The events which are unpredictable

Dangers may be lurking in any nook or corner

Waiting to strike us without any warning

How best to save us from this  happening most unexpected

Depends solely on our training

To face challenges without any whiff of air  of warning

As these are unpredictable

These are not avoidable

Lets therefore allow these come

And embrace our vulnerabilities

Rather than escaping from these

To feel connectivity

With the people of all hues

And open many vistas of opportunities

To cement our relationships

With unknowns

And remain honest with ourselves

For new learning and know-how

And strengthen our will to grow

By acceptance what comes in our life

Since avoidance

Makes us untouchable to change

That may have transformational effect on our system

Since embracing vulnerability may bring us experience

To reminisce till our life lasts

Enhancing our self-confidence

Brimming with self-love

Also to enhance self-esteem.

We tend to close our doors to unpredictable

Because of lack confidence

To face any event

That may befall unpredictable

By throwing fears and cautions to the winds

Face the unpredictable event head-on

Since the people in general

Will treat us the way we treat ourselves

On routine basis

Good intentioned ones

Treat others with respect

And distribute smiles

And embracing others with love

And not embarrassing with impunity

During their lifetime.

And those with ulterior motives

Distribute hate and snide remarks

During their lifetime

Best course is to let the current of happenings flow freely

Meet the contingency as it arises

Giving us experiences

Sometimes sweet and other times sour.

Our vulnerabilities are destined

Face them as we face the challenges of life

Instead of making these  adversaries

We should make them an asset

Thereby empowering us with love so deep

And take on thechallenges of life with self-assurance

Of course with God’s graces in abundance.


Vulnerable means state of being harmed or attacked, physically or emotionally or both. There are so many incidents in our life which put us in dangerous position. For example, if we intervene in two warring parties, more often than not. We may be harmed or attacked by one party or the other. It so happened that an argument between husband and wife turned into physical beating. My friend tried to intervene and wanted to persuade the hostile couple to forget their differences. But what happened was not expected by my friend. The warring couple joined together and started abusing and beating my friend thereby giving a most relevant lesson to my friend not to intervene when fight is between spouses. We may be exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed which happened in case of my friend.

Vulnerabilities are unpredictable, that is, these cannot be ascertained beforehand and therefore cannot be fully staved off. However, if we have strong will or determination or strengthen ourselves mentally emotionally and spiritually, we can limit their effects. This way, we can take any call as inevitable, inescapable which cannot be ward off as it is destined to us. In other words, what would be cannot be avoided but we can just face the fact as it comes.

These vulnerabilities may also be due to our weaknesses. At times, we get entangled in unpredictable moral turpitude incident which may have unpredictable consequences for us; even impinging on our character and ancients. The recent revelations in ‘METOO’ incidences of the past are the fittest case in view in the context which may be due to due to muddled or tangled mindset.


·        Breach of trust. All the business deals are done with mutual consent or trust between different parties. But when one party breaches the trust, we feel very perturbed. It so happened that I received a call that one company rep(with which we had made contract for providing us computer related services)had come to rectify the defect in the server room but this deceptive rep. crashed the entire system thus making the system dysfunctional thereby putting in limbo the important computer related functions. Thus a person to whom we trusted the most breached the trust and made the system unserviceable. This unexpected turn of event made me most disappointed since I had allowed the rep to have access to the server room but he breached the trust and also the clauses of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. A lesson which I got from this unexpected turn of event.

LESSON LEARNED: We should never trust anybody and should not be taken in by others’ sweet sermons since we are always vulnerable at every step.  Many a times we could be victim from the unexpected quarters. Therefore we should always be wary and check the credentials of the person(s) who comes with mala-fide intent.

  • We become vulnerable because of our trusting nature. Sometimes, we get victimized because of our trusting nature.Those to whom you trust most, may stab you on the back. A successful ladyentrepreneur, running a boutique (Tulsi Creations in Delhi) paid dearly becauseof her unsuspecting nature. She was unfortunately killed by her own trustedaides.

LESSON LEARNED: Keep your keep eyes and ears open always even when you deal with somebody to whom you trust most. We become vulnerable when we are gullible, weak besides being immature to handle unpredictable incidents. It is, therefore, essential that we remain cautious, remain resolute in our will power to face and fight any unpredictable happening which may have disastrous consequences as nobody would like to remain exposed to any unpredictable or impulsive thing in our life.

