When we’ve thirst for more knowledge

First by knowing ourselves fully

Thence experience the awareness practically

By exploring new avenues of knowledge

From books, interactions and discussions

Learn from experiences gained by others

Through self-inquiry and queries from other sources

Gained gyan (knowledge) enhances our intellect

For self-growth and development and wellness. 

We’ rehaving wellness of ours

For emotional wellness

We have to have purity of mind (man-ki-pavitrata)

Purity of sight (dhrishti-ki-pavitrata)

Wisdom (Sadh-bhudhi) filled discourses

Our wellness is not divorced from others

When we’ve sound health

Thru in take of proper diet

Followed by proper Yogic

Or other exercises

Thus converting food taken

Into energy

So required badly

For sustaining our body

Which assists us in many ways than one

Proving where there is good health

The reexists good mind

With senses working in tandem

It will never go awry

In any venture we undertake

While body and mind work in sync

We also earn sixth sense – the super-sense/intuition

Which gives us an inkling what would happens next

Ensuring thus the wellness of body and mind

Bestows us holistic wellness.

When we’ve physical & mental wellness

We can have emotional wellness

Which helps us having balance in our feelings

Good and bad situations

Hardly impact us

Helping us to deeply delve inside us

To utilise our inner potentials

And reviving our inner mechanism

To control stress-related ailments.

When environs we live is conducive

Be ttersocial-setting

Better eco-system

Better relations with neighbours

Be stowus social acceptance  

A feeling of adeptness

With everything that exists

So helpful for our natural existence

Gives us environment wellness.

Then purity in our thoughts (vichar) and actions (karma) we perform

Rewards us with Karmic credits

Thus balancing our Karma account

Thus generating purity (Shubita) in Karma

The nwe’ve purity (in thoughts (Shub Bhav)

Give us Karmic wellness so beneficial

For living a life of purity and honesty.

For a spiritual life so wonderful for living.

It is must for a Janani (self-realized) to gain self knowledge

Thus realise the purpose of life

Of God’s connectivity

Ear ninga living earnestly

Sincerity and honesty being the two pillars

A true Yogi performs Yogic exercises

Along with continuous meditation

For leading God directed living

For wellbeing and wellness so very in abundance.

Wellness of ours too depends on

What we give to other

Meeting others needs for ensuring wellbeing (kalian-ki-bhavna) of others

Having empathy and piety raham-ki-bhavna)

Add to our own wellness to much extent.


Essentially, it is paramount that we change or evolve as we cross from one stage of life to other. Of necessity, dynamism is a must for this as static lifestyle leads to passivism – water standing at one place produces stench but moving one remains fresh and is fit for drinking.  We’ve to constantly be adaptive to change with the changing circumstances and situations. By so doing we transform our thoughts and actions with the change in time which may positively impact our body and mind. Fundamentally, wellness affects whole of our existence besides facilitating the type of life we want to live.  Following a spiritual oriented life bestows us an opportunity to live our life based on the spiritual and natural laws. Thus wellness of ours depends on various factors such mental, ethical, moral, spiritual and psychological aspects of our life. It can thus be said that mental health and physical wellbeing are correlated. Then intellectual wellness helps us to use the acquired knowledge sagaciously with creative zeal and enthusiasm; thus using our head and heart for task fructification. 

Wellness could be gauzed and measured by the quality of life which a person lives; how best we can manage our affairs and solve the problems facing the person concerned.


For comprehensive wellness, it is crucial to have a balance in life and that balance is possible when we have perfect health and for maintaining good health, we have to have balanced diet besides observing all the norms for maintaining good health thus our wellness. Then the maxim, ‘sound mind dwells in sound body’ holds good. Yogic exercises could be the answer for maintaining our body and mind. Following a strict regime of disciplined living, non-use of intoxicants besides, intake of proper diet, taking exercises, thirst for knowledge by self-effort, following stimulating activities to enhance intellect along with following a spiritual oriented life can make huge difference in our wellness.

In Holy Bible it has been mentioned:  Cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


Emotional well-being means control of our mind and senses thereby creating a balance both in good and not so good situations. Having achieved a balance means leading a life bereft of any depression, anxiety and resultant stress. By so doing, we’re mentally and physically satiated. Physically strong means that we have sufficient energy to withstand sustained hard work and devotion to our duty thereby getting what we want.

When we are physically fit, we can perform our work more proficiently since we would be working happily and will lead an inspirational life-style. Those who are not having good health cannot work continuously because of exhaustion and fatigue because of lack of energy. They also lack self-confidence, self-esteem besides they lead a negative oriented life.

Lack of emotional well-being impacts our health (our digestive and sleep pattern get disturbed) thereby having depleted energy. Less energy means less focus on the work in hand thereby lesser hope of success.

Holy Quran contain guidance that promotes good health and healing.


