The year that passed was very promising in many ways than one. It started on a positive note, as anticipated, ended on a positive note too– giving credence to the statement; expect good and get good  -with some hiccups here and there notwithstanding. The fact remain, it is not always that we shall get positive results but need is to have optimism to turn negative results into positive ones simply with self-effort with sincerity along with belief on our God. It is our common experience that when time is favourable, we consider ourselves on the seventh-heaven but when we experience some down-slide; we just plunge abysmally into the abbess of our own making.  


Building tolerance is a must. It is not acquired with ease. Practice is required to cultivate it. Tolerance is the result of practice in patience and for this our past experiences come to our succor. Most of our achievements in our life occur when we have both patience and tolerance (in physical and mental plane). Self-control could be ensured by exercising patience and tolerance.

But time factor affords us the wherewithal to introspect and come out with plausible answer to practice patience. Patience gives us opportunity to choose objectively what we actually want or what we do not want. Progress would be slow but after practicing a number of times results would be to our liking. 


An year is Happy & Prosperous

Whence our aspirations are rewarded with success

By dint of our work with sincerity of purpose

Coupled with self-involvement and bountiful God’s graces

Thereby bestowing us prosperity and happiness

Engendering a feeling of satiety and huge self-confidence

This joy has the stamp of permanency of bliss

For this is based truly on spiritually oriented existence.

In life, by sharing others’ happiness and sorrows

We can reduce our own sorrows

Since division of sorrows between us

Can lessen the sting of our sorrows.

Never forget yesterday Karmic deeds

Will impact the life of today

Whatever I  did the year just passed

Has effect on present year without doubt.

The year past will not come yet again

It has become a part of history now

The memories of year passed-by remain

As a silent reminder 

The activities I’ve done

Or may not have done

Due to reason beyond my control.

Then I shall get lesson

From the Mother Nature

It gives us everything

Without any expectation in return

Only thing necessary for us

Is to respecting Nature

By keeping its balance

To make it serve us better

As when is imbalanced

It’ll cause irreparable damage.

Thanks giving gives us much

Acting thankless means

Being thoughtless

To others’ goodness.

The association with my friends we had developed

The fellow-feelings and good-will i cultivated

From the experiences of my well-wishers and friends

 I’ve gained

My life positively changed

And altered  the philosophy of life

I’ve learned to maintain a balance in my existence

In happy or in not so happy times

 There are times when I felt immense pain

Looking at the others’ condition

While there were also the time

I did something for others

And also times when I had to remain a silent spectator

Resulting in huge disappointment in the process.

I learned how to establish good relationship

Some with known and some with unknown

And how to bridge the gap in the bad relationship

For the persons whose relationship had gone sour

And filling it with sweetness.

Including how best to infuse confidence

Who have lost their own

Due to unreasonable reasons.

Question is what an year gone by has given thee

Or taken from thee

Depends on how much it has enriched thee

With civility and humility

Despite all the ups and downs.

Was the year gone by given thou experiences

Some pleasant and others not so pleasant

Some we would like keep as  priceless trophies

Others we would like to forget being so terrifying

But all these give us some experiences

Impacting our life to maximum extent.

Then there were parting, so unfortunate

The friends to hold dear.

When we are down and out

Engulfed in anxiety with judgment most clouded

Causing physical and mental affect

Then practicing patience delivers us

From all these mental blocks.

Then friends whom we hold dear

Puncture our trust

Others break law

Such thoughtless will surely get punishment

By the law enforcement

When caught in the net laid down

If not, then by the Omnipotent and Omniscient.

My sincerest prayer for our Creator

For the New Year 2019

Is that we ought to become conscious

Of each others’ conditions

And do not trade threats

And counter-threats

Which come in the way of happy and blissful living

As the creations of our common Creator

Wishing that we live in the spirit of amity

Under the care of our Almighty

Wishing you all Happiness and Prosperity

In the year 2019



The following are some of the lessons which I got partly through my interactions with others and partly through knowledge garnered from others during 2018.


There are some things which we’ve to take seriously in life and there are also the ones which could be ignored. But there are events and actions which we think insignificant can also impact our life sometimes. Ignoring these could do irreparable damage to our life. Even a screw in the machine could make the working of that machine dysfunctional. Similar is the case with our life. 


 Whatever we are and whatever we have got is due to the blessings of our God. By doing so, we are opening a window of opportunity for new vistas in life which are owing to the grace of God. Our physical, mental and relationship with others too are subject to all-around wellbeing. These too are possible due to His blessings. Every moment given us to breathe and live in appropriate atmosphere is also due to HIS BOUNTIES. Therefore, we have to thank Him for everything.


Our relationship with others is important for us since we cannot transact all our functions in isolation. Therefore, whenever we experience any difference, it should not be allowed to deteriorate any further in the spirit of forgiving and forgetting. In this way, many of relations could be saved.


 If we meet somebody’s need, it gives us satiety thereby making us happy. We cannot compensate this happiness with anything else under the sun.


 This should never be forgotten; if you smile, everybody will smile with you and if you weep, you weep alone. Therefore we should divide smiles in order to get happiness in the process.


We, as humans, tend to do commit some mistake unintentionally, thereby creating a misunderstanding between us and others. This results in animosity between even the fast friends. If we take recourse to say four-letters word SORRY, matters could be amiably be settled.


There are occasions when all our sincere and best efforts are not enough to acquire the intended results, in that case, the only option left with us is acceptance. Otherwise, we may fall into the web of our own creation leading to more unacceptable contradictions.


There are the people who are in the habit of putting off things thereby reaching a stage where retrieval is not possible. Therefore, the best course is to solve the contentious issue then and there.


When in solitude, we can seek our God with sincerity to compensate our loneliness.


 It should never be forgotten that nobody has ever won an argument or talking without mincing any words. Many of our differences in the families and friends could be solved when we tend to be silent when our point of view in words is not understood despite repeated try.


 We should always be the student throughout our life. We can learn anything from anybody and anywhere. It should always be remembered that ignorance is synonymous with darkness and may pull us down anytime anywhere.


We all want to have our intended job transacted immediately but in this sort of a hurry, we just forget our own security or anticipate impending danger(s) that may come anytime. Hence our approach should be to scrutinize all angles or parameters and take corrective steps or course correction. While traveling in a bus, I observed that people were hurriedly climbing and alighting the bus without caring for their security. I saw a person hastily climbing down from the bus while it slowed a bit before the bus stop was run over by a vehicle which was coming from the same direction at a speed. He had to be taken to the hospital.


In our lives, many times, we remain to postpone things. May it be getting our body checked for any disease on experiencing `some clues or symptom. Or not sticking to the time schedule for catching a flight or rail journey and hurrying for these without thinking that there may be several hindrances on the way – traffic jams due to one reason or another. Similar is the case with not stick to the time schedule on fructification of any project in hand. The proper time-planning should have made difference. Think of a predicament when one is not able to reach one’s destination because he/she had not made concerted efforts taking into account the element of time which moves on thereby creating emergencies for ourselves and unnecessary stress and strain.


