A sad commentary on some of  humans, so cruel 

Stooping so abysmally low

To disrobe the modesty of a woman

A God’s creation so caring by nature

And the one who is assigned the task of reproduction

And keep the civilization going

Is put to shame by the ruthless lots bereft of any thinking

Of consequences of their sordid acts

They should introspect hard

If she were one of their own blood relations then what?

Will they stoop so low for them too!

Alas! How low such people can stoop

 By following a path inhuman which the demons will not dare to tread

These inhuman are filths of this earth

This filth should be removed from this Mother Earth

Sooner it is done the better for us, humans.

So lowly are their immoral, criminal and wretched misdeed

That they consider a God created the body as a plaything for their lust

To be exploited  with their filthy hands without realization

  • And becoming insensitive to the pleas and crying of the hapless victim

Through their actions with their filth-ridden hands – most immoral

And robbing the modesty of a soul so dearest

To be enjoyed and thrown to the elements, so unhelpful

Like a left out part of a mango after taking its juices

By their acts so degenerating

They’ve tarnished their own self beyond redemption

By carrying out their monstrous criminal act, the most heinous

None has the right to dishonor others’ modesty

Such rank immoral should get justice

Not merely from the Laws of the Land

But also on the Judgement Day,

With dark-dungeons and dragons awaiting in the hell.

My heart aches severely

When I hear such wretched incidents repeated

And pray to my Omnipotent and Omniscient

Do empower my mothers, sisters, and daughters the Power of Durga

To exterminate such inhuman lots from this planet for good.

I do get hugely perturbed when I come to know whenever somebody disrobes the modesty of a woman. This woman could be my close relative or somebody else’s one hardly makes any difference. The perpetrators of this heinous crime should be dealt severely under the law enforcement agencies. These people are the dirty burdens on the society in whichever part of the world they are living. Rules in vogue should not shelter them but expose them so that they get justice commensurate with the crime they have committed.

This apart, we know that those who disrobe the modesty of the women, earn for themselves KARMIC DEBT in their account because it falls in the category of the negative trait; lust, greed, jealousy, rancor, and anger. In Bhagwad Gita, these traits are negative oriented and lead to increase in KARMIC DEBT, the consequences of which we have to suffer in this birth and the births which we shall have.

The maxim, We reap what we sow should never be forgotten. The extreme negative Karmic deeds done by the criminals will remain haunting them till their end and even adversely affect their next births too. We are aware of the sordid episode when Dhrishtashtra’s elder son Duryodhana disrobed the modesty of Dhropati of Pandavas’ consort. Although Lord Krishna saved her from the ill-intentions of Duryodhana and his brothers. But all this vicious intent resulted in war between the two armies of Pandavas and Kauravas in which the Kauravas brothers and others who supported them died they reaped what they had sown.  The criminals masquerading as humans will have a violent for their ill-conceived actions.

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  1. Whenever any cruel act by the hapless comes to light, a right thinking person is put to shame by the acts of animals amongst us My heart aches and misses a beat after hearing such incidents. I have compiled a poem, kindly go through. Wish things do not recur in our societies..

  2. This is an age-old emotional/mental illness, to which we must surely, each and all, hold ourselves to account. The only way forward is to commit to honouring the dignity of every person we meet. This is hard at times, but the consequences of not following an honour system are far worse.

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