Acceptance means an acknowledgment that something has been agreed upon. It may be taking responsibility for any conduct or behavior or attitude that we display. It may also be the ultimate agreement between parties that a particular course of action has to be pursued. Sometimes our expectations are belied, we feel disheartened when our course of action becomes all the more blurred.

Literally, acceptance means the action of putting an affirmative stamp on our thoughts and actions. It may mean ‘That which cannot be cured must be endured’ despite our best efforts. Truly speaking, the actual meaning of acceptance is not as simple as it seems to be. It hardly means an escape route in order to turn our face away from answerability. Acceptance may also mean harmony under protest when nothing works.

When our acceptance or agreement reached bilaterally are disproved, due to the enormity of problem at hand, we feel displeased to an extent that further course of action becomes blurred in confusion and hopelessness. It could be construed as the only course left open for us or it could be a short time pull back to understand the nitty gritty of the problem at hand. We are constrained for an acceptance, something which is handed over to us by somebody – it may be as a gift or a return gift.


There is no option but to accept the natural truth – the Natural Laws are independent of interpretations or understandings. These are real and we’ve no option but to give our acceptance, anywhere anytime. as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the earth revolves around the sun, everything that exists is part of nature and cannot be disputed. Mathematical calculations could be tested and attested anywhere anytime with the similar results.

In Granth Sahib Ji, it has been said: Acceptance that everybody is the manifestations of God, and everybody has His reflection within us and our life has been gifted by Him only and we should sing his virtues.

HOLY QURAN has very succinctly made known that nothing but righteousness is dear to Allah – not even most important or most valuable thing to an individual: ‘Not their flesh, nor their blood reaches Allah, but what reaches Him is your righteousness.’

HOLY BIBLE gives too much credence to righteousness than anything else. It is more than sacrifice that we give: O do righteousness and justice Is desired by the LORD more than sacrifice.

ACCEPTANCE OF TRUTH. It is axiomatic that we have no alternative but to accept the Ultimate Truth. It has been right proclaimed by Lord Krishna in his interlude with Arjuna while stressing upon him that he has no option but to perform his duty as a fighter to actively take part in the battle with his own kit h and kin. : By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them.


Acceptance when undertaken compulsively or with unfounded intention brings about unpredictable consequences in future. For example acceptance of a person to be God – connected or spiritually aware without reasonable proof or without checking the background of that person brings about misery in the long run. On 25th August 2017, there is a disturbing case of Gurmit Ram Rahim who had several thousand followers has been convicted of rape charges.  What followed thereafter is really pathetic – violence and mayhem taken toll of precious lives!


In essence, when reason or rationality fails to click, then, we are constrained to, perforce; take a course of action which is appropriate in the given condition or situation which may have emerged. There are two options; either we fight the adverse situation or there is another window of opportunity, condition ourselves for application of sagacity or wisdom gleaned from our past reservoir of experiences and also with the plentiful graces of our Bhagwanji. 

Alternatively,  when our experience and reason fail to meet the test of enormity of problem, it goes to prove that we are without the graces of God hence only way left for us is acceptance; doubtlessly, a solitary way left out for us. For instance, Vasudev and Devki had no alternative but to accept their fate when Kamsa imprisoned them with a promise that they will give their newborn babies to him so that they are killed by him till, of course, eighth issue who was none other than God’s (Lord Vishnu) incarnation.


In order to reach to a firm decision of acceptance of our fait accompli, it is pragmatic that we welcome such acceptance with an open mind without compunction forgetting the pinpricks that we experienced during our tortuous journey of life.  During that journey of life, we may have gone through worse situations but when we have decided to accept a situation or condition, we should be steadfast because in this acceptance our self esteem is involved.


In this sort of a unforeseen event, our acceptance which is taking a middle path with our own freewill is the only option. In other words, acceptance is our compulsion because seemingly there is no indelible stamp of God affixed.

Following are some of the imponderables which need to be understood for understanding the meaning of acceptance in its entirety:-

(a) Acceptance of our fate or whatever is destined to us. One thing possibly that is in our hand is to sincerely work hard and then the God’s graces would be showered on us. But if we fail  to deliver despite our best efforts, then what? That is the moot point we have to ponder. Meaning something is missing that is why we have not been successful. In this case, therefore, acceptance is only a plausible way. Otherwise the negative result will keep haunting us.

(b) Bargaining for acceptance. Sometimes, we feel disheartened by  sudden change in scenario or situation or condition that we are left with no alternative but to bargain with our adversary for a way out. We agree or disagree, but many a times, we could face such predicaments.

(c) Risk in acceptance. Acceptance should be the last resort, when every other options just fail to tick. Hasty decision in accepting due to sudden change is situation could be risky sometimes, too. We should, therefore, be careful and wait for pros and cons and reach to a plausible decision based on situational changes and our defence mechanism. Let it be understood that nobody should dictate terms to us.

(d) Being grateful for anybody for coming to our assistance. When we are placed in a piquant situation and our well wisher may come to our rescue, then we have to accept our situation and express our gratefulness to the person concerned.

(e) Negative Orientation in Acceptance. There are people who accept bribe or gratification for getting particular job done. Lure of inducement can taint and tarnish our character should never be forgotten thus acceptance of bribe should be shunned.

(f) Accetance of Regrets. Accepting regrets or denial, apology for a thing done accidently. Morality or good manners or gentlemanly behavior expects us for acceptance of our mistake(s) which we must be committed knowingly or unknowingly.  

(d)   Acceptance of resignation. When somebody does not want to serve in an organization, or when a person at the position of power is not able to discharge his/her duties as per laid down norms then we can understand that that person is told to tender resignation either voluntarily or is forced to do so. 

(e)   Acceptance of witness by the court. Acceptance of a witness in the court of law could be considered as an important requirement to avoid miscarriage of justice.

(f)     Acceptance in a community or social acceptance. To adjust in the society we want to live, we have to follow some norms of behavior and conventions besides, of course, social customs and traditions which are dear to the community concerned. If we do not follow those norms we are not bestowed with the acceptance by that society or community.

(g)    Acceptance of a bride in the family. The fact of being accepted by a family depends partly by the efforts of a bride to assimilate the changed situations and conditions at new home.

(h)   Acceptance at our workplace. Our acceptance at the workplace in any organization is sequel to our traits of adaptability / adjustability and how best we understand  the rules that an organization has codified. Here acceptance of duties and responsibilities are  considered sacrosanct. .

A fond acceptance that we have come here for a purpose and that purpose is to know our strength and weaknesses, improve our weaknesses to the extent possible with God’s grace and those ones which cannot be done even after our sincerest efforts, then acceptance is the only way out. Accept it, since humans have weaknesses only our God is perfect in every way.

We can convert our passing happiness to enduring happiness by accepting that our Soul does not perish with the perishing of our body. This acceptance could help us live life purposefully.









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