A man with humility touches the sky with glory

But has his moorings on the ground, very strongly.

A humble one is a reservoir of all positive traits

But never showcases the same in public domains.

Virtuous in thoughts and actions beyond doubt

Filled with humility and fair-play along with modest touch.

Makes a concerted effort so that a situation does not go awry in any way

Unknots any knotty problem with ease and without any hype.

With his tact of change at any given situation

Works within the confines of his own limitations.

Also knows where his limits end and others’ privacy begins.

A humble one is well-mannered to the core

A person who behaves with civility with others.

Without any shred of doubt, he tries to adjust with others with ease

Gets assimilated with anybody under the sun and makes difference in any case.

Enchanting is his inner silence, surely a spiritualist one

With the most kindhearted attitude towards one and all.

He is considerate of others’ perspectives

Always acts in pragmatic ways.

A humble through and through but not at all sadistic  

For he is always realistic.

Deeply rooted in down-to-earth traits

A believer in giving others anything and everything he is graced

Without any expectations for others to get in reciprocity.

A man who is understanding for others at any space and time

Even losing himself for obliging others in any scheme of things which may come

When everyone around is losing their heads

He keeps his own intact.

Even wagers, sometimes, his own self-esteem

For keeping a situation going overboard

With his righteous thoughts and actions for a good cause.

Many a time, sacrifices his own self-worth

For up-keeping others self-respect.

When things are going helter-skelter

A humble endeavor to keep everything together.

Sometimes humbles are humiliated in front of others

He takes this humbling in his stride and keeps his head clear.

Inner strength is his forte indeed

Which is well fortified with his noble deeds.

Being genuinely amenable makes the person loveable by all

So as to bring a situation back to win-win again by his Meda’s touch.

He never ever hates the wrongdoer

But may try to refine his negative tendencies

Without adopting those off-putting attributes.

A visionary with an appropriate mission

Who is self-aware with self-belief in abundance

Believes more in work well done.

Wish that this tribe may multiply 

So that more smiles are divided amongst all those who need these urgently.


In essence, a humble one is the one who, despite being erudite to the certain degree, and filled with extraordinary wisdom never showcases it to the general masses; for self-praise or to earn appreciation or kudos. This individual’s thoughts and actions thereof are for the general good of his society in which he is living. Such persons are virtuous to the core and will not wager these humble traits for some pecuniary gains or any approbation/stamp of approval from anybody, perhaps, of course, from God.

Fundamentally, when we have all the good traits, fitting nature, adjusting outlook, well-informed about good things in life, have self-belief, appropriate belief system, self-realized/self-awareness despite all the qualities of head and heart then we can safely say that we are all the qualities of being humble. This sort of a person is down-to-earth, who will go all out in pleasing others and does not stand on ceremony at all.

Essentially, In our life, we come across people with the different bent of mind/thought percepts, good and not so good.  Then there are some positive traits like virtuous, righteous,  polished/suave, polite to the core, persuasive, supportive, rationalistic, realists, and negative ones like; fussy, choosy, aggressive or sadistic,  opposing, narcissist,  et al. But one thing is sure, we can keep up our head only when we are following positive traits thereby maintain a balanced life.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been clearly enunciated that the mind is obedient to the senses, it carries away the wisdom of the persons like the wind carries away a boat on the water. We should, therefore, rein in our mind and senses so as to live a Sattavic live.

We are inclined to appease our senses by resorting to sensory activities. We tend to mollify our senses by indulging in pleasant sensory activities which are impermanent in nature. We can find peace only if we do anything or everything with detachment, non-craving by adopting the following positive traits:-


It is important that we analyze ourselves in the light of the traits; both good and bad we are having then try to minimize the negative aspects and turn them to positives. It should always be kept in mind that physical appeal and magnetism in our character count when we have the clear vision about ourselves and those with whom we deal. This to be the reality, it is paramount that we cleanse ourselves from within ourselves. It has been seen that most physically attractive individual may present a repelling sign when we happen to deal with that fellow closely.


