one which is perceived by our five senses and the other one is which is perceived by our by supersensuous power. The science wants things as empirical truth which religions link with the transcendental truth. In olden times, the Rishis strived for personal experiences of absolute truth. Their pursuit truth is self-realization. This could be attained by adopting moral and spiritual values through self-discipline and adopting all those traits which help us realize the truth. When one realizes the absolute truth, through spiritual knowledge, one is able to perceive absolute truth and presence of God in all the creations. For such a person, there is no attachment for any particular thing. With detachment, we remain in the balanced state both in happy and sad situations.


  • LIVING A HARMONIOUS LIFE. For the development of humans, it is necessary that we adopt a peaceful life. Peace is essential for leading a purposeful and happy life. It has been experienced that if a person is in peace, he can delve deep into the recesses of his heart thus imbibe positive attitude, humanitarian approach and also attitude with compassion for all, justice and fair-play for all, having the trait of the common good or social conscience.

From the above, it could be concluded that all of us aspire to happiness based purely in right conduct through the commitment to equity and social justice. For the growth and development individual requirement is peace within self and also for the development of the humans, peace, harmony, and cooperation between humans is of utmost importance. The first requisite for establishing harmony and peaceful co-existence, we have to, first of all, develop inner peace first and then spread fragrance in our relationship, neighbors, society and above to all the humanity. For this purity of mind is an essential requirement. By self-analysis and self-restraints we can develop right attitude for following righteous thoughts and actions we can get divine light ultimately by following principles enshrined in different religions. 


  • WELLBEING OF ALL. Seeking the welfare of all living beings; helping everyone as much as possible with an attitude of service
  • REGULATION AND CONTROL OVER SENSE ORGANS. Regulation and control over the sense organs and the mind; quality insistence and quantity moderation in eating, sleeping, working, talking and sense indulgence
  • DIGNITY AND HUMILITY IN ALL SITUATIONS. Having equanimity amidst the ups and downs of life; facing life with courage, perseverance, dignity, and humility without being overwhelmed by failure or carried away by success



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  1. All the religions play predominant role in shaping the value system of the human beings. I have tried to pen down the influence of religion in shaping the highest value system on us. Do go through the blog and offer your kind comments. Regards

  2. This is such a timely exposition of religion, whatever the creed. It demonstrates that no religion could condone much conflict falsely using religion as an excuse.

    1. Derrick sir, I am really very thankful to you for your comments. Sometimes, I feel very low when I observe people fighting in the names of religion. Religions should bind uind us together and not divide us into fragments. I think those who fight in the name of religion do not know the meaning of religion at all. Regards

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