What is happening presently

Is known to us clearly

We can change the gear of our action

At this moment without much complication

Because presently we are alive to the situation

Which is unfolding right now

‘Now’ has immense power of its own

Since our mind has almost negligible role in ‘now’

It totally surrenders to our resoluteness

And sincerity of purpose we espouse

Thence this ‘now’ will transform into then

Then it will not be in our hands

To retrieve what we’ve  lost

Willy-nilly with our own carelessness

Or not keeping the ‘now’ with tight sheath

What we gained is our gain for the coming moments

And what we’ve  lost is lost for all time to come

Coming time depends on what we’ve done presently

That too with full awareness – knowingly

And also what is destined partly

That which is not within our control entirely

Our mind works for past and future profusely.



Essentially, it is important to know what is the meaning of present, past and future. The future is the time which will follow. It is one of the phases – Past, Present and Future. Past is the period which is dead and will not come back again. Present is the one which we are living and the future is the one which we would be living in the period to come. What we have to live is tied-up in uncertainty and unpredictability. Although, we are not sure of the future yet we have to prepare ourselves to face it head on in the days to come.


The present has immense power because at the present moment, mind has not got any role in it, it surrenders, though it has role in the past and in future. While sense of being or presence is important, therefore, it is near to the Source.  The present is the period of time which has to be protected for ensuring our future i.e. today is to be made productive and enlightening for ensuring that our tomorrow gets secluded.

If we do not utilize our past experiences by saying adieu to the unreasonable results and adopt all that is presently relevant, we can proceed further by the law of evolution. We evolve simply by practice and experimentation. Our future could be secure if we adopt everything which is most potent and relevant at the present moment. At the present moment our mind remains inactive.

Although time to come is uncertain yet ‘We have to make hay while the sun shines’ and also ‘we have to keep something for rainy days’ while living presently. Even the birds, and animals and all other natural phenomenon do occur utilize their present time for securing their future. Laws of Nature govern in all the living and non-living things. It is relevant in case of wise people, communities or countries.  The countries which are the shining examples to show us that every opportunity that present affords us could be turned into rewards if the countrymen use our present to their full potential. It is also relevant to infer that what will happen in future is unpredictable or uncertain depends on our destiny too.

What happens just the next moment is unpredictable. Although we make different projects/proposal for the tasks to be undertaken yet what will happen, only depends on our destiny and the unpredictable time. There may creep in some improbable occurrence which may spoil the applecart of our planning. Yesterday, while I was coming from my hometown Jammu by a superfast train. I had made reservation up to Delhi. The train started from Jammu at 9:00 AM at the right time. Everything went off well till two-three stations before the destination. Then suddenly, there happened a huge track-glitch near Sonipat Railway Station. The train remained stationary at Sonipat Railway Station for about three hours consequently reached Delhi at around 10:20 PM instead of 7:20 PM. There was families who had their reservations made to South India and other places had to perforce get their onward journeys cancelled due to this. Amonst them, there were students who had to appear for important interviews – their career hinged on those interviews. This shows the unpredictable nature of future. Thus what happens the next moment only ‘time’ can tell. 

In Guru Granth Sahib Ji, tells us that all things happen according to the will of God. Nobody can erase the pre-ordained write of destiny. He Himself is the true Guru. He Himself is the Lord. He Himself unites in His Union. 

What is going to happen in the future is uncertain but if everything is streamlined at the appropriate time and situation presented, there is every hope that our future would be protected to a limit. It all depends on our sincerity and inner energy, and Karmic thoughts and deeds which can ensure our tomorrow. If we care for present, then our future could be ensured.

In Bible it has been mentioned that we should trust in Lord with all our heart and lean on our own understanding for future action.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayers.


In Laws of Nature, where there is not only an observation of patterns which are repeated periodically but also how it all happens. It governs the laws accepted universally. These laws are verified across every time and space besides these laws is governed according to the same rules everywhere. These rules are perforce applicable for all living being and non-living beings. If we transgress these Laws of Nature presently, the Mother Nature comes with vengeance. This way our future becomes insecure. The example is the spoiling of our environment by indiscriminate use of carbons and other atmosphere spoiling agents.


Then there are Laws of Man with which humans exercise control over the social fabric remains in tact and norms of behavior is respected so as to ensure that truth (Satya) prevails.  Here the cultural mores of behavior, norms dear to the society for maintaining the communal harmony and unity in diversity is maintained besides social ecosystem based on values dear to the society are followed. These laws could evolve over a period of time. The social norms of behavior which were followed in the past could be changed as per the need of the present moment. A society whose overall thinking remains static in its approach in relation to social, ethical and moral standpoints cannot have growth and development.


The Hindu Varna philosophy as hitherto followed in the past including many other ritualistic rites have gone sea change as time went by. Now a person of any caste could get education (Gyan) and follow a profession of teaching and preaching, anybody could enroll in army and defend the nation borders which was undertaken by Kshtriya only. Similar is the case with agriculture, business and commercial aspects which was followed by Vaishyas in the past and labour and allied services were provided by ShuDras but presently anybody could follow any profession of his/her choice. This goes to show that all that was prevalent in the past now stands changed. The experience tells us that love, humanity as a Dharma, cooperation and truth is more than caste based Varna. This is a fact of life which should be followed threadbare presently. What happened in the past has been experienced and found to be irrelevant at the present moment.

