I shall care to be a student perpetually

While being student we add-on more knowledge actually.

I shall care to follow the precept: ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’

Since if it will go out of control then we’ve to justly lament.

I shall care to follow the precept that it is always living in darkness

Which gives us value of light and with it happiness

I shall care to follow the truth that we meet others needs

Simply to remove our own misfortunes.

I shall care to act as the situation demands

Since uncaring will lead to rock the boat even before it’s just started.

I shall care to love our Super-Soul

Since I’m part of Him as a Soul.

I shall care to pay homage to my parents

Since I’m due to them on this beautiful planet.

I shall care to keep my eyes off anything harmful

Since it can lead me to astray or lure me into a trap – most dreadful.

I shall care to save my character

Since once it is lost it cannot be retrieved with ease.

I shall care to accept our mistake

Then we can make amends in time.

I shall care to keep myself away from greed

Since greed makes me still more greedy.

I shall care to see behavioural changes in our youth of today

Since they are the custodians of our country.

I shall care to build the ecosystem for an appropriate change in mindset

So that negativity is eliminated from our system.

I shall care to not to be angry

Since anger makes me animal-like for nothing.

I shall care to take care of my karmic deeds

Since we cannot ignore its affects.

I shall care to meet others’ needs

Since giving gives me more joy than anything.

I shall care to be selfless

Since selfish man serves neither to others nor to himself.

Also it makes us ineffective and haughty.

I shall care to give a smile to others

Since distributing smiles give us smiles in return.

I shall care to change somebody else’s negative thoughts

Since it amounts to inculcating life’s best traits.

I shall care to think positive and imbibe wonderful thoughts

For positive oriented life-style gives us joyous life.

I shall care to pay homage to my elders

Because they have contributed to our well-being.

I shall care to stay cool despite provocation

Because consequence of it all cannot give us solution.

I shall care to multiply others happiness by dividing love

Because love creates love in return.

I shall care to be of use to others

Because somebody else will be of use to us too.

I shall care to keep my environment clean

Because clean environment leads to good health and wellness.

I shall care to integrate others too for realising the dream of cleanliness a reality

I shall care not mess-up the surroundings and exhort others to realise this dream

I shall care to have brainstorming session with my neighbours for cleanliness drive.

I shall care to imbibe right thoughts

Because right thoughts lead to right living.

I shall care to transact right karmic actions

Because ku-karmic deeds destroy us.

I shall care to keep myself away from violence

Because violence breeds more violence.

I shall care to keep in my mind that knowingly commit blunder is a sin

And its consequences would be disastrous for us.

I shall care to keep my promise

Because broken promises creates ill-will for us.

I shall care to be of use to others

Then only we can expect from others too.

I shall care to take care of purity of my body, mind and soul

For adding the Karmic credit to my account.

I shall care to keep in mind the consequences of malice

It cannot bring in its wake goodness.

I shall care to remove ignorance and spread love and light

To enhance enlightenment in us for our deliverance.

I shall care to earn my living earnestly

And shall not earn that by adopting corrupt practices.

I shall care to follow spirituality

By following right course of action.

I shall care to be a student ever

So that I learn from others at every opportunities.

I shall care to be disciplined in words and deeds

So that I obey all the norms of behaviour.

I shall care to remove tears from others eyes

So that someone else may do so for me too.

I shall care to be compassionate to the extent possible

So that others may also be so when I need it the most.

I shall care to lead a righteous lifestyle

So that it purifies my mind and soul.

I shall care to be upright, sincere and honest in my demeanour

So that my character is not tarnished in any manner.

I shall have right and positive attitude always

So that negativity does not touch me at all.

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18 thoughts on “I SHALL CARE TO……..”

  1. I SHALL CARE TO BE….Kindly appraise the poem and comment since I immensely love your comments besides these comments inspire to write more.


    1. Derrick sir, thanks a lot for your invaluable comments. Your comments have always been an inspiration to me.


  2. My dear friend Harbans,

    I am happy about what you wrote – it comes with positivity and insight knowledge , understanding of the mind and finding harmony with oneself and others. There is humbleness as well in it – like a prayer from the heart.

    So thank you very much for sharing these beautiful lines, dear friend 🙂
    All good wishes

    1. Didi Sir, I thank you for sparing your most precious time in appraising the lines and commenting. Coming from you, who had his knowledge from the great Masters is itself an inspirational one.

      On the NAVRATRI too I am writing one write-up. Kindly appraise at your own convenience and comment. I hugely gain from your commentary.


      1. Thank you very much, dear Harbans 🙂
        We all have to go through a spiritual enlightment and understanding.

        I am going to check your write-up and answer in a few day’s time.

        From heart to heart my best wishes for your soul

      2. Didi sir your comments and writings bestow me opportunity to learn and add lustre to my knowledge. Just enlightening.


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