When we cave in under the weight of our own contradictions

And tend to act in a way which leads to de-motivation

When we are not ready to face the challenges

Whilst the unpredictable time throws

A time-tested googly at us

When we least expect it all

Thereby we fail to  take the challenge thrown onto us

Because we are not having total confidence in our potentials

To hit the ball head-on with confidence so suffusing

For a full-fledged sixer, so to say

But are bowled over clearly

Because we have not sweat perfectly

On the ground to gain sound traction on the bat and ball

Proving unprepared attempts lead to results so unpredictable.


Some demotivating factors are of our own creation

Like lack of self-created inertia

Of not moving ahead when given the opportunities

Instead of moving ahead we tend to do an about turn

Thus resorting to unplanned procrastination

Owing to our own off-putting attitude indeed

Due to the negative mindset of our own.


Thence this demotivation is created

By the environments in which we’re constrained to reside

With the people who are habitual offenders

Steeped in poverty of ideas due to their misdemeanors

Of gambling, committing a variety of sins

Which come in the way of our progress

And meet challenges which are thrown at us.



The word demotivation or non-motivation means becoming a dampener or decelerate or putting brakes in the progress of an individual or group of people. The factors for demotivation may be manmade, financial, physical psychological, environmental etc. But these impediments remain haunting us and prevent or put brakes in our further movement to acquire success. The antonym of the word motivation is demotivation and has negative overtones.

I got a proof how demotivating factors can come in the way of progress of an individual or a family. These factors could be financial stringency, repulsive tendencies of an individual, negative mindset due to inertia in the personal drive, lack of stimulus and initiative besides being placed in uncongenial environments. These non-motivational factors could be partly man-made and partly due to circumstances in which a person is placed.


Recently I had a chance of meeting an individual named Shyam. This person proved that if we have the personal drive, resolve, solid determination and impetus to grow, we can succeed. He is a sole earning member who has to support five members of his family – consisting of his spouse, three sons (aged 23, 21 and 18 years old elder one knowing driving, second and third undergoing training as Electrician in an Industrial Training Institute).  He used to be financial stringent; worked as a tailor in a tailoring shop whose manager was cruel in his behavior towards his employees, framed his own set of rules to be broken at his own whims and fancies and to top it all, never believed his employees. Besides he was living in an environment which is not congenial for the growth and development of the family as a unit.  But Sham had no option but to live there and co-exist with all the people and environment since he could not afford to take a house in a good locality with the very high rate of rent charges.

He had to work from morning till late in the evening stitching clothes for his clients. Here too, he was facing heat since he was constrained to spend part of his earnings on medical expenses of his wife’s ill-health. With only himself as the bread earner for the entire family and with too much financial stringency as the demotivating factors to move on, one day he decided to take loan from the bank for starting a business so that at least one of his sons could be adjusted in his life and help supplement his earning which could be ploughed back in upbringing of the family besides meeting the expenditure on training of his other two sons. He succeeded in getting the bank loan and one son is earning now by driving his own taxi. There was a glimmer of hope and satisfaction writ large in this face when hee told that his sons are very obedient and do not have any bad habits.

In essence, I was really impressed by his passion to work despite impediments. He wanted to convert the demotivating factors into motivating factors. According to him, his line of thought worked well. Now all his sons are working and earning for themselves and he is now having his own tailoring shop where he pursues his profession as a manager of the shop with three tailors to assist him. He treats his employees well because he knows how he was treated earlier on and also how he had risen due to sincere efforts and with the grace of God despite demotivating factors working against him.

When I persisted about the query as to how he could turn de-motivation into motivation, he with all humility told me that it was partly due to self-belief and also due to the unflagging belief on GOD which made a huge difference and changed the negative situation into the positive one.

From the above, we can figure out the demotivating factors responsible for impeding our forward movement:-


I have seen that there are students who are very good in studies but are not able to pursue their educational pursuits due to the unsound financial condition of their families. Many of the students fail to realize their aspirations because of this factor – they cannot afford costly books and other expenditure involved in their studies. I too faced financial pinch during my college days. 


A person with traits of drive and passion to work will move ahead despite inertias on his/her way for further movement ahead. No non-motivating or demotivation factor can dampen his spirits to move ahead. He/she sweats despite hurdles on the path.


It is not merely the home ambiance which is responsible for our forward growth but also the environment in which we are living and brought up. An uncongenial environment where people resort to gambling, take drugs, drink in public glare besides following unhealthy lifestyle would surely have a negative impact on the impressionable minds. This really is a demotivating factor for many of the students, especially when they are in their early teenage years and adolescence period when their mind is most impressionable.


A workplace wherein the management is not considerate, make and break their own rules suiting their wishes, where career graph just remains stuck, where there is no incentive for the initiative, drive and hard work, an employee, in such work environment will get demotivated.


An organization where there is no incentive for working hard and where the management gets influenced by tall-talk and backbiting, an individual with drive and passion to work will be demotivated and cannot continue in such incompatible atmospheric and would like to leave this organization for a better workplace wherein his/her efficiency is recognized.


When we are in the never-ending habit of putting off things, we give a blank cheque of lethargy and laziness to ourselves which will bounce back on us every time we tend to encash it. The disease of procrastination is too bad and proves to be a demotivating factor for our further movement.


Sometimes we fail to accept challenges and we cave in under the weight of our own contradictions due to demotivating factors such as lack of confidence on our capabilities, lack of willpower and any other factor which the situation provides at the time and space.


It is essential that first of all, we have to be self-aware; know our potentials and weaknesses then bridge the gap that exists in the weak areas. We can enhance and maintain our self-esteem by removing the grey areas or impediments such as not taking initiative, becoming impulsive procrastinator, indecisiveness etc which prove a stumbling block in our progress.

Having self-confidence does not mean you go on flaunting your achievements or laurels. Anyhow, everybody knows about us and our capabilities or otherwise but those who know their limits remain within that LAKSHAMAN REKHA lest we become intrusive and barge into somebody else territory and get reprimanded in the process. This may prove demotivating.


Experience is a guide that we are responsible for letting others to demotivate us since we too tend to be intrusive in some form or other in their affairs. If we are not, then, how come we can tolerate others’ interference in our sphere of activities. The change for not interfering in others’ affairs should start from us only then nobody will interfere in ours and demotivate us.

