The Karma is the Sanskrit word meaning action or a deed or endeavour to transact some job. The Karma is the nature of the matter in physical and psychological forms – related to cause and effect. Even mental vibrations, words thought about or words of the mouth or putting that thought into practice will fetch us Karam Phal (Fruits of action).


The origin of Karma starts functioning from the time the thought originates for an action to be transacted – meaning when our mind and its five senses take over. Those who are having control over their mind and senses are not overly affected by the Karmic deeds. On the other hand, if we see something alluring or hear something which changes our stance, we are under the influence of the external temptation or attraction or allurement then Karma starts functioning. Anything done for a temporary/transient pleasure will add to our  Karmic debt. Not merely putting into the thought into practice, even a the slightest thinking or a slightest vibration of our mind about a thing will earn us Karmic injunction. Those who lead dual lives – outwardly showcasing that they are compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and all the good traits put together but if you come to know about the hidden part of their demeanors or Kukarma, you will come to grief.


Essentially, it is important to deduce that while transacting multifarious duties or responsibilities, we are under the spell of Karma. We cannot escape from Karma. If action is there, its reaction will surely be there. The positive oriented actions will result in positive results and vice versa. When we perform our duties assigned without attaching with the fruits of our activities while we are performing our duties. Bhagwat Gita’s has very clearly mentioned that we should perform our duties without attaching to the results of our duties.


Nobody can remain ineffective from Karma Phals (fruits of action). Even the Gods could not escape from their Karma Phals. Lord Vishnu, in His ten Avtaras {Matsya, The Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, Balarama and Kalki (it would be after the end of Kali Yuga)} removed evil that pervaded in the society during different Yugas but we know how much He suffered in the Avatars of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This goes to show that even the Gods could not be oblivious of Karm Phalas – which are based on Nature Laws.


Whatever action we transact in this life, we cannot remain ineffective of its results, we enjoy the results of good Karmic deeds and are constrained to suffer the pangs of Kukarmas (Bad Karmic deeds). Karma Phalas are not transferable. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite. The misplaced criticism will bring us bad results. Praising somebody for a job well done will fetch us good Karma Phals. But if we to resort to appreciation where it is not due but want to placate somebody’s ego, then that appreciation will bring us negative Karma Phalas.

Every transaction involving Karmic action has its cause and effect thereof. But the unseen effect of the past Karma depends on the faith, belief, and social norms etc. It is the truth of belief and not the truth of fact or reality.


We are aware that telling lies is a negative trait and attracts Karmic Debt for us if we resort to telling lies. With a condition, when telling lie results in some good outcome. It is fact that we should always be truthful as it is a positive trait and attracts KARMIC CREDIT for us. But there are occasions and situations or conditions under which telling lies becomes the necessity so as to uphold truth, to establish social equilibrium or to prevent a situation to take an ugly turn.

There is a story of a ferocious looking butcher (with his sharp knife) was running after a cow to be butchered. The cow was running for her life. Then after some time the path bifurcated/split into two. He felt non-plus and could not comprehend as to which path he should take so as to locate his prey. He saw a bystander and asked him the direction the cow had taken. The person concerned thought for a while – if he told the truth, the butcher will catch up with the cow and kill her but if he told a lie when he could save a life. He decided to tell a lie in order to save a life. Thus, sometimes if a lie is to be spoken to save a life then be it. It will earn us KARMIC CREDIT.

Then there are occasions when we have to tell a lie in order to prevent social situation to take an ugly turn or a soldier will not disclose the location of his forces to others in order to safeguard the national interest. In these cases, the person(s) concerned will not earn for themselves KARMIC DEBTS.


By performing our Karma without expectation (NISHKAMA KARMA) if our action is free from any conditioning or judgment of any kind by our mind. It is attuned to the truth based on sound facts. This way we would be candidates for Karmic Credit or highest order. Fulfilling others’ needs, looking after the hapless ones come in this category. This is a Nishkarma; action without any expectation, for which we shall be graced by our Creator.


There are derogative Karmas (Nishedh). These are indulgence in abusing others, having ill-will for others, rancor, ill-conceived notions, backbiting, indulgence in crime or sin, even the thought of taking our life comes in the category of KUKARMA (provocation may be any). Kukarmas lead to increase our KARMIC DEBT and depletes our KARMIC CREDIT account. This doer of Karma of this nature cannot escape its pangs.

