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Thank you very much, dear Didi art for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award.

Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

Okoto Enigma (https://www.okotoenigmasblog.com/my-greatest-creation-yet/)

My LINK: https://emulateme.wordpress.com or harbansinnerthoughts.com

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

It’s an award for inspiring bloggers with wonderful posts. Their blog possesses magnetism which not only captivates; it also add to the knowledge. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve the recognition that they get. This award is also for bloggers who get inner satisfaction when fellow bloggers comment on those posts. -Okoto Enigma (https://www.okotoenigmasblog.com/my-greatest-creation-yet/)


  • I am a simple person with simple habits and simple goals in life. I am thankful to my God that He has given me everything that is required for simple living.
  • I thank all who interact with me. The journey of my life has been satisfying which I got the support and guidance of everybody who came my way.
  • I am a student still and try learning from all who come in contact with me. Due to the grace of Almighty God, this journey of life has been a learning experience. My special and sincere thanks to DIDI JI for guiding me in honing my spiritual know-how. He has been an inspiration to many like me since his spiritual masters have been very kind in transforming him and he is transforming others too.


1.) If a King puts many precious things in front (money, land, precious diamonds, a high ranking position) of you and he asks you that you can choose what to take – what would it be?

In such a contingency, I shall, first of all, introspect whether I am capable of getting anything offered to me. As regards the money, land and precious diamonds, I have no attachment to me. As far as ‘a high ranking position’ is concerned, I opine, merely holding high ranking position is concerned, only holding particular post without the ability to fit into that position is the moot question. I shall, therefore, first of all, respectfully mention my credentials and if he still finds that I am capable, then be it. I shall try to exert; putting all the past experiences and be adaptive to change. But sure enough, with God’s grace, I shall not disappoint the king for his decision.

  1. How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?

I shall exert for the following:-

  • First of all, I shall try to introspect, be aware of myself, and my potentials and weak area then try to bridge the gap between potentials and weak areas. Being self-aware of self-conscious or self-realized is the first step in bringing about positive change which I would like to have in me’. Having known my strong areas, I shall try to do something for others. Besides, I shall exert to have holistic improvement including SPIRITUAL UPWARD JOURNEY.
  • Start with my own family. I shall see if there is something ailing my family health wife and spiritually then try to rectify these.
  • Then my neighborhood. I shall see what I can do for my neighborhood – like help in SWACHCH BHARAT ABHIYAN (keeping the area neat and clean), any civic problem which could be fixed and if need be take the help of MCD (Municipality).
  • Changes in the Society in which living. Subsequently, make a SELFHELP GROUP of like-minded people, and see what could be done for those problems which still remain – like the teaching of girl-child, that all get the education even those economically weak people who cannot afford education for their children and if need be take the help of authorities for this. Lapin like-minded people to plant more trees campaign and also including other problems being faced.
  • Spreading Spiritual knowledge. It has been observed that due to the lack of spiritual knowledge, our boat of life remains static at one place despite all the favorable current flowing. Spiritually awakened people try not only to influence themselves positively but also try to awaken others too to follow the right course in life.
  • Follow non-violence as the way of life. To the extent possible, we should always follow non-violence as the way of life and also spread the message of the importance of non-violence as the way of life.

Taking the above into consideration, I shall then spread the above message through my blog-post to the world at large. In this endeavor, God will certainly assist me.

  1. What is your purpose in life?

I opine, our purpose in life is not only to ‘eat, drink and be merry’ and while away our precious time and energy unreasonably. First of all, we have to live in the society, for which we have to follow certain laws of the land beside the laws of nature. For living a purposeful life, we have to earn our living by adopting sincere and honest means, be compassionate and assist others in the way we can, be positive even when dark clouds are hovering around the horizon.

Then realize the real purpose which is to enlighten ourselves and spread the LIGHT and LOVE to others around us with the realization that this life of ours is hard to get and once we have got, we should try to ensure connectivity with our God; if possible, with the assistance of one (Guru) who has already acquired connectivity with our Creator.

  1. Our society produces good and bad things. What can be improved?

(a) Cleanliness. By making concerted efforts that people are made aware of the maxim; cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore, we should exhort others to keep their environment clean.

(b) Planting more trees. In order to keep the environment neat and pollution free, it is essential that we plant more trees to have greenery around us and keep the surrounding free from any sort of pollution.

(c) Spreading smiles. It should be our endeavor to assist others in whatever we can in order to see that others feel good due to us.

(d) Living spiritually oriented life. Living spiritually means while performing our multifarious duties, we should follow our belief and faith we want to follow without let and hindrance.

