Together we can work in unison

Together we can avoid confrontation

Together we can contribute for overall good

Together we can succeed in getting things done

Together we can make good company

Together we can interact for a good cause so easily

Together we can come out of difficult situation

Together we can lay brick by brick to erect an edifice of our life without much confusion

Together we can meet our objectives fittingly

Together we can pursue our course of action with more objectivity

Together we can achieve optimally

Together we can solve our problem looming large without much difficulty

Together we can complement each others’ efforts with ease and in peace

Together we can attain excellence to the project on hand and fulfill our object

Together we can unify diverse groups

Together we can nullify our divergences

Together we can succeed by helping each other

Together we can proceed to sort out our differences

Together we can fix a meeting ground with mutual consent

Together we can start a community service for wellness of our society

Together we can ensure task fructification with utmost surety

Together our capabilities and resources combine to fructify our efforts

Together we can replace the spirit of competition with the spirit of cooperation

Together our relationship could work in harmony with the spirit of cooperation

Together we can share the know-how with other in the  spirit of cooperation

Together is with the spirit of full cooperation thus burning the desires for our growth 

Together we can protect the rights of others when need be

Together we can fight hunger and disease

Together we can succeed in any venture because we tackle a common cause

Together with our prayers could be heard by God easily

Together we may be blessed by Him for our efforts made so sincerely.



From the beginning of the existence of civilization, humans have learned about the benefit of togetherness. At that time, it was for protection from the wild animals and unpredictable elements of nature. Then with the advent of fire, the man protected himself from wild animals by creating fear of fire in the animals. Subsequently, he domesticated the animals and also came to know as to how to subsist with the elements of nature too. The survival of the fittest was the Mantra at that time. But thereafter, with further discoveries and inventions man evolved, new institutions like families and communities came into existence. Thus a need was felt for mutual cooperation in the spirit of interdependence and cooperation.

A Song of Ascents. Of David. Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

This cooperation starts from family as a unit where all the members get their respective cooperation in order that the purpose of family succeeds which is procreation, learning the right mores of behavior, value system, cultural mores, members cooperate with each other for subsistence and also importantly to transform the family traditions to younger generations. All the members of the family interact with each other for the spread of culture, maintaining social order, upkeep of human values in order to maintain the spirit of cohesion and cooperation. All these traits integrate all members for a common cause or purpose. All these are learned in the family itself.

How best we can keep going in the family as a unit is known to everybody. It is on the basis of give and take. In the family some earn, some perform domestic jobs and others, being in old age. have to be looked after. It is on the basis of cooperation and adjustment with each other. From the evolution of humans, man has been cooperating with each other because no family, no society or community could survive and flourish without the cooperation of each other.


In our neighborhood, I happened to meet a couple, who has a son of about three years old. The couple informed me that there used to be arguments between them previously but lately it is not happening. When asked about the reason. The answer baffled me altogether. They gleefully informed me that the reason for not having hot talk or arguments is due to their son. Whenever there is a hot talk, their son just intervenes and cries loudly till until they stopped. Now, there are almost no arguments between them and there are harmony and understanding between the couple.


After family life, there comes the community or social life, which is the conglomeration of families with different religions, castes, people speaking different languages but they just integrate for a common a cause. They maintain cooperation in order to get things done. The neighborhood is one such important constituent of a community. It is well said, we can change our blood relation but we cannot ever change our neighbors. They stand by us in thick and thin. Whenever something untoward happens, it is our neighbors only who would provide us assistance and then our relations could be reached.

Society is the voluntary association or company or organized group of individuals working for a common interest, beliefs and serving their common cause. These social groups get organized and build bridges between different groups by way of interaction with each other. An individual’s performance is recognized and respected in the society in which he/she lives.

In the society, one gets cooperation from others for a common purpose. Then society chooses their representatives who formulate laws which work for the protection of the citizenry from those who do not obey the laws of the land and are inimical also ensures the protection of borders from the foreign intrusions.  


When we work in a spirit of cooperation, we do not have cut-throat competition among the members of the society. This also removes or burns the desires and we perform our Karmic deeds with the total detachment which is in sync with the Bhagwad Gita ‘action without attaching with the fruits of our action’.


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  1. The spirit of cooperation leads to removal of confrontation. It starts with our family life, our society/community in which we are living.

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