Life doubtlessly is intricate one

We’re responsible for it a simple one

With our cool-headed response

To any not so pleasant occurrence

This sometimes places us in the seventh heaven

When we’re placed suitably

The other times we’re placed lowly

Without an iota of its expectancy.

But harsh truths are to be faced squarely

Without any grudge against anyone

Subsequently, when we feel let down

Then, It would be peril of our own

There will not be any way out then

With all the truths and half-truths

Looming large and staring large in our faces

We have no alternative

But to live with all the highs and lows

Which the circumstances place us in

As these harsh realities are to be experienced and lived

Rather than feared and run away from them

With unflagging belief in ourselves

Along with the belief on our Creator.



First of all, what is the truth, it is the statement of fact which could be tested at any place or at any time; it is exactitude, certainty, without even an iota of doubt etc. The result of which cannot be disputed. Whereas harsh truths or hard realities of our lives have to be faced and sometimes lived with acceptance since there is no alternative for us.

When we talk about TRUTH, we always associate it with reality, which cannot be disputed. God is TRUTH. Truth cannot be disputed by any stretch of the imagination. But when we associate with harsh truths then this realism prompts us to have the reserve of the patient to not to feel slighted or disappointed and go on in life without let or hindrance. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things to infer that those who are respected in the society should set an example for others to follow in any situation or condition that we face in life.

In Bhagwad Gita, it has been emphasized: Because, whatever noble persons do, others follow. Whatever standard they set up, the world follows.

The following are some of the HARSH TRUTHS which we have to face in our lives and we cannot disregard these. Sometimes we have to ignore them and other times we have lived with them. If we do, then, it will not be possible for us to live with peace and ease.


The recent bank frauds in India in which the Bank officials and doled out loans in crores deceitfully to fraudsters without concrete securities. The loan takers just left the country with their booty – a thumbs down for the enforcement agencies and other law enforcement agencies indeed. The analogy could be cited for ‘a fence eating the crop’ – those who are in charge of protecting the banks swindle and embezzle the liquidity available in the banks. If our own stable is not cleared off such fraud playing bank officials the hapless taxpayers have to live with this crop of corrupt people. Why other countries accept such people with questionable credentials in their midst is also a moot point? This a reality we Indians have to live with until such time we change our laws and consider such willful defaulters/fraudsters as financial terrorists. Those who are assigned the duties to safeguard and protect the taxpayer’s funds in the Banks should transact their duties should work within the ambit of rules and should not be the willing helper in spreading corruption.  We have to weed out corrupts and make the financial institution’s corruption free. Corruption is a hard truth and we all have to face it squarely. Harsh punishment to the defaulters is only answer for this HARSH TRUTH.


There are three negative traits which remain visiting us despite our best efforts to avoid them. These negative traits are anger, greed, and lust. We ought to make sincere efforts so as to eradicate these from our system. We want to not to reactive to any untoward happening which causes anger, we compare ourselves in every respect with others which produces greed for more and lust means to hanker after; fame, wealth, sex outside the institution of marriage without true love attached to it. We have to be guarded against all these in our lives if we want to live a balanced life. If one of these remains to haunt us, then we have to face the realities of life when it will affect our lives.


 When it comes to our self-respect, we all are, to a limit, selfish. Reasons may be any; call it our compulsion, out of necessity due to the situation or any other reason for that matter. For instance, we give sermons to others for giving quality time to our offspring for infusing in them value systems and etiquettes but when our own children misbehave with others we just defend them!


It has been seen that our religious preachers give out lectures on how and why we should keep cool despite provocation. But, maybe, the same preachers may not be adopting tolerance when it is hugely required. I experienced this when a discourse was going on and a boy inadvertently disturbed his speech. This was sufficient provocation for hitting the boy who unintentionally intruded in front of the congregation. Such people are there who preach something to others but do not follow the same themselves. We have to live with this harsh truth.


 Many of us become hypercritical when somebody intrudes in our privacy but we ourselves butt in somebody else’s space then what?


Evidently, every one of us, sometimes, feels let down by the unethical behavior of our own people without rhyme or reason. It is all the more painful when our own blood relatives are involved. This could be termed as emotional blackmail but we have to bear with all these and go on in life.


There are times when we have to accept some realities. We make sincere efforts to get through some examinations but despite our best efforts, we are not able to succeed. The best way then is to accept the reality and be with it with an idea that that profession is not for us. Try something else instead. Similar is the case with our relationship. If we have made our best efforts to mend fences with our friends but that friend does not come round to our viewpoints despite our best efforts then the best thing is the acceptance with, in fact, belief in God.

Holy Bible clearly mentions: Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”


There are occasions when we may not be liked by others due to one reason or other. Or worse still, we have the trait of telling spade and spade and others may not like it. In this sort of a scenario, we have to accept the reality.


There is a huge travesty of fact when despite our best qualification for a job, we are ignored and somebody else with less merit and qualification is put above us. This is disappointing but we have to accept the harsh reality and transact our part of the job with demur.


There are people who throw their old parents to fend for themselves when they have spent every penny on the children upbringing, education and for the home to shelter them. But when the children grow up, instead of looking their old parents, they throw them to the mercies of elements. This is the height of insolence and this act will surely earn KARMA DEBT for them.


While we are conducting ourselves in our day to day lives, we should never forget that death is a harsh truth and would surely visit us one day; time and place, nobody knows for sure. Those who lead a spiritually oriented lifestyle just do not take death as a reality since such people lead a God-oriented life; with association or partnership with Him.