It should always be remembered that our thoughts and actions carry the tags of KARMIC DEEDS and KARMIC MISDEEDS. Sometimes we think that we can escape from unethical or immoral actions of ours if we are not caught! No, we cannot since if others are not knowing but we as doers know our misdeeds and that is sufficient to attract punishment.


There is Karma which upgrades our Soul (Atma) and takes us to a higher plane. These are performing our assigned duties sincerely and with a singleness of purpose. Then there are obligatory Karmas which are based on our family traditions based purely on our Varnas too. By so doing, we can not only get Karmic credit but also wash our old Karmic debt.

It should never be forgotten that when we fulfill the needs of those children or needy and hapless individuals, who have suffered at the hands of cruel and sinful persons, we are actually fulfilling God’s intended purpose of our life. This positive action or good Karmic deed will always be rewarded by our Creator.

In the Holy Bible it has been enunciated: Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.


While doing something, we have to first introspect what we want to do and what would be its consequence. What is done after understanding it brings about positive results? By so doing, we can channelize our energies in positive pursuits with positive end results. Turning inwards gives us the opportunity to utilize our inner potentials and seek permanent pleasures. Let’s make it a permanent habit to transact everything in our lives after due consideration – sieving good from the mixture of good and bad.


The absolute silence of the mind is the only option when we close all incoming and outgoing thoughts. This is only possible when we have control over our mind and senses thereto.


When we perform our duties without attachment to the fruits of our action, forgiving and forgetting, repentance, meditation, detachment, meditation/prayer, NAAM, non-violence etc then slowly but sure we can wash off the stains of our negative karma or Kukarma. By following all these, a Yogi could reach to a detached state with higher Karmic energy. It is a state of timelessness when life comes to standstill. When we travel from one state to other till we get totally awakened.  The Karma effect ceases after we have attained the highest state of mind.

The easiest outlet for this is by self-knowledge or being self-conscious or being self-aware or self-realized to know our innate energies and weak areas and make efforts to remove the weak areas so as to wash off the Karmic debts.

Our Karmas could be washed away by being truthful/righteous, leading a virtuous life, leading a life of non-violence, being compassionate and leading a life which could be helpful to the living being. One of the best methods of washing our present Karma debt is by disciplining our mind and its functioning.

Then performing our moral, religious function, performing and supporting Universal Dharma purify our body, mind, and soul leading to our Moksha or Liberation from births and deaths.

Whatever we do which establishes our connectivity with higher forces brings about permanent joy to us should always be remembered by us.


Our past Karam Phals could be made ineffective by performing our Karmic deeds in sync with Laws of Nature and also through sincere prayers and meditation.


Our Karma and the result of those Karmas (Karama Phalas) are transmigrated from the previous births. Whatever we have done in the past based on our beliefs, faiths and social norms is transmitted to us presently but it depends on the nature of relationships, motivations, intention, expectation, action and their outcomes. Karma is an action by self and we have to enjoy good Karmic deeds and suffer the pangs of the Kukarmas.


When we transact anything without any expectation from others, it is termed as Nishkama Karma. It is doing our duties without attaching ourselves with the results of our actions. But detachment hardly means that we do not function at all. It is merely liberating from the bondage of attachment. It is liberating from desires or Kama effect. Here Nishkama Karma conquers all the bondage of desires which are there in our system.

It is a Karma as per Divine Plan which transcends all the Karmic deeds that we transact in our daily lives. We do it with detached attachment with the duty only and not remain attached to the results.

  • The absolute silence of mind is a must. It could be by reigning in our mind and senses thereto. When the key to our mind and the senses is in our hand, we can ensure an absolute silence.


  • Karma is not based on pre-conceived notions.


  • How others treat you is in accordance with your Karma and how you treat others would be based your Karma.


  • Laws of Karma do not forget for anybody’s deeds/actions.


  • We cannot escape from Karma, you like it or not.


  • External allurements can spike our Karmic Debt.


  • Anything done prejudicial to the social cause brings about Karmic reaction.


  • Performing out duties without thinking about the results (Phala) will bring us satisfaction and balance in our life.


  • To be truthful is very nice. It will earn us KARMIC PHALAS but if and when, of necessity, we are constrained to tell a lie in order to prevent a social situation to take an ugly turn then that ‘lie’ becomes a uniting factor. This ‘lie’ earn for us kudos socially but justly social acceptability and hence KARMIC CREDIT points.


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  1. Our KARMIC DEEDS or KARMIC MISDEEDS or action which we transact in our daily life determine our true character.