A humble person never flaunts his material possessions or his acquired knowledge. He makes use of his knowledge not only for himself but also for his society of which he is a part. He is genuinely amenable with others. He strives to be understanding and wins friends.


 We are judged by the way we conduct ourselves. Our appearance should be good. Fussy clothes come in the way of our first appearance. After this, our personal behavior is a barometer of our personality. When we have appealing inner virtues then every other consideration becomes secondary. More credence to our inner self should be given. A humble man puts on neat and clean dress besides being simple, he possesses magnetic pull in his personality.


 Humble people do not have a false ego. Such people would prefer losing their own reputation rather than exhibiting themselves at every given opportunity.


It should always be borne in mind that nobody would like to be with jealous and self-centered individuals. But everyone would like to have the company with the suave, gentle and amenable person. The humbling people are amiable and could make friends with anybody with this attitude thus work for the overall benefit of the organization in which they word.

 PERFECTLY BALANCED PERSONALITY                                                                                      

 A person who gets along with anybody and everybody. He remains unruffled both in pain and pleasure. This uniqueness is his trait along with selflessness, good temperament, understanding, and virtuosity make this fellow rather a cult figure to be followed.


 A person with humility is humble – even while brimming in self-confidence, he does not showcase this trait to others. This self-confidence makes this person fearless in taking the risk and meet any emergencies.


 A humble person is spiritual to the core. He performs his job with utmost sincerity, earns his living using honest means and always keeps good company. His prayers emanate from the core of his heart.


He works with a pure feeling and nothing can distract him from this goal attainment since he knows how to perform his duties without attachment to the fruits of his action. The failure or success never unreasonably district such person.


While being humble, we have to face some adverse criticism. In an effort to be humble sometimes we have to be prepared for getting some brickbats along with appreciations. A person rooted in assuming trait takes appreciation and depreciation with the same bent of mind and keep his/her head clear.  A humble person takes criticism with a pinch of salt and tries to improve his/her attitude and tries to improve in whatsoever way the situation demands.


 A humble person maintains equanimity in births, deaths, old-age and diseases. This person does not get swayed by the fruits of his action and remains to worship God ‘with steadfastness and devotion without much attachment as mentioned in Bhagwad Gita.     


 In Bhagwad Gita it has been clearly mentioned that a person who lives in the mode of goodness (Sattva) binds one to happiness. It holds the human through the union of happiness and knowledge. This sort of a person attains the pure world of great men of wisdom.    


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  1. The humility is a fine-tunes trait of an individual which, in fact, is not acquired easily. It is actually earned with the sweats of our brows. This fellow has to face many difficulties while living this sort of a sublime life. Kindly appraise the blog and comment. I REALLY LOVE YOUR COMMENTS.


  2. This one touches me to the core. By far the greatest feeling my social work and therapeutic clients engendered in me was humility. I felt so humble in the face of what they trusted me with.

    1. Derrick sir; as ever wonderful commentary on my blog. One who has worked for the social causes, certainly are the gifts of our Creator. They have the humanity at their heart. Regards

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I feel so blessed and happy! I love what you have written here about humility… is the Lord’s divine grace to meet people like you – simple living, high thinking. Thank YOU! 🙂

      1. i really liked what you said about God and being expansive and not putting the divine in little compartments! 🙂 This is in your about page. 🙂 Feel blessed to share this space and listen to your thoughts! thank you! 🙂

      2. Thank you very much for appraising the ‘about’ page and offering your most valuable comments. While talking about our Bhagwan Ji, some say that we should fear God, I am of the opinion that He is our CREATOR, only a naive fears his FATHER. He loves us dearly without any bias therefore we should LOVE HIM for the reciprocity of HIS love.

        Thanks again for your motivating comments. We gain from each either. GOD BLESS.

      3. Thank YOU! Yes, i totally agree. Bhagavan ji is our sweet beloved — He loves us and we love Him. Our life a sweet dance of love and grace. It is so wonderful to hear your words, it touches the truth of my soul. Thank you for this blessing. With gratitude, respect and love 🙂

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