Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).

Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).



Life is very precious to us

It need not be wasted

Because of this life of ours

Has been bestowed by our Creator

With a lot of expectations

That during this life

 Granted to the person concerned

Has a definitive purpose

And that is to perform

His/her duty with utmost sincerity

Without attaching to the fruits of action

During that period we are endowed.

During this period granted to us

We’ve to remain within the confines

Of emotional balance

When our emotions go berserk

And we want to cut short our lives

When facing some hardships

And want to down our own life’s ship

With a torpedo of our own making

Of which we’ve got no right at all to take

A precious gift without any doubt

Provided to us by our deity – the dearest One.


The reason for dying may be any but to commit suicide is not right according to the law of land, ethically and morally. Committing suicide means that you do not want to face the vicissitudes or ups and downs of life. Those who cannot face the lows and highs of life do not know the purpose of life here on this planet. It should be kept in mind that everybody has problems, some has health-related problems, some have relationship related problems, some have financial related problems and still, there are the ones who have psychological problems. Be that as it may, even a thought of ending one’s life is offensive and result of negative thought process and will impact our present-day thinking and if saved or attempt fails then it entails punishment as per the Laws of the Land.


You should never forget that what we are presented is due to our Karmic deeds or misdeed. It should never be forgotten that we are here on this planet for some purpose – the purpose is to undo Karmic debt we have created for ourselves by leading a negative oriented life – rather than cribbing when facing difficult situations, just face them head-on. If you want to die, then die for a cause for which you will be remembered.


Remember always; who does not have difficult situations? Without exception, everybody has some problem or the other. If one is financial sound, may not have the sound health to enjoy everything available, if a fellow has excellent comforts may not have sound sleep, if one has a palatial house but nobody to live with us, if we have the good educational background but no employment due to one reason or other. Then what?


I had and still have an active life at my age, whenever some negative thing happens, I turn my back to this negative emotion and try keeping it in the back-burner of my mind and after a period of time, I forget to remember what problem I had.


This should also be remembered that even Lord Vishnu’s Incarnations of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had difficulties when they had their sojourn on this earth. Lord Rama was constrained to go to 14 years exile and subsequent death of his father Dharashtha and further abduction of Sita Maa by Demon King Ravana. Lord Krishna had to leave his home and hearth; Mathura/Vrindavan where he spent his childhood days in Dwarka. How much emotional perturbation the people of Nand Nagri and other places had when he left there. If the incarnations of Lord Vishnu could face worst situations and came out unscathed then why not us humans.


Further, dying is no solution to anything. If one commits suicide; and I think you may be believing in on rebirth – then on your re-birth after committing suicide, you will have the same sort of life in next birth too as you have to carry your KARMIC DEEDS and MISDEEDS to your next birth. Then why to even think of finishing our life? Face the life here itself. Have positive orientation in life and be with it.


I think the biggest reason for continuing your life is to face the situation as you are placed thereby convert your negative Karma into positive ones. Maybe God will come to your succour and you will have it all what you want here in this life itself.

Believe in GOD and believe in yourself, there is always a way out.





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17 thoughts on “Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).”

  1. This life of ours is very precious and has a specific purpose. We should not waste it whenever we feel to do so. The purpose of our life is to perform our duty with utmost sincerity and seek connectivity with our God. Regards

    1. Wisely said sir. Thanks for appraising the blog and giving your comments. Ups and downs are always there in our life but moot point is how we act while facing downs.


    1. My profuse thanks for re-blogging. I have also penned down another blog on SUICIDE, its causes for different age group along with suggested remedial measures. Do appraise.

  2. I respectfully disagree. Suicidal tendencies are due to our past Trauma, not Karma. Also usually a chemical imbalance in the neurotransmitters of the brain. Negative thoughts should NOT be kept at the back-burner of our mind. They should be brought to the light of day, promptly with a friend/family and professional. If left in the dark, they proliferate.

    “Suicide is NO solution of any problem.” Of this, we can wholeheartedly agree upon.

    1. I am really very thankful to you for your very valuable commentary on suicide. In fact past unsuitable happening or entirely inappropriate action or deed which leaves a scar or traumatic conditions on our mind and when we do not seek any remedial solutions; counselling etc then that innate pain may be unbearable and result in this last resort for the individual concerned.

      Now coming to KARMA means our actions or deeds – what some call ‘inappropriate action’ I call inappropriate KARMA’. Here KARMA and ACTIONS are same and have the same connotation. Some may say AS ONE ACTS, SO HE/SHE GETS. It could be termed in KARMIC sense: As we do our KARMA, so we get. But KARMIC thought process starts from the origin of a thought, then subsequently that thought is put to practical use which is KARMIC DEED or KARMIC MISDEED – as the case may be. Misdeeds always leave its tell tail signs on our psyche and hence impacts our day to day thinking and action thereto.

      I take this opportunity of thanking you for giving your point of view.

      I shall be writing a write-up on KARMA next week. Kindly appraise the same and comment. I love your comments because comments give us opportunity to learn something afresh/add know-how.


      1. Your post was of interest to me, being the survivor of childhood incest, and having made a suicide attempt as a teenager. I studied world relations at a rudimentary level in college but I was raised Catholic.

        With your said explanation and above definition of Karma as such, I still have difficulty accepting a misdeed occurred somewhere earlier in time and now I am paying for it. One must subscribe to said premise of reincarnation itself, yes?

        I think a future post on Karma, which would further elucidate could be helpful to all. Especially those like myself, seeking healing on our spiritual journey.

        Blessings to you.

      2. Thanks a lot for your commentary. The revelation of your past life is really an eye opening. I salute your patience and staying instinct despite all the ups and downs during your lifetime.

        Our Lord may bestow you strength and fortitude for living a purposeful life.

        I am of firm conviction that God would be very kind to you hereinafter since with ‘time’ everything changes. Our KARMIC DEBTcould be changed to KARMIC CREDIT by our positive actions.

        Do appraise the KARMA blog and I am sure you will like that.

      3. I have dedicated my life to human services and working with other children who have gone through similar horrors, to be a light in a darkness. To tell them there is hope for their future and they can be whatever they want to be with diligence and hard work.

      4. Ma,am, in my write-up, you can see how much helping the needy could help us – the ones who are helped give us good wishes and God graces us with bounties which enhance the credit of our good deeds – which help us not only while we are living but also would be helpful on the JUDGEMENT DAY,

        With regards,


  3. Apologies, my comment should have said that I studied world “religions”in college,

    1. Ma’am, I am really impressed by the human services you are rendering for the children. This I shall call it KARMIC CREDIT, which we carry when we leave this body here on this planet. The purpose of our life is to be compassionate to the downtrodden and the hapless lots who have been left to the elements (both man-made and natural) by our societies.

      I am sanguine, God will bestow you maximum satiety and fulfilment, for this humane job which you are rendering. It should be kept in mind nothing goes with us except our good work done for the needy and the people for whom you are doing something, will ever be thankful to you and on the JUDGEMENT day, this revelation will come to the fore.

      We should not remember what happened in the past, but we should remember what lessons we have learned from the past experiences; forget the saddening ones after forgiving those who did any harm to us and lead a life with clean slate as TODAY is what is counted. Past has no relevance at the present moment. Our future will depend on what we transact today.

      With regards,


    1. Ma’am just posting the post on KARMA. Wherein so ever KARMA is mentioned, if you replace it with ACTION – good or bad you will get the same meaning. We humans may be of any religion or of any society or any country are essentially having the same SOURCE our dear ONE CREATOR. Rest all the dividing lines are of our own creation.

      With regards,


      With regards,


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