Be that as it may, it should always be remembered that what we are is partly due to our efforts and partly due to God’s grace. In these scheme of things, if somebody barges in and tries to demotivate us then we should bear the following into our mind:-

  • Listen to those who try demotivating you but only ‘listen’ just do not take their pep-talk or rants to the inner recesses of your mind. Nature also helps us in this by gifting us two ears – hear from one (inlet) and out (outlet) from other – so to say.
  • Bear in mind, everything starts with you and ends with you only. If you work hard in order to fulfill your dreams, nothing can come in your way but one OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT power would always be with you. Have belief nobody can be the hindrance in your dreams. SELF BELIEF MAKES DIFFERENCE. In fact the positive mindset brings about positive results with the grace of our GOD. 











A happy life is a caring life

A happy life is a daring life

A happy life results when we distribute smiles in our life

A happy life is the result of the loving relationship in life

A happy life is a challenge facing and risk-taking life

A happy life is sincere working life

A happy life is truly loving life

A happy life results from leading a positive oriented life

A happy life respects others’ privacy in life

A happy life results from following sincere principles in life

A happy life takes failure as the steppingstone to success in life

A happy life results from simple living and high thinking in life

A happy life results when we have the sound mind in the sound body in life

A happy life is the result of clarity of mission and vision in our life

A happy life is flowing with the current in our life

A happy life results when one knows and follows all the purpose in our life

A happy life is possible when we adopt the principle of letting go in life

A happy life is possible when we attract friends with our sound approach in our life

A happy life is possible when we are empathetic towards others in our life

A happy life stems from leading a corruption free lifestyle in our life

A happy life results when we have control over our mind in our life.


Essentially, it is of paramount importance to know what is life. There is a Sanskrit word PRANA (life force) which is a cosmic energy or life energy which has been elaborately referred in Vedas and Upanishads. This energy sustains the functions that our body does and keeps life ticking. It could also be termed as VAYU – its inhalation and exaltation which sustain life. Primarily it is the Vayu which helps in mutation and metabolic (biochemical processes in the body’s functioning – Prana is the inward moving energy and apana is the outward moving energy. All this sustains our life.

Everything that helps in our existence which enables us to live. This include our action, reactions etc which helps us our growth and development and help us reproduction and metabolism or mutation processes. Due to these metabolic activities, the living beings are able to think and act or react with the energy (life-force or soul) and growth – physical and conscious growth.  His growth and development persist until such time this life-force persists. The living beings do react to stimuli. After living five stages of life, finally, the life-force stops and an individual dies finally. It is due to a process known as mutation. It is also a truth that death occurs only to the living beings only.

The difference between living and non-living being in the living being evolve through thoughts and actions thereof but non-living beings do not possess life-force (soul) which non-living beings do not possess.

The purpose of life is to live a life full of care and possess empathetic, empathy and instinctively exhibit an attitude of an individual including following and respecting all the moral and ethical standpoints.

The following perspectives will help us live a purposeful/meaningful life:-

  • Love makes huge difference. It has been experienced that love is a panacea for all of us. It is all-encompassing, even brutes could be tamed with a portion of love. Those who divide love transform others’ lives besides our own.

  • Letting go. There are occasions when we remain prisoners of our past inappropriate moments and experiences with our friends and others. Letting go facilitates us to move ahead with a clean slate on the principles of forgetting and forgiving.

  • Failure is the mother of all lessons. We should bear in mind that while we fail despite best efforts, we can try again after analyzing the reasons for our failure. In other words, our failure could be steppingstones of our success.

  • Prior planning makes a huge difference and avoids confusion at the later stage. For this, we have to introspect as to what we want and how to go about it.

  • Our choices in our life. In life, we tend to have varieties of choices open to us. If one choice is not appropriate due to one reason or other we can try for other after putting in sincere efforts.

  • Bear in mind the bitter truth. It is a bitter truth that sometimes we may not succeed in our effort because of some in-house contradictions amongst the team we are working, in that case, we have to make room for alternative or adopt some other strategy for making efforts successful in our life. It should be borne in mind that life is not always smooth sailing.

  • Never be judgemental. We always tend to be judgemental in our life or may become the victim of others’ judgment. This affects our further march ahead in our life.


  • Do not ever get offended. At times, we tend to get offended by others’ insinuations or inappropriate behavior. This way our further progress is retarded. Effort should be made to take everything in our stride and move ahead.

  • Sometimes people leave us in the lurch. We have seen that despite our best efforts, sometimes, we are duped by our own. We have to bear in mind that it is not always to get succor from all the quarters, sometimes we may not get what we anticipate.

  • Our relationship with our surroundings makes difference. What relationship we possess for our own and our environment helps us to understand life and act accordingly.

  • Having jest or enthusiasm to transact anything. It has been observed if we have enthusiasm in transacting anything and everything in our life, we can make a huge difference in our life. It will give us satiety to us.
  • What life has taught you? The past should not be any hindrance t our present efforts. If it is becoming a stumbling block then we have to totally keep the past on-hold and move on.

  • Loneliness should not be a hindrance but assist us to move ahead. When we are alone, we should utilize this time for going inside us and be self-conscious for exploiting our inner potentials.

  • Detachment from the fruits of our action makes difference. While fructifying anything tangible, we have to be careful that our focus should be on the performance of our assigned job and not on its results. It ought to be action without attachment.

  • Everybody has his/her own problems. It should never be forgotten that nobody is without the problem, some may have financial problems, some health problems, some may have problems in their relations while others may have multiple problems. It is, therefore, relevant to infer that for every problem there is/are solution(s). There is a key to solve all the problem and that is self-belief and belief on our Creator.


  • Priorities of life. We have to set the priorities of our life with clarity so that transparency (paardarshta) is maintained in our thoughts and action thereof.

  • Impressions of others experiences. We have not only taken our experiences as our guide but also the experiences of friends and other achievers. Cues from others’ experiences will assist us to take the trodden path for our success too.

  • Be very concerned what is happening around you. For a success in our life, it is not only necessary to understand our own potentials and also the implications which our surroundings could have on our lives.

  • Utilize your time judiciously. There are the people who do not utilize their time available judiciously. This puts paid to our efforts because ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ should never be forgotten. Time factors in our life should never be forgotten.

  • We all are salesmen and those who know how best to sell their wares succeed – it should never be forgotten in today context – as far as cut throat competition is concerned.

