As giving flows from the heart

Which is the epicenter of our spiritual upward movement

What we give creates vibrations in our consciousness

Giving gives eternal joy, so abundant

When our left hand does not know

What our right hand gives to others for fulfillment of others’ need, so pressing

This is one of the best sort of giving

Because in this giving

There is no part played by our ego

Which otherwise pesters us to make known our giving

To other members in our friend circles

For personal gains

Which is a selfish giving

There is hope for reciprocity in that giving

And not a total selfless giving

Since one part is given for grease our ego

And the other one for publicizing stunt.


How much we can give

Or how little we can give

Partly depends on our capacity to part with what we possess

And  partly the empathy we generate in our heart to give

But one thing should never be forgiven

The more we give unselfishly

The more we in return get doubtlessly

This is the Law of Nature

We should never ever forget.


Our giving ought to be like a tree

Which gives everything to all living beings

Sweet fragrance of flowers it radiates

Sweet fruits for our nourishment it gives

Timber for our house construction

Lastly even wood for cremation (as in Hindu culture)

Factually it sustains us from birth to our death

Even though after suffering the pangs

Given to it by elements of nature occasionally.


Thus joy of giving is of highest dimension

Since it encompasses all other paradigms of giving – with compassion

And it is considered as highest forms of good and positive deed

That we transact to earn more points  for our Karmic deeds.



Yesterday, one person came to our Organisation and requested for blood donation for one of his relatives; who was to be operated. He required blood transfusion on immediate emergency basis, to save his life. I was really surprised when more people came forward and volunteered for blood donation. It obviously became a sort of a movement for all our colleagues. After their blood donation, when I asked about their donation experience, all they told me that they got a huge satisfaction of giving thus proving that blood donation is one of the best investments/a noble cause one can transact towards achieving genuine happiness for ourselves. The JOY I SAW ON THEIR FACES WAS REALLY OBVIOUS which spurred me to write a blog.


It has been seen the compassionate traits of ours springs from our compassion – a soft feeling which originates from our heart. Giving is a benevolent Karmic deed of ours and adds to our Karma Credit score. So many people have plenty of resources but petty heart to donate. Very few people have small earnings but have  large-heartedness to give what they have to meet others’ needs.


Importantly, the giving in any form should be without any expectation or reciprocation from the recipients. Also, our left hand should not know what our right hand gives. If it were so, then, it is not appropriate or right type of ‘giving’  because there is no ‘joy of giving’ attached with that.


Animals like us humans require care and protection. We humans can express ourselves when we require something but these mute ones are not able to tell us about their needs. But, without doubt, they are part of our living world. Our pets are looked after well by us but what about the stray one? All should have awareness that the animals too need protection against cold, heats, storms etc.  They also constitute one part of our life as they bring us joy and hope. It is, therefore, a crying need to look after the hapless animals and birds. Especially the street dogs and cats – the ones for whom there is none to care for.  When we provision for those creatures that cannot help themselves, it bestows us a heart-warming joy in giving.


When we give something without expectation or reciprocity, then the vibrational energy from our consciousness is at its highest ebb. I have experienced this whenever I met somebody need, it came back to me in equal measure or in many cases even more.


In Eastern Culture and tradition, nobody can dispute the fact that the parents of the daughters bring them up, give them right education, give them adequate value system besides choosing a right groom for them for living a purposeful life and then marrying them off as per Vedic rites or with other customs and traditions. This is considered as the major donation that could be given by the parents. We have also moral imperatives to address the issue of providing succour to the girl child to grow and contribute for the growth and development of the household holistically.


It is not merely the materially we can render help to the SPECIALLY ABLED AND GIFTED CHILDREN who have one challenge or the other. Imparting skills and right type of special education so that they also excel in their lives like any other normal person. There are so many philanthropic associations rendering Yeoman’s service for the upliftment of the challenged persons. That is the best types of giving.


When we provide Vidhya Dhan (imparting education) to others, means to bestow education or imparting knowledge besides providing books, stationery and other needs of those who are unable to meet the expenses because of poor family background. By imparting education, we ensure a child’s future so that he/she becomes self-sufficient while he/she grows up and more so educating a girl child tantamounts to educating an entire family since she has to look after her children after she grows up and marries.



There is a mention in Bhagavat Purana. Lord Vishnu had to take incarnation as Vamana Avtara to restore the authority of Indra. Demon King Mahabali had usurped the powers of Indra by his giving/benevolence. Lord Vishnu as Vamana Avtara went to Mahabali to test the generosity of Mahabali. He wanted to have land so that for three paces. Despite the warning by Guru Shukrachara, Mahabali agreed thinking about the limitation of a foot. The Vamana enlarged his stature to gigantic proportions to stride over the three worlds (heaven to earth, earth to netherworld and for the third step, Mahabali offered his head. Vamana was very pleased and as a boon gave the boon of immortality for his benevolence. Vamana also granted him the permission to visit to his subjects every year. The festival of Onam is celebrated once every year in this context. This festival is celebrated in the honour of benevolence of king Mahabali.


