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I wholeheartedly thank SUSHI for my re-nomination. I admit it is a great news for me. The purpose of this is mainly to answer the questionnaires, very succinctly posed by her. I admit, to answer the questions composed, I had to transport my imagination from my place to another period/time and place; really teleportation – admittedly a new sphere of activity for me. I express my sincere thanks for her. 

I also aver that the purpose of the award is also to familiarize ourselves with others’ ideas about different topics of interest.

My answers to your questionnaires.

  1. You rub a lamp and a genie pops out. Offers you two wishes. What are they?
  • Peace and amity. I wish a fellow-feeling on the basis of giving and take emerges universally wherein there is no place for violence and selfishness,
  • No negativity. I wish feeling of negativity(Anger, jealousy, lust etc) in us just evaporates and positivity takes over in all of us.
  1. A king dies a tragic death and you inherit the throne. An evil uncle gets in the way. How do you get it back/ or do you get it back?

In such a scenario, I shall first of all call the meeting of the prominent personages and delve on the emerging situation threadbare including the unpredictable situations that had arisen due to the tragic death of the king. I shall also persuade my ‘evil uncle’ to attend such a meeting for the overall good of the country as a whole. Whatever tangible solution emerges from the meeting, would be universally and unanimously ratified by all present including my uncle. If it is found that I am suitable for the throne, I shall further discuss about the law and order situation, economic situation, inner and outer defence of the country, allotment of various ministries for delegation of power etc. this way, I shall save the country from the sure violence and blood-letting.

  1. Upon winning your kingdom back. How do you govern it?

I shall take the following steps:-

  • Choose my Advisor on different affairs – who may be known for his professional acumen and accountability.
  • Constitute the council of ministers for managing the affairs of the country.
  • Monitor the performance of each of the ministers very minutely. Changes, if needed, made whenever there is a need.
  • I shall personally look after the foreign affairs, home ministry besides defence of the land.
  • The welfare of the people would be at the centre of my heart, therefore, I shall mingle with my subjects just in disguise and ask the masses about their welfare and subsequently take corrective methods required.
  • As far as possible, I shall give the citizens to give their opinions for improvement on different topics hinging on the overall welfare of the general masses. This would be in line with the democratization of the country.
  • Subsequently, I shall exhort my subjects to lead a spiritually oriented lifestyle because while we are following this life, we will dissociate ourselves from any negativity which may bedevil us.
  1. Strange settlers come to your land that is hidden from the rest of the world. Do you share your secrets with them or try to get them to leave?

If I come to know about the settlers coming to my land and settled in my country, I shall personally meet them and ask them if they have come only to take away the wealth from my land and do not have love and affection of the land at heart. If I find that their heart beats for the land of the new settlement then I shall allow them the civil rights. 

In India too many invaders attacked India but they did not plunder the richness of the land, with some exception,  but settled here and imbibed the culture and tradition of India.

You walk into an enchanted castle and captured by a prince who was turned in a beast. He gives you a chance to escape that night or stay to help him change back. What do you do?

  1. Some witch doctor says he can give you anything you want. For exchange for your soul. Fair deal. Why or why not?

I shall not believe in any witch doctor. I shall emphasize and stress to my subjects to learn to work hard to make a difference.

  1. You throw a note in a bottle in the ocean knowing that it will go to the one person you want it to go and will be granted. Who does it go to?

A person who helps me spread the message of love and affection to all around the world.

  1. Why is this person so special?

This person is special since he is the voice of the multitudes for peace and amity..

  1. You’re giving a chance to have dinner on the moon. What do you eat? (No dairy, already provided).

I shall take what others take under the circumstances but not non-veg.

  1. If you had the option of walking into dreams or teleport which one would it be and why?

The dream is always unreal. It comes and goes while we get up. If given the option to walk in my dream – it is fiction like, I shall not opt for this.

Whereas transportation of information from one point to another is teleportation. If given chance to walk from one place to another one even in space, I shall certainly opt for this since it will ameliorate all my information queries in real time and space.
























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  1. My heartfelt thanks to Sushi for re-nominating for the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD-2018.
    I have endeavoured to answer the questionnaires. Do appraise and comment. I love your comments. .


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