  • There is no shortcut to success. For any endeavor in our life, the key to success is methodical and sincere efforts. Shortcut solutions lead to disappointing results should never be resorted to if we want some tangible results.

  • Never procrastinate. The procrastination is enemy number one of any performance. We should realize that time once lost can never be recalled.

  • Being hostage to our past retards our further movement but see what were the impediments which hindered your further movement.

  • To be successful we have to change our thought processes. Our thoughts leads to our action. Right thoughts leads to right actions thereto.

  • You are the in-charge of your destiny. We have to take responsibility for our actions or inaction. No alibis will do in real life. The strength of our mind and determination are responsible for our success or failure. Weak mind leads to weak in action and consequently weaker results.
  • Our life is the representation of our own efforts – no pains no gains should never be forgotten.

  • Change is essential for being in sync with happenings at the present moments. If we keep our thoughts static, we may become static in our further movements, therefore, we have to ensure transformation with the time and space.

  • We can perform better than your Intelligence Quotients. If we determine to surge ahead and exert then we can perform better than our IQ – acting on hunch or intuition or sixth sense makes much difference.

  • Self-belief and belief on our Creator makes difference. If we have trust on our abilities and perform without the legacy of our past deeds or misdeeds. In the past, we may not have succeeded but trying again with full determination can pull us through.

  • Regrets could prove regressive avoid those. We should always remember that time does not wait for anybody, we have to exert under all circumstances, our regrets for not doing anything will not help us – only our action can.

  • Life is short and time is essential. We should always remember that time and tide waits for none. It goes on if we do not transact our job within time. 


  • Our culture and tradition do impact our thoughts and actions thereto.


  • Health matters for success. For living a purposeful life, we have to be sure that we are in best of our health and wellbeing. If our health is good, we can transact more in our life.

  • Our perspective or outlook or viewpoint in life counts for our success or otherwise. Our perspective counts much for our life.

  • Happiness is the state of our mind and not a race to our destination. As we think we are. There are people who remain running a rat race for success without a thought of what actually they want finally within their lifespan.

  • Live according to your own terms and not according to the terms set by others.

  • Courage to take a risk. At times we are constrained to take the risk in our lives and to succeed with a notion that life is not a bed of roses always. There are some people who wait for appropriate moments for initiating their plan of action but we should always remember that ‘time’ waits for none.














Motivation engenders synergy to do our job in hand with passion

And utilize our inner potentials for transacting any action

When the urge to achieve in us gets immobilized

We are in the hunt for alibis or reasons for not performing

And not taking initiatives which are in fact needed

Which we otherwise can

If we make a sincere beginning

With full yen and inclination at our command.

But alas! Our brain puts on the brakes, the most unexpected

On our initiatives – fearing failure as an excuse of not moving ahead

In the process, makes us inert

Without even making an honest effort!

Motivation means to have impetus to move forward

Without caring for the results which may come in the end

It is an itch to take initial step forward

And make it a habit to act without hindrance thereafter

Thereby caring for the systemic change in us

And become receptive to change to make it a change, so crucial

For which we’ve to make an honest beginning

Which is a key to change for the fulfillment of mundane desires

Then we ought to motivate ourselves to take diet rich in nutrients

Most needed for our sound body

As sound mind dwells in sound body

For realization of our dreams which we fervently espouse

Thus helping us leading a successful life.

With that positive change

And with permanent tag of inspiration attached.

We can take any challenge with resilience

Then even God would be offering His bounties.


Literally, the word motivation means  to have inclination to perform, deep desire or an impulse to put two and two together to come successful and do not get wrapped up in the irrational reasoning’s which may retard our forward movement. With motivation only we can make changes impinging on our day to day functioning. For this to be reality, the first step is to having longing or craving along with guts for making changes –because the changes have huge implication on our The motivation produces synergy to perform our job with utmost passion.


While sitting in the train, deeply immersed in my own thoughts, I observed an old lady entering our compartment with her bag full of lady garments, nail polish bottles, ear rings etc. I was a little surprised as to how she was able to hawk around at her age and health condition. I respectfully asked her to sit down and asked her the reason of her drudgery at this age even when she should be sitting in the comforts of her home. She opened up, she told me that she is 80 years old, her husband died two years back and she had two married daughters who are presently looking after their own homes and hearths. There were two alternatives with her either to sit at home and remain at the mercy of the people around or put an effort to do something and earn her honest living. She adopted the second course and in her effort she continued, initial finance for the purchase of things was money left by her husband. With her earnings, she not only supported herself but also gave some money to her daughters! Is it not a huge dose of motivation for us too who just remain stuck and do not make a beginning for a change and live at the mercy of others. Motivation for change has to spring from our inner self.


There are times when we dilly dally or procrastinate about taking the first step for change. The thought of failure may prevent us taking the first step and become a roadblock in our path in initiation of process of change.  In this way, fear of failure barricades our further efforts and stops us in becoming instrument of change.  


When we are motivated to do something, means we have solid reason for doing it and doing it in such a manner that our efforts meet with success ultimately. For this to be reality, it is essential that we initiate action for a positive change. Right motivation at right moments engenders passion in us to go ahead and perform.

In Bhagwad Gita, it has been enunciated that when the Dhanushdhari  Arjuna was in quandary on seeing his own close relatives arrayed in the opposite camp with Kauravas – with whom he had to fight. He expressed his his disillusionment to Lord Krishana and asked him as to how he could attack with his arrows  the warriors like Bhishma and Guru Drona – both of them were worthy of his worship. Subsequently he declared; ‘I will not fight’. At this juncture, Lord Krishana came to his rescue and provided him necessary motivation to fight. Lord Krishna exhorts  him and advises  that  when the fight is to remove injustice and evil, it is his (Aejuna’s) prime duty to fight,  He also tells him that soul was eternal, therefore, he should  not grieve over the death since after death there is rebirth.  Lord Krishna also warns that by neglecting his duties as a warrior, he would be incurring sin.

that he has to perform his action (Karma as a Kshtriya), and not worry about the consequence of his action. In essence, the purpose of Arjuna’s fighting was  to rid thre society of the evil.


We must have observed in whatever comforts we are placed outside the confines of our household, we have an inner urge to be between our owns – our family, our children. After meeting them, we get a huge satiety which cannot be replicated anywhere on this planet. I can say with full confidence, we shall not wager or exchange this ‘satiety’ with even heaven!

