Rain-O-rain, come ye rain

From thy domain so high up in the sky

When the Rain God Indra

Is at his pleasant best of all

Rain falls on the lands so parched and thirsty

On the desserts with piles of sand so dry

On the glades and valleys

On the tarred roads burning with the heat

On the cemented part of the compounds

In the ponds, big and small ones

On the river banks

In the lakes, rivers and sea shores

And the other water bodies so in abundance.

While all this is well with the God’s grace anyway

Rain is good, welcomed and is really useful in every way

It replenishes the water in the dams

Fills the containers for rain-harvesting

When rain-water is used in dry seasons

For watering the fields

Infusing life in the plants

Gasping for want of water for their survival

For more agricultural-produce

Enhances beauty of the green plantations all around

The forests too heave a sigh of relief due to rain drops

Forests buzz with life in the rain – the welcome rain.  

It meets the demand of drinking, washing, cleaning

And for so many other things for all Its creation. 

Besides pouring  water on the idols of Gods and Goddess for their purity.

Thus far rain and the water there-from is so useful for all and sundry.

But whence the Rain God Indra gets annoyed

It causes Krishana’s Mathura-like inundation

The rain which had all the necessary water-related solutions

Becomes the cause of deluges so full of devastation

Causing all round deaths and destruction

On all the parts of terra-firma within its reach

When brooks turn into rivers

Rivers break their banks

Dams cannot sustain the capacity of water in them

The water in these wants to break-free

Force-rupture the walls

Which keep the water conserved

After becoming free

The stored water

Feels free to move ahead

Establishes its fiefdom

By its flow so fierce

Takes anything along

That comes its sway

Uproots the green plantations

Forces the upper fertile crust of land

To sweep with its current so unwieldy

Flood muddy water enters the houses

Causes these to totter under its impact

Submerges the fully ripe crops

Ready to be harvested by the farmers

Who had tiled really hard on the fields

But alas!

Everything has been shattered by the water so unwieldy

Not only for the hard-working farmers

And their offspring so dear to them

But also for the country-folks

Who are fed by the food produce

The farmers help producing

By dint of their hard labour of which we are proud.

It may be various places in Northern States           

In Uttarachal Pradesh

A vast chunk of state of Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh

Or a huge inundation of Southern States

Like ‘God’s own country’ Kerala

Or part of IT Hub –  Karnataka.



God is very kind to provide us three elements of Nature free which are essential for very  survival of all the living beings. One of them is water and the other two are the fire and the air. In essence, God provides these without any discrimination to all its creations.

It has been observed that Mother Nature sustains us to its maximum but when we ourselves spoil its balance, its vengeance or retribution is too severe to handle.  

It may be fire, which when goes out of control spreads in the forests or sky-scraper buildings or any other man-made structures; could spell deaths and destruction not only of flora and fauna but also to the animals, plants or any other living things in the forests thus causing irreparable damage to the environment with its smoke. It also results in rise in temperature which has a devastating effect on the Antarctic snow cap. Any more rise in temperature will result in melting of snow and as a consequence raise the level of sea water which will inundate the habitations around the world and put our survival in jeopardy.

The ill-effects of air too are not unknown to us all, when it turns into strong storms. We all are aware of hail-storm, storm which causes flooding, snow/ice storms, thunderstorm which causes deaths and destruction wherever and whenever it happens.  

It is, therefore, our responsibility as human beings to maintain Nature’s balance to the extent possible and save our planet from death and destruction.



(ON 26th  AUGUST 2018)

the relatonship

Meaning of ‘Raksha’ is to assure security

Bandhan means a bond or a surety

That a brother promises to bestow

Upon his sister, so valued one

That hardly matters at all

Whether she is of blood related

Or just another human unrelated

To religion, color, language, caste or creed

It could be a knot of thread between neighbors

And other community members

With no narrow considerations

But consideration is only for relationship consolidation

This festival is held in the Hindu month of Shravan

Witnessed by the auspicious Full Moon From The Heaven

The RAKSHA BANDHAN is the festival, so lovely

When sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist with love

She is filled with sisterly adoration

And awe-inspiring sentiment of brotherly affection

A festival of deep bond of emotion

Wherein a brother promises protection

To his sister from any danger unforeseen

An ultimate ‘bond of protection’ though unwritten

Yet this thread is not an ordinary twine

But solemn word given.

Purpose is to keep the fabric of society intact

To ensure communal harmony, with no strings attached

History is replete with examples

When Rajputs & Maratha queens sent Rakhis,

To the Mughal kings

And won their sympathies at the time most critical

There is also a story of Great Alexander spouse

Sending a Rakhi to King Porus

Which King Porus reciprocated and respected

By not harming her husband

Such is the sacred strength of Rakhi’s bond.

Such is the power of this ordinary thread,

That it can keep even adversaries united.

O our All-powerful Creator,

Thee who can do anything anywhere

Or prevent anything happening,

My prayer is to knot the world communities

With Thy Thread,  so sanctified by Thy blessings

So that all live in peace and in harmony.


The word Raksha means an act  of protection and bandhan is related to a/bond/or an association. Taken together the two means a relation which ensures/ protection from unpredictable quarters.  Raksha Bandhan, in other words, is a bond between brother and sister for bestowing protection to the sister whenever contingency arises – a sacred pledge that he (brother) will fulfill the promise of protection come what may. In return, the sister prays for the wellbeing and prosperity of her brother. It is not merely the case of brother protecting his sister but otherwise also. We have examples of some financial sound but married sisters coming to the succor of their brothers who due to some reasons cannot bear the expenses of their education etc come to the rescue of their brothers.

 Raksha Bandhan is a  Hindu festival which highlights the importance of brother-sister relationship. Here, brother-sister may be related biologically or even unrelated. In some parts of India it is simply called Rakhi festival or Rakhi Purnima (falling on the full moon). India is a multi-cultural society, not only Hindus, it is celebrated by Sikhs, Jains etc. The sister ties a (Rakhi thread) sacred thread on the wrist of her brother and the brother, in turn, gives a solemn pledge or promise to the sister to come to her succor at any unforeseen exigencies. A promise which is formulized on RAKHI PURNIMA DAY. This festival falls on full moon day (Shravan Poornima) and that is why it is also called as Raksha Poornima.

