Keeping in view the sacrifices made by our forefathers, I pray to Almighty God that India may have inclusive growth and development., despite impediments. My wish-list for this 70th Independence Day and the coming ones is a mix of social harmony, economic, political expediency, probity, law & order besides facing the realities of our times including the specter of terrorism, extremism, violence etc.

• ATTACHMENT WITH THE COUNTRY. There may be some differences due to diverse cultural traditions, diverse religions, diverse caste and creed, colour, language etc but we should always have enduring love for our LAND – BHARAT. When different voices are heard, we get saddened. A RIGHT MESSAGE should go that despite differences, we are ONE. Nothing can divide us.

  • DEMONETIZATION AND ITS AFTER-EFFECTS. Though demonetization of currency notes of R. 1000/- and Rs. 500/- have increased the tally of Income Tax Payees, it has also helped the Government in bringing to fore the hidden money kept in safe havens besides helping the Government to stop counterfeit or fake notes. With availability of cash in the banking stream, they can meet their requirements of loaning cash to the general public along with meeting the adverse conditions created by NPA of the Banks.
  • THREAT LOOMING LARGE FROM FOREIGN SOILS. There are the countries which are threatening either their neighbours or are threatening using even nuclear weapons knowing well that nobody can win by using these weapons of mass destruction. India should do whatever it can so that peace prevails everywhere. Insensitive heightened rhetoric will not help only sagacious foreign policy moves can solve the pestering problems.
  • HEALTH CARE OF THE GENERAL MASSES. What happened in Gorakhpur in UP recently is unfortunate and an eye-opener, we would like the authorities to introspect and help provide medicare to the citizenry in general so that there is no deaths. Mere politicizing this episode will not solve this health care problem. All out efforts by the medical community along with the administration is called for in this context.
  • PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVES SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE. We choose our representatives so that they pass various legislations and exert for the upliftment of the society as a whole. Some modicum of wisdom has been shown by our parliamentarians which earlier on (in the previous Monsoon Session was missing.

THIS TIME IMPORTANT BILLS LIKE GST and many more are being passed after incisive dialogue and discussions. Every Indian felt satisfied, the way discussions on GST were held and all the parties showed unanimity or consensus for passage of this important bill. Then discussions with regard to ongoing Kashmir turmoil besides discussions on unfortunate incidents meted out to Dalits and weaker sections of the society; the maturity and wisdom of our representatives was really worth appreciation. We want our parliamentarians to show sagacity and legislate through discussions and dialogue on the matters impinging on the people’s wellbeing. This shows that despite differences based on party affiliations, we can rise above There may be differences and those are always there but these have to be discussed threadbare in proper forums and solutions provided. The Government too should take holistic view of the pestering problems at hand and reach consensus on the topics which are of importance for the country as a whole. That is the democracy we want and prosper in India.

