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  1. A word of thanks. Kindly accept my sincere thanks for nominating me for the coveted award from her Blog: Also, my gratitude to the person who created this award.
  2. My Award: The Award ‘BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD-2018’ is a highly renowned and coveted one. I construe it as the magnanimity of the nominator to place my name amongst the 15 Awardees. To understand and appreciate somebody’s ideas in blogs is not an ordinary thing.
  3. The inception of my blog. Initially, I started blogging with the Times of India (Speaking Tree). Subsequently, in June 2011, I started my blog with and that journey continues even today.

     4. These are:-

  • Be original – give your own viewpoints on the topic you are writing. Keep in view others opinions are available on the net.
  • Every day is a learning process. When you consider yourself as a full-fledged or complete writer then we bolt our further march ahead in writing.
  1. Fifteen bloggers which I nominate:-
  1. What inspires you to write?

During my routine interaction with different people, I get to come to know about their temperament, their reactions to different situations, their simplicity, and ostentatious attitude etc. I do write about those experiences. And whenever my readers appreciate the write-ups, I get inspired and would like have more experience and writing continues.

  1. If you get the chance to change something in this world, what would it be?

I am of the view that nobody is perfect. Somebody has one weakness and the other the other one. Therefore, I too am part of that crowd and would like to change myself first and then think of changing something or somebody else. 

  1. Your favorite book and author?

My favorite book is: ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI’ by Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda.

  1. What is your definition of being rich?

I consider that one who knows the very purpose of his/her existence on this earth is the richest person.  

  1. According to you, which job should be the highest paying job in this world.

According to me, the highest paying job in the world, factually not monetary terms,  is one which brings in its wake peace and amity in all the societies of the world.

  1. Your favorite blog?

To be frank, until now, since I started blogging in June 2011, I have like all the blogs and liked them since I have learned one thing or other from each one of them.

  1. Name any movie that relates to your life?

To be frank, my life and my mode of living do not relate to any movie since I do believe in the filmy method of living. I live simply a simple life; when I have something it is good if not then also it is good.

  1. How would the world of your dream look like?

My dream world is the world which believes in peace and prosperity for all without any discrimination.

  1. Which one do you prefer more ?? love or respect ??

I give more credence to love since a person who knows the true meaning of love knows the true meaning of respect.

  1. Your quote of the day?

    Good mind good find.

  1. My questionnaires.
  • What is the true definition of friendship?
  • How long we can live without true love?
  • Why we cannot control our emotions sometimes?
  • Why we always crib for our rights but give no credence to our duties?
  • Why we hide our true self sometimes?
  • Why self-awareness is important?
  • Why sometimes we have to tell lies?
  • How come we always ready for pay-back?
  • What is the borderline between self-esteem and ego?
  • Does silence always work?
  • What is the role of meditation/prayer in our lives?
  • How long we can stay away from the truth?
  • Why we become judgmental?
  • Is not it a fact that we learn more from our criticism than our appreciation?
  • Is not a fact that ‘habits die hard’ ones they are formed?
  1. My nominations for the award:-


The award could form a part of your blog, answering questions and other formalities are optional.



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    1. My award is due to the motivation I have got from you like respectable readers.

      Your good wishes mean a lot to me Derrick sir.


  1. Greetings from my side ,
    Congratulations on your nomination and you deserved that and secondly your answers are the exact type of answers that I expected from your side ..They believe in peace and prosperity …And all the answers were so good …And it was my pleasure nominating you and thankyou so much for your nomination …I’ll answer your questions soon 😊✨
    _Muneeta Aneja
    _innervoice 28

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! It’s an honour and a motivation to keep blogging knowing that someone, someplace, out there is reading my posts and love them! I will put this up on my blog!

  3. hello harbans its dennis the vizsla dog hay kongratchoolayshuns on yore award and thank yoo for passing it on to me!!! i wil be inklooding it in my nekst sunday awards and meem show!!! ok bye

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