Arguably, it could be rightly said that the polluted mind is dangerous not only for the person concerned but also for the people around him. We always keep our body, mind, and soul untainted/unstained. A small black spot can sully our character. It should never be forgotten that what we earn with our sincere effort will just be lost if we lose our character. It is earned with a lot of difficulties but lost just in a second. I know one of my best friends who has earned name and fame for himself including a happy family. Once he could not keep control over the unreasonable temptation thus losing his everything in the bargain.


Nature is anything or everything that is not man-made/ inartificial. Essentially, if we understand nature and its working then we shall understand more than from any formal or informal teachings. Here everything is natural – may be created by the intervention of Super Natural Power.  Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives. The three elements of nature Sun (which gives energy), Air (which we breathe without which we cannot survive) and Water (used variously by humans besides drinking).

Besides, the entire ecology works as a natural system which includes all the flora and fauna, rocks, soil and what is contained in it. It also includes environment and all the natural phenomenon and material/physical phenomenon. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives.

Then there are universal natural resources which do not have clear demarcation such as air, water, energy, climate, light, electric charge, giving out of radiation, magnetic field etc.

The meaning of Prakriti (Nature) refers to everything that is included in nature which gives shape and form as pure energy. When we spoil the Nature or Prakriti, it is termed as vikriti. When we spoil the natural balances by our acts of omissions and commissions then it does not pardon and retaliates in its own way.

Prakriti is associated with female power and Purusha represents masculinity is associated with Lord Shiva. When both work in tandem there is a balance which is essential for all. 

We can learn much from each of the elements of nature:-


The Sun is a vast source of energy. We are exploiting its energy variously in the day to day lives without which our survival is not possible. It teaches us a huge lesson. Despite giving life force, it does not browbeat the other natural elements such as cloud which has got its own function. When the cloud comes in the way of sun, it does not force its way but provides a thin ray of light to the black-cloud making the cloud presentable.

There is a wonderful lessons from this for us humans. Rather than showcasing our ego at every given opportunity, we should be accommodative and supportive of others’ efforts. We worship the Sun through Surya Namushakar (Paying respect) to thank it for the services it renders to the living and non-living beings with OM ADITYA AYE NAMON.


While we compare somebody’s beauty, especially female’s, we compare her with charm and beauty of the moon. Its various forms, full moon, half moon, semi-circular forms are really tempting to say the least. Poets and thinkers have written treasures of literature on the beauty and its cool nature despite all the disturbance that happened in the areas around it. Who does not enjoy the moonlit night? It too exerts influences on the oceanic tides and further tidal force of the Moon is more than that of the Sun.

This should also serve as a lesson to us humans that remaining cool like the Moon hardly means that it cannot have its influence when needed. We should just be like the Moon – remain cool but when the crunch comes just display your power without being too much showy.


The oceans are the huge source of livelihood for the humans and sea life in its bosom. There is more than 71% of water on the surface of the earth in the forms of lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies but oceans contain a huge chunk in it. It influences the climates, causes rain, provides us sea-foods, helps in navigation etc. The sea water when dried becomes the source of salt for us.

It too remains cool when not disturbed but could be vengeful if its natural balance is disturbed. In recent times, due to the phenomenon of rising in temperature, due to human omissions and commissions, the sea level is rising due to the melting of snow in Antarctica. Alas, if this continues, a day is not far when it could have disastrous consequences.


The snow-clad mountains present a beauty of its own. All the big and small rivers are formed due to the water from melting of snow from these snow clad mountains and become the source of water to the habitations on their banks including the animals and plants.

Lessons from the mountains. The mountains withstand blizzards and another natural phenomenon including the burden of huge snow which falls on these but remain erect despite all these. We as humans too should remain undeterred by the challenges in our lives. 


The forests provide natural sanctuaries to the animals and birds. The forest cover keeps a balance in nature. The humans due to its greed are cutting forests partly for habitation and partly for meeting various needs thus spoiling the healthy balance in nature. The forests give everything to all the living beings but only want that its forest cover should be protected and new plants should be planted if and when some are cut for use. Otherwise, all will have to feel its heat if the forests are cut in large numbers.

In fact all the constituents of nature follow its own laws and anybody flouting is punished by it.


I have met people who aspire to be perfectionists in their work. There may be some who are perfect but I did not have the chance of meeting such people and therefore, I am nursing with the notion that only our God is perfect. We all try and reach our goal through our since hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, we are unsuccessful but try again and reach the milestone we set to achieve. 

I had the privilege of meeting an old friend of mine who wanted to be perfect in whatever he wanted to do – over-ambitious indeed. He had everything that he wanted through his hard work; established his business, money, the position he wanted and everything that a most successful person would like to acquire. But during this effort to reach the pinnacle of success, he had got stress-related diseases.


  • Perfection is good enough, no doubt in that, but it should not be at the cost of our health.
  • If health is lost for the fructification of our ambition then we shall not be able to enjoy the fruits of that success.
  • Learning from the mistakes and making these mistakes as stepping stone for success, of course without carrying the baggage of mistakes along, makes huge difference. 


It has been experienced that when our intention is pure and simple, God will certainly come to our succor and our efforts will bear bountiful fruits. It should never be forgotten that honesty, sincerity, belief on self and indomitable belief on our God/Bhagwan Ji/Creator/Lord/Allah or Super Soul will pull us out in whatever we intend to do.


We must have observed that whatever we want to tell others, we must sincerely analyze the contentious issues threadbare, taking into account the pros and cons and subsequently reach to a conclusive end result.  This way, we shall not face any impediments on the way, no heart burns, no ill-will, no disharmony and finally regrets whatsoever.

In the year 2019, I shall try to sincerely follow the following besides the things which come on my way:-

  • Adopt patience and tolerance through experimentation and practice.
  • Remaining calm in emergency contingencies.
  • Leading a spiritually oriented life.
  • Unlearning some bad habits and not care to cultivate any bad habit afresh.
  • I shall experience and face life squarely rather than quitting.
  • Self-belief and belief in God to be paramount.
  • Evolving through practice.
  • Becoming more self-aware and self-conscious.
  • Become a witness to a change.
  • Always remember that nobody has seen tomorrow.
  • Try for self-actuation and self-realization.
  • Giving more credence to truth, love, and enlightenment.

Following a positive oriented and spiritual life will always make huge difference in our life. I shall endeavour to follow this type of lifestyle, of course, with God’s grace.



The word secret means an act which we furtively transact or furtive attempt to tarnish the image of others, hush-hush dealings which others should not know or a business dealing undertaken scrumptiously. There are secrets, which are personal in nature. Disclosing these may have negative implications.

Essentially, in our life, we come across events, incidents, happenings, episodes, some have personal touch and others not so personal but these have bearing on somebody’s life in one way or other. While it is a fact that others’ secrets ought to be kept as closely guarded secrets depending entirely on the type of secret we have known about others.

