A happy life is a caring life

A happy life is a daring life

A happy life results when we distribute smiles in our life

A happy life is the result of the loving relationship in life

A happy life is a challenge facing and risk-taking life

A happy life is sincere working life

A happy life is truly loving life

A happy life results from leading a positive oriented life

A happy life respects others’ privacy in life

A happy life results from following sincere principles in life

A happy life takes failure as the steppingstone to success in life

A happy life results from simple living and high thinking in life

A happy life results when we have the sound mind in the sound body in life

A happy life is the result of clarity of mission and vision in our life

A happy life is flowing with the current in our life

A happy life results when one knows and follows all the purpose in our life

A happy life is possible when we adopt the principle of letting go in life

A happy life is possible when we attract friends with our sound approach in our life

A happy life is possible when we are empathetic towards others in our life

A happy life stems from leading a corruption free lifestyle in our life

A happy life results when we have control over our mind in our life.


Essentially, it is of paramount importance to know what is life. There is a Sanskrit word PRANA (life force) which is a cosmic energy or life energy which has been elaborately referred in Vedas and Upanishads. This energy sustains the functions that our body does and keeps life ticking. It could also be termed as VAYU – its inhalation and exaltation which sustain life. Primarily it is the Vayu which helps in mutation and metabolic (biochemical processes in the body’s functioning – Prana is the inward moving energy and apana is the outward moving energy. All this sustains our life.

Everything that helps in our existence which enables us to live. This include our action, reactions etc which helps us our growth and development and help us reproduction and metabolism or mutation processes. Due to these metabolic activities, the living beings are able to think and act or react with the energy (life-force or soul) and growth – physical and conscious growth.  His growth and development persist until such time this life-force persists. The living beings do react to stimuli. After living five stages of life, finally, the life-force stops and an individual dies finally. It is due to a process known as mutation. It is also a truth that death occurs only to the living beings only.

The difference between living and non-living being in the living being evolve through thoughts and actions thereof but non-living beings do not possess life-force (soul) which non-living beings do not possess.

The purpose of life is to live a life full of care and possess empathetic, empathy and instinctively exhibit an attitude of an individual including following and respecting all the moral and ethical standpoints.

The following perspectives will help us live a purposeful/meaningful life:-

  • Love makes huge difference. It has been experienced that love is a panacea for all of us. It is all-encompassing, even brutes could be tamed with a portion of love. Those who divide love transform others’ lives besides our own.

  • Letting go. There are occasions when we remain prisoners of our past inappropriate moments and experiences with our friends and others. Letting go facilitates us to move ahead with a clean slate on the principles of forgetting and forgiving.

  • Failure is the mother of all lessons. We should bear in mind that while we fail despite best efforts, we can try again after analyzing the reasons for our failure. In other words, our failure could be steppingstones of our success.

  • Prior planning makes a huge difference and avoids confusion at the later stage. For this, we have to introspect as to what we want and how to go about it.

  • Our choices in our life. In life, we tend to have varieties of choices open to us. If one choice is not appropriate due to one reason or other we can try for other after putting in sincere efforts.

  • Bear in mind the bitter truth. It is a bitter truth that sometimes we may not succeed in our effort because of some in-house contradictions amongst the team we are working, in that case, we have to make room for alternative or adopt some other strategy for making efforts successful in our life. It should be borne in mind that life is not always smooth sailing.

  • Never be judgemental. We always tend to be judgemental in our life or may become the victim of others’ judgment. This affects our further march ahead in our life.


  • Do not ever get offended. At times, we tend to get offended by others’ insinuations or inappropriate behavior. This way our further progress is retarded. Effort should be made to take everything in our stride and move ahead.

  • Sometimes people leave us in the lurch. We have seen that despite our best efforts, sometimes, we are duped by our own. We have to bear in mind that it is not always to get succor from all the quarters, sometimes we may not get what we anticipate.

  • Our relationship with our surroundings makes difference. What relationship we possess for our own and our environment helps us to understand life and act accordingly.

  • Having jest or enthusiasm to transact anything. It has been observed if we have enthusiasm in transacting anything and everything in our life, we can make a huge difference in our life. It will give us satiety to us.
  • What life has taught you? The past should not be any hindrance t our present efforts. If it is becoming a stumbling block then we have to totally keep the past on-hold and move on.

  • Loneliness should not be a hindrance but assist us to move ahead. When we are alone, we should utilize this time for going inside us and be self-conscious for exploiting our inner potentials.

  • Detachment from the fruits of our action makes difference. While fructifying anything tangible, we have to be careful that our focus should be on the performance of our assigned job and not on its results. It ought to be action without attachment.

  • Everybody has his/her own problems. It should never be forgotten that nobody is without the problem, some may have financial problems, some health problems, some may have problems in their relations while others may have multiple problems. It is, therefore, relevant to infer that for every problem there is/are solution(s). There is a key to solve all the problem and that is self-belief and belief on our Creator.


  • Priorities of life. We have to set the priorities of our life with clarity so that transparency (paardarshta) is maintained in our thoughts and action thereof.

  • Impressions of others experiences. We have not only taken our experiences as our guide but also the experiences of friends and other achievers. Cues from others’ experiences will assist us to take the trodden path for our success too.