  • Vulnerable witnesses in various cases. There are instances where the witnesses in criminal cases in the court of law get life threats and make their lives miserable. They do not come forward because of reprisals from the parties concerned.

·        Attack on our self-esteem by our own known people. When our self respect or self esteem gets punctured by our own nears and dears. We face unexpected and unpredictable attacks on our self-respect by our own friends and colleagues. This has double whammy since we lose friends and self-esteem.

·        When old and infirm are neglected. Our old people require our special care because of their old age or they could be risk of being harmed at their oldage or disability when they are not duly protected by their own love ones.They cannot defend themselves against attacks by burglars or thieves.  They remain vulnerable from all sides. It should never be forgotten that we tend to become exposed to the possibility of vulnerable after we reach our oldage due to physical weakness. When our own offspring to whom we have given our everything show no mercy on us. This makes us emotionally perturbed. .

·        When differently abled and gifted ones are not cared as desired. We have to be sensitive to the needs and aspirations of those who are not able to transact anything tangible on their own and are vulnerable at every step of their lives. It is the responsibility of those whose body and mind are sound to help those who are having some disability or other in the form of giving them needed care and protection including the right education so that they grow to be able to look after themselves and not to remain dependent on others till their lifespan. Such training could be training on computers, candle making, making of earthen items such as wicks, toys etc. making of bakery items and those who have attained proficiency could be trained to be trained cooks et al.

·        When our partner deceives us. In joint business deals, if one partner deceives or breaks the trust then the business venture becomes vulnerable and cannot flourish. For a joint business to be to be successful, it is pragmatic and practicable to repose the trust.

·        Government formed by different parties with different ideologies are Vulnerable. Similar is the case with the Governments constituted on the principles of COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAM to be reached which is agreeable to all its constituent parties. This sort of Government too is vulnerable by some parties for fulfillment of their political ambitions.

·        When our step-parents breach our trust. There are times when the step-children remain vulnerable to the whims of their step-father or step-mother.

·        When our own deceives us. We feel very concerned when our own relations to whom we trust the most deceive us and breach our trust which becomes disastrous for our wellbeing.   

·        When those whom we have looked after us delude us. Sometimes our own for whom we have given everything; our time, our finances, our energy deceive us thus erecting an artificial wall of distrust.

·        When some deceive their own country by selling the secrets to an enemy. We tend to feel let down when some of us selling state secrets to countries inimical to the country concerned for financial gains. Thus vulnerability to greed makes these people vulnerable or weak for some pecuniary gains.

·        When someone breaks the marriage bows for dowry. Then we have the cases of some women become vulnerable to the greed in the form of dowry and other precious gifts. Many a homes have broken by this vulnerabilities.

Conclusively, it could be said; while we cannot stave off what is store for us the next moment; we can at least face the fact and not just get frightened and lose our self-confidence along with our self-esteem. Who knows, facing our vulnerabilities may open new opportunities and new earn us more friends and well-wishers. We should live life as it comes and not live in fear of the unpredictable. Belief in self and belief on our GOD will make much difference.  

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  1. Life is really very complex. Some incidences just come without their inkling before. How best we can handle these unexpected turn of events depends on our resolve – will power, self confidence and all experiences that we have garnered in our life time put together.

    Sometimes our vulnerabilities are self made and some are due to somebody else, but all in all, we can get, sometimes, sweet experiences, if we care to take those experiences.

    But fearing unpredictable events may put us in peril sometimes since we cannot always stave off the unexpected incidents or events.

    Kindly appraise the blog and give your kind comments. Your comments give me motivation to go on and write more.



  2. Having been raised on the principle of “big boys don’t cry”, it has taken me a lifetime to embrace my vulnerabilities, and even to learn that they can be endearing. The story of your intervening friend is salutary. I am naturally trusting, and have suffered disappointments through this, however I would not have it any other way.

    1. Derrick sir, my intention of writing on OUR VULNERABILITIES is to keep in mind the unexpected turn of event, these unpredictable event(s) could test our tolerance and patience besides the experience we get out of those experiences. Your example in this context is obviously praiseworthy and worthy of emulation by us all.


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