The brother-sister relationship is really very sensitive. When brother and sister are biologically connected then they grow up together under the same roof and the parents make them understand the importance of the brother-sister relationship. As the sister, after she grows up, has to leave the home and hearth of her parents after she is married, Rakhi Thread becomes a sacred link between brother and sister to remind each other that there exists somebody to care for him/her. It is, in other words, an emotional bond/link which brings forth the memories of the past days when both brother and sister had lived and brought up together. To say the least, I opine, sisterly love is next the motherly love.  A simple woven thread, self-made or purchased from the market with great reverence cements relationship even further between brother and sister.

Some of the salient features of RAKSHA BANDHAN are given below:-

  • Raksha Bandhan signifies the love and affection between brother and sister – an emotional link which solidifies the relationship between the two blood-related or otherwise. It may include brother and sister who are not biologically related. Just strangers but they establish a bond by tying a simple twine on the wrist which solidifies the relationship. Sometimes this sister-brother relationship does not take into account the artificial boundaries or barriers of caste, creed, color or religion.
  • Brother promises to protect her sister and come to her succor whenever called for besides giving a suitable gift for his sister as a token of love. It could be a sister promising to come to the assistance of a brother in need.
  • At the time of tying the knot of sacred thread parents, grandparents and other members of the family ritualistically gather to shower their blessings on brother-sister at a spot where the sister ties the knot of Rakhi to her brother and pray for their well-being and prosperity. Tying of knot of a Rakhi is done in a ceremony by lighting an earthen wick or a candle in a shallow plate. Sister applies tilak or tikka on the forehead of her brother and then ties Rakhi. The purpose of lighting a wick is for the sanctification of RAKSHA BANDHAN in presence of Fire God. Brother gives her gifts and promises to protect her whenever there is a need. Subsequently, the sister prays for the wellbeing and prosperity of her brother. Some sing religious songs in connection with Rakhi festival.
  • The sister prays to God for the safety and prosperity of his brother.
  • A sacred thread, in the form of Rakhi thread, cements a bond between brother and sister thus establishes goodwill and emotional bond between them two.
  • Most importantly, when brother-sister love is affirmed outside the biological relationship then it will enhance inter-faith cohesion and fellow feelings between different castes, religions etc. This practice persisted in the past and is prevalent now as well. Raksha Bandhan evokes feeling of love, respect, and a sense of protection and also engenders a feeling of togetherness between different religions.
  • Then there is a practice of sending Rakhi threads made by the school children to the soldiers guarding the borders who could not be with their sisters because of their emergent commitments. These soldiers will naturally feel elated and emotionally suffused by this sacred gesture.Self-made Rakhi Threads along with the sweets and gifts are sent to the orphanages for tying to the ones who were not so fortunate to have their brother tying this sacred thread. This also brings the smile on their faces.
  • Brothers and sisters who are geographically separated stheir Rakhis by post or any other fast means along with the gifts in the form of gift cheque etc. Nowadays, due to the progress of communication owing to the net connect, Rakhis could even be e-Rakhied without wastage of time. What a way to exploit the fast communication! This gesture too keeps the bond of brother-sister love ever blossoming.
  • The Prohits self-make Rakhis and distribute amongst their disciples who put these on their writs with fervor. This too is considered as a SHARED TWINE.

Historical Perspective

Earliest examples of a Rakhi Bandhan prayer is found in VISHNU PURAN:  a prayer that Yasoda sung while tying a sacred Rakhi lucky charm on Krishna’s wrist.

May the lord of all beings protect you,
May the one who creates, preserves and dissolves life protect thee.

Historically, legend has it that Rajput queens used to send rakhi threads (a scared thread) to other neighbouring rulers in order to show their linkage or relationship and establish a bond of relationship and spread brotherly feeling amongst the neighbourhood and avoid bloodletting on small pretext or misunderstanding of any nature.

There is a legend, Lord Ganesha had two sons named Shubh and Labh. While Ganesh’s sister came to tie a Rakhi around the wrist of Ganesh, his sons became disappointed. They wanted a sister too. Then  Narda Muni came and persuaded  Lord Ganesha for the same and thus created a daughter by the name of Santoshi Maa by the divine flame emerging from wives named Ridhi and Sidhi who tied Rakhi on the wrists of her brothers Shubh and Labh.  There is also a legend in Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana that after Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from demon king Bali, he requested Lord Vishnu along with Maa Lakshmi to stay in his palace. This was not like by Goddess Lakshmi. She had a plan. She tied a Rakhi around the wrist of King Bali and made him his brother. When asked for a gift she asked for the freedom of Lord VISHNU and freed from the promise to live at his palace. Demon king agreed.

In Mahabharata, Lord  Krishna considered Draupati as his sister. When there was a cut on his finger while beheading Shushupal, she pierced a piece of her sari and tied it around his injured finger which was bleeding. Krishna took it as a sacred thread (RAKSHA BANDHAN) and bestowed her protection whenever called for the same.

There is also a legend of Yama (the lord of death) and Yamuna (river). Yama, due to pre-occupation could not visit her for 12 long years. She told Ganga for the same. Gangaji mentioned this to Lord Yama. He visited his sister thereafter. Yama was very happy to see his brother after a long time; prepared tasty food for him. On asking for a gift, she extracted a promise that he should visit her year after year. This too is connected with Raksha Bandhan.

My sincere prayer to Omnipotent and Omniscient is that this brotherely – sisterly relationship should bring about amity and deep understanding between the communities for peaceful co-existence.






