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If we commit mistakes

No problem, we all commit

In one form or other – everyone knows this fact

Nobody is infallible in real sense

While transacting something with sincerity

But fault lies in essence

When our ego stops us from agreeing

To have mistake so committed

Which is a mistake most terrible!

If I go to my meeting scheduled

At the time and date fixed

Then I shall meet all contingencies  without any pinpricks

Thereby remain affable and unruffled

While meeting the demands of the work at hand.

If I am ignorant about something important to be known surely

Fault lies at my doorsteps squarely

Not in others for non-performance of our duty

Since I did not try getting know-how

About the things to be known

When it was required to know.

If I get angry on pretexts so silly

I shall not attract anybody around me most likely

Since nobody wants to have intimacy

With a man with no accommodative way of thinking,

If I fail miserably

While others pass with easily

It is not the fault of the destiny

But my own lack of effort to succeed.

If I did not get respect from others

It is not somebody else fault

Since I did not pay respect to others.

If I pray /meditate

Without proper without involving my heart

And my mind dithering

Here, there and everywhere

Can I get something in that exercise?

Definitely nothing substantial

Thence. Can I blame others?

Certainly not at all!

If there is no harmony in our household

Certainly my neighbor is not to be blamed

We are ourselves responsible for all this confusion and mess

Since it is all due to misunderstanding between the members

Who have conflicting views on anything which makes a sweet home

Since a house is made home when all members

Work for each other and meet each others’ demands.

If you have no moral fibre

You cannot advice others to keep one

For you have lost everything that makes the person a moral character.

If I have not paid my taxes

The tax authorities will book me for the lapse

If  I am hauled up for this slip

Fault lies with me solely

Not with others around me surely.

If I have not done in life substantially

Fault lies with me and not on somebody?

I have to mend my ways effectively.

If I lose my temper just for nothing

Fault lies with me for so doing

Then need is to change my attitude

The sooner I do the better for me eventually.

If I am not able to pay my debits

And the creditors are after me

For giving back the loaned amount

If I have to face music of not payment my dues

Thence is it else’s liability than mine?

If nobody loves me

That means there is something missing in me

Through proper introspection

I’ve to be self-aware

And change myself accordingly

To make myself likeable.

If I am not able to adjust with the group

Fault lies with me and not with the group

Since I have to be adaptive to change not the group

As nobody would like to change for me

According to others expediency.

If we want to lead a life of spirituality

Which means we have to lead a life really

Which has the stamp of sagacity

To transact all our duties

With full accountability

While observing all principles with objectivity

Bereft of ill-will, rancor and thoughts so lusty.


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    1. My gratitude to you for sparing your most precious time and offering your invaluable comments.
      Really inspirational in nature.


  2. My dear friend Harbans,

    In our life we go through many different views and processes, experiences that to touch things we lived through consciously. We may have had a time when we blamed others for our shortcoming and then, the deeper we go into this matter, we find that those mistakes in others are also our mistakes or shortcoming. Then a time may come in which we anlalize ourselves – to become humble means also to see one’s own shortcoming and the more we become conscious and aware of our thoughts, deeds and words, the more we can see the tricks of our mind. It is like digging into gras: suddenly ants (our shortcoming) are coming out and the more water we put into those digged holes, the more ants will come out – honesty and conscousness go along hand in hand and are subject to own development too. In the end we do no longer see shortcomings in others, do not blame others, but take the responsibilty of our thoughts, words and deeds on our shoulders and in doing so we have no time anymore to see the shortcoming of others. It is a process were the waves of life form the stone man, turn him/her into a polishes precious stone, from which humbleness and respect radiates. This all we can call: Man know thyself…

    Thank you very much for sharing, dear Harbans and may all good wishes accompany you.

    In thankfulness

    1. Didi sir thanks a lot for your invaluable commentary.

      In fact, if we actuallyy analyse ourselves, we find that we have many a shortcomings and our prime motive should be to remove those shortcomings and come out with some modicum of improvement. Instead of finding faults with others for their faults, we should see to it that we always see to it that we be pure.

      The example of ant coming out of the earth on putting water is really impressive and enlightening.

      In fact honesty, sincerity and consciousness while transacting anything go side by side and are essential part of our lives.

      We have also to be responsible for our thoughts and action thereto.

      Your add-on is obviously an educational in itself.


      1. Thank you my dear friend Harbans – This example with the ants was given by my Master and exemplifies self-analysis. The less we blame others the more humbleness we are able to develop and increase understanding and respect towards others as well.

        Yes, you absolutely right that we are responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds.

        Thank you, my friend 🙂
        From heart to heart

      2. Thank you so very much for sharing with me the sagacious words of your Master and through extension he too has become my Master because of this and other wisdom filled percepts.

        Thanks again for the enlightening words.


  3. I think constantly finding fault with ourselves comes from the expectation of perfection and not forgiving ourselves for falling short. That does, however, not excuse us for everything.

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