When faced with discouraging state of affairs

With no breather in sight anywhere

Thence we’ve not to go afar for succor

For sure, it lies within us only

Just tap softly

Thy deepest recesses of  heart

Thee will hear a voice so tranquil

Keep heart, problems are created to be solved

Challenges are formed to be challenged

Sometimes with calmness

Other times with iron handedness

Fright from knotty situations

Is no longer any solution

Fighting head on firmly

 And acting  resolutely

Are the driving forces actually

Which will bestow God Speed to our sincere efforts finally

Because resolute mind will result in resolution

Of the vexing problem so faced

Approach of solution may slightly differ

From time to time and situation to situation

And Individual to individual per se

But we can hardly shy or run away  

From the catch-22 situation of our own creation.

Without a modicum of fight for a plausible solution

Yes, for every problem under the sun

There is a credible solution

It’ll not be found by being fearful

Self belief and belief on our Creator

Are the two likely helpful factors.



Willpower (Sankalap) is determination with which we undertake to perform our duties with single mindedness of purpose and with focused attention for fructifying the job in hand.  The trait of willpower can be learnt and imbibed by following a life of sincerity, with sheer dedication, following a disciplined life and above all with self-awareness that whatever Karma we perform will come back to us. Kukarma brings about bad results and good Karma results in favourable results. Strength of will is generated by harnessing our internal potentials. In other words, willpower is the strength of our mind.


Yesterday, I was feeling very hot because of typical weather condition; hot and humid state with surging temperature; and there no rains for the last many days made the weather still hotter. Walking in the hot sun was virtually very difficult with no respite from the scorching heat. In this sort of sultry environment, people usually sit in the comforts of their AC rooms or in AC offices to escape from the fury of high temporary. But travesty of fact is that we can sit in the comforts of air conditioned environment all the time because we are constrained to perform our various duties for our family or to face the realities of life head on.

While walking, in the hot sun, feeling all the affects of heat, drenched in perspiration, my eyes got riveted on two labourers who were mixing cement, concrete with hot sand. I wondered how those people were working in the hot sun without any complaints. There was not even an iota of feeling or regret about the pestering and persistent heat! This made me to reflect that everything – heat or cold, good or bad is in the domain of our mind. If one determines to withstand anything and everything there is no limiting factor. In other words our mind limits our perspective.


It is also a fact that if we live just naturally, face what it comes, as per the time and space then we may not face any difficulty. A person who lives naturally live without any fear. He has his defences ready for meeting any contingency as it come rather than waiting for its resolution. Waiting for solving any problem means procrastination and that is one of the worst thing that could happen to us.


It must be remembered that the foundation of willpower is developed in the childhood itself by the parents. They should ensure that their offspring express their problems themselves fearlessly, act without fear and also should be taught to face the challenges of life without inhibition. Along with this, they should also be taught when to withdraw and when to fight it out. In the latter stage of life they grow up to be youth men with confidence.


A few days back there was an accident of one of our female teachers – the best computer teacher who with her changed the destinies of her students. She exercised control over her class and her felicity of expression created immense interest in the students which spoke volumes on her  lesson planning and delivery, encouraged students to ask questions and clear their doubts and made even the most difficult lesson easy to to comprehend. Obviously the students waited with bated  breath for her period.

It so happened that a cab driver, in an inebriated condition, hit  scooter which was being driven by her husband. She fell down the scooter, the cab driver did not stop but to the contrary dragged her for quite sometimes in the process creating grievous injuries to her person. This heartless inhuman person did not stop his cab even after injuring her severely. She was taken to hospital in an unconscious condition and admitted in Intensive Care Unit. Despite her most critical health state, she exhibited her strength of mind coupled with staying power and showed improvement signs from day one of her admission in the hospital. This could happen only with the blessings of WAHE GURU JI with whose blessings and graces unpredictable could happen.  He is the One who generates will to survive for His creations – that is what I can sermon.


It has rightly been said in Bhagwad Gita that our willpower is developed through Yoga, which is related to physical, mental and spiritual practices. It sustains our life by providing willpower in the mode of goodness. Willpower is the strength of our mental power and assists us to pull on despite hurdles that come in our path. Our determination also keeps us focused on our destination and helps gather together our inner potentials of inner self to achieve our higher goals in life.

Through the practice of Yoga, we develop three types of determination. We learn to exercise control our mind thereby our senses and subsequently our body. With the control over senses, we can exercise control over our life’s activities. We can thus perform Sattvic deeds (mode of goodness) rather than being Tamsic or Rajstic.


Confidence is the belief or reliability that we possess in ourselves. We have this trust when we are self aware. Self aware means to know our pluses and minuses. Then we endeavour to turn our minuses into pluses with self effort. It may be through trial and error method. Failures will surely be there but with persistent efforts and with grace of God minuses will turn into pluses. In this pursuit, we should not forget that some hurdles will be coming in the way and those are to be surmounted with self belief and self assurance. If we have indomitable belief in our abilities we will certainly succeed. While we have gained our self confidence to a limit, our effort should be to experience more and learn more from the experiences. Ultimately will shall have will take on any situation or circumstance. This is due to willpower (Sankalap) that is gained over a period of time. Having gained willpower hardly means that we turn egoistic about it. We can attain peace only when success does not overpower of head. Success should not go to our head. Experiences and success in life should make us humble.

Holy Quran proclaims: And, indeed, long ago We made Our covenant with Adam; but he forgot and We found no firmness of purpose in him.

One of the best trait for creating resolute mentality comes by adopting sincerity, honesty and doing one’s duty with dedication without fear or favour.                


Spiritual inclined life means to follow a life with or without religious orientation but with purity in knowledge, purity in thoughts and actions without any fear, purity in perception, purity in desire, with compassion for others etc. In other words, whatever path a spiritualist takes follows truthfully, without any inhibition, with positive attitude, with a sense of sacrifice, giving without any expectations, performing duties with fervor and also contributing holistically for growth of body, mind thus help reform himself/herself meaningfully. When we live in spiritual oriented life, then we can have enough willpower to face life’s challenges with all the potential at our disposal.

It has rightly been said in Holy Bible that the the Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trust in him and he helps me , my heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise him.









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