Knowledge helps to remove our ignorance

That pervades in us all

In one form or other

Ignorance is lack of information

Information, with which we can work out a solution

To remove the pestering problem of darkness

Generated by our ‘contrast mind’

Which engenders all the negative emotions

Such as anger, despair, narrow-mindedness et al

Which stare deep in our eyes at all times

Whence we do not know the way out of the dilemma

In which we’ve placed ourselves

Only the light of knowledge

Got over the period of time

Through our experimentation

On the thoughts created

Coming out of fertile mind

Termed as the ‘intuitive mind’ can deliver us

This intuitive mind is insightful and discerning in nature

And comes from within us – innate one

A huge reservoir of power in all of us

Through which LIGHT is generated

Which removes the darkness from within and without

This light makes light of all the dark clouds

Shrouded in all horizons

Here LIGHT generates peace and tranquility

Which produces LOVE as its reward

Thence LIGHT & LOVE combine TOGETHER

And help us to make our mind work in tandem

Making our soul purer by the removal of dross

Which covers the soul by our contrast mind.

With purity in thoughts and deeds

Intuitive mind and soul assist us humans

To remove desires produced by our senses

And help transact our daily tasks with total detachment

Which graces us with liberation (Moksha)

From birth and deaths finally

And thus our Soul merges with Super Soul ultimately.


It is rightly said, the education we get over a period of time,  helps in unraveling the hidden vistas of knowledge,  hitherto unknown which helps in getting life changing experiences. These experiences, when utilized practically, help us to live life purposefully. The more the attainment of righteous education, the more would be our self-awareness or self-realization, leading to knowing ourselves fully thereby giving joy and happiness. For knowing ourselves, we have to know the exact functioning of our body, mind and body.

IN BHAGWAD GITA HAS RIGHTLY said: This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

Importantly, with the application of knowledge, we get experience which provides us wisdom that purifies our body, mind and soul. The purified three make us balanced in all the situations and we stay calm and composed besides detached in every event.

Fact remains, light removes darkness, in other words, light of knowledge removes the ignorance from our midst. The knowledge is the awareness or know-how, to be aware about the facts, familiarity or acquaintance or wakefulness about new events. When the question of wakefulness is discussed, it means that the person concerned is not under the spell of anything but knows what is best to be known under the given conditions. The knowledge which we get removes ignorance. Ignorance is lack of knowledge about the subject matter in hand. Knowledge removes unawareness or removes darkness. A knowledgeable person knows how to solve  a problem which  he/she confronts. The knowledge about new things have helped our evolution from the ages itself.

Essentially, while all of us want to acquire knowledge to excel in the life and also are aware that absence of knowledge amounts to self-destruction. In other words, knowledge removes the scourge of darkness or ignorance from our midst and enlightens us about how to face the realities of a situation in which we are placed.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me..BIBLE

 For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; BIBLE

To acquire knowledge, thereby, to dispel darkness, we have to have desire to learn. At our birth, we are born without any knowledge and then our quest for knowledge starts for which we are bestowed with senses to know various things. We should always be thankful to our Creator for bestowing us with everything under the sun to evolve ourselves.

And Allâh has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allâh).

We can get enlightened by the awareness that every good and bad events are not permanent ones. These are temporary illusions. These are passing clouds and the LIGHT and LOVE will remove them. These are the dream existence and impermanent ones and will pass as these come with the light of knowledge. But we have to maintain inner harmony. Whenever we face any difficulty or problem knocking our door, just introspect , focus inward till such time we see the light within. This light brings peace, joy and happiness.

While understanding our thoughts, education and knowledge thereof, it is essential that we know about the mind, which plays an important role in our holistic development and enhances LIGHT and LOVE in us.

Mind is accumulation of thoughts and these thoughts when not understood cloud our experiences and become hindrance in acquiring knowledge. Taken together such as thoughts, habits, behavior, desires, conditioning etc are the mind games which we should understand in order to live a purposeful life.

It is essential to know the nature of MIND and our own SELF. Without understanding MIND, we cannot proceed any further. This could be done with self introspection. Here we have to ask our own self; Who am I? What is the purpose of my life?  Going deeper, we can know our true nature. We need to be very calm and composed while making such self-inquiry. This inquiry has to be repeated till an answer is received. This is the way to get answers in order to get self-awareness or self-realization. This will help our mind to recognize the ultimate Truth. We have to give the mind the taste the pleasure of true happiness. During that pleasure, our mind seems as though it does not exist at all. Just detached.


  • The Contrast mind. The part of the mind which compares, divides, imagines, compares one thing with other, our biases with others etc. In this part, we tend to imagine about future and our past experiences/events. It also dwells on emotions such as anger, sadness or other negatively oriented emotions. These negatively oriented thoughts are to be ridden from our mind so as to acquire knowledge and with it LIGHT AND LOVE in true sense of terms.

When the contrast mind goes awry, it seeks pleasures of our senses. It goes from one pleasure thought to other.  Subsequently the other one and it goes on. We see all the activities of the outer world with the prism of our senses. This mind is the source of our pains. For us, it is important to rein in this part of our mind otherwise it will give us more pain and disappointments. We are in quest for temporary pleasures, but get bored from one and tend to seek the another one.

  • Intuitive mind. The intuitive mind is understanding, discriminating, discerning, insightful and works very logically, peacefully knowing about the pros and cons when something is to be done under all circumstances. In other words, this part of the mind is very simple and works with reasonableness in any event. Also, this part of mind helps the SELF (our true nature) to express its traits and could influence others too with whom he/she associates.