Dr. Mario O. Laplume, MD, MPH, Dr. PH – a prominent doctor and an author of repute on a variety of subjects besides being one of the best human being; has quoted an instance which is worth mentioning. As he met with an accident wherein his family bestowed him a huge dose of motivation in his recovery – to withstand pain and consequently ‘functionality’ of his body completely. Yes, our children are a reservoir of motivation for us. When they are with us, we get inner-peace, contentment of highest order besides our will to recover and live gets boost.


We all are aware that our students have to become responsible members of our society. It should never be forgotten that they have to be the custodians of the country in their respective capacities in a variety of fields, therefore, their proper motivation and grooming during schooling is a must. If they are motivated at the opportune moments, it could make a huge difference. For this to be a reality, it is essential that the parents and teachers play a stellar role and cooperate with each other so that the students get motivation rather than are de-motivated. I saw the gleam on the faces of award winning students today when they were conferred meritorious awards in Guru Nanak Public School, one of the prominent schools of Delhi. I also saw the resolute determination, writ large, on the faces of other students who too would like to be part of that award winning team – the next time! That is the consequence of true motivation.

Contrarily, I was truly saddened by the negative remarks of one of the teachers (of some other school) when a particular student scored 10/10. She sarcastically remarked that he had cheated for getting that score.  All this dismally degrading and discouragingly low remark came about in front of all the students! She overlooked the fact that anybody can put in sincere efforts and make a grade for himself/herself and for that right motivation is of paramount important. Hence the teachers and the parents should be cautious to use their language. One wrong word or phrase thereof could prove to be disastrous for the future growth and development of the students.


While we start doing a thing, willingness to perform should spring from the inner recesses of our mind. That willingness should have a firm stamp both of body and mind.


As we have seen; as you eat, so you become. If we eat healthy food in which all the necessary nutrients are present, it will keep us hale and hearty and our immune system would be fit. On the other hand eating food or munching on an assortment of delicacies available in the market thus adversely impacting our health condition. We should, therefore, motivate ourselves for the diet rich in all needed nutrients so as to keep ourselves healthy. It should aways be remembered sound mind develops in sound body.


If we have a feeling of ‘YES I CAN’ meaning I have the courage to face any hurdle that may come in the way. A feeling that nothing can stop taking further action should spring from our inner self.  Failure feeling cannot stop our further endeavours if we have such a feeling.


We have every reason to procrastinate any activity but sincere efforts, anyhow, can overcome all those reasons and make a start.


When we have to act, we have to, come what may should be our motto. The initiative lies with us, thought of not doing it could impact our standing in the society should never be forgotten. We should, therefore, not become chronic procrastinator.


Our brain is responsible for making our habits. It could offer different excuses for postponing a thing. Now, how to form a habit to kick start our effort to make a habit initially and afterwards it will become a routine to start without any hidden hindrances. Our effort should be to start instantly without the intervention of brain to offer us reasoning.


It should always be kept in mind that once a habit is formed, it is a bit difficult to undo that habit (if it is found that that habit is negative for overall growth of the personality)  without proper motivation either from our teachers/Guru or our parents. Significantly, it is important to understand as to how we go about it depends upon our initiative and will to do so. Here wishful thinking will not do. For example, the habit of procrastination which could be developed very easily but is difficult to leave. 


When we have strong urge to perform something significant, we should have only one choice, just to move on fervently and act. No excuse should come in our way., When change is urgently required, it calls for no alternative but to act on the spur. Our mind is hardwired or automatically to take a particular side, to offer different excuses for not initiating the first step. We have to have total control on our mind and ensure that it does not work at the cross-purposes.


When an honest beginning is initiated then come what may everthings will fall in place. We should always keep in mind the wise words expounded by Bruce Lee: As you think so shall you become. So why not become a part of a change rather erect barriers in our way for the dawn of change to come and change our life – indeed with motivation.

Some thoughts on motivation:-

  • Our mind can make or unmake us. Reining in our mind can spur us to initiate any change in us.
  • The desire for change lies within us only. Searching within for this key could help us for a good beginning.
  • Our resolve can make much difference in our forward movement.
  • Excuses and reasons for not doing a thing are originated in our brain so start a thing just quickly without letting it to erect brakes in our path.
  • Self belief and belief on our Creator makes a huge difference in our efforts and keep us glued to the change we want to have for our upward movement.












































































A most revered of all the relationship

Which complements all other relations

Withstands all sorts of sufferings

Without even a slightest of the whisper.

While taking an early morn stroll

I became a witness to the love of mother of other sorts

So peculiar but wonderful at that

A sparrow collecting the grains

With its beak to be fed to its young ones

A bitch feeding its pups

A squirrel collecting its early morning feed

For its young one, so dear

So that it does not remain without feed

whilst they all had their feed or not?

I really can fathom not!

That is the strangest and most wonderful

Instances of motherliness.

A finely blended analogy with the Mother Earth

On whose surface life of living beings

Are nested all the elements of Nature

Air, water and sun’s energy without any bias to all

Provides succor to all birds and animals aplenty

From its bosom springs the life-giving crops

Which feed us and bestow us energy

Which sustains our life on this planet.

From the time of fertilization of an egg inside the womb

Paying unrelenting attention that it entails

For proper and uninterrupted feed inside the womb

With the observance of precautions in abundance

What to be taken and not to

Smoking and food & drinks having caffeine are taboo

For gestation inside her being

For a period of nine months

Mother mothers it in every way most desirable

Using her head and heart for it all

More use of heart to listen to her growing child needs

Many times forgetting even her own life’s needs indeed!

My mother, the most venerated one

Who has already left for her heavenly abode

I reminisce the days whilst she tended me

Showering all the care that she could extend

Like all other mothers took charge of me head-on

What to feed and when not

With limited recourses at the disposal

She slept on the side

Where bed-spread was moist

But protected me from getting wet

So as to bestow interrupted care and protection as a kid!

Provided me her warmth of the heavenly lap

Cuddled me with her lovely hands

I grew up in her kindest heed

I used to call her ‘BOBO JI’ with love

Brimming with the everlasting love – so Godly indeed.

Gave her rock-solid protection on my day and night

Bereft of any complaint at any point in time.

A smile from me was a blissful gift for her

My cries used to fill her heart with the deepest agony

Calming of her heartaches came

When my sobbing came to an end finally

Childish prattle of mine amused her immensely

Whilst I crawled and learned to walk

Or talk first incoherently

She felt herself on the ‘seventh-heaven, factually.