The secrets are secrets, so these should be kept as such. When we tom tom about these secrets then these will come in the public domain and impact somebody else’s life. Keeping secrets, if these are personal in nature, will not harm us in any way but disclosing will go against person concerned.

Then, those secrets, bordering on conspiracy, on which our very survival is at stake, if known to us beforehand so that within time and space corrective action could be made in order to save ourselves. There is an episode of secret conspiracy in Mahabharta, in which the Kauravas under the secret plan of Dharyodana and Mama Shakuni for burning the Pandavas along with mother Kunti alive, constructed a Lakshagraha (A palace made of Lacquer- being very inflammable agent). The secret of this construction was made known to Pandavas somehow who after reaching inside this palace got a secret tunnel constructed and saved themselves. This created more skepticism and sowed the seeds of war between Kauravas and Pandavas.

In essence, it is a fact either we should not take or entertain somebody else’s secrets  for fear of developing sickness or cause adverse effect on our psyche. If our experience is a guide, it gives a very good feeling to keep a secret rather than divulging the same since doing so would be counter-productive. It may spoil the life of the person concerned and may spoil your relationship with that person for good. You should always take into account: IF YOU KEEP SOMEBODY ONE SECRET, OTHERS WILL KEEP TWO OF YOURS & GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR THE SAME.

There are incidents which if divulged to others may spoil the life of the concerned person(s). It depends on the type of secret which we have known about others.

When we have to divulge an information and when not to depends on the following factors:-

  1. An secret information which has national implications should never be divulged notwithstanding the consequences but the same should be disclosed to the law enforcement agencies before it is too late.
  • If  disclosing secret impairs somebody’s image, we should introspect about the pros and cons and then come to the conclusion.
  • There are secrets of some individual before marriage or after marriage, if these are disclosed, then the relationship could break. Then why to disclose those things which adversely impacts somebody’s life. Never forget that relationships are developed with difficulty but it takes only a few sentences to spoil it. Then why to resort to disclose those secret to others?

It should always be kept in mind that keeping secret cannot impact us physically or psychologically but on the other hand disclosing and making a secret public will certainly harm us – of course depending on the type of secret.



Importantly, it should never be forgotten that when we are in sound health, we should sweat or work hard, so that we earn by using sincere means and procedures. While earning our living is very nice, we all should do but we should deposit some of our earnings/savings to be used in rainy days; while we are old and not able to earn due to our ill-health or nothing productive to do.

It is in the fitness of things to understand what is is age when we think ourselves ‘old’ ; when we are not able to keep ourselves active and cannot move freely as we do hitherto in our youth time. You are as old as you feel yourself to be holds good for old-age too. Factually, senior citizens, due to their grit and determination, remain active even after 65+ years of age, of course with resolute mindset and strong strength of mind.

However, it is advice-able to save something for meeting the old-age period by some of the methods:-

  1. From the day a person gets a meaningful employment, he/she should start contributing in Provident Fund (PF) or any other venture which fetches higher rates of interests and it could be continued till superannuation of the concerned person. Care ought to be exercised that we should not take out money from PF or any deposit done at a fixed period of time but on the other hand, we should endeavour to increase the deposit to a maximum amount permissible for an employee which is as per the status and the pay band in which person is placed.
  • Then we should start deposit by way of SIP plans (Simplified Investment Plans) and other mutual funds according to our saving propensity – but these should be a long term deposit plan, only to be taken out when hugely required to meet any emergency contingencies in old-age while our inflow of regular income just dries up; if pensionary benefits are not there in place,
  • Subsequently, we can deposit in Fixed Deposit in Banks and Post Offices which could be for minimum of one year or more years and these could be extended to a period a depositor wants according to his/her capacity.
  • Then, when a person retires from the active service, he/she may get pensionary benefit in the form of gratuity, commutation, amount to be received for annual leave not availed, PF etc. This corpus of fund could be deposited in the Bank and if required, the interest accrued from this fund could be taken month-wise for meeting the expenditure required.

All the above deposits could be utilized in the old-age; for meeting expenditure for contingencies like sickness besides purchase of house etc. but this ought to be done from our youthful time, when an individual is physically good and mentally sound.

Why most of the people when finding a girl alone treat her as an opportunity and not as a responsibility – to save her when she is face to face with difficult situation? (As asked)

Why most of the people when finding a girl alone treat her as an opportunity and not as a responsibility –  to save her when she is faced with difficult situation?

Be that as it may, pray do not generalize as by doing so, you are including all men who do not harbor any ill-will or consider girl as an ‘opportunity’ or to be a nuisance to her. The word ‘opportunity’ here has negative connotations which a well civilized person, brought up in congenial atmosphere will never think of doing.

 This is, undoubtedly notwithstanding the fact that there are black sheep including men amongst us masquerading (wearing a mask of decency) to hide their identities who while seeing a girl alone ‘treat them as an opportunity’. Such persons are ignorant about relationships – either of themselves or of others.

They do not take into cognizance that  today it is somebody else’s daughter, sister, wife, mother; then tomorrow, it is possible that she could be a very close relative of his own. Then what? And if somebody mistreats or makes her life miserable then what would be that particular person’s feelings after knowing the truth? Generally, we forget this reality before thinking others as an opportunity – a shortsightedness of highest order, in my view.

On the other hand, we should take it as our avowed ‘responsibility’ to render assistance, in the form of personal involvement to save the concerned girl or informing the law enforcement agencies to for the succor. The girl may have lost her way or may be facing any problem. It is our responsibility to know the cause of her predicament and then render assistance in whatever way it is possible..

To consider her helplessness as an ‘opportunity’ is rather a misnomer and downright uncivilized demeanor and every right thinking person will condemn such a behavior  in the strongest terms imaginable.









Essentially, God incarnates great souls for spreading the Divine Message on His behalf. It is needed for improving the deluded souls who are immersed in the world of their own making and never realize that their mission in this world is to spread the message of peace and harmony in the humans for refining their lives. This is partly by following a life of empathy and partly rendering selfless service.

Also, we celebrate this day to keep alive the realization in our mind that Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for us only so that God’s creations spread the message of love amongst themselves for a purposeful living.

His teachings are universal in nature and are more relevant now than ever.  There is a definitive imprint of His teachings on the psyche of people and that is why His influence remains centuries after centuries. Those sincere devotees who have attained certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision after their consciousness is more awakened.

His teachings are very exhaustive, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our life more purposeful with love suffusing for our brethren:-

  • We should never forget that God loves us immensely and we should always love our fellow beings. What is the meaning of word God – God is love?

(b)Changing ourselves by adopting righteousness approach.

  • Developing the traits of soul consciousness through meditation.

(d)All can learn to love God through the medium of our thoughts, deeds and other mediums.

(e) We can connect with God through the medium of love.

(f)   Love is an emotion, a selfless feelings for others and totally dedicate yourself, your thoughts and actions to the object of your love.

(g) All should learn to love others and subsequently direct their love to God. To develop love is very essential for spiritual upward journey.