Dharma is the science of values we hold dear for our existence

Its practice unfolds the human essence, excellence

And Divine potential in all its manifestations

Which we all follow without the slightest consideration

To any religion, caste, creed, color and without any corrosion

It is an observance of spiritual maturity

And then maintenance of devotion and piety

The norms of behavior & attitude in the performance of role we play

As a householder or housewife as our pious duty

With absolute commitment, with single-mindedness and sheer humility

As success in life does not come just accidentally

A lot of perseverance and persistence is needed for an effort to fructify

But without attaching too much reliance on the fruits of that labor unreasonably.

These social laws devised by statute or decree passed by the authority that be

Then universal laws and religious laws have stood the test of time

Which have undergone evolution over a period of time

And detached from the confusion and disorder which was rampant 

In rituals which made the Dharma more complex

Thus following a path more with honor and easily

The laws of proper behavior sincerely

For living virtuously and righteously

While performing our duty truthfully

Holding and following the right conduct, customs and traditions religiously

With purity of mind and body

Along with the soul’s  purify

Observing ethical and moral purity

While performing multifarious responsibilities

As a member of a family

As a member of a human community

Or as a law-abiding citizen of a country

Or for those matter citizens of all the world societies

Making it the law of the universe ultimately

Laws which are in sync with the brain and heart jointly

Thence ensuring uprightness in thoughts and deeds purity

Along with observing the laws of Mother Nature to ensure stability

Minding that nothing goes amiss even accidentally

The overall purpose is to establish harmony

Between laws of the land and cosmic principles willfully

Linking cause and effect to work decisively

Besides venerating God deferentially

As a pious offering to the God reverentially.



Dharma means following a certain code of conduct devised by legislation or social norms followed by all since ages in family, community, county; these rules could also be followed universally which could be termed as law of the universe. Dharma is also following an eco-system which is progressive in nature, acceptable by all in thoughts, actions and deeds. Our actions should engender spiritual maturity and creativity in our action while performing their multifarious duties. 

Dharma being universal in nature also takes into cognizance social and religious rules for the fulfillment of the purpose of life. Individually, my dharma is to think and act in a manner which could help us could dharma anything which helps us do our duty reasonably, rationally and religiously while following the code of conduct.  Whatever duties we are performing, we should perform with a missionary zeal and enthusiasm.


In Vedanta,  Dharma is understood to be the science of values and also unfolding of human essence. It has been observed that in today’s world value system is not given much significance. It has to be imparted by the parents but the parents are engaged in their professions and cannot give their quality time to their children. This is the reason the children today have no connection with the human values.


We are free to follow Dharma based on our free-will. In this, no credence or relevance is given to caste, creed, color or position one is holding. Dharma is the science of values. In following one’s Dharma, there cannot be any corrosion, bias, subjugation or any other consideration for following our personal Dharma.

In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna advises the best Dhayshdhari  Arjuna to follow his dharma to fight as Kshatriya. This should be done without any attachment to the fruits of his actions. In fact following our dharma is sacrosanct with inner potentials which we have to draw out for our forward march. Those who follow Dharma in different manifestations like following political dharma, personal dharma in right spirits are the flag bearers of truth.


Dharma is based on right-mindedness, right conduct, the right attitude, right thoughts, right action and living one’s life without let and hindrance without resorting to any sorts of violence and terror. In other words, the practice of Dharma unfolds human essence, human excellence, and divine potential.


Essentially, while we follow our family Dharma, we endeavor to follow all the norms of behavior. In this scheme of things social etiquettes, following and observing moral and ethical standpoints. Observation of our family dharma means observing all the norms of behavior which establishes harmony amongst the members of the family.


A few days back, I happened to meet a lady whose daughter is studying in one of the institutes. Her daughter was found to have involved in the fight with another girl student of her class. The bone of contention was a common boyfriend.  I asked the lady why she did not give quality time to her daughter to which she replied that she was the victim of domestic disharmony created by unfaithfulness or infidelity of her husband due to which she had to seek divorce for separation for good. This separation was thus due to immoralist conduct/activities followed by her husband. Following unethical and immoral life means following an unreasonable and irrational existence which breaks the closely knit family and thus is ADHARMA in true sense of terms.  Immoral life not only adversely impacts spouses but also the children who are left to fend for themselves. It also put to disrepute the institution of marriage creating doubt in the minds of the impressionable minds – creating physiological and psychological implications for the children. This shows how following an ADHARMA or immoral lifestyle cost us dearly for us all.


Then, we have Dharma conduct that we have to follow in the community in which we are living. We have to work according to norms set by the society and we have to perforce follow those rules of behavior.


Subsequently, we have DESH DHARMA (Dharma for our Country) that we have to follow for the country of our birth for the protection/safeguarding of its unity and integrity we are constrained to remain within the confines of laws of the land and never ever even think about its breakup. 


Then we have Universal Dharma, the laws or rules which are relevant for all the countries of the world. UNO works on this philosophy.


Whatever duty we perform, we should do that with sincerity while following a life with positive orientation – a life of Dharma. It can also be that whatever we do, we can do that with the partnership of our GOD – bearing in mind that BHAKTI & SHAKTI could go together by adopting a Dharma lifestyle. In this quest, we should always not follow a life of Adharma; unethical and immoral lifestyle.

  • Dharma is based on our belief and faith. No credence on caste, color or any other consideration is given while following our Dharma. 
  • Dharma is independent of any narrow considerations.
  • Dharma encompasses all rituals which rather confuse us.
  • Dharma is a science of values without these, it cannot be followed.
  • Dharma unfolds our inner potentials and helps unravel the Divine power which exists in us.
  • Following a life based on our DHARMA gives us ANANDA of the highest order.
  • Dharma helps us living spiritually.
  • Our Dharma dwells with us – it helps us never to live a life of ADHARMA which is the antithesis of  DHARMA. 

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid – A Holiest Muslim Festival

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid

 Give this day by any name thee may prefer to call


Or Eid-Ul-Adha


Or Bakr-Eid simply for us all

Makes little difference us

Factually it is a festival of sacrifice

The festival of giving anything

Most precious that one has for giving

Thereby solidifying our faith in Almighty God

The custom that started

When most venerable Abraham offered

His only son named Ismail

At the command of Allah

Without even the slightest demur of any sort

A reality check or test

Which God wanted

From devout Abraham

And also his son Ismail

Lo and behold!

