The situation in which we are placed

By somebody’s evil design or through the quirk of luck

Could be alleviated by the bounteous graces of our Lord

And partly by our own parent’s blessings

Due to whom we’re here on this planet

And also by our venerable Gurus/teachers

Who gives us the knowledge to discriminate

Between what is good and what is not so good.

We earn blessings after we meet somebody’s need

Without any mention of it to any

With which that person tides over the situation

In which willy-nilly he is placed

In this God’s blessings are always there aplenty.

And the grace of God puts us in the advantageous position

And brings about windfall gains

Changing the blighted state of affairs

Into the bright state of affairs

Boon provides us with an opportunity

To come out of a piquant situation unscathed

When all opposition that we experience

Gets melted by the positive innate energy

Provided by the boons of all we get

Boons have the potential to multiply

Whereby we come to know how to live a purposeful life.


Blessings to others encourage us individually to be courageous in handling emergencies or challenges although mere boons will not help, we ourselves have to act to succeed. As far as possible, we should earn blessings through our earnest and right karma. These blessings can help us tide over any situation we p;ut our hands on. I have escaped many a time from the jaws of death because of blessings I have earned from my elders and others with whom I came across. Blessings or boons help us face any contingencies since God’s graces to are enmeshed in them.


The role of blessings can do wonders is amplified by the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas. Although the Kauravas had all the renowned warriors including Bhishmpatama, who besides being a great warrior was blessed with not to have death till he himself wanted, Guru Dronachariya, Guru Kirpahariya etc and others are known to be known for their war tactics and expertise. On the other hand, Pandavas though were having Lord Krishna yet he did not actively involve in the war but his blessings were with Pandavas thus ultimately won.


It is a fact that we get cursed and blessed according to our deeds and misdeeds. Therefore, we should be cautious while transacting our actions. We should not do anything which may earn somebody’s wrath. Breaking of somebody’s heart by our omissions and commission can spell doom for us since it will be attacked with ur thought processes. Thoughts of curses and blesses materialize from our emotions and its effect or otherwise depending on the foundation of truth or untruth thereof.



While we unreasonably insinuate, intimidate or overawe/ terrorize somebody without rhyme or reason an upsurge of emotion comes out of the inner recesses of our heart. It is an involuntary impulse which has the imprint of earnestness and sincerity.

Why to give reason anybody to curse us? Hence, while transacting our day to day activities, we should take care that we do not execute anything which may earn us their wrath and ill-will. One should be aware of his actions whether they are helpful or making others feel vulnerable? We can’t say that each and every curse or blessing affects us. But there are some among them who may show their result in the future. Then the curses and blessings also affect the person concerned who gives blessings or curses. A person who is giving these should be clear in his/her mind, no rancor or ill-will, no jealousy or greed, in other words, no negative feeling. If we tend to displease any person unreasonably then we are in for his/her retribution in the form of a curse. It depends on such individual – maybe he/she pardon us yet the tag of the misdemeanor will always be there in our conscious mind.

In the Bible, curses are not the consequence of passion or revenge but these are the prediction.

While we are unnecessary victimized without rhyme or reason then we feel perturbed and become helpless and out of vengeance an inner voice comes out involuntarily and that is a curse.


For instance, in epic Mahabharata, when Gandhari, the wife of King Dhritarashtra the mother of Duryodhana came to know that her sons have died on the battlefield she could not control herself; she uttered furiously, “You Krishna, the young king of Dwaraka, you who I worshipped as Vishnu avatars of the supreme godhead are not you ashamed of your doings” and continued that he should have averted the war if he wanted. She further expressed in utter disgust. “If my Bhakti is true and if I have been true to my husband then, you may die in 36 years from today, may your Dwaraka be flooded and may every one of your Yadava clan perish by killing each other. May the Yadavas be killed, be killed.” This curse came true to perfection.

Then the curse to Ashwathama by Lord Krishna, who deceptively and mistakenly killed all the five sleeping sons of Pandavas thinking them to be five Pandavas. For this deceptive killings, Lord Krishna cursed him that he will carry the burden of all people’s sins and will roam about in Kaliyoga with this burden of sin.