(h)Those who are having the love of God for all can comprehend the meaning of their lives and also the true meaning of God.

  • Life bereft of love all the knowledge has no meaning at all.

(j)   We have to live according to His wishes through self-sacrificing, empathy and selfless attitude. In life.

(k) Divine Fire is the creative power of God and an individual should aspire for this Divine Spark.

(l)   Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feeling should always be there even for all including our enemies.


When we have determined to perform something for others without any selfish motive, it means we have reached to the realm of Christ Consciousness.

When we limit our reach to our family only, it means we are performing our duty towards our close relatives which anyhow is our responsibility and cannot shun that in any way. But when we enhance our outreach to our neighbor and share their pains and sufferings then it means we are realizing the importance of Christ Consciousness. Then if it goes beyond neighbourhood to society and even in wider sphere then we are totally immersed in this noble cause.

In essence, when we do something for ourself and are having the same noble idea for others then we are in that realm. This is possible if we expand our consciousness by being empathetic to all; with whom we are having relationship or do not have such relations. Both of these people are dear to us. This expanded consciousness expands ourselves to higher horizons. Jesus Christ did not differentiate between his relatives and others. All in His eyes were same – absolutely no difference at all.

While we are having compassion for others, it means, we are beginning to expand our consciousness. His assertion: ‘Bless them that curse you’ stands good in this scheme of things. He even had good words for those who stood against Him. He said: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. God forgives our faults, then, why we cannot have sympathy and cultivate helping nature for our brethrens? Having done that, we can expand our consciousness to sub-consciousness and super-consciousness through our positive thoughts and actions and even manifest to Divine Consciousness. This state could be achieved by knowing the importance of Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have resolute belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self realization or self aware know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans. It is all inclusive and does not exclude anything.

May His teachings remain etched in our memory and guide us to lead our lives with a lot of love, empathy and selflessness.


Born to virgin Mary

The venerable mother of the God

The loveliest Son of Holiest Spirits of our Lord,

At Bethlehem, the city of David,

A saviour of humanity,

To spread the Message of God,

Men of wisdom came from places afar,

Mesmerized by this Shining Star,

To witness a holiest event,

Which only sometimes happen,

Angels sing songs so melodious,

Shepherds pay their utmost reverence.

Old in years the two,

Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified,

As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One,

Brought up in rural town of Nazareth,

His adaptive father Joseph,

Taught Him the art of using,

Tools of a carpenter,

A labour so arduous by any standard,

Resulting in sweating,

By the rays of sun so searing.

The revered God’s Son,

Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!

Thence as he cometh,

From the waters of Jordan,

A voice so invigorating,

Cometh from Heaven,

‘This is my beloved Son

In whom I am very pleased’.

Thereafter Jesus went to the backwoods,

Surprise of surprises of all!

To allow Satan to temp Him

To break the back of Satan.

He fasted for days forty,

And vanquished the Satan thence forth,

With eternal will of God in the heaven,

Then brimming with the Holy Sprit,

He lived with the commons,

For three long years.

John recorded Jesus as the Son of God,

Who raised the dead to live again,

Made the blinds to see again,

Lames to walk again,

Demons not to appear again,

Came to the succour of hapless,

During mighty storms.

With a few loaves and fish,

Made food sufficient for five thousands!

Believe – we have to!

Since He is sent by Him,

As a Saviour,

As His Incarnate,

The All Knowing,

The All Powerful Being.

Then on a Thursday Night,

He meets his followers,

In the city of Jerusalem,

On an occasion so solemn,

He announced,

It is ordained that He may die,

For those He loved so dearly,

And told them to remember,

His association with them,

And also promised,

To come back,

For their sake!

He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane,

Prayed to the Divine Providence.

No case was found against Jesus,

By those who tried Him,

Yet was crucified on Friday,

He departed this life,

For He loved us all,

After when He was dead,

His power was proclaimed,

By happening most unexplained,

On the morn of Sunday,

He rose from the dead,

Appeared to Mary,

And apostles and a huge gathering,

And gave the message of love

Goes to prove

He remains invincible in both the states.


Our Heavenly Lord sends,

His own Love overflowing Messengers,

With Mastery in Spiritual-Vision,

To spread His pious Message to us humans,

Infuse transformation,

And reforming His creations,

So that world-weary practices,

Which corrupt the society at large,

Are weeded out swiftly,

From our midst,

And adopt the ones,

Ordained by our Lord,

With huge sprinkle of enchanting-bountiful Love.

Jesus Christ was sent to us by the Lord Sup0reme,

For our wellbeing and reform,

So that the rust created by old & useless rituals,

Could be erased by mystifying spray of pious ideals and ideas,

Which the Super Soul doles out,

For the gentry at large,

Some may not take these holy ideals,

Thinking these to be far-fetched,

As many did,

When Lord Jesus was with us,

In flesh and blood,

For which He had to suffer pangs,

Fearlessly at the Cross/- crucification

And finally resurrection,

To make us realize that,

The True Son of Lord cannot be done away with,

By anybody – however powerful,

Those individuals be there at the helm,

His preaching will remain enlightening us,

Through Christ Consciousness.

O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT,

The precious of all Thy Gifts,

That Thee could only grant,

The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence,

In the whole world by Thy Grace

So that this world could be a better place to live,

A place where there is a prevalence of Eternal Love


Can we buy happiness using our money?


With money you can buy comfortable bed

But hardly can buy sleep with sac full of money?

To sleep fitfully on the comfortable bed purchased

This sleep of ours comes when we are satiated

With what we have or do not have sometimes.

The amount of money earned

Through your perspiration

To fulfill your aspiration

Then only you have fitful sleep.

You can buy books with the money

You have in abundance

To acquire expertise in any field of choice

But understanding those books,

So purchased with money available

Takes time, energy and focused attention at all level

To comprehend those books.

You have money to purchase food items of choice

But your digestion remains disturbed always

What is purpose of those purchases

Which cannot help you

To maintain your good health and wellness

Despite medical help available in abundance

Here too, money cannot help much.

If you have sac full of money

Got by following corrupt practices

Will this money give you happiness

While others know the source of your money, so got

This can put us in disrepute

Rather than happiness ultimately.

Happiness surely happens

If we earn the money by sincere and honest means

With hard work by putting sincere efforts

That money is your reward

For the work done

You’ll get satiety and peace of mind in abundance.

Happiness is the state of mind. If our mind is satiated with what we have or do not have, we feel happy. On the other hand, more the lust for material possessions, more the stress. For appeasement of this lust, we resort to corrupt practices which truly speaking saps our mental balance. Losing mental balance results in inviting more stress related ailments.

True happiness comes to us when we have money enough to meet our day to day expenditures/requirements while living a simple life can give us happiness and peace of mind.

It has also been seen that if we have money, we should also meet somebody else’s needs. This giving will bring us goodwill not only from the person concerned but also our GOD.

This hard earned money if we spend on our children will bring us satiety and happiness doubtlessly and they will also follow the same way to earn their living earnestly. If experience is any guide, more the money we have, earned with questionable means, more the disappointing results ultimately.