Once I was down with the severest fever

I almost was in the coma for days

Medical help could hardly make any difference

Everyone in the family knew

Her sincere prayers came to my rescue.

Then came the time of my schooling

I was a reluctant customer, a shirker – for going to school

My mom knew how best to handle me in this too!

Cajoled me with eatables as the enticement or bait when required

Reprimanded me sternly whence its necessity was felt

As though she knew when a particular dose to be administered

For drawing out the ills & putting the best traits

School and then college went on smoothly under her supervision

Worth mentioning, she was not well-read, so to say

But knew all fine-points of life and how to live it with sincerity!

She exhorted me to face the facts of life squarely

Only weak-willed ones flee when confronted with difficulty.

I felt her omnipresence whenever some of my chums offered any allurement

Desisted from any of these fearing, in the bargain, matching punishment

From my mom who could read my face and mind with ease

Telling lies with her never succeeded

Telling truth and get pardoned was only way out.

Thence I got my employment

Far away from my loving mother and lovely home

A home (not house) which did not have mmany material comforts

But was brimming with love and care for everyone.


I used to visit my mom only once on weekends

Once on a visit to home – reached late at night

To my utter dismay and consequent pain

She was down with cold and fever

This had taken the toll on her health despite medicare

There were others in the home to care for her

In the morn the next day

While the Sun rose from the eastern horizon

She intended to take breakfast in the sun – outside on the cot

After light b’fast, she desired to keep her head in my lap!

How fortunate I had been I thanked my God

The one who had provided warmth to me in her heavenly lap

Wanted to keep her head in my lap

Having done thus she felt completely relaxed

As though bidding her final farewell

This peaceful act was not an ordinary one

It was an eternal peace – so solemn

A final adieu from her to us all!


My honest confession, all the traits  in me are due to my loving mother

All negativisms are earned by me from my own mistakes

Although she is mixed with (Five Gross physical elements) PANCH BHUTAS

Yet she resides in my heart for good

And guides me when hugely required.




The Mother, truthfully, is one of the noblest relationships who understands her offspring because she is graced with soft emotions which could attract even the person with brute mentality thus could have far-reaching influence.

It is a gospel truth that in the household husband is the head and the mother the heart and when head and heart combine they make the huge difference both to the children and the home as a whole. Eternal peace and tranquility in the household happen when emotions of the heart are respected by all in the family. All the important decisions which have far-reaching implications for the future of the children should be taken with an active participation of mother and father. By so doing, not only the natural say of the mother will be respected but also there would be peace and harmony in the household. The training in value system imparted by the mother remains with us throughout our life.

HOLY BIBLE mentions about mothers: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

It should never be forgotten that mother provides the first lesson to her child – what to be done and what to be shunned. This first lesson is the foundation on which the edifice of future education of the child is built. Profuse praise of the child along with necessary punishment commensurate with fault will do a lot of good to the child.

There are many mothers who are not adequately educated but they understand their children better because they use their instinct rather than knowledge. Mere rebuking children will not do – a soft approach can deliver much. If nothing works then a pep-talk on the need of education by the mother can also do wonders. If this also does not work then the help of the experts in the field could be attained. This should be done after a thorough research. The purpose is to follow all norms which may help the child in acquiring knowledge besides character building.

SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB says: A mother does not keep note of the transgressions of her son. O God, I am Your son. Why don’t You destroy my sins?

The mother should keep track of following aspects in mind in order to know and adopt remedial measures /take corrective steps for child’s improvement:-

  • The company the child is following while schooling. It should be done with discretion without letting the child know.
  • The progress of the child to be recorded. The mother should keep a tab of the child’s progress in all fields : Progress on: health, education, mixing with other children, respect for all, curbing egoistic tendencies (words or sentences usage like I did it, it is due to me, my contribution made it possible etc), how to face diverse situation with courage, infusing feeling of commitment, spiritual bent of mind, games and sports, positive habit building, learning to obey the orders of elders including teachers etc.

Holy Quran enunciates: We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth.

  • Best use of internet facilities. Whenever a child is sitting on the computer, the mother should monitor as to what the child is browsing. Corrective steps to be initiated if the child is lead astray.
  • How best to keep a healthy balance between the household chores and the monitoring child’s progress.
  • Sometimes what is learned has to be unlearned. Here care and caution are required.
  • Kindle a spirit of understanding and respecting others’ privacy in the child.
  • Appropriate appreciation and punishment whenever required should be made for growth of the child.

Finally, from the above, it is evident that to look after a child is a whole-time job. If quality time is not given by the mother, the child may be lead astray and lose the moorings for a healthy and upward march in life and a MOTHER knows it all.

An important note: excessive indulgence (mou Mamta) by the mother can also spoil the balanced development in the child. Meaning, if a mother sweeps the mistakes of the child under the carpet then, sure enough, the child will grow up to be a spoilt one. So an objective approach is: admonishing when required and shower love, when called for, will do a lot of good for the all-round development of the child.

IN MAHABHARTA BHISHMA said: The mother is the panacea for all kinds of calamities. The existence of the mother invests one with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection.

  • The mother’s love is all-encompassing.
  • The mother teaches us the first lesson in the value system.
  • The mother ‘s graces save us from all the ill-omens.
  • The mother is the embodiment of suffering.
  • The mother mothers us when we are not able to do anything on our own.
  • The mother gives us what other relations cannot.
  • We are part and parcel of our mother.
  • Those who forsake their mother at her old age are not forgiven by Creator.





The Karma is the Sanskrit word meaning action or a deed or endeavour to transact some job. The Karma is the nature of the matter in physical and psychological forms – related to cause and effect. Even mental vibrations, words thought about or words of the mouth or putting that thought into practice will fetch us Karam Phal (Fruits of action).


The origin of Karma starts functioning from the time the thought originates for an action to be transacted – meaning when our mind and its five senses take over. Those who are having control over their mind and senses are not overly affected by the Karmic deeds. On the other hand, if we see something alluring or hear something which changes our stance, we are under the influence of the external temptation or attraction or allurement then Karma starts functioning. Anything done for a temporary/transient pleasure will add to our  Karmic debt. Not merely putting into the thought into practice, even a the slightest thinking or a slightest vibration of our mind about a thing will earn us Karmic injunction. Those who lead dual lives – outwardly showcasing that they are compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and all the good traits put together but if you come to know about the hidden part of their demeanors or Kukarma, you will come to grief.