Essentially, there are umpteenth examples of sages or rishis handing out curses on anybody who interrupted their penance or meditation. Rishi Durbasa was one such example who hurdled curses on anyone who came his way and his curses came true. But it is known that his curses had always some purpose.


God is very kind enough to bestow upon us the gifts of nature in the form of air, water and light and that too without any payment. Then the natural beauties such as imposing mountains, water bodies (ponds, lakes, rivulets etc), forest covers, Then we are also gifted with our senses to enjoy all the five senses including the six sense i.e. intuition or insight.

AdvThe roll of blessings can do wonders is amplified by the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas. Although the Kauravas had all the renowned warriors including Bhishma who was having the power to survive, Guru Kirt Verma and others and Pandavas though were having Lord Krishna yet he did not actively involve in battle but his blessings were with Pandavas thus ultimately they won.


We are aware that the energy keeps on transferring from one form to another. It has been seen that energy flows from a stronger body to a weaker body. The intensity of the curse depends on the recipient.

No one can harm another by curses. Blessings also are only a psychological feeling of goodness. If your mind feels good you feel good, and if your mind feels bad you feel bad. Nobody can impact your life either by curses or blessings. If someone tells you are wicked or bad, your are upset. If someone praises you, you feel nice and happy. If you are not really bothered, how will anything affect you?



1. My gratitude to Mr. Didi Sir, foblogger-recognitionr “THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD” vide

https://didisvgp.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/honoured-by-given-the-blogger-recognition-award/My Link:

2. Write a post to show your award.

I am hugely thankful to you for nominating my name for Blogger Recognition Award. This award is a sign of recognition which my write-ups must have attained in the eyes of Didi sir – a prolific writer in his own right. Coming from him is surely a great thing in itself.

The following are the contributions of Mr. DIDI’s blog which in fact have changed many a lives and playing a stellar role to spread the message of how to remain positive despite hurdles in life through his write-ups in the form of poetry and prose:-

  1. Spread the all encompassing message of Sant Kprpal Singh and also that of KIRPAL SAGAR.
  2. How best to spread the spirituality to the general masses.
  3. To understand the life and end.
  4. The ease with which the message of wellness is spread through poems with a huge message – the ease with which even a novice could understand the intricacies of life.
  5. Inspirational comments on other bloggers write-ups.
  6. Clarification of doubts in the minds of those who do not know much about mysticism of God.

I have gone through your write-ups including poetry which I consider as ‘must read’ and incorporate the sagacity contained in that. Really, it is an ocean of knowledge on spirituality and other topics which are relevant to live life purposefully and for a cause. This wisdom is the rich treasure of legacy left by Sant Kirpal Singh and other pious souls who contributed immensely to the cause of spreading goodness, wellness and everything which are essential for enhancing the humanism.

To be nominated by you is a greatness in itself. I obviously cherish this as a boon from  DIDI sir.

I take a simple vegetarian diet, which contains milk products, vegetables, dal/pulses including chapaties made out of wheat flour etc.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

I started writing this blog 28th May 2011. The first poem that I had penned down was “ANGER” and then it all started. Before this, I had no experience of blogging at all. Writing though was my passion. I used to write poetry and short stories for radio.
WORDPRESS offered me a platform from where I learned much by appraising the blogs of others and giving them the opportunity to go through my own. Then readers’ comments enriched my outlook and also bestowed me the necessary motivation for forwarding movement.

My topics are based on my personal interactions with others and are part of my experiences which I had in my life either during my service stint firstly in Governmental and now in the private sector. I come across different people with different caliber which provides an opportunity to write on. I am of the firm conviction that remaining busy is an art and can add to our knowledge which is penned down in blogs. Till now, I have written around 580 write-ups on the variety of subjects along with poetry. My blogs contain topics on spirituality, topics on parenting, topics on discipline, spirituality etc.
On perusal of write-ups of different authors of repute, I gain know-how which I utilize in my day to day life too. If I say that I am still a student, there is no exaggeration.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

My Advice to Beginners:

(a) Courage to write on the topics affecting our youth, for this experiences gained in school, college and university and how best they can gain their knowledge in these formal institutions. By so doing, our budding writers can get a feeling life in these formal institutions and suggest measures to improve life in these institutions because after getting the necessary education the youth has to adopt different vocations in their lives.