After actually offering

Supreme sacrifice

Surprise of surprises

Found a slaughtered lamb!

Meaning benevolent God

Tested the love and resolve of Abraham

For Him – the benevolent One

While Abraham was obeying

The commandments of God

Satan made attempts to dissuade Abraham

Not to sacrifice his only son

But he did not care to listen to satan

The diverter of our attention from Him and His Commandments

Instead obeyed the commands of Allah

And left for us all,

An enduring message

God loves those who obey Him

And are ready to sacrifice anything

On His bidding

May this day brings a feeling of self-sacrifice

So that needs of all are met

By distributing love amongst all

Let’s all pray and sacrifice our ego

Which divides humanity from each other



Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid – A Holiest Muslim Festival

Eid means festival and Eid-al-Adha means Festival of sacrifice or it is termed as Bakr-Eid meaning celebration with the sacrifice of a goat. This festival is celebrated with great solemnity and reverence across the world as a tribute to Prophet Ibrahim’s rock-solid belief in God. He willingly agreed to sacrifice his beloved son Abraham as ordained by God.

Here, Abraham’s love and reverence are of prime importance. Legend has it that Abraham agreed without even the slightest doubt to sacrifice his only promised son named Ismail on the express command of God. God wanted to test the love of Abraham for the general masses. Subsequently, before it could be done, Allah intervened and instead provided Abraham a lamb for the sacrifice that is why this day of sacrifice is also termed as Bakr’Eid. At that time the age of Abraham was 99 years and his son only 13 years.

This was also a test of Ismail’s maturity and faith in Allah. He himself offered to be sacrificed. When his father mentioned his (son’s) impending sacrifice, without any reservation the son offered himself. All this is evidence that it was not merely father Abraham but also Ismail was having faith in Allah commandments. It was really unprecedented. Willingness on the part of both father and son to accept the will of God is dear to both besides being dear to our     God.

It goes to show that the will of Allah prevailed and His grace was evident while He provided a lamb for sacrifice in place of Abraham. It also goes to show that our benevolent God tests our sacrificing spirit even the precious of all our only son, in the real sense of terms.

Besides, remaining steadfast to the will of our God too was under test. In the meanwhile, the Satan intervenes to pollute the mind of Abraham and exhorts him for not obeying the commandments of beloved God. But Abraham remained committed to the will of God and that is why this day is remembered as a day of sacrifice.

Devout visit Mecca to offer prayers on this day.

Apart from prayers, offering sacrifice (Qurbani) is also undertaken. Then the meat of the sacrificed goat, a healthy one, is distributed amongst family, friends and also given to the needy ones. May this day engender in the general masses a spirit of self-sacrifice for others’ welfare.





Faking it out means you’ll lose the love of our own loved ones

The ones who supported you always.

Faking it out means you’ll lose the support of your well-wishers

Who always supported your dream fulfillment.

Faking it out means losing the warmth in the relationship

Just gets dissolved when found out.

Faking it out means losing peace of mind

When we lose our own self-esteem.

Fake it out means you’ll lose humor and laughter

When found out by others.

Fake it out means you’ll consciously lose self-esteem hugely needed in life.

Fake it out means you’ll have the negative attitude

Which will take us away from the ultimate truth.

Faking it means you are giving it up

On what you ’ve earned very earnestly.

Faking it out means you’re performing somebody else’s role

Which is taking you away from your own self.

Faking it out means you’re not doing a good deed

Which when found finally, it’ll pain you more even.

Faking it out means you’ll lose warmth in the connection

When somebody trusting you finds it out.

Faking it out means you’ve lost touch

Of the lessons, the life has taught

You in the span of life you’ve lived.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the quality of life

Which you should have without it.

Faking it out means our own will not be proud of you

When they come to know the truth anyhow.

Faking it out means people around you will not take you seriously

Since nobody trusts a turncoat when the truth dawns ultimately.

Faking it out means losing respect

When found it by those who hold you in high esteem.

Faking it out means you’ll lose warmth in the smile

Since the fake life is bereft of any true smile.

Faking it out means you’ll not be enjoying the Mother Nature

As you’ve started living just unnaturally.

Faking it out means you are not spotless

In your personal conduct.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the right to act with the human touch

Since you’ve lost the honesty and sincerity stamp.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the right to be truthful

Since you’ve lost the right to be so with your own sweet-wish.



Fake means not genuine or that which is phony or sham and a thing which is forged or counterfeit will not stand testimony of time. Now can we consciously and truly accept ourselves as a replica, I shall not accept a phony personality although i may have to suffer for being genuine or authentic or true or unadulterated. Herein lies the truth and truth is one thing which goes with us while we depart from this world of ours.

While we may have momentary pleasure by faking our personality, but when it dawns on us that we are living a life which is not real but a borrowed one then the disappointment would be huge; an irretrievable situation.

Fake personalities are for a short duration. Following will substantiate their true character:-

     1, Fake personality lost only for a while. When we are faking our personality, it           means we are not only playing phony with others but also with your own selves.

  1. Fake personality is not genuine and could be found out very easily when putting to test based on truth. We can hardly hide our truth, it could be found out very easily and when it is found it, it will disappoint the pretender more than others.
  2. There may be somebody who knows our actual self. To fake, our actual personality is risky and could be found out any time or there may be somebody somewhere who actually knows our true self. Then what?
  3. Consciously we are deceiving our own selves by faking ourselves. Can we ourselves consciously acknowledge and agree to be ‘wolf in the lamb’s clothing’- no, a truly conscious person will not do anything like this. Or do you agree to do this for a momentary and artificial life?
  4. Faking is risking. When it is found out that we are faking our own selves then it will bring us immense disappointment and we shall be forced to live a sham life.
  5. Truth always pays. It should never be forgotten that a one day’s genuine life or a life lived based on truth is better than one year’s life with fake outlook.