Essentially, it is important to deduce that while transacting multifarious duties or responsibilities, we are under the spell of Karma. We cannot escape from Karma. If action is there, its reaction will surely be there. The positive oriented actions will result in positive results and vice versa. When we perform our duties assigned without attaching with the fruits of our activities while we are performing our duties. Bhagwat Gita’s has very clearly mentioned that we should perform our duties without attaching to the results of our duties.


Nobody can remain ineffective from Karma Phals (fruits of action). Even the Gods could not escape from their Karma Phals. Lord Vishnu, in His ten Avtaras {Matsya, The Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, Balarama and Kalki (it would be after the end of Kali Yuga)} removed evil that pervaded in the society during different Yugas but we know how much He suffered in the Avatars of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This goes to show that even the Gods could not be oblivious of Karm Phalas – which are based on Nature Laws.


Whatever action we transact in this life, we cannot remain ineffective of its results, we enjoy the results of good Karmic deeds and are constrained to suffer the pangs of Kukarmas (Bad Karmic deeds). Karma Phalas are not transferable. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite. The misplaced criticism will bring us bad results. Praising somebody for a job well done will fetch us good Karma Phals. But if we to resort to appreciation where it is not due but want to placate somebody’s ego, then that appreciation will bring us negative Karma Phalas.

Every transaction involving Karmic action has its cause and effect thereof. But the unseen effect of the past Karma depends on the faith, belief, and social norms etc. It is the truth of belief and not the truth of fact or reality.


We are aware that telling lies is a negative trait and attracts Karmic Debt for us if we resort to telling lies. With a condition, when telling lie results in some good outcome. It is fact that we should always be truthful as it is a positive trait and attracts KARMIC CREDIT for us. But there are occasions and situations or conditions under which telling lies becomes the necessity so as to uphold truth, to establish social equilibrium or to prevent a situation to take an ugly turn.

There is a story of a ferocious looking butcher (with his sharp knife) was running after a cow to be butchered. The cow was running for her life. Then after some time the path bifurcated/split into two. He felt non-plus and could not comprehend as to which path he should take so as to locate his prey. He saw a bystander and asked him the direction the cow had taken. The person concerned thought for a while – if he told the truth, the butcher will catch up with the cow and kill her but if he told a lie when he could save a life. He decided to tell a lie in order to save a life. Thus, sometimes if a lie is to be spoken to save a life then be it. It will earn us KARMIC CREDIT.

Then there are occasions when we have to tell a lie in order to prevent social situation to take an ugly turn or a soldier will not disclose the location of his forces to others in order to safeguard the national interest. In these cases, the person(s) concerned will not earn for themselves KARMIC DEBTS.


By performing our Karma without expectation (NISHKAMA KARMA) if our action is free from any conditioning or judgment of any kind by our mind. It is attuned to the truth based on sound facts. This way we would be candidates for Karmic Credit or highest order. Fulfilling others’ needs, looking after the hapless ones come in this category. This is a Nishkarma; action without any expectation, for which we shall be graced by our Creator.


There are derogative Karmas (Nishedh). These are indulgence in abusing others, having ill-will for others, rancor, ill-conceived notions, backbiting, indulgence in crime or sin, even the thought of taking our life comes in the category of KUKARMA (provocation may be any). Kukarmas lead to increase our KARMIC DEBT and depletes our KARMIC CREDIT account. This doer of Karma of this nature cannot escape its pangs.

It should always be remembered that our thoughts and actions carry the tags of KARMIC DEEDS and KARMIC MISDEEDS. Sometimes we think that we can escape from unethical or immoral actions of ours if we are not caught! No, we cannot since if others are not knowing but we as doers know our misdeeds and that is sufficient to attract punishment.


There is Karma which upgrades our Soul (Atma) and takes us to a higher plane. These are performing our assigned duties sincerely and with a singleness of purpose. Then there are obligatory Karmas which are based on our family traditions based purely on our Varnas too. By so doing, we can not only get Karmic credit but also wash our old Karmic debt.

It should never be forgotten that when we fulfill the needs of those children or needy and hapless individuals, who have suffered at the hands of cruel and sinful persons, we are actually fulfilling God’s intended purpose of our life. This positive action or good Karmic deed will always be rewarded by our Creator.

In the Holy Bible it has been enunciated: Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.


While doing something, we have to first introspect what we want to do and what would be its consequence. What is done after understanding it brings about positive results? By so doing, we can channelize our energies in positive pursuits with positive end results. Turning inwards gives us the opportunity to utilize our inner potentials and seek permanent pleasures. Let’s make it a permanent habit to transact everything in our lives after due consideration – sieving good from the mixture of good and bad.


The absolute silence of the mind is the only option when we close all incoming and outgoing thoughts. This is only possible when we have control over our mind and senses thereto.


When we perform our duties without attachment to the fruits of our action, forgiving and forgetting, repentance, meditation, detachment, meditation/prayer, NAAM, non-violence etc then slowly but sure we can wash off the stains of our negative karma or Kukarma. By following all these, a Yogi could reach to a detached state with higher Karmic energy. It is a state of timelessness when life comes to standstill. When we travel from one state to other till we get totally awakened.  The Karma effect ceases after we have attained the highest state of mind.

The easiest outlet for this is by self-knowledge or being self-conscious or being self-aware or self-realized to know our innate energies and weak areas and make efforts to remove the weak areas so as to wash off the Karmic debts.

Our Karmas could be washed away by being truthful/righteous, leading a virtuous life, leading a life of non-violence, being compassionate and leading a life which could be helpful to the living being. One of the best methods of washing our present Karma debt is by disciplining our mind and its functioning.

Then performing our moral, religious function, performing and supporting Universal Dharma purify our body, mind, and soul leading to our Moksha or Liberation from births and deaths.

Whatever we do which establishes our connectivity with higher forces brings about permanent joy to us should always be remembered by us.


Our past Karam Phals could be made ineffective by performing our Karmic deeds in sync with Laws of Nature and also through sincere prayers and meditation.


Our Karma and the result of those Karmas (Karama Phalas) are transmigrated from the previous births. Whatever we have done in the past based on our beliefs, faiths and social norms is transmitted to us presently but it depends on the nature of relationships, motivations, intention, expectation, action and their outcomes. Karma is an action by self and we have to enjoy good Karmic deeds and suffer the pangs of the Kukarmas.