(b) If the topics selected are based on our daily personal experiences or our interactions with others on the topics impinging on the philosophy of life, socio-economic conditions, the topic on imbibing discipline etc. the blogs would attract more reader.

(c) Take the assistance of some Dharma Guru who could mold them spiritually and then pen down those experiences in their write-ups.

(d) The words and phrases used should be easy to understand and should contain some ethical and moral lessons.

My Nominees are as under (5):

(Participation is, of course, a voluntary matter – when joining have much fun, dear bloggers):

1. https://shapeshiftpt.wordpress.com/
2. https://santoshnc.wordpress.com/
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13. https://slpmartin.wordpress.com/
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15. https://darkpink.wordpress.com/

My questionnaires are as follows:-

1. How do the boons of our well-wishers help us to live a purposeful life?
2. Do the curses adversely affect our forward movement?
3. Is there life after death?
4. Difference between soul and spirit.
5. Is not it, we get what we sow?

All the above are optional.

Thank you, my dear blogger friends, for your presence and attention!





When anxiety  takes control of our thoughts
Which  prevent us from taking the right actions at the right time
Need is to remove the thin layer of anxiety
From the over our thoughts

To cleanse the negativity in our thoughts
To have full purity and clarity
In our thoughts and action, we want to achieve.

When our intuitive mind
Gets captive by our senses gone wild
Affecting our thought percepts
Thus impacting our day to day life so adversely.

When we fail to recognize
The importance of our Creator
And drift from one quagmire
Of negative thoughts to another
Then we lose not only our present moment
But will not only make our future dark and uncertain
But also the future births which may happen
Or not happen at all
Based on our Karmic deeds or misdeeds.

When we want to get our rights fulfilled
By adopting violent means
With corrupt practices to achieve our ends
The result of all negativities
Will surely be laced with uncertainties.

When we are enslaved
By the demonical forces of inflexibility and imbalance
In our daily existence

Sure enough, we cannot have suitable ultimate results
Until we become flexible and balanced in our thoughts and actions.


In essence,  sometimes, your ‘best’ is not the best in other person’s reckoning. The reason may be many. Other person’s expectations may be for better than our putting up the ‘best’. In life, we meet different personages, some are compliant or agreeable or amenable to your ideas or viewpoints but still, there some are fastidious or choosy (hard to be the pleased type). It goes to show that you cannot please all the people at all the times. There are times when some may agree with your viewpoint and appreciate your performance while somebody somewhere will disagree with you; how hard you may try with your performance.

We all are aware how much dejection and stress we experience while we are not able to get what we want despite our best efforts. We experience a bad mood due to the worst outcomes despite our best efforts. This interplay of mood can spur our inner potentials to play a part in accepting the challenges and make us stay focus and pay more attention to the job at hand.