The following parameters besides our thought processes will help us to ensure to safeguard our future:-

  1. OUR OUTLOOK OR ATTITUDE. As our present turns into past, we have to have positive outlook or should have positive attitude in life and do not let the present turn into past without positive outcome.
  1. POSITIVE HOPE. We have to turn a hopeless situation into a situation which is brimming with hope then our future would be bright. We should always see light at the end of the tunnel. See the glass half full not half empty. It should be remembered that the word ‘impossible’ when broken into two syllables im-possible. Life is the admix of lows and highs. How best we can come out unscathed depends on our positive hope when everywhere there is darkness. Cynicism could be turned into opportunity by positive hope, personal resolve, persistence, patience etc.
  1. AVAILING THE OPPORTUNITIES. When the present opportunities presented to us are taken seriously and every chance available turned into our gain by dint our hard work, persistence, patience and above all self belief and belief on God then sure enough we can turn every opportunity into golden opportunity.
  1. EXPLOITING OUR INNER POTENTIAL. We have the potential and latent energy which we have to explore and exploit for our benefit so that our future is secure and is not laced in uncertain.
  1. CARE FOR PERMANENT VALUES. If we make it a USP to conduct ourselves observing moralistic values, ethical values, spiritual values then we can weather all storms presently and turn all impermanent values into permanent ones.




























































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5 thoughts on “PRESENT, PAST &; FUTURE”

  1. Present means ‘now’ is in our hands, we can use it anyway we want but when it is changed to then, then it is not in our hands, it passes into oblivion and cannot be retrieved. Future is not in our hands, it is partly unpredictable and partly destined. Kindly appraise the blog and comment, I obviously love your comments for my motivation and inspiration. Regards

  2. Dear Harbans,

    I am going to answer tomorrow as today I have to drive to Helsinki again.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words and your analysis made with your experience and intellect.

    Until tomorrow then.
    Have a great time, dear friend 🙂

    1. Sir, my experience is gleaned from the vast sea of experiences of personages like you. Otherwise I am still a small kid fiddling with the atom of sand whereas the sea of know-how is still there to be known for enlightenment. If I am able to get a speck of it, it will be well worth a try for me like simple soul.

      I am really thankful to you for responding to my request.



  3. Dear Harbans,

    Lets have a look at our Now – as you have written the consequence of Now is Then, means whatever we decide in our Now, in our presence, it leads us to a certain direction. In this situation we are partly dependent, partly independent (free will, free choice) – however, everything what we decide comes from our inside world while the outside world has also an enourmous effect to us (things we cannot control). Thus we have a limited free will within a certain frame. Our presence, our Now is not standing on an empty somethings, it stands itself on our past that has lead us to this Now, means the Now is as well Then too (cause and effect depending on the point of view), so our Now does not come empty-handed, it comes with the seed of the past giving us a limited choice on which we can build our future – security future is often seen from the worldy point of view: you are a young man and you already take care of pension that some day will make your living when having reached a certain age. In this case we build our future to be secured (however, nothing is really secured: when the death comes, it may come any time and destroy our future building). The divine security is different – and it is not really a security, you put your full trust in the competency of your Master (in whom God is working) and you follow the footprints of those teachers giving us meaning in our lives. In this case as you have 100% confidence in such a God-power, you no longer ask for security – it is He who takes care of you Then, when surrendered 100% to such a divine power. So our Now is like a living flowing water and that water that has run under the bridge, it does not return. So we flow with Now and Then as Then is also Now and Now is also Then (depending on the point of view) – same as: cause is also effect and effect can also be cause, these two things play the same role: from one point of view we may speak of a cause, from another point of view we may speak of an effect and from the third point of view we see them working as both: cause and effect – in this third point of view: Now is Then and Then is Now, if we no longer see them separately from each other. Mind plays in fact a major role in this scenario (known or unkown, aware or unaware), in this Now. Unfortunately our mind is controlling us all the time, even when we sleep – it still is working, influencing us, telling its wishes and wants. Soul is free from wishes, unlike our mind – its wishes have become attachments which binds us in all kind of ways, which lives in the moment and has influence on our choice as well, on our “free will” as well. On all these complicated facts our mind sails on the Now which will result in Then, in effects of our present thoughts, words and deeds, even consisting of the vibration of the thoughts and feelings. Where is that button to shut down our talkative mind for a while? It also is in us, in the absolute stillness of the mind – only from there our real journey towards the future begins…

    Thank you very much for your effort to write about this subject, dear Harbans 🙂

    Warm regards

  4. Dear Harbans,

    I have sent my answer this morning(some hours ago), however it did not appear to your blog – so something went wrong and I do not have a copy of what I was writing. So I have to write it again and will do it tomorrow.

    Warm regards

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