A feeling so germane, we forget not surely

What’s unusually happened in the days gone by

Whilst we wind-back the reel of those memories

A flood of happenings come to our mind

That remains to cling vehemently

With the episodes that have happened eventually

And come to be known as to what transpired finally

Not to let those events revisit our lives, so unpredictable

On which we’ve got no power in our hands

To prevent for these happen so quite suddenly.

Our parents give precious time and energy

Meeting our physical and other needs

Under their shadow so intense and endearing

Whatever lessons we’ve learned

From the lap of our mother so full of warmth

Were learned by trial and error method

By pulling us up sometimes

Warm touch on other times

Trying to raise their offspring to the highest pedestal

When they leave this earth

For their heavenly abode

Thus leaving us only with their fondest memories

When we bring to mind some incidents

Our eyes get filled with tears

Along with our heart misses one or two heartbeats. 

Those who make supreme sacrifices

For the land of their origin

This way the mortals become immortals

And make a place in the annals of history

For the compatriots to remember till posterity

Inspiring the youths to take a leaf from the days gone by

And following their footprints for their nation’s safety.

After seeing some old ruins

Even the tell-tale remains of old palaces

Or graves of some prominent personages etc

We imagine of the entire monuments

Which these, now,  reduced to rubble contained

Having tell-tale story of their existence

Of those creative architectures

And their art and artifacts

Surely our memories tend

To reach to the artists

Thence we think of their architectural excellence

Who, with their artistic

Talents molded every bit of their creations

Combined their love and creative fervor

To erect a monument of repute

Masterpiece of great eminence

Which the ever-changing ‘time’

Changed it from thence state of great elegance

To present state of crumble

As evidenced in the history of that time

Our heart goes to those

Who created these masterpieces

With their masterstroke

When we reminisce of those artists

Who are no more on this earth

Our eyes get filled with tears

Along with our heart misses one or two heartbeats.

When we appraise the written works of authors

Which optimally enriches us

Which has, in fact, made them eternal

Through their pearls of writing, so immortal

We learn about the lives of these writers, so eminent

It may be epics like Mahabharata

By the greatest sage Ved Vyasa

Or another epic like Ramayana

By Valmiki – great sagacious one

Although these great men of wisdom

Or the works of literature littérateur

Created by Wordsworth, Shelley, Shakespeare etc

Time has unfortunately snatched these great ones

From our midst, alas!

Yet their works of great significance

Keeps them alive through their works of great eminence

Our eyes get filled with tears

Along with our heart misses one or two heartbeats.


Many a time, whilst we remember our relationship with our dear ones, with whom we’ve spent our valuable time thereby got influenced immensely; while they are no longer in our midst; we naturally feel forlorn.

This emotional perturbation is severe when it comes to our own parents or any other closest relations, who’ve presently left for their heavenly abode; we are filled with supremely dejected. Their association with us, from our birth onwards, makes the journey of our lifeless cumbersome. In our childhood, they transfer the value system, culture, and tradition including modes of behavior.

It is the parents only from whom we learn the first lesson of our life; especially that of the mother who showers all the love and affection on us; pampers us when it is required and also reprimands us whenever it is hugely needed. For a offspring, parents remain a binding force till death. Their reproof and appreciation still remain embedded in our memories.

Finally, when they depart from us for their heavenly abode, we feel very sad. Even ‘time’ does not lessen their reminiscences. Whenever our imagination goes to their leaving us forever, we miss one or two heartbeats and our eyes get moistened.


It is natural that we work hard for earning a living for our family besides doing everything possible for its security, honor, and wellbeing. It is well said: East or west home is the best. We may travel anywhere, but we would like to be in our home and hearth and with the members of our family, the sooner it is possible for us. That is the attraction we cultivate for our family.

After our family, we have the combination of families, which make up a society or community in which all the families live. Then different societies combine to make a country which has the border of its own and its citizen have sovereign rights to act and live according to the constitution which is enacted suiting the country. The borders of the country are protected by the armed forces. They protect their borders against intrusions from outside the country.

The personnel deployed for the protection of the borders, many times, go beyond the call of their duties and make the even supreme sacrifice for its protection. These martyrs are remembered for their highest gallantry. Whenever we remember these martyrs our hearts are filled with deep respect not only for the martyrs but also for the entire families to which those brave individual belong.  


Anybody who visits a historical place and sees the historical structures/monuments is wonderstruck / spellbound with their architectural magnificence and elegance. Our imagination goes back to the artists and craftsmen who put their creative talents to make these historical buildings. Even after seeing the remains of some of the dilapidated structures which could not withstand the onslaughts of ‘time’ our mind is filled with sadness. Remembering these creative craftsmen while seeing their immortalized works of art and craft, we cultivate a sense of respect for them along with a tinge of sadness.


Who is not impressed by the written works of writers and philosophers who with their outstanding writing talents and philosophical inclination have made them immortalized in the annals of history. Their philosophies in their respective fields have enriched the world at large and have contributed much for the reformation of the civilization with their philosophies. Whenever we go through their rich treasure of legendary works of literature and philosophy, we are really enthralled by their works. These philosophers amongst others like Rishi Ved Vyas, Rishi Valmiki, Aristotle, Plato, Galileo, Voltaire, Pythagoras, Chankaya, Confucius, Adi Shankraya, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Helen Keller, Mark Twain, Rabindranath Tagore and hosts of other authors and poets. They have immortalized themselves through their respective works of literature.

Whenever we go through their words, we remember these great philosophers, great thinkers, and writers of repute, our imagination goes to these great personages and our heart is filled with respect and our eyes are moistened.

Not only the above, there are some others persons who are not there on this planet but remain in our memories who leave a far-reaching impression on us. It is difficult for us to wipe out their memories from our midst. In other words, it remains etched indelibly in our mind until our end.

It is also in the fitness of things to reminisce, God,  even at the time of our death. It has been mentioned in Bhagwad Gita that one who, at the time of death, fixes his life air between the eyebrows and in full devotion engages himself in remembering the Supreme Lord, will certainly attain to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.



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