In the above scenario, the best course of action would be to:-

  • HAVE BELIEF ON GOD. First of all, have cent percent belief in God. He will always listen to us when we call Him with sincerity and will offer you several cues which will facilitate you in coming out of the quagmire you have put yourself in either due to your own faults or due to the follies of your own people to whom you believed a lot but ditched you. Do everything with His partnership. You will never feel any lament – failure if it would be construed as fate-accompli not in your favour because our God did not want that too.
  • TIME AND SITUATION TO BE UNFAVOURABLE. There are occasions when the situation is not to our favour due to one reason or other due to which the ultimate result is contrary to our expectations. There are two solutions for its amelioration. Firstly it is to be cautious about an impending situation and secondly to fight the inappropriate situation. Either way, only self-belief and belief in God can save us.
  • HAVE SELF BELIEF. Be self-conscious or self-aware. Know your inner potentials and having known those utilize these to your best advantage.
  • CONSIDER YOUR FAILURE AS THE STEPPING STONES OF YOUR SUCCESS. It should always be kept in mind that those who are dynamic tend to move from one step to another or may face failure for sometimes but those who remain static remain stationary at a place. The failure should never be considered as a total breakdown of the system but as a temporary phase.
  • HAVE THE IDEA: THIS WILL ALSO PASS. It should always be remembered that everything has the stamp of impermanence. If your best is not considered as the ‘best’ now realization will dawn after some time and you will get what you actually want.
  • HAVE GODSPEED IN WHATEVER YOU DO. Always bear in mind that ‘haste makes waste’ so do everything with God’s speed thus avoiding falling into the pit of pure uncertainty.
  • POINTED FOCUS CAN SOLVE YOUR PESTERING PROBLEM. When we transact anything, we should put total concentration besides putting all our gained know-how in problem-solving.
  • HAVE SELF ESTEEM. Whatever may be the result of our thoughts and actions; failure of success, we should not lose self-respect or self-esteem. Losing it means losing everything that you possess – your own self in the bargain.
  • NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS. Think that you are the best creation of your Creator. Whatever you will create by way of your performance would be the best. Therefore, do not fall into the prey of comparing yourself with others. It may be in the form of your material possessions, your ability to convince others and make them round to agree to your point of view or any other thing that you can conceive of.
  • HAVE COMPETITION WITH YOUR OWN SELF. If at all you have to have competition with, have competition with your own self. For example, see what you are today, have you improved in knowledge today what you had had yesterday. Ask yourself to improve but it should be in the more refined way. Be gentle to yourself. NEVER EVER be offensive to your own self. It will not pay you and wholesome dividends.
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR COMPOSTURE. If putting your the best does not satisfy others then you should make another effort but without losing composure; without misbalancing our state of mind.
  • NEVER WORK UNDER STRESS. Never ever be stressful in any event because anything or everything is done under stress cannot be hundred percent accurate.
  • ENJOY YOUR WORK. We should always bear in mind that anything done with total joy give us immeasurable pleasure. Here failure or success hardly matters but only thoughts and actions thereof matter.
  • NON-ATTACHMENT TO THE FRUITS OF ACTIONS.  Our endeavor should be to do our Karmic deeds without attachment to the fruits of our action. This would be in line with the principles of Bhagwat Gita.
  • TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME. You may faultier take hasty steps. Every step yours should be measured one with the realization ‘haste makes. waste’. Attending to too many things at the same time will not help.
  • PUT IN YOUR BEST UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES YOU ARE PUT. Our purpose should be to make sincere efforts but leave the results of our actions on God. He can take care of everything under the sun.






I would like to put on record that Dr. Sahib has re-nominated me for THE MYSTERY BLOGGERS AWARD’ which I heartily receive and express my sincere gratitude for the same.

The detailed description about me is a big revelation even to me. I am a simple man with simple background and habits. I do not know the reason why people should like me. God only knows about this. I am the person who cannot boast of any attainments worth mentioning, I take it as a God’s grace and the sagacity of the personages.

The following is the description which I would like to explicitly would like to mention written by Dr. MARIO O LAPLUME .

‘Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Occasionally in life (very occasionally I must add) you meet someone with whom you have a strong spiritual communion, which does not mean you agree on every issue. It means that you are emotionally attuned to what the other person has to say or feels plus you eventually develop such a strong mind bonding that you can transmit by telepathy. Usually that person is the “significant other” that you marry and share your life with. But a few of us get so lucky that we find an additional partner without even a single touch.

For several months I have such in quasi-constant communication with such a person. Harbans Khajuria, a fellow blogger from New Delhi, has dazzled us with his clear, straight yet comprehensive discussions of the major spiritual challenges of modern times. He is a well versed intellectual that has worked in the Civil services and now is in the private sphere; as I rightfully guessed by enjoying his writings, he comes from a long tradition of Brahmin teachers of Hindu culture, the only ancient civilization that has come almost unscathed by the ravages of war and conquest to our times.  He dubbed me “Dr. Sahib” , a sign of respect for the learned in India, and I corresponded by calling him “Il Chiaro”, a moniker of a statesman from the powerful Medici family of Florence.

Thank you my dearest “Il Chiaro” for nominating my humble blog for this great award. Please allow me to shamelessly copy out the requirements from your own page.