The truth contained in scriptures like Bhagwad Gita, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, et al are the 100% based on truth and if we live the life according to the scriptural truth then we need not fake ourselves because our feet would  firmly be on the ground and will not be tottered by any calamity that may befall on us since we would be knowing the very purpose of our existence without much attachment to the fruits of our actions. 


We should always remember that the true or genuine personalities has shown us the path and have become an example for us all. In fact, they have immortalized themselves by following a true path for the emancipation of humanity. Faking personality for them was anathema – the truth was their way of life.  

Bapu Gandhi Ji, who always lived truthfully never, faked his personality. His life was an open book which could be read by anyone anywhere – that was genuine and that is why he is considered as one of the best personalities of not only in our country but also the world over. He showed to the world at large that by following a simple life based on truth, we can contribute in whatever way we can. Wherever he went he left an indelible impression that was the magnetism of his genuine personality.

Nelson Mandela’s life was based on truth and he fought for truth for his people. He never faked anything. During the wars of resistance, he dreamed of making his contribution to the freedom of his people. He did and succeeded.

Abraham Lincoln (nicknamed Honest Abe) was one of the most powerful and greatest Presidents. He rose from a modest and humble beginning. His determination and sincere efforts made him the President of America who excelled both in politics and as a lawyer and he truthfully helped in abolishing the slavery and helped giving equal rights to all without any prejudice. As his nickname, so was his shining personality. He never faked anything but had made it a point to fight for equality for all.






Our forefathers got us freedom

After a lot of struggle

Against the foreign rule

The rulers who ruled

With an iron hand

Handing out deaths

For the filmiest of reasons

The rulers destroyed the traditional industries

To popularize their brand of products

Even education was devised in a manner

Which produced only chair-borne jobs

The sordid massacre of Jalliawala-Bagh

Wherein thousands were gunned down

Amongst other incidences

Which left a trail of executions 

And jails to many of the freedom fighters

Even in Cellular jail (Kala Pani) in Andaman and Nicobar

They withstood everything without any remorse

Finally got freedom from foreign repression

With a sacred pledge to create the good impression

Amongst diverse groups of people

To live in harmony

On the principles of unity in diversity

And maintain this hard-earned sovereignty

By removing the specter of poverty

Hunger, ill-will, difference based of regionalism

And narrow parochialism

And ultimately enjoy the fruits of freedom.  


Keeping in view the sacrifices made by our forefathers for the independence of our country, I pray to Almighty God that India may have inclusive growth and development, despite impediments. My wish-list for this ‘Independence Day’ and the coming ones is a mix of social harmony, current scenario, economic upliftment, incorruptible politics, probity in public discourse, remaining within the ambit of or obeying the law & order besides facing the realities of our times including the specter of terrorism, extremism, violence etc.


Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister of India Shri Narinder Modi Ji at  Rajghat on 2nd October 2014 has paid rich dividends and it has become a campaign to make the length and breadth of India neat and clean. Neat and clean India is healthy India and healthy India is free from diseases. I wish that this mission succeeds by the participation of all.


Heavy monsoon rains have resulted in deaths and destruction including destruction of standing crops and live stocks. All the rivers are overflowing their limits thus inundating the areas in their vicinity. The states severely affected in the North are Bihar, U.P., Uttaranchal; North-Eastern states, Maharashtra (Mumbai particularly). In the South, Kerala has been severely affected. Immediate steps should be taken to safeguard the lives and properties everywhere. I want all the states adversely affected by current floods should be protected on war-footings. Till such time we keep our internal situation stabilized and protected from natural calamities or external aggression, we cannot call ourselves full free since inclusive progress is not possible without internal and external defenses.


 Lately, we have seen the sordid episodes of lynching by unruly groups due to false news through social media/(internet/word app etc). It is a blot on our social ethics and civilized behavior and should be curbed by the law enforcement agencies because it any-social behavior puts our country disrepute in the eyes of the comity of nations. We should exercise our rights but it should not be by transgressing or trampling on others’ rights. The rights of Dalits and weaker sections of the society.


 The world is facing the ugly face of terrorism emanating from some parts of the world. The terrorists are striking at will anywhere it wants causing mayhem and killing including violation of human rights. Now is the time when human rights of all the people without discrimination have to be protected. The scourge of terrorism and violence have to be tackled with the iron hand. This is an international problem and should be tackled under the aegis of UNO otherwise the humanity as a whole will suffer without unreasonably.


 There may be some differences due to diverse cultural traditions, diverse religions, diverse caste and creed, colour, language etc but we should always have an enduring love for our LAND – BHARAT. When different voices are heard, we get saddened. A RIGHT MESSAGE should go that despite differences, we are ONE. Nothing can divide us.


 Though demonetization of currency notes of R. 1000/- and Rs. 500/- have increased the tally of Income Tax Payees, it has also helped the Government in bringing to fore the hidden money kept in safe havens besides helping the Government to stop counterfeit or fake notes. With the availability of cash in the banking stream, they can meet their requirements of loaning cash to the general public along with meeting the adverse conditions created by NPA of the Banks.


 Education of the masses is one of the important factors for the overall health of the country. Care ought to be exercised that students are taught the skills along with the general education so that they ‘earn while they learn’. Skilled and semi-skilled training should be imparted according to the capacity and capability of the student. We are rich in Human Resource. We have to exploit this rich resource for our own benefit. This is also important for avoid brain drain which is presently happening. Our IITs and IIMs are churning out technocrats and management professionals of the highest caliber. Their talents should never go waste. Let our Government come forward in absorbing these talents for garnering benefits for our country.


 It is high time we respect our women folks. The Divine Trinity has his female counterpart; Saraswati (learning) – Lord Barmha, Lakshmi (wealth) – Lord Vishnu and Parvati (power) – Lord Shiva. All the rituals, especially auspicious ones, are incomplete without women being part of it all. Disrespecting women was construed as the disrespecting the God. All the relationships – mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc are essential for us all. In olden times these relations were considered very reverential. Without these, what is the status of the father in relation to mother, wife in relation to husband, daughter in relation to son, sister in relation to brother etc.

