When we were born
We did not carry any hate-germs
Which entered our psyche
Due to the influences of our society
Starting from our homes
To our school books
Which sometimes taught us distorted history
And fed us know-how

Suffused with malice, ill-will, and spite
Which suited only for that ‘time’
But has got no relevance now
That sufficient water has flown
From the Ganges to the ocean till now
Hate could be minimized
By taking course correction
Which has molded our present-day thoughts
The total elimination of specter of hate
Could be made possible
By following a spiritually inclined lifestyle
With a final realization
That whence we die
We shall not be carrying hate symptoms with us
But only the KARMA CREDIT
Which we would be carrying with us
When we leave the carrier of our Soul on this beautiful earth.


First of all, we have to understand what is hate or abhorrence or disgust due to one reason or other. Hate means not to like a person due to one reason or other. The degree of hate depends on person to person and case to case. This repulsion may be due to jealousy on somebody’s economic clout or business rivalries, professional related reasons or just based on race or regional considerations.

History reveals that hatred is generally generated by narrow apprehensions, unfounded fears, fear of losing power including fear of revulsion amongst own people due to the poisoning of our mind by vested interests. The example of queen Kaikeyi in epic Ramayana is known to everybody, her mind was poisoned by Manthara (maidservant) while Rama was about to be coroneted as the king of Ajodhya.  An unprecedented haltered was created in the mind of Kaikeyi due to which Rama was exiled for 14 years and coronation for her son Bharata.

Hate and its creation thereto could be created in our homes. Reasons may be any – property dispute, a misunderstanding due to any reason etc. I was fortunate to meet one person, named Raghubir Singh in my office today. His age as per his own admission was 80 years. I asked him about the secret of his sound health and agility at this age.

He pointed out that while he was only 40 years old, he used to live a very busy life; working from early morning to late in the night. The life was so pre-occupied that he did not get any time either for exercise or for taking the balanced diet to maintain his health due to which he grew very fat. In the meanwhile, diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, impaired vision, chronic pains etc started. All these diseases left him bed-ridden due to which he could not attend to his business altogether. To my discomfiture and surprise, he told us during his sickness, his two brothers took control of his business and also bank accounts forcibly even by faking his signatures; following all the corrupt practices to the hilt.

The condition was so severe that his family was starved of any cash even for meeting his doctor’s bills and other family expenses. His two brothers started hating him and his family members and started treating him like a liability to them and his wife was constrained to work as a maidservant in his own family. A  paradox wherein the owner of the whole property was treated virtually like a slave with no Medicare or any solace from any quarter. They started to hate his two school-going children too and did not pay the school fees and allied expenditure incurred on schooling. He was constrained to stop schooling of his children and his own health was going from bad to worst.

Due to the above stated calamitous scenario, health wise and deterioration of the socio-economic condition, there remained no hope. It is rightly said, when no way is left, then only way left is the succor of our Creator. Seeing no way out from any quarter, Raghubir sincerely prayed God for His succor.

It has been experienced that sincere prayers are always answered by our Creator. On the same day, one of his old friends came to meet him. Raghubir told the part of his story to his friend, mincing nothing at all. His friend took him to an Ayurvedic Achariya who finally decided to take him to his Ashram at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) for healthcare besides living in natural settings; performing Yoga regularly, went on a diet which suited him due to which he started recuperating his health and wellness.

  1. He posed him a question as to how animals and other creatures living naturally live their lives without much reliance on any medication whatsoever? This way, they live their full life without any debilitating diseases like us humans face. Only humans rely on the artificial style of living thereby earn for themselves various diseases.
  2. Living in the natural settings and lifestyle (in diet and another way of living), we can avoid stress-related diseases such as hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, disturbance in digestive system etc.
  3. The Acharya took upon himself the responsibility of not only curing him in natural settings but also meeting the expenditure of his childhood education.
  4. Living in the lap of nature with Yogic exercises and medication, Raghbir started recovering from all his ailments and in one month’s period, he was in sound health.

Hating our Creator’s creations will add up our Karmic debt as it is a negative trait. It not only negatively influences our present life but also the coming living forms.

In Holy Bible it has been said: Love must be sincere, hate what is evil, cling what is good.

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers our all wrongs.

In essence, hate, when created, could harm not only the person for which it is directed but also harm the person who hates others. In another word, it is a negative trait and carries with its stigma of dislike.
We should know the reasons of hate:-

1.   When somebody disapproves our legitimate actions.

2.  When somebody backbites against us.

3.   When somebody hates us for our religious leanings, caste, creed, color or language or due to regional bias etc.

4.  Others sometimes hate us simply because we do not submit to their unethical or immoral advances.

5.   Sometimes hate also originates when someone criticizes us irrationally in front of others.

6.   When somebody illegally and forcibly snatches our property.

In epic Mahabharata, Kaurva prince Duryodhana was full of haltered and hostility towards Pandavas, he in connivance with Shukni, won the dice match with deception which resulted losing everything that Pandavas were having including their consort Dropti. This caused a war between the armies of Pandavas and Kauravas wherein Kauravas lost their everything including themselves and consequently resulted in vanquishing of evil.  