II – My nominees are:

  1. Harbans – https://harbansinnerthoughts.com/
  2. Bojana – https://bloggingwithbojana.com/
  3. Brandewulf – https://brandewijnwords.com/
  4. Paola – https://vitadamuseo.wordpress.com/
  5. Antionette – http://ablakeenterprises.com/
  6. Da-Al – https://happinessbetweentails.com/
  7. Geo – https://justreadingmybooks.wordpress.com/
  8. Anita – https://maltanita.com/
  9. Willeke – https://irelandms.com
  10. Nor – https://noorshrfawi.wordpress.com/

My response to the questions posed:

  1. What is the main mission of your blog?

My main mission of my blog is to spread the message which I get through my interaction with others. This message may be positive or negative that hardly matters. There is a lesson even in negative message.

  1. What is the main attraction of your blog?

The main attraction, I think is the truth which my blog contains. I am satisfied with the daily response of readers.

  1. What is the main limitation of your blog?

My blog is not all encompassing. The contents require some improvement and I try on daily basis that more and more write-ups on a variety of subjects are contained in the blog. For this paucity of time at my disposal is one constraint.

  1. What do you like best in mine?

Your blog contains all that is required for improvement of body, mind and soul. Your personal interactions with your patients and details  description of variety of cases and how best to tackle them are succulently mentioned in your blog. We love your blog simply because you deal in it the problems of head and heart and also how best to come out of these problems. We wish your blog a roaring success.

  1. What do you dislike the most in mine?

Till now there is nothing which I dislike.

My favorite blog is the following:

I like all the blogs because I get enlightening from each of them. I am thankful to the ones whom I follow and the once who follow me whose number is approx 4000 now.

My sincere thanks and regards.





The trust is not earned with ease indeed

We’ve to pass thru different tests

Some very delicate and some very unwieldy

To earn the tag of trust-worthiness

Based on our sincerity and honesty of purpose

For coming out of our shell, based on disbelief

Which has made residency in us

Due to our own omissions and commissions

By our own thoughts and actions

Also, we can’t say that we don’t  have any distrusting characteristic at all

It exists in our system in one form or other

Need is to win the war against distrust from our system

So that the last shred of our cynical trait gets wiped out

Thereby ensuring the purity of body, mind and soul

We can then pave the way for smooth sailing in our work ethics

And make sure that our assigned goal is attained with God’s speed

Thus generating a spirit of cooperation on the basis of give and take.

But one thing should never to be kept in mind

That trust once earned has to be assiduously nurtured and maintained

Because there is very thin line between trust and mistrust

Trust once lost remains elusive for a longer time to come.

Trust is not a product which could be purchased from market place

Or earned through lofty ideals and ideas

That one can possess in our being

Nor it could be cultivated with mere wishful thinking.

In married life, for life to run smoothly

For a lifelong peaceful journey

Inculcation of love and wellness  is of huge necessity

Which are generated thru mutual trust as a cementing factor

Because, it takes two to tango.

Similar is the case with business enterprise

While fixing-up business deals between two parties

Have to have the stamp of shared trust of all concerned

For the ongoing business to succeed

If trust is breached by an unscrupulous party

The question of business success is doubtful, surely.

In the workplace, most certainly

Maintenance of each others’ trust is of utmost necessity

Have to preserve trust sanctity

Above every other considerations

But if somebody breaches the confidence

That person is the black sheep for us all to see.

Thus trust is the indelible stamp of .goodwill between people

Which binds them together for fructification

Of our general function

Because where there is trust in abundance

We have the God’s presence for our guidance.


Literally, the word betrayal means to be unfaithful in fulfilling the promise thereby losing trust, to be disloyal to somebody or to a family or to an organization where one is working or being disloyal to a country in which the treacherous person is living. Betrayal has negative connotations.

The trigger for writing about the topic of betrayal came in my mind, when a few days back, a few important papers were lost from one of the  organizations and those papers were found in the hands of somebody else, known to be a rival of the said organization, who took cudgels against the organization concerned. There was a heart burns in the organization’, adversely impacting the reputation thereby smeared the image of the organization which it had created for itself over a period of time. An thorough investigation was conducted and it was found that it was the handiwork of an insider. The person who handled the important documents and had passed the papers to the rival organisation.

