What are a bullying, their thoughts, and actions? Can such a person be refined?

What are a bullying, their thoughts, and actions? Can such a person be refined?


An individual whose attitude

Is negatively oriented

For nobody has given them

The right type of value system

From their childhood onwards

They grew up with a notion

That their manners were flawless

That to bully others is their birthright

To hoodwink others is their pastime

With their treachery is writ large on their faces

Wherever they put their foot

They show signs of negativity

For they get trigger happy

When others feel heat due to their unethical actions

Of omissions and commissions

Which gives bullies the permit to beat the laws with impunity

These laws could be natural laws or the laws of the land

Which are obeyed by the law abiding citizens devotedly

Gun running is their culture, a most vaunted one

Throwing to the winds the laid down conventions

Their so-called religion

Bullies are the burden on the society in which they live

For they thrive on others’ weaknesses

Their tribes need to be curbed

Either through law enforcement

Or through giving them right dose of enlightenment.


It is in the fitness of things to understood what the word ‘bully’ denotes. The word bully has been derived from the word ‘bull’ which means the male of any of mammals such as whales, cows, elephants, seals etc. Strangely, the bull is kept free to mingle with its genre without let or hindrance – with little or no responsibility. That is in mammal world.


Now coming to humans, there are people who are more than equals, who are not given quality time by their parents due to one reason or other and therefore do not get value system which is so important for us all during our early childhood till we are adults.

Those who are brought up bereft of proper value system and etiquette results in not getting their animal instinct proper honed. They have developed undomesticated animal-like instinct while they grow up. For such person to term them as ‘bully’ is not far-fetched term since they behave like the bull. Whereinsoever they put their foot, they exhibit their true color. It may be in social gatherings, in their interactions with their fellow beings, etc. Their attitude and habits reveal everything. They are compulsive argumentive, pick up fights at every given opportunity and above all fastidious.


As for the question of why they behave such. Following are some of the reasons:-

  1. Seemingly such people do not get proper value system that is required during their early childhood till adulthood, therefore, in the absence of good traits they imbibe animal instincts.
  2. The fact being that such people do not get good upbringing and schooling they pick up all the negativity from the environment they live.
  3. Such people have the trait of getting anything and everything without sincere efforts, such people force others to part with their hard-earned earnings as ‘hafta’ as we call it to legitimate their fiefdom or maintain their influence within their community they are living.
  4. Through their unethical and immoral attitude and behavior, they put on fear psychosis on the targeted group that their life becomes difficult in a way,

Now coming to the ethical part of such bully’s lifestyle, they are not only the enemies of the society in which they live but also of their own selves because in their hearts of hearts they know their attitude is anti-social, irrational and immoral to say the least.


  1. BODILY BULLYING. There are people who would resort to harming others by pushing or pulling somebody with a notion that the concerned fellow will not react because of his weak health or other consideration. This could be violence which has become a common feature in schools, colleges, universities and other formal institutions.
  2. EMOTIONAL BULLYING. This sort of bullying is more pronounced in the families or when we know somebody’s weakness as an individual. We know, sometimes, this is resorted to by either of the spouses, between parents, or when the children do not look after their parents in oldage. It could also be done in workplaces when a boss resorts to bullying his subordinates to gain acceptability or for undue favors too. This sort of bullying leads to physiological and psychological results.
  3. INDIVIDUAL BULLYING. This is the bullying done by a single person on other with an intention to harm other people. It may be bulling a girl by a boy in the class or outside the school in order to extract some undue favors. This sort of intimidation, corrosion, innuendo, tarnish the image or reputation of the person concerned etc is resorted to with a view to tarnishing the image of others.
  4. GROUP OR COLLECTIVE OR MOP BULLYING. It has been seen that there are strong trade unions of employees in some organizations which enjoy unbridled rights in browbeating the organizational heads and many a time blackmail them by resorting to strikes and pen-down-strike etc. this way adversely impacts the working of the concerned organization in their day to day functioning.  Some students in schools, colleges and universities take resource to group bulling their administrative heads to get their irrational and unethical demands accepted.
  5. BULLING IN POLITICS. In politics, bullying is more pronounced.  A regional party elected faces the bullying by the main-stream party ruling at the centre in their day to day functioning despite their best performance as far as governance is concerned. This bullying may be for providing less financial assistance to fulfil their expenditure obligations as per their budgetary requirements.  This bullying proves disastrous for smooth governance.
  6. CYBER BULLYING. This is the latest form of bullying. Some individuals after getting information about their victims resort to blackmailing in order to extract confidential information. This may be forgetting defence related confidential information by honey-trapping a person concerned and subsequently subjecting that person to threats and counter threats for more. This could also be by firstly befriending an individual on facebook or word app and then subjecting that individual to bullying after securing some compromising information which is prejudicial to the overall good.
  7. COUNTRIES BULLYING OTHER COUNTRIES. It has been observed that some countries with financial clout are resorting to intimidating their neighbours by intruding on their sovereignty by air or on land. This is to showcase their economic clout and weapon superiority.
  8. BULLYING BASED ON RELIGION, CASTE, AND COLOUR OR CULTURAL OR LINGUISTIC IDENTITIES. There are people who bully those minorities having different religions, caste, language identities than those of theirs. This should stop and democratic lifestyle should be encouraged.   


In Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna exhorted the Dhanushdhari Arjuna to perform his duty and fight the evil in the form of Kauravas who were bullying the Pandavas. The Pandavas were the epitome of piousness but the Kauravas were the epitome of deceit and bullying.  Similar is the case with the bullies of this world who are making others unhappy, look small, taking cudgels, torments other unnecessarily or slights others.


As bullies are the unbridled brutes who neither have respect for the older members of the society nor the law of the land as they consider themselves as the laws onto themselves. They are the festering wounds of the society, which if not cured within timeframe can prove counterproductive for the society in which they live but also for themselves. Such psychos take laws into their own hands and harm the general public.

We should not forget that there are bullies in every society and we are constrained to live with this realism. May it be the exhibition of their trigger-happy attitude while gunning in schools and colleges in Western world or looting general people by their treacherous demeanor by looting the banks in India, they are the bad fish living in any societies. They are to be identified, given chance to refine their attitude and behavior pattern. Given the right opportunities, we can change their mindset as proper training could mold even a ferocious brute.

  1. Change the mindset of the concerned person by putting in positive traits in that person.
  2. Such people should be identified and proper counseling under the psychologists should be undertaken to avoid or stop recurrence of bullying.
  3. By infusing good value system from their childhood itself by the parents by giving them valuable time.
  4. Some example should be set by awarding the bullies the punishment

they deserve.

  1. By putting such people in spiritually oriented life so that they change their way of thinking and acting


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