 It has been mentioned that Karna, the son of Kunti through Sun God was one of the prominent dhan vir (A warrior or hero known for his charities). During his lifetime, he was known for his charities that is why even during war with Pandavas, he was being protected by Dharma owing to which Arjuna’s arrows could not kill him. Seeing this, Lord Krishna went to Karna and asked for his Puniya (all the charities or all the merits attached with this) he had done in the past, which he did without thinking about the consequences of his action. After giving this, Dharma left from the spot and stopped protecting him. Thereafter Lord Krishna asked Dhanushdhari Arjuna to kill him which he did. A lesson for us humans that those who donate do not think its consequence.


The charities of King Harish Chandra  (in Treta Yuga) are legion. He was very noble and loved his subjects much and the subjects too loved him for his generosity. His had a wife named Taramati and son Rohitashva. Once while on a hunting trip, he was instrumental in disturbing the penance of Sage Vishwamitra due to which the sage got angry for which he felt a sort of a guilt. Vishwamitra extracted a promise from Harishchandra for his Yajna. Vishwamitra asked the king for whole of his kingdom including all the possessions as a charity which he made. Vishwamitra again asked for another donation to which the Harishchandra told that he had nothing left now but promised to fulfill his promise after a month’s time.  

Subsequently, he reached the holy place of Kashi where Vishwamitra was already present and asked for the fulfillment of his promise of giving him donation, as promised. As still, there was a few days left, Harichandra promised to fulfill of the promise. During this time, his son was not having food to eat. He was not able to complete his promise and was constrained to sell his wife to an old man in order to get money which he gave to Vishwamitra, as promised but he was not satisfied, he demanded more. Perforce he had to sell himself and fulfilled the promise given to the sage. He was deployed as the worker at the cremation ground. In the meanwhile his son died due to hunger. His mother came to the cremation ground but had no fee to pay for cremation. On this charity and sacrifice of highest dimension, all he deities along with Vishwamitra had immense praise for Harishchandra. Harichandra was told that it was merely to test his patience and sincerity in fulfilling the promise made.


It is also a fact what our parents do or do not do impacts the offspring as a Karmic Credit. My father in his life time always met the needs of people besides being a Hakeem (Auyrvedic) provided medicare to the villagerS without any expectations. When he died at the age of 95 years, we were not having much except goodwill and blessings of general masses to whom my father had rendered his help.

I managed my studies with the limited resources we had after the demise of my father but subsequently after training, I got meaningful employment and am having everything which is required for a honorable living. This is the result of ‘giving’ of my parents.

Summering the above:-


  • What we give comes back to us – in many cases more than what we have given.


  • As charity related ideas originate from our heart, it generates positive mindset.


  • When we meet somebody’s need, we add to our Karmic credit.


  • Fulfilling others’ need affects our consciousness and generates groundswell of goodwill for us.


  • For meeting somebody’s needs, we have to sacrifice something, this sacrifice is always rewarded. The examples enunciated in the write-up give us the lesson that while we are giving, we give from our hard earned resources, even cutting our urgent needs but once promise is made to ‘give’ that promise has to be fulfilled come what may. Demon King Mahabali and King Harishchandra are the potent examples.


  • Our giving should be without a feeling of reciprocity or expectation of any kind.


  • The feeling of empathy, sympathy and compassion make a huge difference in our lives.




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13 thoughts on “JOY OF GIVING”

  1. The JOY WE GET by GIVING cannot be explained in words. It affects our inner selves which a giver can only know. JUST ETERNAL JOY INDEED. Kindly appraise the blog and comment. I really love your comments.



  2. Dear Harbans,

    Behind every thing we do there is a motive, sometimes it is unconscius to us sometimes we are aware of it. For one and the same thing there can be different motives behind. One person gives something, because he wants to have attention, or wants to come near to a person (giving flowers to a woman for example), other want to integrate themselves because they expect something and so forth. Very seldom there are people who really give something selflessly as the sun shines and gives us its warm sunbeams, their motives are very nobel: they want to help for God’s sake not for their own sake. Insofar everything depends on our own development, how we give, what we give, how much we give and what are our motives behind. When we understand that nothing belongs to us, not even our own body, our own mind and soul – everything belongs to Him, the Gracious One, then we can easily give and share as nothing belongs to us. Kabir said: “Give, give, give”

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend
    All good wishes

    1. First of all, kindly accept my gratitude for your invaluable comments.

      My intention of writing this blog is to highlight the importance of giving with no intention of taking back or with no reciprocity or expectation. That is the beauty of giving.

      In fact in today’s world, every help rendered is for something ‘else’ from the party concerned.That tag is really ruinous
      to the giver as this is with strings attached.

      Your wisdom filled enunciation that everything that we give is given to us by God only and if we give something from that resource, we are not doing some favour – because that is ordained by Go only who has made us capable to give.

      Your invoking of SANT KABIR ”GIVE, GIVE, GIVE’ is obviously the most relevant.

      Thanks sparing your most precious time and offering your kind comments.



  3. As usual, I agree with your thoughts. When I worked for Social Services there was a policy that we should not accept gifts from clients. My argument that this denied people the pleasure of giving something back was not accepted. Sometimes I disobeyed and declared it. I still have a gift from a teenage mother from 40 years ago. Recently, she found me through my blog and made contact just to thank me for what I had meant to her.

    1. Derrick sir, thanks a lot for your valuable commentary. Those who practically do good for others the others too remember our good gestures. . Thanks for sharing your soft thoughts.



    1. Didi sir, thank you for considering me for ‘Tot-Tag’ and also for giving details. I shall really gain from this exercise.



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