A woman was supposed to be the manifestation of Goddess/Shakti and the male was supposed to be incomplete without the female (Shakti) with him. Lord Shiva is incomplete with His Shakti (Maan Parvati) that is why it is called SHIVSHAKTI.

Even in Ramayana times, women used to choose their suitors – Maan Sita chose Lord Rama after he broke the Dhanush of Lord Shiva in a sacred ceremony called soBmbar. Even in Mahabharata Dropati chose Arjuna in a sobmbar.

In other words, those who want to subjugate women and refuse to give their proper place, they are hypocrites. A simple question: CAN THIS PROCREATION and raising of new GENERATION possible without women? Men and women are the equal partners and ought to be taken as such.


 There are the countries which are threatening either their neighbors or are threatening using even nuclear weapons knowing full well that nobody can win by using these weapons of mass destruction. India should do whatever it can so that peace prevails everywhere. Insensitive heightened rhetoric will not help only sagacious foreign policy moves can solve the festering problems.


 The Government should take care of the health and wellbeing of the people in general. The hospitals should have adequate stock of medicines besides doctors and other para-medical staff to provide medicare to our citizenry. The private hospitals too should be within the reach of the general public for seeking medical care. Medical insurance should also cater to the needs of the general public.


 We choose our representatives so that they pass various legislation and do everything for the upliftment of the society as a whole. This Monsoon Session was more productive than earlier ones.


 Previously the varnas or caste system was on the basis of professions that the people followed. Now everybody is free to profess his/her profession, therefore, there should not be any need to give more credence to narrow parochialism. Recent happenings in some parts of India are the blots on the society as a whole wherein the Dalits are beaten up mercilessly either by cow protection vigilantes or cold-shouldered even by the law enforcement agencies when approached by them for action. These incidences also echoed in the Parliament and all expressed their anguished on the sordid incidents. On the name of cow protection, some irresponsible and heartless instead of taking recourse to lawful action law unto themselves and hand out punishment in the full glare of the public. People, in general, are incensed by these incidents and the Centre and States should come forward and bestow protection to the Dalits and weaker sections of the society.

 The insensitivity and callousness that we show towards road accident victims is really pathetic. Our heart should feel pain when anybody is pained.


 It should be our endeavor to respect the dependents of those who laid down their lives for the freedom of our country. Not only freedom fighters but those who lay down their lives to protect the hard earned freedom. We remember our heroes only when some unsavory incident of terrorist happens but soon thereafter we woefully forget their valor and supreme sacrifices.


 It is a sad commentary that we are forgetting the traditional modes of behavior. The values which our forefathers attached to family and our cultural modes of behavior is being forgotten and in its place, narrow regional considerations are being given credence knowing fully well that these are neither beneficial to anybody in the society. I would like my countrymen to imbibe traditional values for which my Bharat is acclaimed since ages with the dictum, respect others if you want to get respect. It is never a one-sided affair.


 It is a fact that respect is earned by our day to day behavior and demeanor. We have to earn our respect. It is not given to us on the platter for nothing. If I want that others should respect me, it is essential that I respect others. One who knows how to maintain self-respect knows the need of respecting others on the basis of quid pro quo. It is synonymous with: Charity begins at home. Even a small child will respond with respect if I treat that child well.


 Nowadays, economical d the development of any nation is very essential. For becoming economically strong, it is important that all the sectors of the economy; may it be industrial or agricultural should contribute their mite for the economic health of the economy. This can only happen when we have inclusive growth and development. Nothing happens in isolation.


 We are connected with other countries of the world. Anything that happens in one part of the world has its reverberations/repercussions in other parts of the world. It may be economical deceleration, political upheaval, extremists/terrorists strikes/activities, all these have their effects on all the countries.


 For this to happen, it is a must that we are economically stable, politically strong, militarily strong, whose opinion is taken with a pinch of salt diplomatically, help the weaker countries with finance and sometimes militarily as done in case of African nations by India many a time.


 It has been seen that in order to avoid paying taxes and to escape from queries of sources of black money, people are stashing their ill-gotten monies in the foreign banks in the process, bleeding the country. The money which ought to have been used in job creation, infrastructural creation/improvement, etc are being used by others! The government, in the light of directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, has constituted SIT to unearth black money. This is a welcome step. Let’s see if it could show tangible results and bring back the black money which could be used in our country.


 One of the impediments that are eating into the very vitals of our society is the hydra-headed corruption. We are aware of the scamps and corrupt practices that were used in allotting coal blocks, use of middleman in defence purchases, and currently, even the Judiciary has come under attack with some people tarnishing its image. God forbid, this is the wing of our society which should/is respected the most if it falls prey to corruption then on whom our society will bank on! Wish that our country becomes corruption free one. This is a crying need of the hour as corruption is taking the wheels of progress backward.


 I would like all people with unquestionable integrity for upholding the unity and solidarity of India. This is the most essential asset for an individual. If it is in suspect then the very existence of ours is in doubt and a life with doubt is fraught with impediments.

 India has diverse cultural modes. Its different religions, castes, creeds, belief systems, languages etc. If we respect each others’ modes of behavior, then there would be cohesion and brotherhood amongst our countrymen. When we are united, then no power can subjugate us. For this to happen in the real sense of terms, it is important that we respect each other rights.


 One of my fondest wishes is that India may become progressive but with spiritualistic outlook, where people are awakened morally, culturally, aesthetically, progressive and more compassionate. Also keeping all along in that progress – leaving none.


Due to one reason or the other, this has been experienced that our R&D is just in the doldrums. For example, the different projects which are being pursued by DRDO are not fructifying on time or lacking the necessary resources (manpower or other resources). For example, the project for producing indigenous fighter aircraft project is just not complete till date. Wish that our R&D matches with best in the world so that we do not be dependent on others for our defence needs or any other crucial needs.


 Due to one reason of the other, the industrial development of our country remains almost stagnant or is below par. This is due to lack of resources. A country whose markets are being exploited by foreigners remains industrial backward is really bad. People buy and use Chinese made goods at cheaper rates without any guarantee of their use. Can India not manufacture the same goods for their own people and exploit the gigantic market – benefiting the industry and the people both. The profit earned by the owners of the industry could then be pumped for more production and increasing their capacities.