This breach of trust is unpardonable by any yardstick and all those working in such organization(s) are seen as suspect till proved otherwise.  The person concerned was not informed that the needle of suspicion went to him. He was kept under surveillance because the organizational head wanted to catch the suspect red-handed. A trap was laid and the treacherous person was caught and fired besides being handed over to the police for this breach of service norms thus justice was delivered for betrayal.


When one of the spouses while professing to be holier than thou, cheats, it presents a very sordid state of affairs. This too is a betrayal or betraying the trust between the husband and wife. It is also immoral in the real sense of terms. This betrayal could produce moral and psychological conflicts and break the bond of a holy relationship that a husband and wife’s relationship entails. The betrayer, in this case, could spell a doom for the entire family wherein the future of the children in the family could also be in jeopardy. This betrayal has moral turpitude or orientation and is construed as downright deceitful in nature.


There are people who betray their own country of birth (mother land) by passing information to the country inimical to the interests of the country concerned. This is a genuine betrayal and cannot be pardoned under any circumstances. If found out, maximum punishment under the land of the land would entail but if not caught then he/she would get the punishment for this Ku-karma.


When we consider others betrayer on the basis of mere suspicion, this is termed as perceived betrayal since a person cannot have this stigma till proved. When we suspect somebody, it hardly means that person concerned is actually involved in such moral breaking acts of betrayal till allegation is proven without any shred of doubt.


We must have observed elected members of a particular party changing their loyalties when they find it is in their interest. This may be on the lure of pecuniary benefits or promise of a ministerial posts. They have no feeling of guilt, shame or remorse in changing their loyalties when it suits them. While we the voters choose them but such politicians breach our trust amounting to betrayal.


There are some people who cannot be believed. They say something but act opposite. Such dual personalities cannot be believed or trusted since what they say is tangentially in contrast with what their actions tell us. These persons are with fragmented disorders. They should be identified and cured.

Following should be kept in mind:-

  • Trust brings about our growth. It could be cultivated with a great effort but when it is lost, it is difficult to retrieve it because opposite of trust is betrayal.
  • Betrayal brings about our downfall. We may benefit for sometimes but ultimately our final journey would be littered with thorns. ‘Surely Allah does not love the treacherous’. Ultimately they will have to face the music of their betrayal.
  • We should not waste our precious time and energy in thinking those who betray us but on the other hand try our level best to refine. If that fellow does not agree then forgive that person.

In Bible it has been mentioned: Do not waste your suffering, use your betrayal to share with the sufferings of Christ. 

Lord Krishana advices Dhanushdhari Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshtra to have the important traits of: Radiance, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, lack of enmity, lack of arrogance, these are found in one who has obtained divine qualities, O Bhaarata.




the hapiness

We tend to please others

By compromising our own inner self

Which tells us not to submit

To the temptations of pleasing others

On the off-putting influences, so exterior

We sell thereby, very cheaply

Our own inner sense of right and wrong

By doing what our inner-self tells us to desist

We bargain the permanent entity

For one which is impermanent in nature

Thus trading off our own self-esteem by pleasing others

Whence it is not required; ethically speaking.

Thence we pretend to please our own Creator

Knowing full well that He is Omniscient

What we do or do not do is known to Him

Then pleasing Him

Whilst knowing well our own misdemeanors

That too, without any repentance whatsoever

Serves no purpose at all

Our God could be pleased with simple things

Like flowers and sincere prayers.

If we tend to please others unreasonably, we can be in real trouble sometimes. The epic Mahabharata is an apt example of how an illogical pleasing could wreak havoc. The attitude of Kaurav King Dhritarashtra, who, in order to please his son named Duryodhana, took the assistance of crafty Shakuni who connived to ditch Pandavas who agreed for a gambling match – a game of dice. The Pandavas lost their everything including their dearest consort Dropati. This treacherous gambling match became a potent reason for a war between the two armies due to which there were deaths and destruction in the battlefield wherein the Kauravas lost their everything. This goes to show how unreasonable and irrational pleasing could become a cause of annihilation.