  • CHANGE IN THE MINDSET ON THE BASIS OF CASTE, CREED AND COLOUR. Previously the varnas or caste system wwas on the basis of professions the people followed. Now everybody is free to profess his/her profession therefore there should not be any need to give more credence to narrow parochialism Recent happenings (it may be in Gujarat, UP, Bihar or any other place) are the blot on the society as a whole wherein the Dalits are beaten up mercilessly either by cow protection vigilantes or cold shouldered even by the law enforcement agencies when approached by them for action. These incidences also echoed in the Parliament and all expressed their anguished on the sordid incidents. On the name of cow protection, some irresponsible and heartless instead of taking recourse to lawful action law unto themselves and hand out punishment in the full glare of the public. People in general are incensed by these incidents and the Centre and States should come forward and bestow protection to the Dalits and weaker sections of the society.
    • I WANT MY INDIA TO BE SENSITIVE TO THE NEEDS OF FELLOWMEN. The insensitivity and callousness that we show towards road accident victims is really pathetic. Our heart should feel pain when anybody is pained. The recent incident in which a tempo drive hit at 5.40 AM and till 6.10 AM nobody came to his succor and he was left to bleed. A man went there but to steal the mobile of the accident victim! It is not only the tempo driver, CCTV footage showed that several vehicles passed that way, a police van too passed that way but nobody cared for the accident victim. Such incidents and accidents are common butit should be our sincere endeavour to provide immediate medical care to the hapless person – in this the person concerned died leaving his dependent parents, wife and children to fend for themselves. Today, it is somebody else, tomorrow may be he/she is your near and dear one then what; if timely medicare is not provided to that person? May be it is the fear of police harassment that people do not come to the rescue of the victims. In that case law should be made to offer proper reward to the good Samaritan rather than harassment.
    • HONORING THE NATIONAL HEROES. It should be our endeavour to respect the dependents of those who laid down their lives for freedom of our country. Not only freedom fighters but those who lay down their lives for protect of the hard earned freedom should also be respected. We remember our heroes only when some unsavoury incident of terrorist happens but soon thereafter we woefully forget their valour and supreme sacrifice. What the ongoing demolition drive by BBMP has brought home is really pathetic. A portion of the house of Lt Col Niranjan Kumar (killed during Pathankot terror attack) has also come under demolition list. Such is the apathy and heartless attitude shown to the dependents is really an eye opener. It is my wish that those who make supreme sacrifices should be respected.
    • TRADITIONAL MODES OF BEHAVIOR/VALUES. It is a sad commentary that we are forgetting the traditional modes of behavior. The values which our forefathers attached to family and our cultural modes of behavior is being forgotten and in its place narrow regional considerations are being given credence knowing fully well that these are neither beneficial to anybody in the society. I would like my countrymen to imbibe traditional values for which my Bharat is acclaimed since ages with the dictum, respect others if you want to get respect. It is never a one sides affair.
    • A COUNTRY WHICH RESPECTS THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN AND GIRL CHILD. It is high time we respect our women folks. The Divine Trinity has his female counterpart; Saraswati (learning) – Lord Barmha, Lakshmi (wealth) – Lord Vishnu and Parvati (power) – Lord Shiva. All the rituals, especially auspicious ones, are incomplete without women being part of it all. Disrespecting women was construed as the disrespecting the God. All the relationships – mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc are essential for us all. In olden times these relations were considered very reverential. Without these, what is the status of father in relation to mother, wife in relation to husband, daughter in relation to son, sister in relation to brother etc.
    A woman was supposed to be the manifestation of Goddess/Shakti and the male was supposed to be incomplete without the female (Shakti) with him. Lord Shiva is incomplete with His Shakti (Maan Parvati) that is why it is called SHIVSHAKTI.

    Even in Ramayana times women used to choose their suitors – Maan Sita chose Lord Rama after he broke the Dhanush of Lord Shiva in a sacred ceremony called soambar. Even in Mahabharta Dropati chose Arjuna in a soambar.

    In other words, those who want to subjugate women and refuse to give their proper place, they are hypocrites. A simple question: CAN THIS PROCREATION and raising of new GENERATION possible without women? Men and women are the equal partners and ought to be taken as such.

  • SELF RESPECT. It is a fact that respect is earned by our day to day behavior and demeanor. We have to earn our respect. It is not given to us on the platter for nothing. If I want that others should respect me, it is essential that I respect others. One who knows how to maintain self respect knows the need of respecting others on the basis of quid pro quo. It is synonymous with: Charity begins from home. Even a small child will respond with respect if I treat that child well.
  • SPECTER OF TERRORISM. World is facing the ugly face of terrorism emanating from some parts of the world. The terrorists are striking at will anywhere it wants causing mayhem and killing including violation of human rights. Now is the time when human rights of all the people without discrimination have to be protected. The scourge of terrorism and violence have to be tackled with iron hand. This is an international problems and should be tackled under the aegis of UNO otherwise the humanity as a whole will suffer without unreasonably.

RESPECT OF BHARAT MATA IN THE COMITY OF NATIONS. We are connected with other countries of the world. Anything that happens in one part of the world has its reverberations / repercussions in other parts of the world. It may be economical deceleration, political upheaval, extremists / terrorists strikes / activities, all these have their affects on all the countries.

• IF WE WANT TO PROGRESS, IT IS A MUST THAT WE ARE INTERNALLY STRONG. For this to happen, it is a must that we are economically stable, politically strong, militarily strong, whose opinion is taken with a pinch of salt diplomatically, helps the weaker countries with finance and sometimes militarily as done in case of African nations by India many a times.

• BLACK MONEY MENACE. It has been seen that in order to avoid paying taxes and to escape from queries of sources of black money, people are stashing their ill-gotten monies in the foreign banks in the process, bleeding the country. The money which ought to have been used in job creation, infrastructural creation/improvement, etc are being used by others! Government, in the light of directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, has constituted SIT to unearth black money. This is a welcome step. Lets see if it could show tangible results and bring back the black money which could be used in our country.

