Wellness is a creative seed

Which gives birth to harmony and peace

More the wellness within us humans

The more we become humane

Wellness is the sweet well of good omens

The more we are in its possession

More the feeling of cohesion and cooperation

Wellness is also a source from where flows our dynamism

Which bestows us capability to negotiate life’s twists and turns

With elegance and with huge dose of confidence

Because this dynamic energy is due to God’s benevolence

To keep us happy and satisfied even when we’re financially stringent.

Wellness is there when we are bodily sound

Partly with appropriate diet

And partly with proper exercises

To keep us fit bodily

To face every unfavorable eventuality

That may visit us eventually

Wellness, so created, bestows emotional stability

By reining in our mind and its senses, literally

And help us not to get swept by the incoming unfavourable currents

Of unpredictable sentiments

Having exercised control over our senses

We can manage our day-to-day functions.

Thus ensure job-related security

And have economic satiety

Besides physical safety

Throughout our life’s voyage to make it smooth

And combine all the good attributes

To follow a spiritually inclined existence

Making our life sublime and resulant

Purity in what we think

And act based on our thinking.

Purity in what we intend

And proceed to translate this intent into sincere actions

Purity in our speech

It ought to create consent

And not dissent

Wellness brings about harmony of body,.mind and soul

A positive energy which gives birth to love

And a fervor to live in love-filled life.  

Literally, wellness means well-being; a feeling which brings about happiness, satiety, peace of mind, brings about balance and equanimity in our life etc. When we are getting our job transacted, we tend to experience multiple problems for its fructification and after we have succeeded in getting the intended tasks, we get a nice feeling that is wellness. Wellbeing. This is a state of mind wherein we feel safe and sound, when our interests are taken care of and there are no pinpricks left in getting our things done and if and when there are some, these could be faced and solutions sought. It is also a fact that sometimes we tend to make our life complex thus resulting in interference in our well-being. Simple lifestyle thus is a panacea for overall wellness, especially so in the old-age.

The necessity of writing on wellness came to my mind when I had the fortune of interacting with one of the  oldman, standing in a queue for renewal of his gun licence. His anxiety and need of getting his gun licence renewed arose because he had missed the last date for renewal; woefully by one year! He told me he is 78 years old. Now a thought came to my mind; was he really in need of a gun at that stage of his life when he could not even fix his eye-sight on the target to defend himself? Is not there anybody else in his family to assist him in filling up forms etc for getting his job done? What is our state of thinking when we lose strength due to oldage and when helplessness takes centre stage. Then a thought crept in my mind, why do we keep so many hobbies which may become a cause of hindrance in our lives.

When we feel all round feeling of goodness in relation to our body, mind, soul, the environs we live in, when we are secure financially, physically, social adaptability, spiritually inclined, we imbibe good values and we transact all our duties which uplift our spirits.

When we are suffused with wellness, we are possessing a magnetic attraction to pull everybody towards us because a person having wellness creates appropriate aura/conditions. In such a person, there is a sense of accountability, adaptability and finally fellow feelings and ultimately love for each other and wherever love prevails, there is prevalence of godliness and an abode of Omnipotent God.


When we are bathed in positive feelings, no bitterness for anybody, no feeling of greed and lust then we will not be having any egocentric tendencies. There will be prevalence of satiety and goodwill, which helps us adjust anywhere.


Sometimes, we are lured into some bad company for temporary or transitory pacification of our lust, here, our power of discrimination can only save us nothing else. This is the catch-22 situation which we create for ourselves. Wisdom is to remain cautious since such allurements may prove to be counterproductive for overall good for our body, mind and soul.


If we keep our body healthy, we tend to create inner defences to face any situation. Our capacity and capability for fructification of targets will increase. Also, we shall be acting in tune with the saying: Sound mind dwells in sound body; as there is a close linkage of health and mind. Sufficiency of energy in our body assists us to have flexibility of our body which helps us to perform our tasks to the best of our ability.  We also are able to face adverse situations with emotional stability.  When our body and mind works in tandem, we could be the master of what we sincerely want. And when sincere intentions are fulfilled there is plenty of wellness created in us.


The dawn of wellness could be created by following the following lifestyle:-


We are the product of our own Karmic deeds or misdeeds. What we are today is the result of our experiences gained over a period of time through our actions. Nothing is given to us on the platter. It is well said: As you sow so shall you reap. Good Karma (deeds) results in good results hence happiness and vice versa. The barometer of our happiness or wellness or wellbeing is measured by the amount of good karma we transact in our daily lives.