We can improve our own spiritual values by following a positive orientation in our life. First and foremost for a Janani is to have his/her own self (self-knowledge) and also what is the purpose of our life on this planet and what we value most in life for a purposeful living. Also, understand what our thoughts and actions are besides what is our potential strength and weakness. A true Yogi will perform Yoga exercise for the spiritual wellness; physical wellness, mental wellness besides it will also improve our mental balance along with improving our immune system. It will also help us focus on the job in hand. By following spiritual oriented life, we can have sufficient time and resources to meditate partly for self-realization and partly help to lead a life dictated by God oriented life in positively directed settings. All these activities help us enhance our spiritual wellness which help us in establishment of equanimity. Equanimity in life leads to having peace and satiety.

The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom and proclaims that spiritualism is essential for realizing the purpose of life.


 Social wellness is possible only when we possess shuv-bhavna (Purity in thought), shuv Karma (purity in action) with shuv-ki-bhavna (purity in thought for others),  for others  Social wellbeing is ensure if we have shuv bhavna (Purity in thought), shuv karma (shuv action) along with shuv-ki- bhavna and raham-ki-bhavna,  for others who for others. It has also been said that our wellbeing is linked with the wellbeing of others around us (our family members, our friends, our neighbours, our society etc). If they are having sukh—ka-bhav, then we shall also be having the same sort of feeling. Secondly, we should also keep in mind that if we are not able to give others sukh-bhav (feeling of goodness), then we’ve no right to give other dukh-bhav (Bad feelings).


Cleaner the environment, cleaner is the eco-system we are living. If the air in which we are living is clean, we shall be physically sound and if we are having physical wellness then we can perform the task in hand by focusing on the nitty-gritty for fruitful results.


While one gets an employment as per the capabilities and efficacies of the person concerned then that person concerned feels joy thus focusing on the profession he/she is performing in the organisation thus contributing his/her mite expected of that person. But sometimes, when despite his/her best efforts,  if that person does not get due recognition, then problem arises and everything falls apart. Contrarily, if that person’s abilities and contributions are suitably acknowledged then that person gets motivated and would like to put in his best under the given conditions for the organisation.


When a Yogi engage himself in creative activities after exploiting our inner potentials and gain Janana (self-knowledge), also makes sufficient efforts to enhance know-how by self-help and focus. We should also bestow help the needy in meeting their requirements.  A person with intellect explores the genesis of a problem and then reaches to conclusion and subsequently solves a problem. Such a person analyses his/her potentials and weak areas, tries to remove the gap of weak areas after experiments and practices, initially through trial and error. Subsequently use these lessons learned while following a path gained through experience. Here personal experiences gained and also adopting the experiences in our life which others have gained with similar problems. Also, here thirst for more knowledge along with exploring more avenues of getting the same from known and unknown sources. This curiosity or hunger for knowing more enhances our all round knowledge for self-realization or self-awareness or self-consciousness.

BEING EVER A STUDENT. There should not be any age bar in acquiring knowledge from any source we can put our hands on. It could be by reading books on variety of subjects including going through the biographies and autobiographies of known personalities famous for their efficacy in variety of fields and try to adopt those characteristics in our real life. But care ought to be exercised that acquiring knowledge thus should not make us egocentric.

CREATIVE ZEAL. We should also explore possibilities of creating new things and exploiting our inner potentials including penning something out of daily experiences etc.

Wellness could help in the following ways:-

  • Wellness of body and mind are correlated – as when the body is healthy, the mind will work in tandem.
  •  If our ecosystem is alright, it’ll impact us positively, therefore, our wellness.
  • When we have zeal and hunger for more Janana (self-knowledge), Gyan (Knowledge), including exploring possibilities of getting know-how from all the resources available around us. All these help us attain intellect. Further, our creative zeal too enhances our intellectual capabilities hence impacts the wellness hugely.
  • If we’ve social wellness, we shall certainly have good relationship with everybody around; in the family, with our neighbour, the society in which we are living. All this enhances our wellness ultimately.
  • When we are properly attuned in the organisation in which we are working – have good relationship with our colleagues, head of organisation etc. this adds to our wellness.
  • Spiritualistic wellness helps us to know our inner potentials and also helps in realizing the purpose of life. Spiritualistic wellness  help us immeasurably in our life.

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  1. In fact our WELLNESS plays a predominant roll in our lives. This may be wellness related to our body, mind, spiritualism, intellectual, social etc. we can have holistic growth if we have WELLNESS on all counts.

    Kindly appraise the blog and offer your kind comments. I love your comments.



  2. So well written. We should never be wary of gaining knowledge and experience from others who are well experienced. I can feel so well and positive reading your posts.

    1. Atub sahib, thanks paying a visit to my blog and appraising the blog. You see, all that little I have got is from others’ experiences though God has been very kind to me for having friends and well-wishers who keep on advising on the way of my journey. But this life of ours is really very charming and worth living and challenging – how we can live and get something from others depends solely on our initiative.


      1. my pleasure. thanks to u for writing such wonderful and motivating posts. i like the humbleness in your words. Yes. life is very charming, worth living, challenging and we should be thankful to god for everything we have got. not many people realize that. best regards 🙂

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