  • Be very concerned what is happening around you. For a success in our life, it is not only necessary to understand our own potentials and also the implications which our surroundings could have on our lives.

  • Utilize your time judiciously. There are the people who do not utilize their time available judiciously. This puts paid to our efforts because ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ should never be forgotten. Time factors in our life should never be forgotten.

  • We all are salesmen and those who know how best to sell their wares succeed – it should never be forgotten in today context – as far as cut throat competition is concerned.

  • There is no shortcut to success. For any endeavor in our life, the key to success is methodical and sincere efforts. Shortcut solutions lead to disappointing results should never be resorted to if we want some tangible results.

  • Never procrastinate. The procrastination is enemy number one of any performance. We should realize that time once lost can never be recalled.

  • Being hostage to our past retards our further movement but see what were the impediments which hindered your further movement.

  • To be successful we have to change our thought processes. Our thoughts leads to our action. Right thoughts leads to right actions thereto.

  • You are the in-charge of your destiny. We have to take responsibility for our actions or inaction. No alibis will do in real life. The strength of our mind and determination are responsible for our success or failure. Weak mind leads to weak in action and consequently weaker results.
  • Our life is the representation of our own efforts – no pains no gains should never be forgotten.

  • Change is essential for being in sync with happenings at the present moments. If we keep our thoughts static, we may become static in our further movements, therefore, we have to ensure transformation with the time and space.

  • We can perform better than your Intelligence Quotients. If we determine to surge ahead and exert then we can perform better than our IQ – acting on hunch or intuition or sixth sense makes much difference.

  • Self-belief and belief on our Creator makes difference. If we have trust on our abilities and perform without the legacy of our past deeds or misdeeds. In the past, we may not have succeeded but trying again with full determination can pull us through.

  • Regrets could prove regressive avoid those. We should always remember that time does not wait for anybody, we have to exert under all circumstances, our regrets for not doing anything will not help us – only our action can.

  • Life is short and time is essential. We should always remember that time and tide waits for none. It goes on if we do not transact our job within time. 


  • Our culture and tradition do impact our thoughts and actions thereto.


  • Health matters for success. For living a purposeful life, we have to be sure that we are in best of our health and wellbeing. If our health is good, we can transact more in our life.

  • Our perspective or outlook or viewpoint in life counts for our success or otherwise. Our perspective counts much for our life.

  • Happiness is the state of our mind and not a race to our destination. As we think we are. There are people who remain running a rat race for success without a thought of what actually they want finally within their lifespan.

  • Live according to your own terms and not according to the terms set by others.

  • Courage to take a risk. At times we are constrained to take the risk in our lives and to succeed with a notion that life is not a bed of roses always. There are some people who wait for appropriate moments for initiating their plan of action but we should always remember that ‘time’ waits for none.











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  1. Life is really mystic in nature. If we go through all the phases of our life, we shall know what are the factors which are responsible for leading a purposeful and positive oriented life.

    Do appraise the blog and offer your kind comments. I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS.


  2. Good morning and thanks for this excellent article dear Il Chiaro. Wow! You managed to discuss a long list of “must attitudes'” in just a few pages. Congratulations on that literary achievement. I will take 2 or 3 that I specially like. The idea of “letting go” is very important to maintain our mental and emotional sanity, besides allowing us to continue enjoying the fruits of life without a sour predisposition.Yes, it is always hard to forgive major offenses and acts of mischief from others but we should overcome the initial shock and anger to “be better” than the perpetrators of the deed. As Jesus Christ taught us, we must show the other cheek to our enemies. Oftentimes they are literally flabbergasted and they take pause to evaluate what their actions. It’s a daily challenge. The other issue I like to discuss is the need to avoid wasting time. Yes, time does not stop and we should take advantage of it as much as we can to be better persons, enjoy our family lives and try to leave a meaningful legacy for our kin and friends.Writing and blogging as we do my friend is a precious cultural heritage for our children that will continue to “see and hear us” after we have departed. And the last one is the issue of “gaining it with your effort.” I remember that when I was busily studying for my Master and doctoral degrees at Columbia University, with humunguous personal and financial efforts, I happened to see a poster in one of my daughter’s classrooms. It depicted a young beautiful woman in sports gear laboriously reaching the summit of a mountain with the legend on top: “there are no shortcuts for life’s greatest achievements.” Exactly right.
    My dear spiritual friend, let’s continue suffering in front of our laptops because God Almighty has designated this task for us to redeem our lives. Do not fear. I will always be near. A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good evening Dr. Sahib.

      Obviously a great commentary and significantly touching MY HEART at that. Writing being a passion brings forth something new in us with Gd’s grace.

      i too am writing on QUORA which could be reached HARBANS KHAJURIA QUORA. Here questions are asked and I try replying those with the best of my ability and belief besides the experience which I get from the day to day journey of my life along with interacting with genial friends like you.

      Today, I happen to be in the company of one of great personages, I had a huge regard for him till I met with him and had conversation but when he started talking, he seemed to me a person with burning biases for others. So a new topic was generated and I would start writing that. In other words, the general public;; good and not so good people are our source of writing with the grace of God.

      Again thank you so very much for your commentary.


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