The word secret means an act which we furtively transact or furtive attempt to tarnish the image of others, hush-hush dealings which others should not know or a business dealing undertaken scrumptiously. There are secrets, which are personal in nature. Disclosing these may have negative implications.

Essentially, in our life, we come across events, incidents, happenings, episodes, some have personal touch and others not so personal but these have bearing on somebody’s life in one way or other. While it is a fact that others’ secrets ought to be kept as closely guarded secrets depending entirely on the type of secret we have known about others.

The secrets are secrets, so these should be kept as such. When we tom tom about these secrets then these will come in the public domain and impact somebody else’s life. Keeping secrets, if these are personal in nature, will not harm us in any way but disclosing will go against person concerned.

Then, those secrets, bordering on conspiracy, on which our very survival is at stake, if known to us beforehand so that within time and space corrective action could be made in order to save ourselves. There is an episode of secret conspiracy in Mahabharta, in which the Kauravas under the secret plan of Dharyodana and Mama Shakuni for burning the Pandavas along with mother Kunti alive, constructed a Lakshagraha (A palace made of Lacquer- being very inflammable agent). The secret of this construction was made known to Pandavas somehow who after reaching inside this palace got a secret tunnel constructed and saved themselves. This created more skepticism and sowed the seeds of war between Kauravas and Pandavas.

In essence, it is a fact either we should not take or entertain somebody else’s secrets  for fear of developing sickness or cause adverse effect on our psyche. If our experience is a guide, it gives a very good feeling to keep a secret rather than divulging the same since doing so would be counter-productive. It may spoil the life of the person concerned and may spoil your relationship with that person for good. You should always take into account: IF YOU KEEP SOMEBODY ONE SECRET, OTHERS WILL KEEP TWO OF YOURS & GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR THE SAME.

There are incidents which if divulged to others may spoil the life of the concerned person(s). It depends on the type of secret which we have known about others.

When we have to divulge an information and when not to depends on the following factors:-

  1. An secret information which has national implications should never be divulged notwithstanding the consequences but the same should be disclosed to the law enforcement agencies before it is too late.
  • If  disclosing secret impairs somebody’s image, we should introspect about the pros and cons and then come to the conclusion.
  • There are secrets of some individual before marriage or after marriage, if these are disclosed, then the relationship could break. Then why to disclose those things which adversely impacts somebody’s life. Never forget that relationships are developed with difficulty but it takes only a few sentences to spoil it. Then why to resort to disclose those secret to others?

It should always be kept in mind that keeping secret cannot impact us physically or psychologically but on the other hand disclosing and making a secret public will certainly harm us – of course depending on the type of secret.

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  1. If we know somebody’s secret, we should not disclose the same lest it impacts the concerned person. It may cause irreparable damage to our well-being and our relationship too get impaired.

    Do go through the write-up and comment. I always love your comments.


  2. On the other hand–
    When a person is in an abusive relationship, sometimes the best way to escape is to let someone else know (in order to get help).
    Part of an abuser’s power and control relies on the fear and silence of the victim.
    I know. I was repeatedly warned that bad things would happen to me, if I dared to tell anyone what was happening to me. I did not escape that situation until I was brave enough to tell someone else, and now my life is much better.
    This proves that–in some cases–keeping a secret actually does have a negative impact on well-being.

    1. Ma’a, thanks a lot for your invaluable comments.

      My intention of not divulging the secret information was for the relationships between the spouses which are running fine. Knowing about the secret relationship before actual marriage can sour the relationship and can cause irreparable wedge.

      If things have gone too far in the relationship then informing the concerned people that too before marriage can save the situation within time and space.

      Furthermore, if we have self belief and self confidence, any information passed or not passed will not do us any harm. Here the question is how best to face the situation as it transpires.

      Thanks and regards

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