When we’ve thirst for more knowledge

First by knowing ourselves fully

Thence experience the awareness practically

By exploring new avenues of knowledge

From books, interactions and discussions

Learn from experiences gained by others

Through self-inquiry and queries from other sources

Gained gyan (knowledge) enhances our intellect

For self-growth and development and wellness. 

We’ rehaving wellness of ours

For emotional wellness

We have to have purity of mind (man-ki-pavitrata)

Purity of sight (dhrishti-ki-pavitrata)

Wisdom (Sadh-bhudhi) filled discourses

Our wellness is not divorced from others

When we’ve sound health

Thru in take of proper diet

Followed by proper Yogic

Or other exercises

Thus converting food taken

Into energy

So required badly

For sustaining our body

Which assists us in many ways than one

Proving where there is good health

The reexists good mind

With senses working in tandem

It will never go awry

In any venture we undertake

While body and mind work in sync

We also earn sixth sense – the super-sense/intuition

Which gives us an inkling what would happens next

Ensuring thus the wellness of body and mind

Bestows us holistic wellness.

When we’ve physical & mental wellness

We can have emotional wellness

Which helps us having balance in our feelings

Good and bad situations

Hardly impact us

Helping us to deeply delve inside us

To utilise our inner potentials

And reviving our inner mechanism

To control stress-related ailments.

When environs we live is conducive

Be ttersocial-setting

Better eco-system

Better relations with neighbours

Be stowus social acceptance  

A feeling of adeptness

With everything that exists

So helpful for our natural existence

Gives us environment wellness.

Then purity in our thoughts (vichar) and actions (karma) we perform

Rewards us with Karmic credits

Thus balancing our Karma account

Thus generating purity (Shubita) in Karma

The nwe’ve purity (in thoughts (Shub Bhav)

Give us Karmic wellness so beneficial

For living a life of purity and honesty.

For a spiritual life so wonderful for living.

It is must for a Janani (self-realized) to gain self knowledge

Thus realise the purpose of life

Of God’s connectivity

Ear ninga living earnestly

Sincerity and honesty being the two pillars

A true Yogi performs Yogic exercises

Along with continuous meditation

For leading God directed living

For wellbeing and wellness so very in abundance.

Wellness of ours too depends on

What we give to other

Meeting others needs for ensuring wellbeing (kalian-ki-bhavna) of others

Having empathy and piety raham-ki-bhavna)

Add to our own wellness to much extent.


Essentially, it is paramount that we change or evolve as we cross from one stage of life to other. Of necessity, dynamism is a must for this as static lifestyle leads to passivism – water standing at one place produces stench but moving one remains fresh and is fit for drinking.  We’ve to constantly be adaptive to change with the changing circumstances and situations. By so doing we transform our thoughts and actions with the change in time which may positively impact our body and mind. Fundamentally, wellness affects whole of our existence besides facilitating the type of life we want to live.  Following a spiritual oriented life bestows us an opportunity to live our life based on the spiritual and natural laws. Thus wellness of ours depends on various factors such mental, ethical, moral, spiritual and psychological aspects of our life. It can thus be said that mental health and physical wellbeing are correlated. Then intellectual wellness helps us to use the acquired knowledge sagaciously with creative zeal and enthusiasm; thus using our head and heart for task fructification. 

Wellness could be gauzed and measured by the quality of life which a person lives; how best we can manage our affairs and solve the problems facing the person concerned.


For comprehensive wellness, it is crucial to have a balance in life and that balance is possible when we have perfect health and for maintaining good health, we have to have balanced diet besides observing all the norms for maintaining good health thus our wellness. Then the maxim, ‘sound mind dwells in sound body’ holds good. Yogic exercises could be the answer for maintaining our body and mind. Following a strict regime of disciplined living, non-use of intoxicants besides, intake of proper diet, taking exercises, thirst for knowledge by self-effort, following stimulating activities to enhance intellect along with following a spiritual oriented life can make huge difference in our wellness.

In Holy Bible it has been mentioned:  Cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


Emotional well-being means control of our mind and senses thereby creating a balance both in good and not so good situations. Having achieved a balance means leading a life bereft of any depression, anxiety and resultant stress. By so doing, we’re mentally and physically satiated. Physically strong means that we have sufficient energy to withstand sustained hard work and devotion to our duty thereby getting what we want.

When we are physically fit, we can perform our work more proficiently since we would be working happily and will lead an inspirational life-style. Those who are not having good health cannot work continuously because of exhaustion and fatigue because of lack of energy. They also lack self-confidence, self-esteem besides they lead a negative oriented life.

Lack of emotional well-being impacts our health (our digestive and sleep pattern get disturbed) thereby having depleted energy. Less energy means less focus on the work in hand thereby lesser hope of success.

Holy Quran contain guidance that promotes good health and healing.


We can improve our own spiritual values by following a positive orientation in our life. First and foremost for a Janani is to have his/her own self (self-knowledge) and also what is the purpose of our life on this planet and what we value most in life for a purposeful living. Also, understand what our thoughts and actions are besides what is our potential strength and weakness. A true Yogi will perform Yoga exercise for the spiritual wellness; physical wellness, mental wellness besides it will also improve our mental balance along with improving our immune system. It will also help us focus on the job in hand. By following spiritual oriented life, we can have sufficient time and resources to meditate partly for self-realization and partly help to lead a life dictated by God oriented life in positively directed settings. All these activities help us enhance our spiritual wellness which help us in establishment of equanimity. Equanimity in life leads to having peace and satiety.

The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom and proclaims that spiritualism is essential for realizing the purpose of life.


 Social wellness is possible only when we possess shuv-bhavna (Purity in thought), shuv Karma (purity in action) with shuv-ki-bhavna (purity in thought for others),  for others  Social wellbeing is ensure if we have shuv bhavna (Purity in thought), shuv karma (shuv action) along with shuv-ki- bhavna and raham-ki-bhavna,  for others who for others. It has also been said that our wellbeing is linked with the wellbeing of others around us (our family members, our friends, our neighbours, our society etc). If they are having sukh—ka-bhav, then we shall also be having the same sort of feeling. Secondly, we should also keep in mind that if we are not able to give others sukh-bhav (feeling of goodness), then we’ve no right to give other dukh-bhav (Bad feelings).


Cleaner the environment, cleaner is the eco-system we are living. If the air in which we are living is clean, we shall be physically sound and if we are having physical wellness then we can perform the task in hand by focusing on the nitty-gritty for fruitful results.


While one gets an employment as per the capabilities and efficacies of the person concerned then that person concerned feels joy thus focusing on the profession he/she is performing in the organisation thus contributing his/her mite expected of that person. But sometimes, when despite his/her best efforts,  if that person does not get due recognition, then problem arises and everything falls apart. Contrarily, if that person’s abilities and contributions are suitably acknowledged then that person gets motivated and would like to put in his best under the given conditions for the organisation.


