When we cave in under the weight of our own contradictions

And tend to act in a way which leads to de-motivation

When we are not ready to face the challenges

Whilst the unpredictable time throws

A time-tested googly at us

When we least expect it all

Thereby we fail to  take the challenge thrown onto us

Because we are not having total confidence in our potentials

To hit the ball head-on with confidence so suffusing

For a full-fledged sixer, so to say

But are bowled over clearly

Because we have not sweat perfectly

On the ground to gain sound traction on the bat and ball

Proving unprepared attempts lead to results so unpredictable.


Some demotivating factors are of our own creation

Like lack of self-created inertia

Of not moving ahead when given the opportunities

Instead of moving ahead we tend to do an about turn

Thus resorting to unplanned procrastination

Owing to our own off-putting attitude indeed

Due to the negative mindset of our own.


Thence this demotivation is created

By the environments in which we’re constrained to reside

With the people who are habitual offenders

Steeped in poverty of ideas due to their misdemeanors

Of gambling, committing a variety of sins

Which come in the way of our progress

And meet challenges which are thrown at us.



The word demotivation or non-motivation means becoming a dampener or decelerate or putting brakes in the progress of an individual or group of people. The factors for demotivation may be manmade, financial, physical psychological, environmental etc. But these impediments remain haunting us and prevent or put brakes in our further movement to acquire success. The antonym of the word motivation is demotivation and has negative overtones.

I got a proof how demotivating factors can come in the way of progress of an individual or a family. These factors could be financial stringency, repulsive tendencies of an individual, negative mindset due to inertia in the personal drive, lack of stimulus and initiative besides being placed in uncongenial environments. These non-motivational factors could be partly man-made and partly due to circumstances in which a person is placed.


Recently I had a chance of meeting an individual named Shyam. This person proved that if we have the personal drive, resolve, solid determination and impetus to grow, we can succeed. He is a sole earning member who has to support five members of his family – consisting of his spouse, three sons (aged 23, 21 and 18 years old elder one knowing driving, second and third undergoing training as Electrician in an Industrial Training Institute).  He used to be financial stringent; worked as a tailor in a tailoring shop whose manager was cruel in his behavior towards his employees, framed his own set of rules to be broken at his own whims and fancies and to top it all, never believed his employees. Besides he was living in an environment which is not congenial for the growth and development of the family as a unit.  But Sham had no option but to live there and co-exist with all the people and environment since he could not afford to take a house in a good locality with the very high rate of rent charges.

He had to work from morning till late in the evening stitching clothes for his clients. Here too, he was facing heat since he was constrained to spend part of his earnings on medical expenses of his wife’s ill-health. With only himself as the bread earner for the entire family and with too much financial stringency as the demotivating factors to move on, one day he decided to take loan from the bank for starting a business so that at least one of his sons could be adjusted in his life and help supplement his earning which could be ploughed back in upbringing of the family besides meeting the expenditure on training of his other two sons. He succeeded in getting the bank loan and one son is earning now by driving his own taxi. There was a glimmer of hope and satisfaction writ large in this face when hee told that his sons are very obedient and do not have any bad habits.

In essence, I was really impressed by his passion to work despite impediments. He wanted to convert the demotivating factors into motivating factors. According to him, his line of thought worked well. Now all his sons are working and earning for themselves and he is now having his own tailoring shop where he pursues his profession as a manager of the shop with three tailors to assist him. He treats his employees well because he knows how he was treated earlier on and also how he had risen due to sincere efforts and with the grace of God despite demotivating factors working against him.

When I persisted about the query as to how he could turn de-motivation into motivation, he with all humility told me that it was partly due to self-belief and also due to the unflagging belief on GOD which made a huge difference and changed the negative situation into the positive one.

From the above, we can figure out the demotivating factors responsible for impeding our forward movement:-


I have seen that there are students who are very good in studies but are not able to pursue their educational pursuits due to the unsound financial condition of their families. Many of the students fail to realize their aspirations because of this factor – they cannot afford costly books and other expenditure involved in their studies. I too faced financial pinch during my college days. 


A person with traits of drive and passion to work will move ahead despite inertias on his/her way for further movement ahead. No non-motivating or demotivation factor can dampen his spirits to move ahead. He/she sweats despite hurdles on the path.


It is not merely the home ambiance which is responsible for our forward growth but also the environment in which we are living and brought up. An uncongenial environment where people resort to gambling, take drugs, drink in public glare besides following unhealthy lifestyle would surely have a negative impact on the impressionable minds. This really is a demotivating factor for many of the students, especially when they are in their early teenage years and adolescence period when their mind is most impressionable.