Essentially, to please others means to be agreeable to others’ point of view, please others to gratify or humor others or indulgence to gratify somebody’s ego. This ego aggrandizement may be true or maybe for pleasing others for our personal gain or getting things done with ulterior intent or there may be a hidden agenda beyond pleasing others.

While we want to please others, it means there is some selfish motive for doing so that the person concerned may remain in our favour when crunch time comes. I opine, when we unfairly want to please others, it means, we are ourselves lacking in some areas which we want to cover by lubricating others’ ego for personal favours.


We must have observed some employees, though being not up to the mark as far as their efficacy is concerned, yet know how best to keep the head of the organization in good humor with tall talk and using words of platitude or cliché filled words. Their intention is to get benefits for getting upgrades in their jobs.


There are then people who thought to be in its way of life resorts to pleasing God by adopting ritualistic ways knowing fully well that our God besides being Omnipotent is also Omniscient besides being present everywhere and in every atom. Nobody can hoodwink Him with rituals or prayer to hide the real intention.

We must have observed some people adopting corrupt practices to earn power and pelf and worldly possessions. This unprincipled and wicked person seemingly wants to camouflage his real objective from an all-knowing God, therefore, any attempt to please Him will prove counterproductive.


Importantly, we tend to please others so as to cultivate a positive ambiance in the environment we are working. Before doing so, we should introspect whether the person we are pleasing is worth pleasing at all.  This sort of pleasing spree may boomerang on us one day if careful thinking about this business of pleasing is not done. We should have justifiable reasons in pleasing others. Crossing limit of decency should always be kept in mind while pleasing others.


While working in the organizations or living in the society with different opinions, we are constrained to live amicably. Here we have the choice, either to please or displease others, the choice is ours based on pure merit. We are not bound by any conventions that we have to please others whether he/she is the candidate for our flattery or not. Our behavior with others should be on the basis of giving and take, with the slight adjustment here and there.


There are times when we bend backward in pleasing others, seemingly, it indicates that fault lies with us because we ourselves have not learned to assert ourselves and not learned to say emphatic no when it is hugely required.


When something goes beyond limits, it means fault-line lies at our footsteps. It should be recognized that our boundaries are our values which bestow us self-respect.


While dealing with others, we have to give priority to self-esteem, self-improvement in the areas which we lack besides being updated on new things to be learned besides cultivating healthy habits so that there a magnetic pull in us and people may like us despite our drawbacks which we have being humans. 


We stop being real without knowing our own self and want to act like somebody else so as to hide our real intention. This way, we compromise our own real self and commit sin of being somebody else. It is difficult to be judgmental on others on its face value. Sometimes we all tend to put on masks in order to hide our real intent and many times we are duped by the peripheral viewpoint. This goes to show that in order to please others and sometimes to exaggerate our own sense of self.

  • Observe the behavior of the other and how they react.
  • It should be remembered that excess of everything is bad, even pleasing.
  • We should try to study the psychology of others and act accordingly.
  • We should be self-aware wherein we should know our potentials and weak areas then work on the weak areas so that we need not to please others unnecessarily.
  • If we at all please somebody, we need to please GOD through our good thoughts and Karmic deeds. He will certainly be pleased with us. Pleasing humans simply when it is not required lower us in our own self-esteem.
  • Recognize the fact that we cannot please all the people at all the times; try doing so, and we shall get the proof of this.
  • Recognise that our dealing with others should be based on the basis of the sincerity of purpose.           




















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Thank you very much, dear Didi art for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award.

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Okoto Enigma (https://www.okotoenigmasblog.com/my-greatest-creation-yet/)

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  • I am a simple person with simple habits and simple goals in life. I am thankful to my God that He has given me everything that is required for simple living.
  • I thank all who interact with me. The journey of my life has been satisfying which I got the support and guidance of everybody who came my way.
  • I am a student still and try learning from all who come in contact with me. Due to the grace of Almighty God, this journey of life has been a learning experience. My special and sincere thanks to DIDI JI for guiding me in honing my spiritual know-how. He has been an inspiration to many like me since his spiritual masters have been very kind in transforming him and he is transforming others too.


1.) If a King puts many precious things in front (money, land, precious diamonds, a high ranking position) of you and he asks you that you can choose what to take – what would it be?

