There are men with attitude so strange

There are ones who aspire to realize

Their inner potentials with ease and peace

By observing self-discipline with utmost patience

Work is their worship and penance

By regulating every bit of acts that comes their way

For smooth tiding over a situation

If any hurdle befall perchance

They seek ways and means for a solution

They never befriend procrastination

But aspire for application of heart and mind

By loyally sticking to self-improvement

With course correction if and when there is requirement

Nurturing no ill-will against anyone

Rendering helping hand to everyone!

Only thing which is dear to such person

Is the honesty of purpose

They aspire for no greatness at all

Greatness comes to them anyhow

By their Karmic deeds – indeed so amiable

Making alterations according to changed situation

Observing the dharma of righteous conduct  

They need not showcase these deeds

Rather their deeds speak louder

They always stand silently behind every show

But their fragrance spreads

To every nook and corner

From where they stand

They are not praise seekers

Rather they are joy givers

Take sound advice from every quarter

For adding to knowledge

And to remove ignorance from within

Not for  self-glorification

But for self- realization

And to take out every shred of darkness dormant

Lure of any sort can’t distract him

From the purpose so intended

For body, mind and soul purification

Purpose of their life is to seek connectivity

With God Almighty

Since our Soul has link with Him

Being the Super Soul  Himself.

We ought to emulate the example of mountains s

So steadfast and strong

Always heavenwards looking

not at all bowing 

Withstanding blizzards, heavy storms and everything

That fall without any warning

Asking in  return at all nothing 

In return nothing but only giving

As much which it can give

It is in fact nothing in everything.

This fellow does not aspire for personal fame

Since this fellow knows fully well

The importance of being great

Without losing sight of humility

Through clear thoughts through words and deed indeed.




Why would someone pursue greatness without fame?

In essence, the word greatness implies prominence; how best this is attained is not taken into account –  which gives out some negative feel connected with ego-centric tendencies. The main purpose is to attain magnanimity or goodness after having fulfilled the purpose of life. Here, it is worthwhile to mention that this magnanimity is attained when we obtain everything by dint of our sincere/honest hard work along with dedication and devotion to the job at hand – sticking to the work ethics along with observance of moral values, etc. On the other hand, there are the ones who aspire to get greatness by adopting any means (dishonest/insincere). This so called ‘greatness’ is counterproductive ultimately.

A person who has greatness, will always come to the succor of the hapless persons. He does not dissociate from the goodness in any situation – good or bad. In Bible it has been said: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


Essentially, there are certain requirements inbuilt in our body mechanism without which we cannot normally function. This internal organ satisfaction has to be satiated by us. Therefore, for obtaining a stage of ‘nothingness’, we have to discipline ourselves, to rise above the basic needs of our body mechanism. The basic needs cannot be ordinarily suppressed.  But efforts could be made to reduce this ‘thirst’ by self-developed mechanism by ourselves to act as a shield to ward off any need in the absence of which we can live without much difficulty. This could be done through self-regulation so as to obtain satiety within ourselves.  If we create a situation through self-suppression of our needs of our body, then, it may have adverse effect on our body and mind because it is beyond the body mechanism.  This nothingness could be obtained through rigorous practice and patience. 

Bhagwad Gita), try sharing your something with others but without much publicity or fanfare – our left hand should not know what our right hand is doing should be our motto. If you publicize, then whole of this exercise will be an exercise with fructification at all. You have not to have any attachment with the fruits of our action.


While our mind is under the control of our senses, we tend to be swayed by it, we become mental loafer. Those whose mind is not in control, they remain comparing themselves with others around them  and allurement of more power, more worldly possessions etc. remain pestering for ‘more’ and for this ‘more’ they may adopt any means even corrupt practices.

This question has been an enigma for humans. We have the tendency to be swayed by our emotions. We get perturbed whenever we are face to face with some undesirable incident or while seeing somebody’s plight or while we are witness to some accident.

The position that a person gets by the sweat of one’s brows makes a person self-confident and corollary for all this is positive orientation in life. This also helps in attaining self-confidence to transact any job that that person takes in hand. Besides, self-realization/self-awareness/self-consciousness not only bestows the qualities of self-assertiveness but also affords opportunities to know our potentials and weak areas. This also gives the person concerned the traits of maintaining humility without being getting swayed by self-attained , self-awareness and the benefits thereof. 

We can make concerted efforts to remove our weakness and attain prominence along with spiritualistic oriented life. After having attained some semblance of holistic growth, we shall have humbleness without being egocentric tendencies. That is the greatness we should pursue.

The effort of a person to get fame or celebrity character is the effort which we make to attain or to get reputation for ourselves. The condition of acquired greatness is so much that it goes to the head of the person concerned and further that person flaunts his greatness. This reputation could bring about negative traits or egocentric tendencies in us. This could also bring about disrepute/notoriety to the persons concerned which is contrary to pursing self-righteousness.

The recent incident in one of reputed hotels in Delhi, a few days back, is an indication what this conceitedness can result. This ill-mannered and ill-tempered   person, in an inebriated condition, drew out the loaded pistol and threatened to shoot the other person with whom he was having arguments besides hurling the choicest abuses and that too in full glare of by-standers.  This sordid and disreputable incident hogged the limelight in the social media too. This is the indication of the fact how a person, brought up in unsuitable environment, could prove to be – just devastating to say the least.   

A person who acquires greatness without being influenced by the false pride is in fact a great man. This sort of  a person does not lose his moorings or composure and believes in the Song of Bhagwad Gita: What we have acquired presently has been obtained here on this earth. We had not brought anything while we had taken birth and will not take anything while we die. When we get something, or lose something, it hardly matters. It should not disappoint us.

Thus, it is beneficial to acquire greatness without aspiring for fame which is short-lived. We may lose the power as it comes since it has been said that the wheels of fortune does not stay indefinitely.

Sometimes the wheel of fortune may go up and at other times, it may be at the lowest ebb. Therefore, an acquired greatness, by any means,  could be a burden on us if we show-off and showcase our greatness.  The moral lesson from the last words of Alexander the Great are eye opener for us all.

Bury my body, do not build any monument, keep my hands outside so that the world knows the person who won the world had nothing in his hands when dying. He was the greatest of all  the warriors that this world has ever seen. He realized his folly of being ‘greatest warrior of all times’ but it was too late since he could not enjoy all that he acquired through his battle-skill by adopting all the stratagems at his command.  This proves that greatness which bestows us the traits of humbleness despite availability of everything  at our beck  and call. One who aspires for reputation or fame without quality of head and heart; compassion/empathy is real greatness.

It should always be remembered that our Creator is only One who is great and perfect. In Guru Granth Sahib it has been rightly mentioned: One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru’s Grace. One who considers himself great (without understanding the real meaning of greatness).  


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