When we transact anything without any expectation from others, it is termed as Nishkama Karma. It is doing our duties without attaching ourselves with the results of our actions. But detachment hardly means that we do not function at all. It is merely liberating from the bondage of attachment. It is liberating from desires or Kama effect. Here Nishkama Karma conquers all the bondage of desires which are there in our system.

It is a Karma as per Divine Plan which transcends all the Karmic deeds that we transact in our daily lives. We do it with detached attachment with the duty only and not remain attached to the results.

  • The absolute silence of mind is a must. It could be by reigning in our mind and senses thereto. When the key to our mind and the senses is in our hand, we can ensure an absolute silence.


  • Karma is not based on pre-conceived notions.


  • How others treat you is in accordance with your Karma and how you treat others would be based your Karma.


  • Laws of Karma do not forget for anybody’s deeds/actions.


  • We cannot escape from Karma, you like it or not.


  • External allurements can spike our Karmic Debt.


  • Anything done prejudicial to the social cause brings about Karmic reaction.


  • Performing out duties without thinking about the results (Phala) will bring us satisfaction and balance in our life.


  • To be truthful is very nice. It will earn us KARMIC PHALAS but if and when, of necessity, we are constrained to tell a lie in order to prevent a social situation to take an ugly turn then that ‘lie’ becomes a uniting factor. This ‘lie’ earn for us kudos socially but justly social acceptability and hence KARMIC CREDIT points.




While passing through the marketplace, there was a commission there. On inquiry, I came to know that one person, on a motorbike had snatched the bag from a lady while she was waiting for a cab. The bag contained cash, jewelry, mobile and important documents. Although the first information report was lodged with the police yet the poor lady was hugely saddened since the snatcher had taken away her hard-earned possessions. Can such snatched ‘possessions’ used for any venture can deliver good results!! No, not at all!!

Essentially, everybody is aware, nobody can remain happy by making others unhappy by duping, fleecing, by looting others by the brutal method, by adopting shady deals. If the wealth got through corrupt practices is put to use for daily living, for the education of the offspring including sustenance of the family by the offender/sinner/criminal then can the result be appropriate? No, not at all!! As we eat, so we become and the methods we adopt in earning our living impacts. Honest earning leads to happiness and a dishonest one to unhappiness ultimately.  The Way we earn our living counts much – honest earnings leads to happiness and dishonest one leads to unhappiness ultimately. 

Our unhappiness is increasing because of following reasons:-

  1. The sincere earnings bring us good dividends. If we adopt irrational, immoral and unethical methods of eking our living then we cannot be happy at all since this will not only impact us psychologically but will have social implications too since we shall be dubbed as the anti-social person. Besides, it could attract imprisonment too, caught by the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, honest earning makes us happy and vice versa.
  1. Right Karma brings us happiness and wrong karma unhappiness. We know the percept, as we sow so shall we reap. If we sow the seeds of thorns, we shall get thorns as the crops only not as roses.
  1. We are not satisfied with what we possess it may be due to material possessions or any other wants. We want more. It may be power and pelf or position in the society. When we do not have that position, we get disappointed. In the olden times, people were satisfied with what they had and knew how to remain satiated.
  1. Comparison malaise. Nowadays, more often than not, tend to compare ourselves with others. If our friend has a superior vintage car, we also want that or even superior to that. In that quest, we lose mental balance and hence feel unhappy. This comparison malady could be for anything under the son.
  1. Non-spiritual orientation. It has been observed that people, in general, are less spiritual now than they used to be in the past. People used to work and kept everything on God – on destiny but now it is not so. Now they have become more practical and less God oriented which makes then more unhappy.
  1. Home pressures. As we have a variety of pressures at home, like financial stringency, health needs of self and family members, educational needs of the offspring and top it all the increase in the variety of needs of the family members and when we are unable to comply with them, we feel disappointed.
  1. Workplace pressures. It has been observed that due to more competition for the job to be acquired, and when it is acquired, it is incumbent upon us to remain updated so far as work efficiency or professional efficacy is concerned. When our targets are not met in the office, then, we feel very low and hence unhappy under the circumstances.
  1. Health hazards. When we are feeling pressure from home and workplace, we are impacted physically and mentally as stress and strain can bring us in its wake diseases like blood pressure (hypertension) along with immunity-related maladies.
  1. Not living according to the Natural Laws. In the olden days, our forefathers used to live in the lap of nature and hence they used to get everything according to the LAWS OF NATURE and were leading a life full of satiety with what they had and lived a carefree life. That life was in sync with the NORMAL LAWS too. Therefore a happy life too – more patience, more tolerance, more reliance on each other.
  1. Love missing in our lives. In our day to day lives, true love which is all-encompassing is missing. It is missing in the family lives even. That is why more marriages are breaking.
  1. Negatively oriented life. We are not inclined towards positive orientation in our life. When something untoward happens, we go off the tangents and want to react on a sliest of pretexts. We only need a small excuse to pick up quarrel hence we earn for ourselves unhappiness in return.
  • Forgetting and Forgiving missing. It has been observed that being reactionary on anything and everything under the sun, we tend to keep every untoward incident in our mind for future to take cudgels.

It should never be forgotten that our today actions or inactions (KARMIC DEEDS OR MISDEEDS) impact our future, therefore, our future will be what we to today.

We are unhappy because of:-

  • When we are not able to get what we want despite our best and sincerest efforts.
  • When somebody leaves us in a lurch, just forgetting all the good deeds we had done for that fellow.
  • Due to character assassination by others wrongly.
  • When the parents are not looked after by their own offspring when they need them dearly they not only feel let down but also depressed.
  • When our sincere hard work does not pay adequate dividends.
  • When we are blamed irrationally; for no fault of our own.
  • When people lower the modesty of others unnecessary.
  • When our own relatives dupe us.
  • When some of us do not change their egocentric tendencies.
  • No one can be happy by making others unhappy.

What are the grudges that we generate in our life and how best we can lead a happy life? (As asked by someone).

What are the grudges that we generate in our life and how best we can lead a happy life? (As asked by someone).

It should always be remembered that in life, ups and downs are always there. If experience is any guide, I can say with certainty that difficult moments teach us more lessons than the appropriate situations. Need is to remain positive despite hurdles with the idea; ‘this will also pass’ as nothing remains stuck. Also, we should have belief that ‘time is a great healer’. Day follows night and then day, nothing remains static. Remaining cool even in seething temperature is the only way out.