In such a contingency, I shall, first of all, introspect whether I am capable of getting anything offered to me. As regards the money, land and precious diamonds, I have no attachment to me. As far as ‘a high ranking position’ is concerned, I opine, merely holding high ranking position is concerned, only holding particular post without the ability to fit into that position is the moot question. I shall, therefore, first of all, respectfully mention my credentials and if he still finds that I am capable, then be it. I shall try to exert; putting all the past experiences and be adaptive to change. But sure enough, with God’s grace, I shall not disappoint the king for his decision.

  1. How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?

I shall exert for the following:-

  • First of all, I shall try to introspect, be aware of myself, and my potentials and weak area then try to bridge the gap between potentials and weak areas. Being self-aware of self-conscious or self-realized is the first step in bringing about positive change which I would like to have in me’. Having known my strong areas, I shall try to do something for others. Besides, I shall exert to have holistic improvement including SPIRITUAL UPWARD JOURNEY.
  • Start with my own family. I shall see if there is something ailing my family health wife and spiritually then try to rectify these.
  • Then my neighborhood. I shall see what I can do for my neighborhood – like help in SWACHCH BHARAT ABHIYAN (keeping the area neat and clean), any civic problem which could be fixed and if need be take the help of MCD (Municipality).
  • Changes in the Society in which living. Subsequently, make a SELFHELP GROUP of like-minded people, and see what could be done for those problems which still remain – like the teaching of girl-child, that all get the education even those economically weak people who cannot afford education for their children and if need be take the help of authorities for this. Lapin like-minded people to plant more trees campaign and also including other problems being faced.
  • Spreading Spiritual knowledge. It has been observed that due to the lack of spiritual knowledge, our boat of life remains static at one place despite all the favorable current flowing. Spiritually awakened people try not only to influence themselves positively but also try to awaken others too to follow the right course in life.
  • Follow non-violence as the way of life. To the extent possible, we should always follow non-violence as the way of life and also spread the message of the importance of non-violence as the way of life.

Taking the above into consideration, I shall then spread the above message through my blog-post to the world at large. In this endeavor, God will certainly assist me.

  1. What is your purpose in life?

I opine, our purpose in life is not only to ‘eat, drink and be merry’ and while away our precious time and energy unreasonably. First of all, we have to live in the society, for which we have to follow certain laws of the land beside the laws of nature. For living a purposeful life, we have to earn our living by adopting sincere and honest means, be compassionate and assist others in the way we can, be positive even when dark clouds are hovering around the horizon.

Then realize the real purpose which is to enlighten ourselves and spread the LIGHT and LOVE to others around us with the realization that this life of ours is hard to get and once we have got, we should try to ensure connectivity with our God; if possible, with the assistance of one (Guru) who has already acquired connectivity with our Creator.

  1. Our society produces good and bad things. What can be improved?

(a) Cleanliness. By making concerted efforts that people are made aware of the maxim; cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore, we should exhort others to keep their environment clean.

(b) Planting more trees. In order to keep the environment neat and pollution free, it is essential that we plant more trees to have greenery around us and keep the surrounding free from any sort of pollution.

(c) Spreading smiles. It should be our endeavor to assist others in whatever we can in order to see that others feel good due to us.

(d) Living spiritually oriented life. Living spiritually means while performing our multifarious duties, we should follow our belief and faith we want to follow without let and hindrance.

(f) Pursue our religious belief without any outer influences with the realization that are the soul and deeply connected with the SUPER SOUL so there should not be any discrimination on the basis of any religion, caste, creed or color etc.

5.) Where is the difference between laughing and crying? When you are happy you can also shed tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh even out of insecurity…

 (a) Laughing is resorted to while we feel happy or when somebody tells us something which makes us happy and as a response, we laugh. On the other hand, sometimes, we express our emotions by shedding tears – the tears of joy.

(b) Cry. Crying is an emotional upsurge while we are sad due to some episode or when we hear of the death of somebody who is very near to us. Or maybe sometimes, when we hear the demise of some public figure who changed lives of multitudes. Then, sometimes, we cry on joyous occasions too.

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