The human nature is so very intricate 

We feel highly elated

When  eulogy for us is etched

When praises on us are showered

From all quarters; expected or so not expected

Reason or no reason hardly matters indeed

What matters adulation

From all quarters is our main expectation

Since we’ve appetite- for getting aplenty admiration

Praises and acclamation

May be sometimes without giving evaluation

To our merit were in possession

Or bereft of any merits or demerits into consideration

Thus throwing to the winds

The actual barometer of our worth.

Criticism which should be the template

Of our worthiness or otherwise

More the scathing criticism

More the hope of finding our net-worth

Initially when a person’s worth gets reckoned

Or before the person is recognized

That person has to face a variety of criticisms 

Which are construed as valuable tools in true sense of terms

Like more the gold is put in the red-hot furnace and then hammered

The purer it becomes in caret purity term  

Then this pure gold

Need nobody’s reference at all

For its sale-ability in the marketplace

Since it is based on truth

Which could be tested and attested

At any place and time

Similarly, more the rough diamond is chiseled and polished

The more it shines

And more cost it commands

Similar is the case with criticism

More the criticism

More the refinement

In our character and deportment.

Withstanding all the life’s thuds and thunders

Since our life is not cake walk altogether

It is all the more arduous

With challenges and counter-challenges hindrances to overcome

For a triumph and win praises

We have to overcome our adversaries

By strengthening our frame of mind

And steel our determination

To face the arrows of criticism

From any cynics and carping critics

We’ve to withstand these criticisms

With intelligent witticism

Combined with logical suggestions

With cool-headed mentality as our weapon

To mute the mouth of criticism which has arisen.

Healthy criticism should have our approbation

If we are blameworthy, it should have our acceptance without hesitation

With candid assessment  we should make necessary course correction

Leaving nothing which may evoke further criticism.

 Criticism objective should not be character assassination

A  figment of doer’s imagination

Then a biting criticism without any substance

Unbecoming of the dignity and stature of the person concerned

Like we hear the politicians

Hurling abuses and criticism at each other without rese*rvation.

We should accept our criticism gracefully

The same should be replied whenever needed suitably

Countering all the contentious points reasonably

With right spirit and openhanded

Feeling no grouse or whining against the criticizer

Or reach to the level as that of  criticizer

The one who is in total control of his mind

Knowledgeable and creative

Does not become, in essence, reactive

He wins the battle which is forced on him

And will have to fight it out himself

Rather than turning his back for more criticism

Or should not turn this battle a bristling war

Engulfing others too in the fight for supremacy.

Care ought also be exercised

That nobody is unnecessarily made the butt of criticism

One who resorts to unhealthy criticism

Should be made to realize his folly

So that he/she not criticize others unreasonably

But try living with harmony

With all the members of the society

With the bountiful graces of our Lord Almighty

God be praised for His mercies always

So criticism or praises should not make us tarry

From our chosen path of living with the humanity

With humbleness, tenderness and gentleness

As the three pillars of our to serve our society

Withstanding with utmost humility

All the criticisms and barbs with dignity

While improving in all the sphere of our activities.


In essence, it has been observed that whenever somebody appreciates us, we tend to become happy without putting our mind whether this appreciation has been substantiated by facts on ground or not. In actual practice, appreciation based on facts and figures assumes significance for us since it bestows us inspiration to do even better by working hard for improving ourselves through our since sincere efforts and also to excel and our tempo our excellence.

When somebody appreciates our good deeds performed by us with absolute sincerity, we should offer that person profound thanks since on that plank of appreciation, we can get inspiration to excel. It has been elucidated in Holy Quran: If you give thanks, I will give you more.

Wrong appreciation is counter-productive since it makes us lethargic and pompous i.e. we tend to over-estimate our efficacy than what we really are. When this happens, we consider ourselves more than equals thereby not making efforts to improve ourselves to earn place for ourselves in the organization in which we are working or the society in which we are living.

