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The life we want to live on this earth

Depends on the several factors

Having clear aim in life

Will to challenge the challenges

With iron will and going ahead

With complete determination

With sincerity to handle difficult tasks

Improvising on every step that we take

With confidence to fructify our efforts

With complete belief on the Creator of ours.

Ups and downs of our existence

Are the important features

Sadness and happiness

Are the two aspects of our life

When we are slighted or disrespect is showered

Due to an event so unexpected

An emotional change happens

In our being so sudden

That we are transported

From happiness

To sadness

According to the event

That has so happened

We sometimes reminisce

Our sad events

More than it is needed

Even in happy moments

We don’t enjoy the happy moments at all

Since we’ve been engulfed

By the sadness which though has passed

But we don’t want to leave this bad moment at all

And want to make it part of our life

Feeling sad even in happy moments

Has deeply impacted our lives adversely

Robbing peace of mind severely

A realization should dawn to us with experience

That if dark night is there presently

Then dawn of the day is not far off to view.

Although we have no realization

That happiness and sadness are the passing illusions

If former comes

The latter cannot be far off

We all play our part

The way we’re taught to play

In the echo-system we’re living

The way we think and perform our Karmic deeds

Positive Karma turns the poverty of our thoughts

Into richness of our thoughts

And positive Karmic actions

Add up to our Karmic credit

Our positive thoughts and karmic deeds

Determine the opulence of our self-realization

Or self-consciousness or self awareness

While observing the drama of life being played by us

Improvising himself/herself at every step taken

In close association with our Creator

And turn our existence a veritable Heaven on this planet.

The lives of saints and mystics

Had achieved a balanced way in their lives

They maintained composure

Both in happy and sad moments

They learned more lessons

From sad moments

Than the happy ones which bedeviled their paths

Which they practice with joy

To establish their connectivity

With the supernatural being ultimately

For their Moksha – liberation

From births and deaths

And be near Almighty God

For good

With peace all around

Without any fear of real life’s ups and downs.

These self-realized beings

 Also discern the eternal essence of our soul

While the experiences of our existence are transient 

Our soul being eternal acts merely as a spectator

And a serene traveler with us

Observing the drama Maya or illusion of our life

In the reel of our real secret of our existence

While enjoying the role in the scheme of things

Which in our physical world are happening

Thus the manner we want to live this life

Depends on our thoughts and action that we do in this life

Happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin

If former is there the latter cannot be far to be experienced

Poise and balance is hugely hence is of immensely required.



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