If we utilize our mind (intuitive mind) productively, we can have permanent peace and happiness. There are two ways to do this. One is to befriend the mind and get things done with understanding its nature. The other way is to cajole it, scare it, make it a slave, intimidate it and then get what you want. This way, we can get things for some time but it is not a permanent solution since how long you can tame a heady horse; when it will get time, it will certainly ditch you. It desires more pleasure and makes it a habit to desire more and more of it. The mind makes it a logic to repeat the same sense enhancement incident and want still to repeat it. This cause boredom and misery and stays in the past and glued to the past escapades.

We can also control our mind by focused meditation, preferably under the guidance of a Guru, this way, we can realize our true power. Here it totally surrenders and is not swayed in any way but stays in the present moment – a state of being loved and spreading love to others. We should always keep in mind that love is a great passion for a complete surrender. By doing so, we can open the doors of self liberation and Moksha. This way, our mind functions with complete detachment for our overall good in order to tap knowledge from any source we want.


Subsequently, we should also know the inner power of our Soul which is a permanent entity in all of us. How best to tap this latent light of our soul? It should always be remembered that we all are light in true sense of terms and need is to identify this light. If this is understood then we can remove darkness which may have clouded our space of our mind. By so doing, we can draw out latent or potential energy for the good of our body, mind and soul. If we know about the light-within then nothing can harm us because we are doing everything with the Light within us. Therefore, light is a power.

Conclusively, it could rightly be said that with controlled mind, we can make it a slave in order to get the right education, knowledge which could transform that knowledge into LIGHT which removes darkness or ignorance from our midst and create LOVE. Then LIGHT and LOVE combine and give us purpose of our life.










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  1. The knowledge we gain over a period of time removes the darkness or ignorance from our midst. This knowledge acquired should be used meaningfully for living a purposeful life. Then our mind could work wonders for us if we use the INTUITIVE MIND to its fullest capacity. This will facilitate to create in us LIGHT and subsequently LOVE which combined together can teach us to live a purposeful life with detachment.

    My sincere thanks to DIDI JI for educating me on so many things on SPIRITUALITY, MEDITATION and sharing the GEMS of thoughts of SANT KIRPAL SINGH JI – the ONE who became an instrument of change for many.

    Kindly appraise the blog and offer your kind COMMENTS. I really love your comments which give me inspiration to go on penning down something or other.



  2. My dear friend Harbans

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about spirituality, about knowledge love and light. We also have to differentiate about several types of knowledge: If we read books we often get inspirations, they can water the field of our already existing knowledge. Then we have a kind of knowledge whichs grows alongside our own experiences – these are the deeper knowledge and they often go along with pain and suffering. This knowledge touches us directly and often forces us to think things and situations over out of mostly bad experiences we had to face but also good ones. This knowledge helps us too to understand ourselves and others. Then there is a kind of knowledge which we would classify as the knowledge of the heart, which does not uses mouth-words but uses the inner tongue without words – this knowledge is burried in each of us and can be digged throught in the within the own spirtual development. Therefore it is said: All answers lie in us as well as all questions – we all are a living book of knowledge. So it is necessary to gain this invisble knowledge, to discover it within and lay it open before us by a disciplined ethical life following the commandments of the messengers sent by God. Indeed, competent Masters or competent Gurus or teachers can help us on this way – alone it is not possible to achieve this goal. We all have to be exremely careful whom we trust, who we consider us as our Master as the world is full of so-called Masters. Only those Masters who are able to give us a real first-hand experience – who do not touch the free will, who live and do only for others, who live on their on money, who do not separate themselves with a village within a village, who always speak from the angle of oneness that we are all one in Him in the ONE – can have our full devotion and surrender.

    So thank you very much for your sharing this important subject, dear Harbans 🙂

    With the words of Dr. Harbhan Singh:
    Wishing you all what is good for your soul

    1. My salutations for sharing your profound ideas about the different knowledge – knowledge attained by reading books, learned from our environment and the experiences we gain from the knowledge obtained.

      The knowledge of ‘heart’ is all encompassing. It touches not only body but also mind and soul. This helps us to grow spiritually.

      Your assertion that we all are the ‘living book knowledge’ (all answers and questions lie in us only) is the most potent knowledge which provides us the vistas of experiences for a purposeful living. .This invisible knowledge in fact awakens us from within us which is of more beneficial than the bookish know-how we garner by reading books on varieties of subjects. This insightful knowledge is of immense value for our holistic development.

      Your assertion for a need Competent Masters or Gurus or teachers too, in essence, is worth appreciating and emulating.

      As always, your wisdom filled and perceptive add-on is obviously with emulation.
      My salutations to you and your Masters who gave you the patience and tenacity besides the benevolence to dole out wisdom for my benefit.

      With warm regards,

    1. Derrick sir, thanks a lot for your invaluable comments.
      Your comments are always an inspiration for me.



  3. Thank you for such detailed thoughts and analysis. Lots to think about and lots to do — to touch the light and feel the love! Grateful for your words. 🙂

  4. Good morning Il Chiaro, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. This looks like a super-interesting post but, sadly, I have to postpone reading it for a few more days. Please forgive me, my dear friend but the World Football Cup is on and I have hardly any time to sleep, eat or even go to the bathroom. I promise that once we duly recover from this once every four years-craziness (scheduled to end in mid-July) we will hopefully recover the mental and spiritual sanity to enjoy your marvelous writings. Please pray that this terrible, widespread affection that glues millions of fans to the TV sets never arrives in India.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. GOOD MORNING DR,. SAHIB; Really I was thinking about you and the FOOD BALL World also too interesting – the upsets of team like Germany and others shows the beauty of this game. Please enjoy.

      My prayers are always for the friends like you.



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