7.  Hate is generated when somebody interferes with our cultural and traditional modes of behavior.

8.   Hate amongst youth is created when their merit is disregarded and others without merit get placements or employment etc.

9.   Sometimes, when history is not taught in correct perspective to the present generation, it leads to a feeling of hate towards a section of society. This hate is irrational since this generation has no role in creating such hate. It may be part of history but what happened in the past should not be given too much credence.

10.  The element of hate between the spouses is created because of distrust and non-compatibility between the couple.

11.  In society there are chronic hate mongers, they have to be counseled for leaving their unethical standpoints and behave in a manner which is in the overall danger to the society in general.

Taking in cognizance the above-cited facts, my humble request to all my friends not to carry with you the burden of ‘hate’ which takes away peace of mind from our midst and makes us inconsiderate, inhumane, irrational, despotic and finally even our Almighty God does not like that person who carries the specter of hate for others.

Conclusively, it could be said that all those negative traits like ill-will, jealousy, rancor, covetousness, lust, irrational comparison etc which if removed from our system then the prevalence of love could be ensured and hate decimated. In other words, the specter of hate is generated when ignorance (darkness) is present but when love (light) pervades then this ignorance (darkness) is decimated. In this surcharged global environment, universal love is the need of the hour.




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17 thoughts on “ON SPECTER OF HATE”

  1. The specter of hate is generated through all the negative traits mixed together. Eliminate hate if we want to live a balanced life.

  2. At this time in world history you have done well to attempt a description of the reasons for hate. Your list is accurate, but that particular response to them is unfathomable. Actually, I didn’t know the story of Kaikeyi 🙂

    1. Derrick sir, Kaikeyi was one of the four wives of King Dhashratha (the father of Lord Rama). The king had four sons named RAMA, Vibishana, Bharata and Shatruguna. Rama was the eldest of the four brothers therefore was to be crowned as the king. But maidservant of Queen Kaikeyi poisoned the ears of the queen and told her that she should realise the two promises made by the King Dharashtha for saving him while they had gone together on a hunting trip in the jungles. This resulted in infusing hate in queen Kaikeyi’s mind which resulted in exile for Lord Rama and coronation for queen Kaikeyi’s son Bharata. This proves hate generated could do. After Lord Rama’s exile with his consort Sita and brother Lakshamana, King Dhashrathra could not tolerate their departure to the jungles for 14 years therefore died. The Whole of the family of Lord Rama was adversely affected by SPECTER OF HATE caused by maidservant of Queen Kaikeyi. Thanks for your wisdom sufficing remarks. Regards

  3. Great food for thought as always.

    #9 especially makes me think about how certain segments of society place blame on other entire segments of society for long ago past ills that the present has nothing to do with, and it creates unecessary discord that mostly serves to handicap the segment that is illogically placing the blame, thus stunting open perspective and personal growth, and also creates a stubborn, myopic false view of the world.

    1. Thanks for your most invaluable comments. Fact stands out that hate eats into the vitals of our society – especially the hate which our family members or our friends have for us. Worse still is the hate we carry forward taking a leaf from the history – though this sort of hate should be eliminated as it is irrelevant now. Past is dead and it should be taken as such. But do we do so. No, not at all. We humans should have love for each other since we are the creations of the SINGLE CREATOR and we have to go t Him only after we leave this body. Therefore, why hate at all?

    1. First ofall, you are surely aware that the germs, when enter our body, adversely affect not only physically but also psychologically. The heightened degree of hate when enters our psyche, it remains in our body constitution just corroding the our very existence. In epic Mahabharata, it was Dharyodhana whose very psyche was adversely affected by the hate
      for Pandavas that he resorted to all sorts of strategies to extern Pandavas from their land on exile. That is why I used the ‘hate germs’.

      The ‘hate germ’ could conveniently be made relevant for Lord Jesus Christ. Before He was crucified, the authorities responsible were full of hate for Jesus Christ that they adopted any illegal, unethical strategies in order to prove that they were right in His crucification (which was in fact not). Hence this ‘hate germ’ could conveniently be used for those responsible for crucification of Lord Jesus Christ.

      I take hate to be a negative trait which if put to practice negatively could impact our body, mind and soul. That is why I used ‘hate germ’. Thanks for your comments.

      It will not be wrong to compare CANCER GERMS with HATE GERMS. Both multiply when left to fester.

  4. There is so much hatred in the world Harbans. I wonder why. I have been hated for standing for truth in my family just like a whole lot of people. I try my best to live above hatred. It is not always easy because of the human nature but i believe it is something we all should strive against. The world needs more love and that is what we need to give! Thanks for this post. As usual, it is always inspiring, reading your posts! Have a blessed week.

    1. Jennifer ma’am my sincere thanks for your comments. Fact remains, we find hate in one form or other. It may be at home or work place or in any other forum. But when this hate is at your home front then it looks bad enough since we’ve to live there and face the hater often. Many of our problems are due to the chronic disease called hate. May our God’s bounties remain with us all. Regards

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