When a Yogi engage himself in creative activities after exploiting our inner potentials and gain Janana (self-knowledge), also makes sufficient efforts to enhance know-how by self-help and focus. We should also bestow help the needy in meeting their requirements.  A person with intellect explores the genesis of a problem and then reaches to conclusion and subsequently solves a problem. Such a person analyses his/her potentials and weak areas, tries to remove the gap of weak areas after experiments and practices, initially through trial and error. Subsequently use these lessons learned while following a path gained through experience. Here personal experiences gained and also adopting the experiences in our life which others have gained with similar problems. Also, here thirst for more knowledge along with exploring more avenues of getting the same from known and unknown sources. This curiosity or hunger for knowing more enhances our all round knowledge for self-realization or self-awareness or self-consciousness.

BEING EVER A STUDENT. There should not be any age bar in acquiring knowledge from any source we can put our hands on. It could be by reading books on variety of subjects including going through the biographies and autobiographies of known personalities famous for their efficacy in variety of fields and try to adopt those characteristics in our real life. But care ought to be exercised that acquiring knowledge thus should not make us egocentric.

CREATIVE ZEAL. We should also explore possibilities of creating new things and exploiting our inner potentials including penning something out of daily experiences etc.

Wellness could help in the following ways:-

  • Wellness of body and mind are correlated – as when the body is healthy, the mind will work in tandem.
  •  If our ecosystem is alright, it’ll impact us positively, therefore, our wellness.
  • When we have zeal and hunger for more Janana (self-knowledge), Gyan (Knowledge), including exploring possibilities of getting know-how from all the resources available around us. All these help us attain intellect. Further, our creative zeal too enhances our intellectual capabilities hence impacts the wellness hugely.
  • If we’ve social wellness, we shall certainly have good relationship with everybody around; in the family, with our neighbour, the society in which we are living. All this enhances our wellness ultimately.
  • When we are properly attuned in the organisation in which we are working – have good relationship with our colleagues, head of organisation etc. this adds to our wellness.
  • Spiritualistic wellness helps us to know our inner potentials and also helps in realizing the purpose of life. Spiritualistic wellness  help us immeasurably in our life.




Whence death for a cause

Takes precedence

Over other causes considered dear

The bravest amongst us humans

Take the plunge

This supreme sacrifice may be for saving

The Mother Land of ours

Or to save the hapless humans amongst us

Who are oppressed unreasonably

By the tyranical powers that be

The most revered ones

 Embrace death for others

Rather than living for themselves

After seeing oppression and highhandedness

Such was the saga of martyrdom

Of 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Who sacrificed his today

To save the multitudes

From the slaughterers of humanity.

Came the oppressed Kashmiri Pandits

Leading the group was Pandit Kirpa Ram

Covering a distance so long

They wanted to see the revered Guru Ji at Anandpur Sahib

Very reverentially bowed to him

As they had known Guru Ji’s

For his benevolence

Besides well-known traits of coming to the rescue f oppressed

They entreated him to save them

From the tyranny of the emperor Aurangzeb

Who had given them the two alternative

Either convert or face certain death

Heard their voices so distressed patiently

He was moved by their plight

Though he followed Sikh traditions

But he followed the tradition of Sikh Gurus

To come to the succor of hapless and oppressed

During these conversations, do heart rending

Entered his son – mere 9 years of age (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

After understanding the dilemma of Pandits

It was also mentioned during the discourse

That only a sacrifice

By a most revered and a holy man could avert these tyrannical decree

There and then came the wisdom filled intervention of Guru’s son

Who could be more holier than you (His father)

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Thus told the hapless Pandits

Tell the tyrant Governor

If he is able to covert the Guru Tegh Bahadur

They will follow suit

The Guru Ji noblest decision known to everyone

All present Sadh Sangat were deeply moved

An ordinary soul cannot take such decision

Of losing his life so that others amongst us could live

The Guru Ji considered all religions

And thought that only good deeds persist.

Thence afterwards

Bade farewell to his wisdom suffusing son

Along with Mata Gujri

And loving Sadh Sangat

A holy Kirtan was recited

Before proceeding to Delhi for his final journey

To save others from the tyrannical decree

Before he was martyred

Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Dayala besides Bhai Sati Das were killed ruthlessly

Guru Ji saw suffered the pangs with serenity

Guru Ji was martyred finally

On the orders from the most ruthless emperor

This martyrdom would be remembered

Till Sun and Moon and stars remain till eternity

Our heart aches

For this Guru Ji of ours

Who showed that we can remain in the annals of history

Till eternity

If we absorb the principles of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

One of the Gurus amongst Gurus Sahibans

For whom our head bows with utmost  reverence

The most well-regarded ones

Who did much for humanity at large.

May the humanity at large learn from the supreme sacrifice

Which Guru Tegh Bahadur gave for others

Like Lord Jesus Christ

Who was crucified for us all

So that we live with peaceful co-existence

Distributing smiles and love amongst all without bias


Truthfully the one who is born here will have to die one day. Nobody is immortal / eternal when it comes to living world. Everybody has to die one day at the time fixed for this final journey yet some through their deeds acquire the status of martyrdom and thus immortalize themselves. Their name and fame in the annals of history is recorded for posterity for us mortals to draw lessons.

The level of sacrifice becomes all the more all-encompassing since it was for protecting the religious sentiments of all other religions. I shall call it a sacrifice unknown in the annals of history – to die for upholding the belief and sanctity of other religions. This sacrifice for others’ causes makes it amply clear that even the thinking of ‘self sacrifice’ is not a normal thinking. It is unpatrolled and unprecedented. It, I am sanguine, comes from our Akalpurakh. This thought is emancipation of consciousness / awareness to a level which catapults a personage (in this case Guru Tegh Bahadurji) to a level of highest spiritualistic ideals, highest moralistic ideals besides taking the religious homogeneity percepts to new heights – meaning all the religions are different pathways to a SINGLE SOURCE. This noble sacrifice is given by only ones who know the true meaning of a religion. Knowing one’s own faith is not a big deal, knowing about the common thread / common bond between different faiths makes all the difference.

To live and practice one’s own religion is done by everybody and is normal practice but there are a few exceptional who tend to protect other’s faiths which is really unique and one of the best examples of setting new moralistic yardstick for others to emulate. Devotion to one’s own religion is not so great as the protection and to give supreme sacrifice for others’ causes is creation of new standards in understanding the meaning of any religion. Guruji’s ideals is based on the precept: : “I believe in the right of others to practice their faith peacefully”

It is pertinent to mention here about the highhandedness with which Aurangzeb ruled this country from 1658 to 1707 for 49 years. He killed his three brothers and even imprisoned his father and came to power. During this rule he wanted to bring true Islamic governance in whole of his empire. Akbar adopted many un-islamic beliefs in his personal life and also on his empire. He visited Hindu temples and let others to follow their religious beliefs without let or hindrance.

