1. My gratitude to Mr. Didi Sir, foblogger-recognitionr “THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD” vide Link:

2. Write a post to show your award.

I am hugely thankful to you for nominating my name for Blogger Recognition Award. This award is a sign of recognition which my write-ups must have attained in the eyes of Didi sir – a prolific writer in his own right. Coming from him is surely a great thing in itself.

The following are the contributions of Mr. DIDI’s blog which in fact have changed many a lives and playing a stellar role to spread the message of how to remain positive despite hurdles in life through his write-ups in the form of poetry and prose:-

  1. Spread the all encompassing message of Sant Kprpal Singh and also that of KIRPAL SAGAR.
  2. How best to spread the spirituality to the general masses.
  3. To understand the life and end.
  4. The ease with which the message of wellness is spread through poems with a huge message – the ease with which even a novice could understand the intricacies of life.
  5. Inspirational comments on other bloggers write-ups.
  6. Clarification of doubts in the minds of those who do not know much about mysticism of God.

I have gone through your write-ups including poetry which I consider as ‘must read’ and incorporate the sagacity contained in that. Really, it is an ocean of knowledge on spirituality and other topics which are relevant to live life purposefully and for a cause. This wisdom is the rich treasure of legacy left by Sant Kirpal Singh and other pious souls who contributed immensely to the cause of spreading goodness, wellness and everything which are essential for enhancing the humanism.

To be nominated by you is a greatness in itself. I obviously cherish this as a boon from  DIDI sir.

I take a simple vegetarian diet, which contains milk products, vegetables, dal/pulses including chapaties made out of wheat flour etc.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

I started writing this blog 28th May 2011. The first poem that I had penned down was “ANGER” and then it all started. Before this, I had no experience of blogging at all. Writing though was my passion. I used to write poetry and short stories for radio.
WORDPRESS offered me a platform from where I learned much by appraising the blogs of others and giving them the opportunity to go through my own. Then readers’ comments enriched my outlook and also bestowed me the necessary motivation for forwarding movement.

My topics are based on my personal interactions with others and are part of my experiences which I had in my life either during my service stint firstly in Governmental and now in the private sector. I come across different people with different caliber which provides an opportunity to write on. I am of the firm conviction that remaining busy is an art and can add to our knowledge which is penned down in blogs. Till now, I have written around 580 write-ups on the variety of subjects along with poetry. My blogs contain topics on spirituality, topics on parenting, topics on discipline, spirituality etc.
On perusal of write-ups of different authors of repute, I gain know-how which I utilize in my day to day life too. If I say that I am still a student, there is no exaggeration.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

My Advice to Beginners:

(a) Courage to write on the topics affecting our youth, for this experiences gained in school, college and university and how best they can gain their knowledge in these formal institutions. By so doing, our budding writers can get a feeling life in these formal institutions and suggest measures to improve life in these institutions because after getting the necessary education the youth has to adopt different vocations in their lives.

(b) If the topics selected are based on our daily personal experiences or our interactions with others on the topics impinging on the philosophy of life, socio-economic conditions, the topic on imbibing discipline etc. the blogs would attract more reader.

(c) Take the assistance of some Dharma Guru who could mold them spiritually and then pen down those experiences in their write-ups.

(d) The words and phrases used should be easy to understand and should contain some ethical and moral lessons.

My Nominees are as under (5):

(Participation is, of course, a voluntary matter – when joining have much fun, dear bloggers):


My questionnaires are as follows:-

1. How do the boons of our well-wishers help us to live a purposeful life?
2. Do the curses adversely affect our forward movement?
3. Is there life after death?
4. Difference between soul and spirit.
5. Is not it, we get what we sow?

All the above are optional.

Thank you, my dear blogger friends, for your presence and attention!


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  1. My sincerest thanks for DIDI Sir vide THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD” is definitely a reminder to me that I have to improve upon my write-ups and learn much from the ocean of knowledge that remains to be taped.

    A word of thanks to the creator of this coveted award. Such awards bestow inspirations to the bloggers.

    I have nominated 15 prolific bloggers. Kindly go through the nomination. The award could be added to their respective blogs since the completion of formalities of writing answers to the questions is in fact optional.

    My link for this is:


  2. My dear Harbans,

    Thank you very much beautiful words and support for Sant Kirpal Singh for which you have sincerey appreciation and thankfulness.

    Allow me to express my thankfulness with a poem:

    Touching thankfulness

    Thankfulness in my heart
    We walk together
    Here and beyond
    Oh, Lord in my heart

    Thankfulness in every pore
    Of my spirit and body
    Living in the ink
    Of your pen, writing my life
    Oh Lord in my heart

    Thankfulness in my breath
    Heartbeat follows your will
    Colours my thought
    Along sandy streets
    Oh Lord in my heart

    Thankfulness in my soul
    Sunshine in each step
    Because you are everywhere
    And I – a borrowed lifetime
    Oh Lord, Life of my life

    DidiArtist, 24.06.2018

    Thanks, my dear brother Harbans, you have made me happy with your words 🙂
    Love and light to you

    1. My sincere thanks for your beautiful lines.

      Wonderful poem.
      I thank you for your thankfulness
      This is occasioned
      When our heart and mind are in sync.
      Even when separated
      An ocean of distance
      Not having the glimpse of each other
      Yet looks as though we are the friends
      Having known each other
      Since ages put together
      This is not the grace of our Lord
      Then what it is?
      Your creation of the poetic lines
      The beautiful ones
      Touch the inner recesses of my heart
      This is the blessings of ONE
      Who created us with a common bond
      Of brotherhood.

      Feeling great to have a spiritually related friend who transforms the lives of many like me.
      God may bestow you more strength and God’s mystical power to remove the doubts of people like me.



      1. Thank you, my dear brother Harbans 🙂
        Indeed, noone is separated from the Ocean. We are all brothers and sisters in Him – but often our mind forgets this. It would be wonderful to live in this Oneness, unity with love and respect to each other and see the One in each of us.
        Thank you so much, my dear friend 🙂
        May God bless you and your family and plant love in all hearts.
        A big hug from my heart

  3. Good morning and congratulations for this award. While I was commenting your nomination in my blog, your lines and mine go accidentally trashed as I hit the wrong key. Would you please put it back?Thanks.

    1. Thank you so very much madam. I have nominated you for BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD too. Congratulations to you as well ma’am.

      Warm regards

  4. Good morning and thanks for this nomination, my dear spiritual buddy across the oceans, as soon as I have some time to properly read the requirements, I will certainly participate. A big hug.

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