I would like to put on record that Dr. Sahib has re-nominated me for THE MYSTERY BLOGGERS AWARD’ which I heartily receive and express my sincere gratitude for the same.

The detailed description about me is a big revelation even to me. I am a simple man with simple background and habits. I do not know the reason why people should like me. God only knows about this. I am the person who cannot boast of any attainments worth mentioning, I take it as a God’s grace and the sagacity of the personages.

The following is the description which I would like to explicitly would like to mention written by Dr. MARIO O LAPLUME .

‘Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Occasionally in life (very occasionally I must add) you meet someone with whom you have a strong spiritual communion, which does not mean you agree on every issue. It means that you are emotionally attuned to what the other person has to say or feels plus you eventually develop such a strong mind bonding that you can transmit by telepathy. Usually that person is the “significant other” that you marry and share your life with. But a few of us get so lucky that we find an additional partner without even a single touch.

For several months I have such in quasi-constant communication with such a person. Harbans Khajuria, a fellow blogger from New Delhi, has dazzled us with his clear, straight yet comprehensive discussions of the major spiritual challenges of modern times. He is a well versed intellectual that has worked in the Civil services and now is in the private sphere; as I rightfully guessed by enjoying his writings, he comes from a long tradition of Brahmin teachers of Hindu culture, the only ancient civilization that has come almost unscathed by the ravages of war and conquest to our times.  He dubbed me “Dr. Sahib” , a sign of respect for the learned in India, and I corresponded by calling him “Il Chiaro”, a moniker of a statesman from the powerful Medici family of Florence.

Thank you my dearest “Il Chiaro” for nominating my humble blog for this great award. Please allow me to shamelessly copy out the requirements from your own page.


II – My nominees are:

  1. Harbans –
  2. Bojana –
  3. Brandewulf –
  4. Paola –
  5. Antionette –
  6. Da-Al –
  7. Geo –
  8. Anita –
  9. Willeke –
  10. Nor –

My response to the questions posed:

  1. What is the main mission of your blog?

My main mission of my blog is to spread the message which I get through my interaction with others. This message may be positive or negative that hardly matters. There is a lesson even in negative message.

  1. What is the main attraction of your blog?

The main attraction, I think is the truth which my blog contains. I am satisfied with the daily response of readers.

  1. What is the main limitation of your blog?

My blog is not all encompassing. The contents require some improvement and I try on daily basis that more and more write-ups on a variety of subjects are contained in the blog. For this paucity of time at my disposal is one constraint.

  1. What do you like best in mine?

Your blog contains all that is required for improvement of body, mind and soul. Your personal interactions with your patients and details  description of variety of cases and how best to tackle them are succulently mentioned in your blog. We love your blog simply because you deal in it the problems of head and heart and also how best to come out of these problems. We wish your blog a roaring success.

  1. What do you dislike the most in mine?

Till now there is nothing which I dislike.

My favorite blog is the following:

I like all the blogs because I get enlightening from each of them. I am thankful to the ones whom I follow and the once who follow me whose number is approx 4000 now.

My sincere thanks and regards.


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  1. Congratulations! Loved reading this description and your soul connection with each other. It is very inspiring and beautiful. May blessings of peace and love prevail 🙂

  2. Good morning caro Il Chiaro. Thank you very much for transcribing my words, which constitute a good depiction of our strong friendship. Let’s continue our quest for the truth. You make me blush like a teenager when you say that you do not dislike anything in my blog. Please stop lying (because I like it so much that I might eventually believe it)
    A big hug.

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib. I am really immensely pleased by your commentary and as far as the truth about your blog is concerned, you always say spade a spade – may it be about human psychology, medicare, our relationship with our friends and well-wishers, with your patients and their dependents. That is the beauty of your write-ups. Even a notice like me can understand the import of your blog. Also, the Health topic Care in America and UK was an eye-opener for many of your readers including me. Thanks ever for enlightening us with all inclusive know-how.


    1. i sincerely thank Didi sir for nominating me for ;THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD’ .

      i accept the award with humility and would be writing for this award.

      I again thank you for considering me suitable for this award.


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