Contrarily Aurangzeb had a strong religious convictions with, of course, a very simple lifestyle which he assiduously practiced and followed. He compiled a book of Islamic Laws. The historians tell us about his intolerance and oppression. He is said to have destroyed the religious places of other faiths; the Hindus and the Sikhs and it is an undisputed historical fact. He followed the policy of forceful conversions and those who disagreed were put to death. He even opposed veneration of Sufis.

Amongst other religions, in all his empire, he stressed implementing his dictum ‘convert or be killed’ strictly. Amongst these Kashmiri Pandits (a highly intelligent and regiously awakened community) were also the victims. The Kashmiri Pandits had a highest reverence for Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Dev Ji onwards. Pandit Kirpa Ram along with other community members came to Anandpur on 25 May 1675 to take Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji’s succor with a plea to save them from the tyranny of Aurangzeb who had given them the option; either convert to Islam or face a sure death. A decree which made the entire community helpless and thus they have sought the assistance of the Guru.

Guru Tegh Bahadur followed Sikh traditions and did not follow customs of Hindus but helping the hapless and oppressed being the mission of Sikh Gurus, the Guru was in deep thought with concern writ large on his face. Factually, the intolerance perpetrated by Aurangzeb moved the Guru immensely. During the time, revered Guru was in deep thought, meanwhile, his nine years old son (Guru) Gobind entered. Sensing the concern, he asked his father about the whole matter. After having known the predicament that Aurangzeb had issued a decree that all Hindus should be converted to Islam. It is because, according to him, his religion was the only true religion.

Along with other devout like also made known by the revered Guruji that a sacrifice by a holy man could avert all this. The great son of the greatest Guru replied: who could be holier than you(his father). Having pleased with the pronouncement of his son, subsequently, the Guru unambiguously told Kashmiri Pandits: Go and tell the State Governor that you people were ready to convert Kashmiris provided he was able to convert Tegh Bahadur, The Kashmiri Pandits felt relieved by this pronouncement. The Sadh Sangat present there was really saddened by this but they knew they could do nothing when the decision was finally made.

The message was finally conveyed to the emperor who knew the steadfast beliefs of Guru Tegh Bahadur. These principles being: All religions are pure and only noble deeds count ultimately. The emperor ordered that the Guru ought to be brought to Delhi. Then afterwards the Guru bade his farewell to his wisdom filled son, his wife Mata Nanaki and Sangat after recitation of holy Kirtan on 11 July, 1675.

On reaching Delhi after his visit to other places, he was asked to convert to Islam or face consequences. Guruji, without mincing any words, unequivocally replied that he loved his religion and will not forsake it. It was also told to him that if he refused to convert, his followers would be killed. In this, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Dayala besides Bhai Sati Das were killed ruthlessly which the Holy Guru saw with utmost serenity because he thought if this was the Will of God then be it. Thence afterwards, Guru was kept in a cage. There too Guruji was absorbed in prayers. Utmost persuasion and persecution could not do any dent on the resolve of Guruji.

Finally, the emperor ordered that our revered Guruji be executed in Chandni Chowk. This order made the sadh sangat saddened/perturbed. On 11th November 1675 Guruji was brought to a selected place and made to sit on a specially made platform. All eyes were on Guruji. Then the orders of the emperor were complied (which I too find difficult to pen down – even now). Thus our revered Guruji attained martyrdom on this day. Such was the barbarity of the ruler. All present there were overwhelmed with this inhuman act. Not only this, even Mother Nature shed tears; a huge thunder storm followed.

Bhai Jaita picked up the severed head of the Guruji who had immortalized himself by his supreme sacrifice for a cause of protecting people of other religion! The head was cremated at Anandpur Sahib where a Gurdwara stands in the fond memory of our Guruji. The body of the Guruji was taken by Bhai Lakhi and his son immediately from the scene to their home most reverently, offered prayers to the memory of departed Guru and subsequently set the house on fire. Factually, an example not found anywhere! Thus, Guruji’s disciples exhibited a supreme courage in saving Guruji’s head and body from being disgraced. Gurdwara Rakab Ganj stands in the memory of the most revered Guruji,


  • The Laws of Nature are unalterable.

• Miracle has no place in religion (Guruji told the emperor when he was told to exhibit any miracle).

• All religions are pure and should be the binding force and not for division of humanity on narrow considerations,

• At the end of all, only noble deeds count,

• Freedom of worship should be allowed without any bias.

• All religions should be treated equally.

• No life is as precious as the principles one stand for, He made supreme sacrifice for upholding those principles only.

  • Enlightenment through removal of ignorance should be our cornerstone in life.
  • .The maxim; love begets love should never be forgotten.



There resides inside all of us ‘self’. The true me, the perceived me, the projected me, the desirable me, the real me, the ideal me, the unknown me, the conceived me, the perceived me, the known me and unknown me; so many version slike this. I have to know the true me. When I think of me, I am really baffled who I am. Sri Ramana Maharishi has described ‘I-am-ness’ or self emanates from our heart and is pure (Suddha) and  Rajasvic (independent activity) and Tamsic (Inertia) can contaminate it. ++++++++

It is essential that we’ve  knowledge about our own conscious self before we want knowing others. When we remain dark about our own self, we cannot advise others to rectify their way of thinking, acting or working since we could be countered by the cold realities of knowing our own self.

In our quest to know our own self, we should improve our habits, pattern of behavior, attitude towards many aspects in our life, our potentials, our weak areas and need to plug these areas. Our effort in this endeavor should be to adjust and be adaptive to the change and not for becoming perfectionist. The improvement in all aspects should be within some parameters set by the society besides these aspects should bestow us satiety and peaceful co-existence.

In Holy Quran it has been said that all good deeds and the ordained ways of worship, such as prayers, giving zakat (charity), and fasting, bring great benefits to the worshipper first, then to his/her family, community, and society at large. All these positive attributes make us empathetic, kind-hearted and we are known by the deeds we perform. If nobody knows about our good deeds then our God and my self know about these.

When we think about ourselves then we tend to focus about the following aspects in relation to our surrounding and the environs in which we are living. It is essential to know our own self first before knowing or judging others. Following are some of essential features in this exercise:-

  • What I am, my position in the society including what I can do to improve my stature which gives me satisfaction?
  •  It has been said that if we drop all ideas about self then we’ve found our self.
  • When you accept yourself as you are without being judgmental about it, then you tend to have found our self.
  • To reach the Truth is essential but following half-truth or ardh-sach could result in losing our own moorings or lose our own self and prove to be hindrance in our path for knowing our own self.
  • Some may say: I am different at different places and at different times, different in different environs/situations then how can I know what we are destined and what we would be. Beliefs and faiths differ as a man differs in habit and attitude. I may say that self can be known but person with different beliefs may say different things at different times.
  • My thoughts on spiritualism and their influences on me. We can have self-realisation through spiritual experiences. Only connectivity with God can help us know and ourselves. The habit of daily prayer can help us. We can realize God. God is our own and he remains with us ever. Self-consciousness and God-consciousness should work in sync. We should work in sync with our natural abilities. Everything should be performed in association with God. By doing so, we shall not deviate from our chosen path.