 Any religion we are following should be followed sincerely. Our religious thoughts should not impinge on the thoughts professed by others. Religion teaches us how best to keep ourselves pure through pure devotion to the ideals and teachings of religious scriptures. It has been observed that those who maintain purity in their thoughts and deeds are always filled with wellness and never come to grief. Such people not only make themselves good humans but also try to inculcate/transmit values to their offspring too.


in order to attain a balance in our life, it is of paramount important that we keep our family united where all the members have love each other, feel pain while other member is feeling pain, take along or assist a member who is unable to contribute meaningfully, each member follows value systems and traditions taught by the elders in the family and last but not the least each member respects the elders in the family. This creates enormous wellness in the family.

Too much of expression of authority by the elders in the family spoils the fabric of the family. In order to create a congenial atmosphere, the father should follow Chankya Niti; divide the life in three phases (each say 15-16 years). In the first phase, the father should educate him including giving him value system, then in the next stage when he gets employment, the offspring should be treated as a friend and in the third phase he should be treated as a partner. This will create a ground swell of wellness in the family.


Whenever we are transacting any action we should always do that with 100% focus. If we fritter our energies thinking about the results then we shall not be able to perform our task in hand with single-point focus. Just detached attachment, therefore, will go a long way in giving us good results ultimately and earn for us wellness. This detached attachment should also be followed in our earning our living or business pursuits etc. and the results would be encouraging for us to see.


Whenever we speak something, we should first of all, introspect what we want to convey and think if somebody else speak the same to us, what would be our reaction. Our speech, therefore, should create consent and not dissent.


What we intend counts because from our thoughts and  intentions only our actions will start. It is, therefore, kept in mind that if our intentions are pure and honest then we the end results will always be go

Wellness is generated in us by the following:-

  • The satiety we are the cause of somebody else’s success – it is a selfless contribution of ours without any sort of expectations from the person concerned.
  • Wellness is created when we help a needy, it may be by rendering financial help or helping a person get education. I met a teacher today and while asking what brings him wellness in his life, he very reluctantly mentioned that he feels happy when he educates a needy student without any expectations.
  • Helping a person with blurred vision in crossing a busy road brings a feeling of wellness or provide succour to the hungry man.
  • Devote your time and energy in transferring value system to the small kids not related to you without any expectations.

 From the above, it could be said that wellness in us is created by our own sincere efforts and when we are wellness, then we attain a balance in our life. Having achieved balance in our life means we are living God directed life, full of fervor and enthusiasm. 

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  1. Wellness in us could be created by our own sincere efforts. When created, it could bring about wonderful results in us by the grace of God. Kindly appraise the blog and offer your comments. I love your comments and it adds my WELLNESS.

  2. Despite the ups and downs of my life, I have always felt grateful for the wellness you describe. Your anecdote about the gun licence points to the need for letting go at times in our life; of people, of things, and of activities which may have become beyond us. Thanks again for our wise thoughts, Harbans

    1. Derrick Sahib thanks a lot for your kind comments. In fact we ourselves are responsible for our wellness or otherwise but one thing is sure, at times, we have to simplify our life so that extra burden is shed and we are able to carry our day to day works with peace and ease. Regards

  3. Good morning dear Harbans. This is an excellent article but given that I am seeing patients now I just had to scroll it down fast. Allow me to sit down with my “mate amargo” on Sunday morning and read it carefully before daring to make a commentary. Arrivederci!

    1. Dr. Sahib, thanks for sparing your valuable time and scrolling the write-up despite your busy schedule. Awaiting your response. Harbans

  4. Good morning and Happy Sunday my dear friend Harbans. You really topped yourself in this excellent commentary, well expressed and felt 9 by your assiduous readers like moi). You are right on track when you first declare that in order to feel wellness you must first control your emotions and clean your mind. We are ceaselessly bombarded by “dirty” messages in the media that try to stir our basest reactions. Let’s resist with noble intentions, pure aims and a lot of love for your family and friends. If we can assist the poor and vulnerable, so much the better. Once we go through that emotional and spiritual cleansing process we will start to enjoy the warm placidity of being “right” in our lives. As a result, many person will fell attracted to us, physically and spiritually, because we irradiate “wellness of being” and in turn help them in their own cleansing processes. Good Karma is certainly contagious like you great web page has shown to many of us, your loyal followers. Have a great Sunday in the company of your loved ones. I have to go now because it’s almost noon here in Miami and I have to start cooking for my children. Arrivederci!

    1. Good Morning to you to Dr. Sahib. My sincere thanks for appraising the write-up in its entirety and offering your invaluable comments – an inspirational in itself. I too am impressed by the blogs you pen down after experiments with your patients and with the people you come across. Regards

      1. Good evening my dear friend and thanks for the compliment. You’re very welcomed. What time is it in your part of India? 8 AM? Are you in Delhi?

  5. Dear Harbans, where are you? I need your enlightened opinion about the article I put up today about Sigmund Freud. Do they know his work in India? Arrivederci!

    1. Dear Dr. sahib, i liked your blog immensely – timely and most exhaustive a person who contributed despite of opposition and also his ailing health.

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