(f) Pursue our religious belief without any outer influences with the realization that are the soul and deeply connected with the SUPER SOUL so there should not be any discrimination on the basis of any religion, caste, creed or color etc.

5.) Where is the difference between laughing and crying? When you are happy you can also shed tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh even out of insecurity…

 (a) Laughing is resorted to while we feel happy or when somebody tells us something which makes us happy and as a response, we laugh. On the other hand, sometimes, we express our emotions by shedding tears – the tears of joy.

(b) Cry. Crying is an emotional upsurge while we are sad due to some episode or when we hear of the death of somebody who is very near to us. Or maybe sometimes, when we hear the demise of some public figure who changed lives of multitudes. Then, sometimes, we cry on joyous occasions too.

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  1. Life without challenges is listless; is not it so?
  2. Is not ego our own enemy?
  3. What are the benefits of being humble?


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08.poonam; lifewithwordpress.com
10.karina lam 

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Wishing you all happiness and sunshine in your heart


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  1. Congratulations, Harbans. I am honoured by your nomination, for which I thank you. I am sure you will understand that, with the time taken over daily posts, comments, and replies, I couldn’t do justice to the requirements.

    1. First of all, thank you for wishing me. I consider you one of the best bloggers; irrespective of the fact you reply to the queries or not.


  2. My dear Harbans,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful thoughts placing on the table as spiritual food to share with others.

    Indeed, we all should no longer giving power to our own ego but to search in us in others and help them where we can, to live and do for others. This will not only bring us away from our own ego it will bear fruit of happiness for other people too. The more people start to change themselves for the better, the more there is a rising wave of human values with respect and love developing, seeing us as one, as unity, seeing the One in all, in us. How can we then treat a person or men with tricky deeds and words, with aversion and violence – when we know that the temple of God is the human body, is living in us – But usually we ignore such things, we live in ignorance and follow what brings us advantages. Such a rising wave, when more and more people awake from the deep sleep of the world, will go around the world and would surely bring a change to the better: our whole society with noble values and idols will transfrom into: service of man, non-violance starting in our head and our children will live a life of peace and harmony.

    Regarding the first question:
    I am going to add something to it at a later time.

    Thank you so much my friend
    May we all contribute for a better world, for a blooming mankind.

    1. Didi sir, your commentary on any subject under the sun is full of wisdom to be emulated by us humans without discrimination.

      The fact remains, we do not understand that all are our soul-mates and related to SUPER SOUL OR SUPER SPIRIT. We all should share our experience on the daily basis so as to evolve ourselves from what we were yesterday. Every day should provide us unique experience.

      Our body is the ‘temple of God’ should teach us to respect other ‘temple’ as one respects his own.
      When each one of us responds positively then there would be peace and harmony in all the societies.

      Your inputs are obviously, as ever, an education to me especially.


      1. Thank you very much, my dear friend Harbans.
        Dr. Harbhajan Sing was the competent disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. He has never had a wish and followed the commandments of the Master. He was a true Gurmukh or mouthpeace of the Master-power or God-power. Then one day Sant Kirpal Singh asked him, if he had a wish: Dr. Harbhajan Singh, we call him Bhaji (brother), said: Master, this time I have a wish: I wish that your Mission will spread in the whole world. And Master answered that such a wish noone has had so far and it will be fulfilled. There will be a spiritual revolution coming up and spread around the world like wild-fire.

        This means: we will see more and more people awake and we all will be a like small stones. – and even small stones can trigger an avalanche…

        Outwardly we are now on the bridge between the Iron Age and Golden Age. This process will take 100 years, then we will see big changes in the world. (it has started 1988/1989 when Master left the body 14 years earlier to bring from inside the Golden Woven Cloth”

        May God bless you and your family and all people who sincerely seek for the truth…

        Thank you my friend

      2. DIDI Sir, the competent Masters only can change the competent discipline. It is all due to the graces and blessings of COMPETENT MASTERS that we can converse with each other in civilized language and follow the ethical way of living. The example cited by you is worth noting. May this ‘spiritual revolution’ dawn at an early date so that we evolve more before our final journey.
        Change is most essential and there are harbinger of change can make difference in the lives of general masses.
        Thank you so very much for sharing positive ideas; that there would be positive changes in the world..
        My gratitude for wish me and my family.

      3. Dear Harbans,

        Once being initiated by a competent Master it is the Master who will bring us Home. They come with direct order of God to bring back His children – in this sense it is also to be understood what Jesus Christ said: I will not leave you until the end of the world, or: I will not leave you nor forsake you… or “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” Such competent Master come with promise to bring back the disciple to their real home. And all competent Masters are equipped with divine power. They burn even the karma away from the disciple when getting the initiaton and give a fist-hand experience to the discplie. My Master said: Do not believe in the Master until you see yourself (inner seeing with the third eye) – means: seeing is believing. Those Masters are 100% filled with God-power they do not have an ego anymore and those who got the Grace need only 4 lives more to return home as it is said. But Master emphasizes to take now the big chance to go home in this life already, The Master takes care of the disciple and helps him in many ways.