    Consequences of good Karma gives us good results and bad ones give us not so good results.

    Do appraise the write-up and comment. I love your comments and it gives me motivation to write more and more.



  2. Dear Harbans,

    Thank you very much for sharing the important content of karma, cause and effect.

    Indeed there are two divine laws: the law of karma and the law of grace – if there would not be the latter one existing, we all would revolve in the wheel of coming and going harvesting good and bad reactions.

    If someone tells you he can drink the water of the whole ocean – this may still “believe”, if someone tells you, he can move mountains, also this you may “believe”, but if someone tells you he has overcome his mind, is in control of his mind – this you may not believe -as it is utmost difficult to do so. Only with the help and the grace of the God-power or Christ-power which is working in a competent Master it is possible to come into a state of mind in which we are no longer the doers, the ones who normally ripe what we sow, but then this Master-power is in charge of the one who has surrendered 100% to the God-power or Guru-power. This disciple has then become a conscious co-worker of the divine plane and is living in the will of God (he has given up his own personality even – and reached a stadium from which Christ says: ” I and my father are ONE” – the drop of water has then merged with the ocean of all consciousness.

    When a disciple of a competent Master gets the initiation – the Master takes care of his disciple until he has lead him back to home eternal. During the initiation the disciple gets a first-hand experience into the beyond so that he can see that he is not the body. And the Master burns away all his karma (sanchid-karma – not that karma, Pralabdha , which made him to come into this life – this remains untouched) – so this God-power working in the Master has a place where to burn all these piled up karmas from millions and millions of lives. – Here we can see the law of Grace working by the God-power. Everyone will get a chance for this as it is also said: “The Saints have their past and the sinners their future…” – according to this and our own development, spiritual development, we can make progress when have much yearning for God – after yearning for God, love developes in becoming more and more aware of His competence, then devotion and finally surrender, 100% surrender will follow.

    We should understand that there is only ONE Doer in the whole creation, it is God who has decided to become many (the ocean splitted into drops) – so in this way it is not possible that we can overcome karma, or control our mind ourselves – this would make us the doer again – when we are the doers, it is our ego that makes us as a doer, when He is the Doer, we become more and more humble to see Him as the only Doer – and we are His tools in His hands, when having reached this point of humbleness.

    Good and bad karmic reactions will not bring us out of the wheel of death and life, we are still like a hamster in this wheel – turning and turning… so we are in golden or in iron chains…

    When our turn has come through God’s Grace then we should also make the best use of it to pave the way of going home, once and for all. So everything is a time factor.

    More can be read here:


    Thank you, dear Harbans
    All good wishes

    1. Respected Didi sir.

      I am obviously very thankful to you for finding time and giving your gem of thoughts as complex as KARMA – cause and effect.

      The other day, one of the readers (a lady) mentioned that she knew about thoughts and action thereof but does not know about KARMA and she was skeptical about the know-how available. I explained what I knew about the subject matter – which is so vast and varied that it is difficult to explain everything but she understood the import of KARMA ultimately and that is why this elaborate write-up on the subject.

      Your commentary on the subject is, to say the least, is exhaustive, comprehensive and based on experimentation.

      Your wisdom suffusing words are really enlightening. There is only ONE doer and total surrender to His Will makes much difference.

      I take pride that you have made an elaborate observation on the write-up, I am really fortunate that I can bank on you ay time when I am stuck up.

      For further enlightenment, I shall go through the link provided by you.

      My heartfelt gratitude for guiding me.

      With warm regards,


      1. Welcome, dear Harbans 🙂

        They great Masters can provide us not only a great teaching, the purpose of our life, but also explain in details where we have to pay attention and what we have to do to make their experiences as ours. So all credit goes to them.

        Thanks, my friend for your presence and a good time to you

      2. Didi sir: My grateful thanks for your kind response.

        The influence which the MASTERS have is really cannot be put in words. They may or may not be with us presently but their writings and lectures/preaching has immortalized them. Their lofty ideals could be gleaned from their respectful and knowledgeable disciplines too like you are enlightening us people with your rich spiritual knowledge gleaned over a period of time and the initial initiation which you had from your MASTER – SANT KIRPAL – an ocean of knowledge indeed.



    1. Derrick sir, that is the gist of the write-up, faith or belief may be any but the ULTIMATE TRUTH is same. That is the beauty of all the regions.

      With regards,


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