As far as grudge free life is concerned, it should always be kept in mind that if you keep grudges in your mind-slate, it will give pain. This pain will never let us have sound sleep. These grudges will remain pestering us and will retard our developmental story in any field of activity,


Grudges are nudges between the individuals, so raucous  

Or group of individuals not agreeing on certain thought processes

Which keep us wrapped-up in controversies so unnecessary

And won’t let us have freedom to wriggle out of these

Thus keeping us in the cocoon or shell of our own creation

And prevent us enjoying the Nature which beckons us

To come to her lap

And enjoy her bounties – in abundance

But we are always busy in our world of our own making

Suffusing with ill-will and bitterness so seething

Cycle of action and reaction thereto continues unabated

Through our own thoughts and actions

Creating more animosities amongst us

This bitterness turns into resentment ultimately

Of highest proportion we can ever imagine

Making us immobile or mutes like inanimate things  

A feeling which is the mother of disagreement

Between the people of all hues

Attacks our relationship with its negative germs

Never letting people to integrate

Till the seed of grudge remains sprouting in our mind so infertile

And does not allow us to think and act freely

Grudges give birth to negativity

Which retard further movement of our life’s development story

And comes in our way to take life

Head – on with confidence and with flamboyant style.

So, grudges should be buried

Deep in the earth’s bosom

So that these negative traits so very harmful

 Should never make a chance visit to us and spoil our day.

Now coming to ‘happy life’; when we are happy, we have the following feelings in our life:-

  • Lead a spiritual oriented life. Spiritual orientation in life means we remain doing our duties with sincerity, honestly and with positive frame of mind. We do not do anything which may harm others while following your own religious belief. In other words, we remain positive in our thoughts and Karmic action and leave the results of our action to God. If you have performed well, results will always be good. Just be detached from the fruits of your action. This way, most of your problems will evaporate in the thin air.
  • Satisfied with what we have. We are happy when we are satisfied with what we possess. It is not that you should not have higher aspirations. Yes you should and should work sincerely for that but it should not be be-all-and-end-all if the outcome is not in your favour.
  • Whatever happens happens for our good and what will not happen will also be good for us. It should be our motto, to have the idea that in the scheme of things what is happening should be taken as good for and what will not happen for us, means it is not destined for us. Bhagwad Gita proclaims thus and should always be kept in mind.
  • Limited needs. If we have limited needs, these needs could be made good easily and without any stress and strain but when we have astronomical needs which cannot be fulfilled with the resources we are having then it would be a source of anxiety for us and this way we cannot be ever happy.
  • No comparison. We should never ever compare ourselves with other as far as worldly possessions are concerned. It should never be forgotten that our economic status and other considerations are different and we should always remain sticking – not that we should not make honest and sincere efforts in enhancing our potentials for deliverables and then adjust accordingly.
  • Acceptance for the thing you cannot change. When we have attained a level in career ladder or in status, we should not have grudge. Change is the Mantra we can have with our sincere efforts, but if it does not happen, we should not create physiological and psychological related stresses and strains. This way, we shall be putting nails on our own coffin – hard words yet it is true.
  • There is a balance in our life. When we have no grudges or regrets towards anyone, we lead a balance life full of eternal joy in both joy and sorrow.

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Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).

Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).



Life is very precious to us

It need not be wasted

Because of this life of ours

Has been bestowed by our Creator

With a lot of expectations

That during this life

 Granted to the person concerned

Has a definitive purpose

And that is to perform

His/her duty with utmost sincerity

Without attaching to the fruits of action

During that period we are endowed.

During this period granted to us

We’ve to remain within the confines

Of emotional balance

When our emotions go berserk

And we want to cut short our lives

When facing some hardships

And want to down our own life’s ship

With a torpedo of our own making

Of which we’ve got no right at all to take

A precious gift without any doubt

Provided to us by our deity – the dearest One.


The reason for dying may be any but to commit suicide is not right according to the law of land, ethically and morally. Committing suicide means that you do not want to face the vicissitudes or ups and downs of life. Those who cannot face the lows and highs of life do not know the purpose of life here on this planet. It should be kept in mind that everybody has problems, some has health-related problems, some have relationship related problems, some have financial related problems and still, there are the ones who have psychological problems. Be that as it may, even a thought of ending one’s life is offensive and result of negative thought process and will impact our present-day thinking and if saved or attempt fails then it entails punishment as per the Laws of the Land.


You should never forget that what we are presented is due to our Karmic deeds or misdeed. It should never be forgotten that we are here on this planet for some purpose – the purpose is to undo Karmic debt we have created for ourselves by leading a negative oriented life – rather than cribbing when facing difficult situations, just face them head-on. If you want to die, then die for a cause for which you will be remembered.


Remember always; who does not have difficult situations? Without exception, everybody has some problem or the other. If one is financial sound, may not have the sound health to enjoy everything available, if a fellow has excellent comforts may not have sound sleep, if one has a palatial house but nobody to live with us, if we have the good educational background but no employment due to one reason or other. Then what?


I had and still have an active life at my age, whenever some negative thing happens, I turn my back to this negative emotion and try keeping it in the back-burner of my mind and after a period of time, I forget to remember what problem I had.


This should also be remembered that even Lord Vishnu’s Incarnations of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had difficulties when they had their sojourn on this earth. Lord Rama was constrained to go to 14 years exile and subsequent death of his father Dharashtha and further abduction of Sita Maa by Demon King Ravana. Lord Krishna had to leave his home and hearth; Mathura/Vrindavan where he spent his childhood days in Dwarka. How much emotional perturbation the people of Nand Nagri and other places had when he left there. If the incarnations of Lord Vishnu could face worst situations and came out unscathed then why not us humans.


Further, dying is no solution to anything. If one commits suicide; and I think you may be believing in on rebirth – then on your re-birth after committing suicide, you will have the same sort of life in next birth too as you have to carry your KARMIC DEEDS and MISDEEDS to your next birth. Then why to even think of finishing our life? Face the life here itself. Have positive orientation in life and be with it.


I think the biggest reason for continuing your life is to face the situation as you are placed thereby convert your negative Karma into positive ones. Maybe God will come to your succour and you will have it all what you want here in this life itself.

Believe in GOD and believe in yourself, there is always a way out.