There is a specific period when we study, it may be in school, college, university or take up professional training for a career we want to take up for our livelihood and do everything under our command for our upward movement in career. During the service period, we are assigned different duties where we have to exert to be adaptive to change and learn new methodologies to remain relevant.

After serving in different capacities, we reach the pinnacle of our career. It is a fact those who exert themselves and remain a student ever always are respected in any position they are put.

The word ‘retire’ has negative undertones which make us think that we are not in our prime, have given up our work, are totally withdrawn from our active lives etc.. It also means the following:-

  1. Not any longer working because we have attained the age of retirement. A retired person thinks himself/herself not fit to transact anything further because of aging and worn-out state of health sometimes.
  2. Have taken the  retreat from active life-cycle and have sought sedentary lifestyle. This sedentary or inactive lifestyle makes some of us cringe because of our change in way of our way would be conducting ourselves after we retire
  3. Withdraw from the activity. The retired person takes himself/herself withdrawn from the activity oriented life. This may cause physical and psychological transformation in our way of living.

I am of the firm conviction that a person who has retired from one service could seek employment in any other company or organization suiting his/her experience and drive. Sitting at home and being the liability for others is not good. The day we think ourselves ‘retired’ means that day is the beginning of our downfall.

i say with authority since I myself am busy at 67 years of age- with no fatigue or boredom at any moment of my day’s activities. I have observed that when I was on the verge of retirement after attaining the age of superannuation, I was not happy. I thought that I would have no discipline in my life and I shall have to be at the mercy of others for everything under the sun. I just wanted to test my proficiency, attained during my active service period. I should be frank here that I did not feel for a single day that I have retired at all.


For a retired person, there are so many openings. taking into account their maturity, experience in handling various assignments, ability to be adaptive to change, prove productive when there is a question of dealing with the people at the administrative level or for giving expert advice hinging on technical or managerial acumen on which a retired person has experience. Here will to continue along with the drive to push on counts.

If nothing is attained by way of meaningful employment, at home also, the retired people can contribute for teaching small kids in the family, keep the house neat and clean besides keeping the surrounding safe to live with their presence.

I vividly remember the day when I lost my father at 95 – a 1st World War veteran.  He remained active even at that age. He used to practice Alternative System of Medicine (Ayurveda) as a social service. On the day of his death, he instructed me and my two brothers to remain sincere to the profession, be truthful besides remaining active for a healthy body and mind.


Retired life is the stage of our life which is suffused with uncertainties like the condition of health and mental nimbleness with depleted memory besides sometimes, we may lose one of our life partners then who is left for us for a succor. It is merely our Ishwar, Allah, Akalpurakh, Lord or whatever we would like to call Him. Spiritual orientation gives us a hope that there is the One who could be banked on in any situation that befalls us.

Conclusively, for a retired person, the sky is the limit but they should not limit themselves. By limiting ourselves we work against the Laws of Nature. We should always bear in mind that we are as old as we think ourselves to be hence we can remain active until our last day of our life provided we resolve and possess belief on ourselves and on our Almighty God. 


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    1. Derrick sir thanks a lot for your invaluable comments. Although I have officially retired yet keep myself busy in a profession. Blogging is my passion which I pursue after my office hours. Regards.

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