Importantly, it is also a fact, in normal course, we should not criticize others since if we criticize you, you are in for criticism in return. Unreasonably judging others, without self-introspection leads to unpredictable  results. In Bible it has rightly been said: If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.

Example: There were two colleagues of mine, one was very sincere worker and the other one was shrewd and knew where his bread could be buttered. He always made it a point to be near the boss and tell all the secrets which his colleagues were doing or not doing. In other words, he was a blue eyed boy of the boss. They trusted him immensely over others who were sincere in their job performance, were regular and punctual and always performed their assigned jobs on time. But when the question of appraisal and promotion came, the preferred one got raise and appreciation and the sincere colleagues did not get anything tangible. When the particular boss got transferred to other location, the person wanted to adopt the same stratagem/tact’s, as he was in the habit of but this boss was the man of principle. He appraised his past record and got him and issued him a stern warning to perform his assigned job sincerely otherwise face the music. That is the consequence of sincere work and the deceitful behavior of ours.

I have observed during my stint in service period and through discourses/interactions with others that we always learn through healthy criticism. It should always be kept in mind that nobody has ever improved with appreciation not backed up by professional efficacy and finesse. Healthy criticism affords us opportunities to tighten our loose ends or the areas where improvement is called for and then we can face the world at large with self-assurance. Therefore, criticism could work as blessing in disguise if we take course correction as and when required.

Conclusively, it could be said that we should never overact since what actually are cannot be hidden. It would be revealed. Rather we should try to improve ourselves by being a student at all times. Our merit cannot remain hidden. It will come into lime light. Then appreciation will definitely follow with the grace of God.











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13 thoughts on “OUR PRAISE & CRITICISM”

  1. Appreciations and criticisms are two sides of the same coin. If we are criticized unreasonably or unreasonably, we can introspect, what ails us, what is the deficiency we have which we can imp;rove. It is also a fact that we always learn more from our criticism.

    Appreciation for our job well done is always like by us and it gives us incentive and inspiration to move ahead and improve but when appreciation handed to us without any substance will harm us. We shall not improve thinking that we have been recognized by somebody for our job-well-done. Therefore, there remains a very thin line between appreciation on merit and appreciation just for nothing. It is for us to understand it and get benefited or otherwise from the appreciation we have got.

    Kindly appraise the blog and offer your kind comments. I always love your comments because these are the vehicles of my further movement.



  2. We all have to face upbraiding, at one time or another. What matters is not that we bare our necks to the wolves of savaging, but that we deal with the issue behind the criticism, equitably and dispassionately. I have a constant critic who will stop at nothing to bring me down, just for the sake of it. That person’s goal is not equity, but vengeance. So, I will meet the individual’s reasonable expectations, tomorrow. Then, I will cut off all contact.

    1. First of all, thanks a lot for your invaluable comments. In fact healthy criticism makes us and unhealthy and irrational criticism unmakes what we have made ourselves with our foresight and hard work.

      A person who is hell-bent on criticism, and even crosses Lakshman Rekha then I think we should counter that fellow point blank, if this does not placate that fellow, then we can keep him in the back-burner of our mind and next time we meet such a person, we can just repeating the same experience. You are right, we have no option but to ignore such a person ultimately.

      With regards

    1. Thank you so very much for appraising the write-up and giving your views.

      In fact remaining cool-headed helps in mitigating many of our problems since we shall not create things which ay creep in by being hot-headed.


  3. More sound thoughts, Harbans. I am pleased you mention healthy criticism because the word has become one of mainly negative connotations. I am particularly thinking of the work of art and literature critics who may actually write a very positive piece.

    1. I salute to you Derrick sir, for your incisive know-how – which is the result of reading between the lines anything and everything. We tend to skip things and only take a cursory look on the topic but yours knowledge goes deeper. This makes the writer inapirational in true sense of term.

      Affirmative, we tend to take criticism having negative overtones but only through criticism we can improve. Work of art and craft come in this category. Even improvement in writing skills could be possible through healthy criticism.



    1. Thanks for your kind visit to my blog Ma’am and offering your invaluable comments – inspiring indeed.



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