        Here a quote in addition to it:

        Who is the Master

        When God wished to create His expression,
        He created the Satpurusha.
        The Satpurusha was not the son of man,
        He was given the power to manifest in the world.

        Kabir says that He did not dwell in the womb of a mother. Kabir says, “I was sent when there was no sun, no moon, no sky, and no earth. There was no Brahma, no Vishnu, and no Shiva. He further tells that He is the secret-holder of the Home Eternal and came down (into the world) with His order.

        It is said that He came in all the four ages:
        In the Golden Age He was Sat Sukrat,
        in the Silver Age He was Munindar,
        in the Copper Age He was Karuname,
        in the Iron Age He was Kabir.

        Kabir says that the Godpower that manifests in the whole creation is His name. He is infinite and immortal, He is the compassionate Creator. The Satpurusha has the key to lock one age and unlock the other, and all human beings and other living forces change likewise. This Power neither goes nor comes but manifests forever. The one who comes through Him connects all direct to Him. Such ones are called Paramsants.

        As we cannot tell anything about God, so we cannot tell anything about the Master. In fact, they are not separate, it is the God in Him who works. Sehjo Bhai says, “God and my Guru both are standing before me, before whom should I bow? I bow before my Master who gave me the clue to know God.”

        Kabir’s disciple got worried as how the Satpurusha would look like, as she had never heard or seen Him. Kabir had told her that Master does not keep the soul in His custody in Sach Khand but surrenders the soul to the Satpurusha, who transcends in all the three stages above Sach Khand. When Kabir blessed her to transcend in these regions, her joy knew no bounds when she saw that Kabir Himself was sitting on the throne of the Satpurusha.

        He who knows the Satpurusha is a Satguru (Godman). Though Satguru and Satpurusha are one, the Satguru is due to the Satpurusha. The Satguru is dependent upon the Satpurusha to get the grace from above and deliver it below.

        Satpurusha manifests in all human beings, He is the radiant form of the Master and is called Gurudev.

        Gurudev is the radiant form of the Master and sustains in every
        Gurudev is the Master of the whole creation.
        Gurudev is the Satguru, Parabrahm and Parameshwar (the highest Being).
        O Nanak, a salutation to the Gurudev is a salutation to God.

        By Dr Harbhajan Singh”

        Can be read here:


        This promise to bring the discple back home can only given by a competent Master or by Kabir or Kirpal who both were even the maker of the Masters…

        Thank you very much for your profound thoughts and word shared with me, dear Harbans.

        Heartfelt regards

  3. Namaste,

    I saw my name here in this list and i feel so honored and to be honest very much humbled!

    I will try my best to answer your questions — which are very beautiful and a joy to think about…..again thanks a lot. I am at a loss of words to express my appreciation and gratitude.

    Thank YOU! 🙂

  4. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans and thanks for putting forth my name for this award. I feel very honored and grateful to you. I will do my best to continue my good deeds. Yesterday evening I remembered you fondly as I started watching a new series made in India by Netflix called ” Sacred games.” Have you seen it? If you didn’t, please have a peek at it. It’s the interaction of a spiritually minded gangster and a conflicted Sikh policeman in Mumbai.
    A big hig. Arrivederci!

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

      I consider you the best one for the award since the deeds of distribution of awareness you are spreading, to say the least awesome.

      Thanks remembering me Dr. Sahib. The series you have mentioned – I have not viewed. I shall, if I get chance to do so.


  5. Well, isn’t this “strong spiritual connection” or what? While I was writing those words you were perusing my latest blogs, eh?

    1. Dr. sahib; that is what is called telepathy. I can interact with imagination – which is very strong wherein we can anticipate, imagine and form an opinion about a person.

      Feeling great to connect with you.
      WARM HUGS.


  6. Good morning and thanks for the nomination my dear Il Chiaro. I will carefully study the three questions and respond to them appropriately on Saturday morning, after hopefully recovering a little bit from this exhausting World Football Cup. I confess that I do have a special weakness for “the beautiful game” that was transmitted on by my father Mario straight on to my two children. C’est la vie, Mon cher ami.. A big hug.

    1. Good Morning Dr. Sahib:
      You can take your own time. Now is the busiest time for you because of football match (World cup) and rightly so, what a result it is going to have. Teams which were considered to be on the top have fallen wayside.

      A big hug from me too.

      With regards

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