Faking it out means you’ll lose the love of our own loved ones

The ones who supported you always.

Faking it out means you’ll lose the support of your well-wishers

Who always supported your dream fulfillment.

Faking it out means losing the warmth in the relationship

Just gets dissolved when found out.

Faking it out means losing peace of mind

When we lose our own self-esteem.

Fake it out means you’ll lose humor and laughter

When found out by others.

Fake it out means you’ll consciously lose self-esteem hugely needed in life.

Fake it out means you’ll have the negative attitude

Which will take us away from the ultimate truth.

Faking it means you are giving it up

On what you ’ve earned very earnestly.

Faking it out means you’re performing somebody else’s role

Which is taking you away from your own self.

Faking it out means you’re not doing a good deed

Which when found finally, it’ll pain you more even.

Faking it out means you’ll lose warmth in the connection

When somebody trusting you finds it out.

Faking it out means you’ve lost touch

Of the lessons, the life has taught

You in the span of life you’ve lived.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the quality of life

Which you should have without it.

Faking it out means our own will not be proud of you

When they come to know the truth anyhow.

Faking it out means people around you will not take you seriously

Since nobody trusts a turncoat when the truth dawns ultimately.

Faking it out means losing respect

When found it by those who hold you in high esteem.

Faking it out means you’ll lose warmth in the smile

Since the fake life is bereft of any true smile.

Faking it out means you’ll not be enjoying the Mother Nature

As you’ve started living just unnaturally.

Faking it out means you are not spotless

In your personal conduct.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the right to act with the human touch

Since you’ve lost the honesty and sincerity stamp.

Faking it out means you’ve lost the right to be truthful

Since you’ve lost the right to be so with your own sweet-wish.



Fake means not genuine or that which is phony or sham and a thing which is forged or counterfeit will not stand testimony of time. Now can we consciously and truly accept ourselves as a replica, I shall not accept a phony personality although i may have to suffer for being genuine or authentic or true or unadulterated. Herein lies the truth and truth is one thing which goes with us while we depart from this world of ours.

While we may have momentary pleasure by faking our personality, but when it dawns on us that we are living a life which is not real but a borrowed one then the disappointment would be huge; an irretrievable situation.

Fake personalities are for a short duration. Following will substantiate their true character:-

     1, Fake personality lost only for a while. When we are faking our personality, it           means we are not only playing phony with others but also with your own selves.

  1. Fake personality is not genuine and could be found out very easily when putting to test based on truth. We can hardly hide our truth, it could be found out very easily and when it is found it, it will disappoint the pretender more than others.
  2. There may be somebody who knows our actual self. To fake, our actual personality is risky and could be found out any time or there may be somebody somewhere who actually knows our true self. Then what?
  3. Consciously we are deceiving our own selves by faking ourselves. Can we ourselves consciously acknowledge and agree to be ‘wolf in the lamb’s clothing’- no, a truly conscious person will not do anything like this. Or do you agree to do this for a momentary and artificial life?
  4. Faking is risking. When it is found out that we are faking our own selves then it will bring us immense disappointment and we shall be forced to live a sham life.
  5. Truth always pays. It should never be forgotten that a one day’s genuine life or a life lived based on truth is better than one year’s life with fake outlook.

The truth contained in scriptures like Bhagwad Gita, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, et al are the 100% based on truth and if we live the life according to the scriptural truth then we need not fake ourselves because our feet would  firmly be on the ground and will not be tottered by any calamity that may befall on us since we would be knowing the very purpose of our existence without much attachment to the fruits of our actions. 


We should always remember that the true or genuine personalities has shown us the path and have become an example for us all. In fact, they have immortalized themselves by following a true path for the emancipation of humanity. Faking personality for them was anathema – the truth was their way of life.  

Bapu Gandhi Ji, who always lived truthfully never, faked his personality. His life was an open book which could be read by anyone anywhere – that was genuine and that is why he is considered as one of the best personalities of not only in our country but also the world over. He showed to the world at large that by following a simple life based on truth, we can contribute in whatever way we can. Wherever he went he left an indelible impression that was the magnetism of his genuine personality.

Nelson Mandela’s life was based on truth and he fought for truth for his people. He never faked anything. During the wars of resistance, he dreamed of making his contribution to the freedom of his people. He did and succeeded.

Abraham Lincoln (nicknamed Honest Abe) was one of the most powerful and greatest Presidents. He rose from a modest and humble beginning. His determination and sincere efforts made him the President of America who excelled both in politics and as a lawyer and he truthfully helped in abolishing the slavery and helped giving equal rights to all without any prejudice. As his nickname, so was his shining personality. He never faked anything but had made it a point to fight for equality for all.



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11 thoughts on “FAKING IT OUT…”

  1. FAKE IT OUT and you’ll find yourself in quandary of your own creation. Kindly go through the write-up and comment since I love your comments and I get inspiration to write more and more out of our comments.



  2. Good morning and thanks for this outstanding article, mio caro Il Chiaro. I confess that it took a while for my mind to get used to your primary school teacher-traditional lay-out of the lessons to be learned from reading your didactic pieces. But in our frivolous and entertainment-driven “modern” societies it is important to make the point out-front that this is a serious article meant to make us think and not necessarily laugh. If someone want pure diversion, then they should look elsewhere. Period…Well, coming back tot he article. Incredibly truthful and necessary.Before we engage in sustained and voluntary faking (not the occasional one we all have done sometimes) we must realize that it will damage our personal relationships, especially with our loved ones. And what kind of example are we giving to our children? They are always watching us, remember. It could be summarized in one line: “to fake our own personality is risky…there may be someone somewhere who knows our true self. Then what?” I can remember vividly how my mother old me that when my father heard a few years ago that I had lambasted one of those faux-personalities he replied: “he can’t help it…That’s how Marito is.” I can proudly claim that my loved ones always knew, and know, what my real personality (with all its plus and minuses) has always been. Moreover I was born under the aegis of the sign of Scorpio, one of the most straightforward of all. I liked the examples of Gandhi, Mandela and Lincoln as they were men of honest exposure.
    A big hug across the oceans.

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

      Sincere thanks for your invaluable commentary on my article- an inspiration in itself. There will not be any exaggeration in mentioning that you always read the write-ups between the lines and come out with comments which are motivational and could spur anybody to write more.

      Coming to faking, in my day-to-day activities, I have come across people who just fake or show off to attract attention in order to increase their social standings. On the face of it, it could be found out easily – as the face is the index of the mind.

      The example you had set by lambasting a faux personality is worth mentioning. I too sometimes do but when it comes to somebody more bossy individuals then I just fall silent and note that person’s demeanor so that that sort of behavior is not to be followed by me in real life.



      1. Good morning, Happy Sunday and thanks for your nice words, my dear friend across the oceans. Yes, you’re right. When someone who happens to be above us in the food chain behaves pedantly and arrogantly, it is best to maintain a “heavy silence” full of significance for all those watching it, including the perpetrator of the despicable deed. Sage words indeed. As I have said previosly, your simple, straightforward yet illuminating writings expose to us that there’s a strong Brahmin tradition at home.
        A big hug. Arrivederci!

      2. GOOD MORNING Dr. Sahib

        Your commentary impresses me immensely. Yes, I have learned much from wisdom suffusing persons like you; through their writings or through other interactions.

        Yes sir, I am from a Brahmin background but with simple and progressive mental outlook.



      3. I forgot to say that , when you are temporarily mentally disabled due to an intemperate comment or a weird reaction by anyone present, it is hard to come up with the right reaction in real time. Then silence becomes the always-reliable-fallback option for all of us.

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