 Due to beggaries of monsoon, the agricultural production remains uncertain. The fear of scanty rain results in an increase in prices of food item/vegetables etc creating food inflation. This is especially so in rainy season. The prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. The people do feel a pinch.
• If water management is properly done, then, the deficit created by the scarcity of rain could be bridged.
• The Government’s project/ plan of connecting major river could do wonders in this regard.


  • Pollution to be tackled on the war footings.
    Infrastructure Development ought to be a continuous process.
    • Imports / Export Policies oriented for improvement of imports and exports. More exports mean more foreign currency for the country. The more foreign currency could reduce the budget deficit which has become a number one headache for the country.
    • Foreign Exchange Reserve to be replenished.
    • Fiscal Policies revised as per the need of the hour so that the current rate/value of rupee does not fall as is being happened presently.
    • IT Sector to be given the boost. India is potentially a soft power giant. But we have to exploit this resource to the hilt as is being done by other countries. Our IT experts are proving their mettle in other countries. We are thus losing our human resources and also the benefits which our country ought to have garnered.
  • It should never be forgotten that other countries too are improving in the IT sector. It is a must that this Sector should be given more incentive so that it improves further and earns much needed Foreign Exchange for the country.
  • The above are some of our wish-list which every right-thinking Indian would like to have for the overall development of the Bharat of our dream.

It is my fond wish that our next Independent Day should be more progressive in its outlook, self-reliant, spiritually awakened and its youth positively oriented for steering the ahead from the choppy waters of deceleration. Also, there should be peace and tranquility between different communities. Discrimination on the basis of narrow regionalism or caste, creed or language should cease and our dharma should be developed for all – all-inclusive.




In essence, we make pacts or planning for future, paradoxically, on the edifice of our past events without realizing that we shall not be visiting again the days gone-by. Factually, what happened or did not happen cannot be changed now. Past events should not haunt us. It is unreal. Only today, the present moment that we are living now is real.

Similarly, the future, on which we rely profusely, too is illusory or not real. It may come or not, we cannot say for sure. Therefore, only that which is sure is present, ONLY TODAY which we are living is real and cherish. We should thank God that He has given the opportunity of living this day. This moment is mine and every other time; pas which is gone and future is tentative – laced in uncertainty.  

While we make planning for future, for coming days, the execution of that planning virtually rests on the day we are living, now presently. Hence TODAY makes a huge difference in everything we transact or do not intend to transact.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem; ONLY FOR TODAY giving the significance of today which we shall not encounter in any other day. It is presently now at this moment only.



Only for today I shall cherish and live happily the present moment

Only for today I shall not live in the dead past or think of future which is uncertain

Only for today I shall remain happy despite pinprick felt

Only for today I shall help somebody stand on his/her feet

Only for today I will forget and forgive others’ misdemeanors

Only for today I shall thank God for giving me everything that I require

Only for today I shall remain humble

Only for today I shall exploit my inner strength

Only for today I shall not think negative

Only for today I shall pray God to give me strength to change what I could not

Only for today I shall remain incharge of what I want to do or do not want

Only for today I shall avail every opportunity that comes my way

Only for today I shall love amazing opportunities to reform myself

Only for today I shall work in association with my God

Only for today I shall thank God for everything that He has graced.

Only for today I shall show loving care for everybody I come across

Only for today I shall follow the wisdom given in scriptures

Only for today I shall have the confidence of facing anything

Only for today I shall not fear anything or anybody

Only for today I shall be courageous to withstand any hurdles which comes my way

Only for today I shall not have even a touch of egocentric tendency

Only for today I shall live spirally

Only for today I shall be happier than I was in past

Only for today I shall consider myself as worthy of love

Only for today I shall holistically improve myself

Only for today I shall spread smiles

Only for today I shall have immense belief on me and my Creator

Only for today I shall create pleasant environment wherever I set foot

Only for today I shall have cooperation and coordination with all and sundry

Only for today I shall not be swayed by others’ irrational and unreasonable criticism

Only for today I shall come to the succor of others

Only for today I shall pray for peaceful co-existence

It is because past is dead and future is uncertain

Today is my own I shall not barter it for anything.








When nothing significant works for us

Every door for coming out

We find closed fatefully

No course of action

Seems open for us naturally

A fellow comes to our succor

Opens with own helping hands

The closed doors ajar

And provides the possibility of openings for us

This alliance so supportive

To pull out of any state

That ‘time’ presents itself  

For each other so caring

When the need arises.

Once amity is established

Then the friendship is further cemented

By the basketful of trust

Which gives the friendship

The stamp of permanency

This friendship could be between those who meet us daily

Or, possibly

From beyond the borders, we have not traversed ever

Between. those whom we have not met any time personally

This thread of closeness is felt by us instinctively

Because the indelible stamp of the God is affixed on this friendship.






What we learn from our parents

We become ultimately

If quality time is given to our offspring

They will mirror that attitude outside their homes

Ignore them when paying attention is needed

They’ll themselves be spoiled

And will embroil in pointless turmoil

Negatively impacting the harmony at home.

Whence the spouses have differences aplenty

These ought to be sorted out amicably.

When the grown-ups progenies

Do not care their old-aged parents

And leave them at the mercies of elements

They are not the candidates

For the blessings of our Creator

And ultimately, they’ll meet

The same fate

When they themselves grow old

As Karma always haunts us finally

We reap what we sow ultimately

Establishing deep rapport between all concerned is a must

For a relationship for the win-win situation.



Essentially, first of all, it is important to know what a relationship means. A relationship means having an association, affinity, liaison, a correlation for a purpose. In order to have cordiality and harmony in our relationship, we have to have trust with each other, compatibility, understanding, positive attitude, appreciation of others’ viewpoints et also that the relationship gets solidified and sanctified no extraneous force can influence that relationship. The extraneous factors could be in the form of bad-mouthing, misunderstanding due to some unfortunate incident, etc.