 Holy  Quran proclaims: Who created death and life that He may try you- which of you is best in deeds; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving


 It should always be kept in mind that Newton’s third law of motion always stands in good stead; ACTION AND REACTION EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. It is a harsh truth that if we transact any immoral turpitude (even if others are not knowing), we earn Karmic Debt and the results of this debt have to be borne by the person concerned – this birth or the birth(s) just following this one.


The fact stands that if we spend more than what we earn and become debt-ridden then we will have to face the consequences of harsh truth of this extravagance. While spending, we have to take care that our expenditure should match our earnings. Care ought to be exercised that we should keep some amount for rainy days too – to meet unforeseen expenditure on emergencies which may creep in without any inkling.


It has been observed that those who are mental loafers are not able to focus on anything – it may be studied, it may be meditations/prayers or any other job which requires concentration. Therefore, those whose mind goes awry on silly pretexts will have to make amends and control their mind otherwise they will have to face the HARSH TRUTH of its unpredictable consequences.

Then, in life, we have to face the HARSH TRUTHS which may visit is without any warning to us; at our home front, at our workplaces, at our formal or informal institutions etc. These harsh truths should never be ignored otherwise will cause an irreparable damage not only physically but also psychologically.


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    1. Thanks ma’am for appraising the blog and giving your valuable comments. Absolutely correct. The kids should not leave their parents while they are old. Regaards

  1. Good afternoon (morning for you) my dear spiritual friend across the Oceans. I really liked this article because you go through the most common mistakes and failings we might do in our adult lives. I did not know that there was a wave of bank fraud in India, which is a calamity since only recently have the masses being able to access the much needed services. the malfaisance of a few greedy ones with increase the financial costs and access obstacles for the poor and rural masses of the country. I was also disturbed about the story of the little boy being physically abused by the priest in front of the congregation. Didn’t anyone speak up to stop that shameful act? I know that Hindus are very respectful of tradition but that should not include turning a blind eye to the egregious physical and verbal abuse of children and women…I will leave the subject at that today as I am very happy. I finally settled in my new apartment which is much more comfortable for my writings. Enjoying this peace of mind, I just upgraded my page with a new header picture (your opinion will be appreciated) and I put up my first post which is due to appear on Monday, March 5th. A big fraternal hug. Mario

    1. Good Afternoon Dr. Sahib: It really pains me when greedy and corrupt ones first loot and then scoot to other countries with their booty. Although the Public Sector Banks are duty bound under the law to pay back the deposits of the general masses yet the white color thieves will enjoy their lives along with their families in the confines of new found residences. But I am sanguine, this hard earned monies of the masses will remain haunting these day-light looters till their lives. After their deaths they will have to face the Judgment Day; they will be punished for their unethical KARMA.

      Yes Hindus are very respectful but intervening when the willful preacher was giving discourse would have made the situation tense, therefore, nobody intervened. All these incidents pain me yet nothing tangible could be done; we can only pen down.

      I shall visit your blog and get enlightened from your posts.

      You would be pleased to know that my book titled: INNER THOUGHTS has come in the market.

      A warm fraternal hug to your as well.

      With regards: HARBANS

      1. Good morning my dear friend and thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, these modern-day bank robbers and their associated crooks will get their due comeuppance, even if they hide in a luxurious suite in a Dubai five star hotel. As far as the abusive preacher, i can understand your ( plural sense) to intervene and make the situation more tense. But it was already tense and oftentimes we have oto wreak havoc to bring meaningful change. I bet that the next time something similar happens a woman will stand up and confront this priest. Yes. the feminine genre is much, much stronger than we are; that’s precisely why God Almighty entrusted them with the continuation of the human species. Congratulations on your new book and I will certainly buy it; is available in a platform like Amazon? Also I will write a blog-review once I read it carefully. By the way, I was going to ask you to write a commentary in the Kindle page of my first novel “Madame D.C. – Three voyages.” I am enclosing the link so you can find it easily.


      2. Good morning Dr. Sahib, yes, women are courageous and forthright. They know when to intervene and when to keep quiet. That is why we call them SHAKTI (Power) and cal call spade a spade.
        Thank you so very much for your good wishes. It is available in a platform flipkart.com with title INNER THOUGHTS.

        Congratulations on your book, I shall go through it and write brief commentary after going through the same. a GREAT FEAT INDEED. Thanks and regards. HARBANS

    1. I went through the book titled MADAME D.C.,BOOK-1, THREE VOYAGES BY MARIO.O. LAPELUME, which I found very interesting and its presentation is beauty in itself besides the following observation.

      (a) The book is really perceptive, coxes the readers to go on and on when one starts reading the book. Once started, a reader would like to finish the book in a few sittings itself. That speaks volume about the author’s power of imagination, insightful know-how along with clarity of thoughts that the author wants to share with the avid reader.

      (b) The diction is rich, enlightening and sophisticating in its contents.

      (c) The reader can gain from the words and phrases used in the novel.

      (d) Even the romantic scenes enunciated reveal honesty of purpose. The interludes between the lover are obviously very written and show the state of mind of the character; a revelation that the author is self aware along with the people around him on which he builds the web of his characters.

      (e) There is not an iota of artificiality while the characters interact with each other.

      (f) Every chapter has its significance and particular importance.

      (g) The novel reveals that the author uses both his brain and heart while penning his pearls of thoughts. These thoughts are generated with perceptive mindset besides depth in know-how of human physiology and psychology.

      (h) There is a touch of honesty of purpose in the mindset of the author and he like his readers to gain from the ocean of expertise in building the reputation of his character.

      I wish him well in his future endeavours.


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