MOTHER EARTH (Today, the 20th April 2018 is the Earth Day)


MOTHER EARTH (Today, the 20th April 2018 is the Earth Day)

By our acts of not sparing and not caring attitude,

Our own dearest Mother Earth,

What we do to the Mother Earth so dear?

The Mother Earth which bestows us with all sorts of gifts,

Which sustains us from time we become flesh & blood,

Till time this body sustains us not,

With no expectations in return gift from us selfish humans,

We leave litters around,

After partying & feasting at the mountain sites so enchanting,

With fragrance of natural flowers just intoxicating,

Making the environment so fascinating,

Adding splendor to the scenic beauty are the flora and fauna,

But the left over litters just spoil the virginity of mountain spot,

With spread of odor of leftovers of the people partaking foodstuff,

Stench also leaves a scar on the act of these people,

Who spoilt the place with their profane acts.


Left out road side old vehicle parts,

Wait till eternity for the people to pick these up,

Nobody ever comes to do this solemn act,

Till elements like winds and rains mix these in the Mother Earth itself – alas!


Vehicle repair workshop just line up the roadsides,

Blackening the area with grease and what not,

Generating a shabby look around,

Green cover is being denuded,
For habitats for increased numbers,
And cultivation of food for multitudes,
Thus multiplying the adverse implications,
To the eco-system,
Causing blizzards and change of climates.


Plundering the earth of the mineral wealth,
In the form of crude oil,
Precious metals, stones and coal,
Leaving the earth bereft of natural resources,
Thus producing an imbalance the internal fabric of the earth,
Which too comes out & reacts most violently,
Causing earthquakes of huge intensity,
Spreading deaths and destruction all around hugely.

Spewing of gases so poisonous,
To the sky above,
Enlarging the black-hole,
Impacting us by harmful sun rays.

My humble please to us all,

Have some pity to the Mother Earth,

Not for us but AT LEAST for our coming generations,

If at all?


Harbans Khajuria


Essentially, as far as the Mother Earth is concerned it has physical matter, solid substance along with gross objects. These are grouped in the category of the five elements (Mahabhutas) which could be termed as the cosmic substances. These are earth, air, water, fire and ether. Each one of these elements are inter-linked or associated with each other besides the space or ether or acts like a container or basket to sustain all these elements.

If these elements are spoiled by our acts of omissions and commissions as diminution of forest cover by cutting trees without planting the new ones, emission of poisonous gases in the atmosphere from the industrial units, pollution of water bodies with the affluence/wastes of industries. Here Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is most relevant: ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.’ For fulfillment of our ulterior and selfish motives, we are spoiling the eco-system without even a slightest thought about the consequences of our acts. Therefore need of the hour is to save the Mother Earth from the pollution which is impacting the lives of all the living beings globally.

 If air is polluted by emotion of harmful gases, we will be breathing in impure air resulting in lung related diseases, if water is impure, we are constrained to take in polluted water resulting in impacting our health, if earth’s eco-system is polluted by a mix of our activities then we can imagine the health hazards besides when the whole atmosphere is polluted, it can bring about severest harms to our climate, cause lung and respiratory related diseases, exposure to polluted air can cause cancer and could in many cases impair reproductive system etc. These affected severely are children and the old people including those who are constantly exposed to pollutants.

Mother Earth has been very kind to us in providing us everything from birth till death. It has on its crust trees, birds, forest cover and everything; lofty and majestic mountains, vast sea, water reservoirs, mesmerizing scenic beauties, flora and fauna, animal world and what not. All these add to our sustenance in our daily lives.

Mother Earth contains all sorts of mineral wealth which is helpful for further growth and development of the countries. But exploitation of the mineral wealth has also got a limit. We are cutting trees indiscriminately affecting the eco system. Industrial wastes are being thrown in the rivers polluting the water. We spew dangerous gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmospheric balance. Not only this even teh Antarctic Continent is being adversely affected by the acts of us humans.

By our acts of omission and commission, we are doing everything to spoil the balance of the nature which is causing negative results implications to our next generations.

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  1. It is our joint responsibility to take care of the Mother Earth which sustains us from the day we take birth till our death. If we will not care our MOTHER EARTH, not be able to bestow us the bounties in its purest form which it is providing us.

  2. Thank you for sharing this important subject, dear Harbans 🙂

    The root why we treat our mother earth like that can be seen in our egoism and greed, hunger to exploit the resources of our earth and abuse the beautiful offers that earth provides us with food and resources. Once the earth said: “I can withstand many things caused by man but what breaks my heart is the ingratitude and selfish insatiability with which with many people live on my back…” Our mind and ego is responsible for it – and if someone says he is not egoistic – then be sure – he is egoistic…. We can only solve this problems when we start to understand the mechanism of our mind, how it works in situation and understand its motives behind each situation. This self-analysis is called: “Man know thyself” – only through self-knowing we are able to understand the tricks of the mind in us. Opposite of greed is giving – when we develope a heart full of sympathy, empathy, compassion for other people automatically we want to serve people. A Saint once said: “The deepest knowledge lies in service of man…” – In this way we go away from our ego (also do go away from our pride is necessary too) and turn to people in need, give them a helping hand selflessly.

    When we live in harmony with our earth, have respect to mother earth, we also have respect to live in harmony with our fellow-human beings in a friendly and positive way.

    Thanks one more time, dear Harbans.
    Have a great weekend

    1. My grateful thanks for offering your most invaluable comments on MOTHER EARTH.

      In fact our egocentric mentality and greed are responsible for denuding our earth off trees for personal benefits without planting more plants to keep the green cover.

      The wisdom suffusing commentary is obviously relevant for all to come.

      When we’ve love for mother earth then we shall love all its creations – including humans of all hues.

      With warm regards


  3. Good morning and thanks for this great article, my spiritual friend across the oceans. You gave a good itemized list of the greatest culprits of the astounding pollution of our dear planet: industrial waste, emissions from fossil fuels, discarded plastic and iron in the land and the ocean, etc. How can we continue to damage our precious little habitat? They talk about finding another home for the human race but so far everything they discover is too mineral and unable to sustain the rich diversity of plant and animal life we enjoy on planet Earth. Enough of this silly talk already! The irresponsible attitude of the Trump administration of announcing a pull-out of the Paris Climate Accord shames all of the responsible and educated Americans that care about the environment.

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib. My grateful thanks for appraising the blog and giving your most valuable commentary on mother earth. In fact some greedy people are spoiling the earth and most of us are suffering the consequences. Your add-on is really very relevant and on-dot.

      Yes, I too feel that President Trump administration should have shown the path to others in Paris Climate Accord and done something positive for saving the Mother Earth.

      Your know-how is really awe-inspiring.

      With regards


  4. Dr.. sahib, when it comes to learning something useful, I always cherish the style of conversation. With this point of view, I am writing a poem on CONVERSATION and its implications. I shall request you to appraise when it is published.

    With regards


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