In Bhagwad Gita it has rightly been said that we should work in harmony with our natural abilities and we should make this work as an offering to God, who pervades this universe and from whom all creatures have arisen. Also, we should work as per our temperaments and interests and not try to imitate others which results in a feeling of guilt and sadness.

  • We should always realize that God is the only TRUTH and every other thing has temporary value.
  • If the force of desire is strong, the potency of Divine Will is the strongest. Purpose of human beings is to seek God’s connectivity.
  • What habits or attitude we should have so as to adjust in the society we are living?
  • My fears of unpredictable incidents and how best I can face if and when these will visit me – even without advance warning.
  • What are our traits which allows us to fit in the environs in which we are living.
  • What decisions we should take or should not take which are agreeable to us and others?
  • Our personality traits which help us adjusting in the community we are living.
  • What others will think about me if I behave in a particular manner?
  • Fear of God in our life to be totally aware that if we commit sinful act, I shall have to suffer the pangs of our karma.
  • We tend to limit ourselves when we transact anything without proper planning for fructification of our effort. .We should open our perspectives and work after giving serious thoughts for their execution. For this knowing self-goal

Bhagwad Gita emphasises the importance of Dharma (righteous way of living in accordance with the code of  conduct as described by Scriptures), Bhakti (Meditation) and Moksha (Liberation from births and deaths) as the three important constituents for living a life of spiritualism. The four paths which lead a person to to spiritualism are Jnana (Spiritual knowledge), Bhakti (Meditation), karma (Action) and Raja Yoga (independent and fearless like a king).  Following these principles we can understand relation of self and Brahma (Absolute Reality) – the relationship of Atama (Soul) and Brahman (God). These are different but non-different too through our thoughts and action thereto. Leading a life according to the Natural Universal Laws makes a person Janani (Self-realized) through learning and experience.

We should remove the ignorance which acts as a poison.  We do not realized our true nature, made in the image of God. His will should be accepted. Eliminate ignorance and you will get everything that you want. If I do not know my own self then I cannot blame others for not knowing myself. Therefore the following poem:-


WHEN  my own well-wishers and friends so dear

Feel uncomfortable and misunderstand me

Fault lies with me really

Not with my dear ones

Since I gave such negative cues

To them when clarity and sincerity was needed

To remove the misgivings just arisen.

WHEN nobody likes me

And don’t want to have any truck with me

That means there is a small bit or even more wanting in me

The reason for nobody wanting me

Would be quite a revelation for me

Through self-questioning, I’ve to be self-aware

And transform myself to the extent possible

To make myself likeable/lovable consequently

As nobody else will change for me

Change has to originate from within.

WHEN I pray or  perform meditation

Without proper concentration

My mind remains wandering in the wilds

Getting answer to my prayers is asking for the Moon on earth

Thence. Can I blame others?

Certainly not!

It lies squarely on me.

When I  commit mistakes

No problem, all commit mistakes

In one form or other everyone knows

Nobody is infallible in real sense

While transacting something

But fault lies, in essence

When I  heap lies after lies

Just tirelessly

All to justify

Having committed mistakes!

So brazen it becomes really

When my ego stops me from agreeing

To have committed mistake which is mistake most appalling!

WHEN I am ignorant about something important

Fault lies at my doorsteps

Not in others

Since I did not try getting knowledge

About the things to be known

While it was required to be known.

WHEN I get angry on reason so silly

I shall not attract anybody around me

Since nobody wants to have intimacy

With a man with inflexible- mentality.

WHEN I fail miserably

While others succeed easily

It is not the fault of the destiny.

WHEN I am ignorant about something important

Fault lies at my doorsteps

Not in others

Since I did not try getting knowledge

About the things to be known

While it was required to be known.

WHEN I lose my temper just for nothing

I shall not attract anybody around me

Since nobody want company with a stubborn

Fault lies with me for all this self-created situation

Here need is to change my attitude

The quicker I do the better for me

For a peaceful co-existence.

WHEN I go to my scheduled meeting at the time and date fixed

Fully conversant with the intricacies involved

Then I shall meet all contingencies without any pinpricks

Thereby remain affable and unruffled

While meeting the demands of the work at hand.

WHEN I did not get respect from others, as I desired

It is not somebody else fault at all

Since I did not pay respect to others whilst it was vital.

WHEN there is no harmony in our family

I am responsible for this undoubtedly

The mess is created by us only

Since it is all due to misunderstanding between the members

Who have conflicting views on anything which makes a sweet-home

A house is made home when all members

Work for each other and meet each others’ demands.

WHEN you have no ethical and  moral fiber

You cannot advice others to keep theirs

For you have yourself lost yours

By your behavior so indifferent.

WHEN I have not paid my taxes

The tax authorities will book me for the lapse

And  haul me up for this lapse

Fault lies with me solely

Not with others around me.

WHEN I have not done much in life substantially

Fault lies with me and not on somebody

I have to mend my ways.

WHEN I am not able to clear my loans on time

And the creditors are after me

For giving back the loaned amount

Then I have to face music of non-payment of dues

Since it is my liability than otherrs.

WHEN I am not able to adjust with the group

Fault lies with me and not the group

Since I have to be adaptive to change not the group

As nobody would like to change for me surely.

WHEN I am ignorant about something important

Fault lies at my doorsteps

Not in others

Since I did not try getting knowledge

About the things to be known

When it was required to know.

If I get angry on pretexts so silly

I shall not attract anybody around me

Since nobody wants to have intimacy

With a man with no accommodative way of thinking,

If I fail miserably

While others pass with easily

It is not the fault of the destiny

But my own lack of effort to succeed.

If I did not get respect from others

It is not somebody else fault

Since I did not pay respect to others.

If I pray /meditate

Without proper focus

And my mind dithering

Here, there and everywhere

Can I get something in that exercise

Definitely nothing substantial

Thence. Can I blame others?

Certainly not!

If there is no harmony in our household

Certainly my neighbor is not responsible for this

We are ourselves responsible for all this mess

Since it is all due to misunderstanding between the members

Who have conflicting views on anything which makes a sweet home

A house is made home when all members

Work for each other and meet each others’ demands.

If I have not paid my taxes

The tax authorities will book me for the lapse

If  I am hauled up for this lapse

Fault lies with me solely

Not with others around me.

If I have not done much in life substantially

Fault lies with me and not on somebody?

I have to mend my ways.

If I lose my temper just for nothing

Fault lies with me for so doing

Then need is to change my attitude

The quicker I do the better for me.

If I am not able to pay my

And the creditors are after us

For giving back the loaned amount

If I have to face music of not payment of dues

Thence is it else’s liability than mine.

If nobody loves me

That means there is something lacking in me

Through introspection

I’ve to be self-aware

And change myself accordingly

To make myself likeable consequently.

If I am not able to adjust with the group

Fault lies with me and not the group

Since I have to be adaptive to change not the group

As nobody would like to change for me surely