Can we buy happiness using our money?


With money you can buy comfortable bed

But hardly can buy sleep with sac full of money?

To sleep fitfully on the comfortable bed purchased

This sleep of ours comes when we are satiated

With what we have or do not have sometimes.

The amount of money earned

Through your perspiration

To fulfill your aspiration

Then only you have fitful sleep.

You can buy books with the money

You have in abundance

To acquire expertise in any field of choice

But understanding those books,

So purchased with money available

Takes time, energy and focused attention at all level

To comprehend those books.

You have money to purchase food items of choice

But your digestion remains disturbed always

What is purpose of those purchases

Which cannot help you

To maintain your good health and wellness

Despite medical help available in abundance

Here too, money cannot help much.

If you have sac full of money

Got by following corrupt practices

Will this money give you happiness

While others know the source of your money, so got

This can put us in disrepute

Rather than happiness ultimately.

Happiness surely happens

If we earn the money by sincere and honest means

With hard work by putting sincere efforts

That money is your reward

For the work done

You’ll get satiety and peace of mind in abundance.

Happiness is the state of mind. If our mind is satiated with what we have or do not have, we feel happy. On the other hand, more the lust for material possessions, more the stress. For appeasement of this lust, we resort to corrupt practices which truly speaking saps our mental balance. Losing mental balance results in inviting more stress related ailments.

True happiness comes to us when we have money enough to meet our day to day expenditures/requirements while living a simple life can give us happiness and peace of mind.

It has also been seen that if we have money, we should also meet somebody else’s needs. This giving will bring us goodwill not only from the person concerned but also our GOD.

This hard earned money if we spend on our children will bring us satiety and happiness doubtlessly and they will also follow the same way to earn their living earnestly. If experience is any guide, more the money we have, earned with questionable means, more the disappointing results ultimately.

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  1. One thing we should never forget in life, money cannot do everything with us. We can buy things but, sure enough, we can use or not, depends on many factors. Although nothing moves without money but how much money is required, it depends on our requirements. If we have satisfaction with what we have; without comparing ourselves with others, then we can have peace of mind in any situation we are placed.


  2. Good points.. we can’t buy many things with money: happiness, love, forgiveness and many many more.. let’s spread Love and Kindness, make this world a better place! 🙏🏻✨

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