• CORRUPTION FREE SOCIETY. One of the impediments that is eating into the very vitals of our society is the hydra headed corruption. We are aware about the scamps and corrupt practices that were used in allotting coal blocks, use of middle man in defence purchases, and currently even the Judiciary has come under attack with some people tarnishing its image. God forbid, this is the wing of our society which should/is respected the most, if it falls prey to corruption then on whom our society will bank on! Wish that our country becomes corruption free one. This is a crying need of the hour as corruption is taking the wheels of progress backward.
• UNQUESTIONABLE INTEGRITY. I would like all people with unquestionable integrity for upholding the unity and solidarity of India. This is the most essential asset for an individual. If it is in suspect then very existence of ours is in doubt and a life with doubt is fraught with impediments.
• RESPECT FOR EACH OTHERS FAITHS AND BELIEFS. India has diverse cultural modes. Its different religions, castes, creeds, belief systems, languages etc. If we respect each others’ modes of behavior, then there would be cohesion and brotherhood amongst our country men. When we are united, then no power can subjugate us. For this to happen in real sense of terms, it is important that we respect each other rights.
• EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT. Education of the masses is one of the important factor for overall health of the country. Care ought to be exercised that students are taught the skills along with the general education so that they ‘earn while they learn’. Skilled and semi-skilled training should be imparted according to the capacity and capability of the student. We are rich in Human Resource. We have to exploit this rich resource for our own benefit. This is also important for avoid brain drain which is presently happening. Our IITs and IIMs are churning out technocrats and management professionals of highest caliber. Their talents should never go waste. Let our Government come forward in absorbing these talents for garnering benefits for our country.

• Economically Strong Country. Now-a-days, economical clout in the comity of nation is very essential. For becoming economically strong, it is a important that all the sectors of the economy; may it be industrial or agricultural should contribute their mite for economic health of the economy. This can only happen when we have inclusive growth and development. Nothing happens in isolation.

• RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D).Due to one reason or the other, this has been experienced that our R&D is just in doldrums. For example, the different projects which are being pursued by DRDO are not fructifying on time or lacking necessary resources (manpower or other resources). For example, the project for producing indigenous fighter aircraft project is just not complete till date. Wish that our R&D matches with best in the world so that we do not be dependent on others for our defence needs or any other crucial needs.

• INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT TAKES PLACE. Due to one reason of the other, the industrial development of our country remains almost stagnant or is below par. This is due to lack or resources. A country whose markets are being exploited by foreigners remains industrial backward is really bad. People buy and use Chinese made goods at cheaper rates without any guarantee of their use. Can India not manufacture the same goods for their own people and exploit gigantic market – benefiting the industry and the people both. The profit earned by the owners of the industry could then be pumped for more production and increasing their capacities.

• AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IS ENSURED. Due to beggaries of monsoon, the agricultural production remains uncertain. The fear of scanty rain results in increase in prices of food item/vegetables etc creating food inflation. This is especially so in rainy season. The prices of vegetables is sky rocketing. The people do feel a pinch.
• If water management is properly done, then, the deficit created by scarcity of rain could be bridged.
• The Government’s project/ plan of connecting major river could do wonders in this regard.
Pollution to be tackled on the war footings.
• Infrastructure Development ought to be a continuous process.
• Imports / Export Policies oriented for improvement of imports and exports. More exports means more foreign currency for the country. More foreign currency could reduce the budge deficit which has become a number one headache for the country.
• Foreign Exchange Reserve to be replenished.
• Fiscal Policies revised as per the need of the hour so that the current rate / value of rupee does not fall as is being happening presently.
• IT Sector to be given boost. India is potentially a soft power giant. But we have to exploit this resource to the hilt as is being done by other countries. We IT experts are proving their mettle in other countries. We are thus losing our human resources and also the benefits which our country ought to have garnered.

• It should never be forgotten that other countries too are improving in this sector. It is a must that this Sector should be given more incentive so that it improves further and earns much needed Foreign Exchange for the country.

• Spiritually Forward Nation. One of my fondest wish is that India may become progressive but with spiritualistic outlook, where people are awakened morally, culturally, aesthetically, progressive and more compassionate. Also keeping all along in that progress – leaving none.

• The above are some of our wish-list which every right thinking Indian would like to have for the overall development of the Bharat of our dream.

It is my fond wish that our next Independent Day should be more progressive in its outlook, self reliant, spiritually awakened and its youth positively oriented for steering the ahead from the choppy waters of deceleration. Also, there should be peace and tranquility between different communities. Discrimination on the basis narrow regionalism or caste, creed or language should cease and our dharma should be development for all – all inclusive.

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