A workplace wherein the management is not considerate, make and break their own rules suiting their wishes, where career graph just remains stuck, where there is no incentive for the initiative, drive and hard work, an employee, in such work environment will get demotivated.


An organization where there is no incentive for working hard and where the management gets influenced by tall-talk and backbiting, an individual with drive and passion to work will be demotivated and cannot continue in such incompatible atmospheric and would like to leave this organization for a better workplace wherein his/her efficiency is recognized.


When we are in the never-ending habit of putting off things, we give a blank cheque of lethargy and laziness to ourselves which will bounce back on us every time we tend to encash it. The disease of procrastination is too bad and proves to be a demotivating factor for our further movement.


Sometimes we fail to accept challenges and we cave in under the weight of our own contradictions due to demotivating factors such as lack of confidence on our capabilities, lack of willpower and any other factor which the situation provides at the time and space.


It is essential that first of all, we have to be self-aware; know our potentials and weaknesses then bridge the gap that exists in the weak areas. We can enhance and maintain our self-esteem by removing the grey areas or impediments such as not taking initiative, becoming impulsive procrastinator, indecisiveness etc which prove a stumbling block in our progress.

Having self-confidence does not mean you go on flaunting your achievements or laurels. Anyhow, everybody knows about us and our capabilities or otherwise but those who know their limits remain within that LAKSHAMAN REKHA lest we become intrusive and barge into somebody else territory and get reprimanded in the process. This may prove demotivating.


Experience is a guide that we are responsible for letting others to demotivate us since we too tend to be intrusive in some form or other in their affairs. If we are not, then, how come we can tolerate others’ interference in our sphere of activities. The change for not interfering in others’ affairs should start from us only then nobody will interfere in ours and demotivate us.

Be that as it may, it should always be remembered that what we are is partly due to our efforts and partly due to God’s grace. In these scheme of things, if somebody barges in and tries to demotivate us then we should bear the following into our mind:-

  • Listen to those who try demotivating you but only ‘listen’ just do not take their pep-talk or rants to the inner recesses of your mind. Nature also helps us in this by gifting us two ears – hear from one (inlet) and out (outlet) from other – so to say.
  • Bear in mind, everything starts with you and ends with you only. If you work hard in order to fulfill your dreams, nothing can come in your way but one OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT power would always be with you. Have belief nobody can be the hindrance in your dreams. SELF BELIEF MAKES DIFFERENCE. In fact the positive mindset brings about positive results with the grace of our GOD. 







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  1. There are occasions when we feel demotivated to move forward in our efforts. There are some factors which are responsible for this negative trait. But our positive attitude can steer us clear off all the demotivating factors and we become successful in our endeavor.

    Kindly appraise the write-up and offer your kind comments. I love your comments for getting THE MOTIVATION. I had earlier written a blog on MOTIVATION but thought that we should also know about the DEMOTIVATION too, therefore, this write-up.


  2. Very motivational write up indeed,esp shyaam who worked and just worked .
    Indeed in the Creator of this heavens and the earths and physical notion and mechanism there is a great trust and hope.

  3. Good morning mio caro Il Chiaro and thanks for this excellent article on “Motivation and De-motivation” that I am truly enjoying while I sip my first round of “mate amargo” as my breakfast. Indeed we are all responsible for our own motivation as it finally falls upon us to stay clear of the malicious, noxious influences we all receive in these consumerist and selfish modern societies. Perhaps in India you have been mostly spared of this “modernity” yet as the teaching example of that brave tailor-gentleman named Shyam shows. I am sure that he learned from his experience in that shameful sweat shop and now he treats his three assistants well, knowing that they will be more efficient and grateful in their jobs. Ha-ha-ha. You made me laugh about the usefulness of having two ears. My mother Gladys used to jokingly tell us, pointing first at one of her ears and then the other one: “me entra por un oido y me sale por el otro.” Sage words indeed. It;s funny but we, as spiritual friends across the oceans, might have communicated by telepathy that we needed to write about the “bad influences” that seek to undermine our resolve on almost a daily basis. Today I put up an article titled’ Toxic feelings of guilt” and I would appreciate your commentary.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Dr. Sahib, Good Morning,

      Really your commentary is, to say the least, a motivational one. In India we have people in metropolitan cities and in village and small towns. In case of former, they are having modern outlook besides a ting of selfishness but in the later case, they are compassionate, having humane touch in their behavior and love human relationships.

      Although we may be apart, yet, we have our common SOURCE who unites us in our thoughts and actions and we learn from each others’ experiences. That is the beauty of human relationship.

      Your write-up are topical in nature and I shall appraise it and gain from the same.

      I have also penned down an article ON HAPPY PARENTS. Do appraise it and would like to have your commentary on it too.

      A BIG HUG


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