It is beyond doubt that human blood holds no narrow sectarian divisions. The human blood holds the key for knitting a bond between the communities. Humans are the best creations of our God. Here blood relation or otherwise hardly matters. The following instance holds good.

A Hindu and a Muslim husband had kidney ailments and required immediate transplants. Respective wives agreed to donate their kidneys for their husbands. But there was the problem of blood group compatibility. The problem could only be resolved if each woman donated her kidney to the other’s husband. This was only the only possible way to save the lives of respective husbands.

After hectic consultations with doctors and husbands, it was decided to transplant the kidneys of each others’ donors. Thus the successful exchange of kidneys to both the patients (belonging to Hindu and Muslim) saved the lives of both the men. This proves that there is no difference created by our Creator. The differences are created by humans only – our own creation. Only the human mind holds the key. We all humans are linked with each other with a common thread with our Almighty God as the final arbiter and not based on any sectarian standpoint.


A few days back, I was witness to two incidents wherein I came to know how much the parents could influence their children positively or negatively. A revelation or manifestation,  how their wards display their general behavior outside their homes. It has been observed that our children imbibe those qualities which we teach them. Yesterday,

A student of 8th class was hit by another student on the forehead due to which blood started oozing from the wound. Necessary medicare was provided instantly. Both the parents were called to the school along with their respective wards. While deciding on the quantum of punishment to be awarded, as a deterrence, the head of the institute asked the student who was hit on the forehead a question; ‘Should we expel the student from the class for hitting you’? The boy respectfully replied, ‘No sir, I do not want the student to be expelled from the school since he will not be able to appear for the ongoing unit tests’ and continued, ‘this will also put a stop to his studies’. All of us were surprised after hearing the reply from the student. His parents too did not want the student to be rusticated. They wanted the concerned student to be forgiven and allowed to rectify his behavior and nothing else. The parents of the unruly student were influenced immensely. They repented for not giving right value system to their ward and promised to do so in future.

In the second case in point, it so happened that a student was caught red-handed taking money from other student’s bag. The concerned teacher asked the mother of the child if she had given her the money which was found in his pocket. The mother flatly refused having given the money! That is the example others too should set. Later on, the child confessed to having taken the money from other student’s bag and he promised not to repeat this in future. If only the mother had told the teacher that she had given money to her son in order to save him then it would have set a bad example. The boy would have been reckless in his demeanor because of protection by the parents. Even the father did not hide his discomfiture and wanted to refine his son. A relationship between the parents and offspring is, therefore, based on mutual trust and the parents should make concerted efforts to noticeably improve the behavior of their children.  

From the two incidents, it is evident that what we teach our children at home is reflected outside. If we teach them the traits of tolerance, patience, persistence and above all forgiveness, they will follow those traits and behave accordingly. 


There are times when we come to know some past event, which has the recipe of adversely affecting the relationship, just try to forget that past event. Or make it a habit to clear the air between the two parties so that that ‘event’ may not tarnish the relationship so assiduously nurtured and established. It should always be remembered that doubts and skepticism are the enemies of relationship.


Never ever hide anything from your partner because if the reality comes to the fore after sometimes, it may come in the way of establishing cordially in the relationship. A chasm may be created by this thing even though seemingly so innocuous.


Lip sympathy will not help a relationship to flourish. A healthy relationship could be established only when there is sincerity of purpose in everything we are undertaking.


It should always be remembered that in the relationship, there will not be rosy days always. Some differences may also creep up on silly pretexts, do not allow those differences to simmer on but let those differences be solved peacefully on the principle of giving and take.


There are times when we come to know about things from others about your partner, then, the same thing should be discussed with your partner and confidence established for a healthy living.

It should also be kept in mind that relationship is not a one-sided traffic, both sides have to wear the brunt of the situation in which they are placed. It is not that one partner may put up everything and the other one is not caring. The relationship can flourish when both partners are enthused to live life with complete understanding and comes to each others’ succor/assistance whenever there is a need.


Sometimes we let ourselves swayed by small things which could otherwise be forgotten thereby spoiling the peace and tranquility of the household.


Never ever pay back in the same coin. The relationship will run smoothly when you let go sometimes. It should always be remembered that peaceful co-existence is the key to the success of any relationship. The alacrity with which a difference is settled peacefully cannot be settled in anger or through emotional perturbation.

If and when some important matters which has got implications on the entire family, should be discussed and the final decision has taken so that no party feels let down by the final decision reached.


Never impose your opinion on your partner. It will boomerang ultimately. Both the partners should grow together holistically.

Surrender control, let the natural process come to play – total control may take the relationship stiffing/suffocating.

Let the opinion be exchanged in a congenial atmosphere – the opinions of other partners should be respected.

The sincerity of purpose should always be there in whatever is being transacted which has bearing on another partner.

There are times when controlling emotions and highly reactive situations have to be done, if the situation goes off the tangent, due to one pretext or other, it is bad for the healthy relationship. There should be a limit to this. This far and no further should always be there. One of the big spoilers of relationship is emotional perturbation. Never ever let it go off-tangent.

LOVE is a binding force in any relationship, let the fragrance of LOVE flourish in the entire household. It is a panacea for any relationship to be successful.

Learn to be tolerant and have the principle of let-go always. These two are essential for any successful relationship.

We should always see the life as a unit and not in a compartmentalized segment.

Develop the relationship slowly but surely – brick by brick and cementing it with the potion of LOVE, TRUST, APATHY, FAITH, BELIEF, TOLERANCE, LET GO ETC.


There are occasions when we do not get our relationship in order, we seek recompense in drugs and other intoxicants to forget our state of the relationship. These, instead of making the relationship click more roadblocks are created in the relationship.


It should never be forgotten that relationship amongst blood relations, in the society or in the international sphere could be developed through our understanding by the instinctive connect without any discrimination of any kind. It could be the relationship as readers of others’ write-ups or exchanging ideas  spreading wellness amongst all.