While passing through the marketplace, there was a commission there. On inquiry, I came to know that one person, on a motorbike had snatched the bag from a lady while she was waiting for a cab. The bag contained cash, jewelry, mobile and important documents. Although the first information report was lodged with the police yet the poor lady was hugely saddened since the snatcher had taken away her hard-earned possessions. Can such snatched ‘possessions’ used for any venture can deliver good results!! No, not at all!!

Essentially, everybody is aware, nobody can remain happy by making others unhappy by duping, fleecing, by looting others by the brutal method, by adopting shady deals. If the wealth got through corrupt practices is put to use for daily living, for the education of the offspring including sustenance of the family by the offender/sinner/criminal then can the result be appropriate? No, not at all!! As we eat, so we become and the methods we adopt in earning our living impacts. Honest earning leads to happiness and a dishonest one to unhappiness ultimately.  The Way we earn our living counts much – honest earnings leads to happiness and dishonest one leads to unhappiness ultimately. 

Our unhappiness is increasing because of following reasons:-

  1. The sincere earnings bring us good dividends. If we adopt irrational, immoral and unethical methods of eking our living then we cannot be happy at all since this will not only impact us psychologically but will have social implications too since we shall be dubbed as the anti-social person. Besides, it could attract imprisonment too, caught by the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, honest earning makes us happy and vice versa.
  1. Right Karma brings us happiness and wrong karma unhappiness. We know the percept, as we sow so shall we reap. If we sow the seeds of thorns, we shall get thorns as the crops only not as roses.
  1. We are not satisfied with what we possess it may be due to material possessions or any other wants. We want more. It may be power and pelf or position in the society. When we do not have that position, we get disappointed. In the olden times, people were satisfied with what they had and knew how to remain satiated.
  1. Comparison malaise. Nowadays, more often than not, tend to compare ourselves with others. If our friend has a superior vintage car, we also want that or even superior to that. In that quest, we lose mental balance and hence feel unhappy. This comparison malady could be for anything under the son.
  1. Non-spiritual orientation. It has been observed that people, in general, are less spiritual now than they used to be in the past. People used to work and kept everything on God – on destiny but now it is not so. Now they have become more practical and less God oriented which makes then more unhappy.
  1. Home pressures. As we have a variety of pressures at home, like financial stringency, health needs of self and family members, educational needs of the offspring and top it all the increase in the variety of needs of the family members and when we are unable to comply with them, we feel disappointed.
  1. Workplace pressures. It has been observed that due to more competition for the job to be acquired, and when it is acquired, it is incumbent upon us to remain updated so far as work efficiency or professional efficacy is concerned. When our targets are not met in the office, then, we feel very low and hence unhappy under the circumstances.
  1. Health hazards. When we are feeling pressure from home and workplace, we are impacted physically and mentally as stress and strain can bring us in its wake diseases like blood pressure (hypertension) along with immunity-related maladies.
  1. Not living according to the Natural Laws. In the olden days, our forefathers used to live in the lap of nature and hence they used to get everything according to the LAWS OF NATURE and were leading a life full of satiety with what they had and lived a carefree life. That life was in sync with the NORMAL LAWS too. Therefore a happy life too – more patience, more tolerance, more reliance on each other.
  1. Love missing in our lives. In our day to day lives, true love which is all-encompassing is missing. It is missing in the family lives even. That is why more marriages are breaking.
  1. Negatively oriented life. We are not inclined towards positive orientation in our life. When something untoward happens, we go off the tangents and want to react on a sliest of pretexts. We only need a small excuse to pick up quarrel hence we earn for ourselves unhappiness in return.
  • Forgetting and Forgiving missing. It has been observed that being reactionary on anything and everything under the sun, we tend to keep every untoward incident in our mind for future to take cudgels.

It should never be forgotten that our today actions or inactions (KARMIC DEEDS OR MISDEEDS) impact our future, therefore, our future will be what we to today.

We are unhappy because of:-

  • When we are not able to get what we want despite our best and sincerest efforts.
  • When somebody leaves us in a lurch, just forgetting all the good deeds we had done for that fellow.
  • Due to character assassination by others wrongly.
  • When the parents are not looked after by their own offspring when they need them dearly they not only feel let down but also depressed.
  • When our sincere hard work does not pay adequate dividends.
  • When we are blamed irrationally; for no fault of our own.
  • When people lower the modesty of others unnecessary.
  • When our own relatives dupe us.
  • When some of us do not change their egocentric tendencies.
  • No one can be happy by making others unhappy.

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5 thoughts on “ON OUR UNHAPPINESS”

  1. There are some of us who due to their omissions and commissions make others unhappy. Our efforts should be to not to do anything immoral or unethical in order to make other unhappy.

    I request you to appraise the blog and comment. I love your comments.



  2. Good morning and Happy Sunday my spiritual friend across the oceans. This is a very interesting article, which I just scrolled down without reading it properly. You see, there far too many good football matches today, including the star-studded Real Madrid-Barcelona, and we can’t miss any of them. I promise to sit down in the morning to duly read and comment it. A big hug. A posto!


      Dr. Sahib, it goes to show, we all are made in the mold of our parents. We are what our parents teach us in the initial state of our upbringing. While we see our parents sweat for us and earn their honest living, it earn for them KARMIC CREDIT and this credit helps their offspring. We exemplify our parents since we follow them in every way possible.

      Sure enough, your commentary is worth appreciation.



  3. Dr. Sahib: very good morning to you too along with a warm hug.

    When I saw your comment, I my happiness was obviously boundless. Whenever you find convenient, kindly comment. Not only this article but also 2 – 3 the earlier ones too of which I have not received your comments. Your comments have special significance for me really.



  4. Dear Harbans: good morning and thanks for this honest and uplifting article on the value of honesty. Our father Mario, May he rest in peace, always had a clearly straight passage in life, refusing all kinds of shady deals and bribes, even when he had been working as a ship chandler in the port of Montevideo for years. At the time we did not quite comprehend his utter honesty, and we may even have grumbled that we would be financially better if he had deviated a little bit, He never wavered, sternly and stoically resisting the temptations of so many corrupt functionaries, merchant seamen and even co-workers. Now, six years after he sadly passed away, his children and grandchildren are starting to appreciate his precious legacy to us: a sterling reputation.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

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